How To Start Your Own Business With MOBE MTTB Today

CRITICAL UPDATE: The FTC have shut MOBE down. You can read the full details here. As it stands we are waiting to see if Matt Lloyd and his team decide to fight the decision or accept it and settle. In the mean time, MOBE is closed and if they owe you any money, it’s unlikely you are going to get it.

A few months ago I met a bunch of people in real life with little to no internet marketing experience that are making a lot of money with something called the MOBE MTTB system.

At that time I had never really heard of it but it was interesting to hear everyone’s storys and how they managed to hit huge success by following the system.

But when I started to do some research online I saw an awful lot of negative feedback about MTTB. And I mean a lot of negative feedback.

So it didn’t make sense to me that the 2 worlds could co-exist – how can one group of people be making so much money but another group say it is all a scam?

Getting My Hands Dirty

I decided the only way to find out was to try the MTTB system out for myself and see what all of the fuss was about.


Given there is a lot of controversial feedback about it I figured it would also make a great post for the blog no matter what happened.

With my initial tests I have already made a total of $4,734.80 with MTTB – so I’m confident the system works however I already have an established source of traffic/blog/lists which most people don’t have.


So I decided to take the plunge with both feet creating a live case study for you guys showing you what I’m doing, how I’m doing it and most importantly – how much money it makes from scratch without established traffic sources.

At the same time I want to test what happens if I combine out sourced writing with automation marketing using bots/software. I’ll reveal the full details later in the post.

In essence I want to try and make high value commissions while doing as little work as possible – that is the dot com dream right?

It will also be great to put the controversial program to the test and draw a solid conclusion on it once and for all. I’m more than happy to take the risks and invest my time and money into testing it for you guys.

Important Note: In order for MTTB to protect their business model I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). That means I can’t legally reveal some specifics but I can still show you what I’m doing/how I’m doing it.

What Is MTTB?

Before I get into the details of the live case study let’s take a closer look at what MTTB actually is.

MTTB stands for My Top Tier Business and is part of the MOBE collection of products. It is a 21 step training system that teaches you how to make money online & license high converting done for you products & sales funnels.

mttb system 21 steps

You also get a personal coach that you must call on Skype every 2-3 steps to progress, they literally lock the steps out until you speak to your coach directly who will answer any questions you have & help create your business plan.

At the end of the 21 steps you are then given 30 day traffic generation training which comes with your own traffic coach to speak with on Skype as you move through the steps.

mobe license rights program

When you have completed your training all you need to do is send targeted traffic to the various products and sales funnels.

Commissions range from $9 all the way up to $15,000 depending on what you promote. However the system is setup to upsell people through the range of products.

So if someone buys the entry level $9.95 eBook you get a $9 commission but then the MOBE team upsell the other products via email, phone calls and snail mail.

Having the MOBE sales staff follow up for you via the phone and sending letters is actually a very cool benefit that really stood out to me.

In summary this is what you get with MOBE MTTB-

  • Done for you sales funnels
  • Product fulfilment, payment processing & customer service is done for you
  • Sales staff that follow up on the phone, post & emails
  • 21 step internet marketing training
  • 30 day traffic generation training
  • Personal coaches you can call on Skype any time
  • Daily webinars/calls/coaching sessions

They take care of everything for you – all you need to do is send traffic.


I have gone through the 21 steps myself and it is important to note that the system isn’t for everyone.

I am an experienced internet marketer so I didn’t get as much value out of the training and coaches as someone with no previous knowledge would.

One thing that I do want to make clear is the training does require a lot of your time, while it is a complete business in a box it does take work and effort to go through.

If you are expecting to be handed plates of money with minimal effort you are never going to make any money online. Like with any business you must invest time and money to get things moving.

It is very important that you can call your coach on Skype and speak with them on the phone – make sure you have a headset or you will miss a lot of the value of having your own coach. You will get homework to do that you must review with them.

If you are willing to put the effort in and you don’t already have your own products/sales funnels or have the knowledge and technical expertise to create them yourself – it is worth looking at.

How To Apply To MOBE MTTB

If you want to get access to the 21 step training system and 30 day traffic coaching you must first apply to MTTB.

You have to pay a $49.00 application fee and then fill out a detailed application that asks you things like-

  • Your business/professional experience
  • Your current income & future income goals
  • What are your strengths/weaknesses

Those questions are used as part of your application review and also by your coach to tailor their coaching if you get approved.

As soon as your application is approved you must have a 1 on 1 call with your assigned coach before you start the 21 steps.

mttb sign up

Once you have done that though you can work through the steps at your own pace calling your coach every 2-3 steps.

Revealing My Plan Of Attack For My MTTB Review

I have wanted to create a live earnings case study on the blog for a while now. At the same time I also want a new toy to experiment with and test a few things.

The idea is simple – build out a dedicated site in the ‘quit your job’ niche promoting MTTB and try to automate as much of the work as I can.

Time is generally a luxury I don’t have so it is important that I set things up in a way that requires as little work and maintenance as possible.

Is it possible to make high commission sales whilst doing as little work as possible? There is only one way to truly find out!

I’m also going to lean heavily on social media to promote the site with organic search traffic growing steadily off the back of the strength of the content.

So here is what I’m going to do step by step-

  1. Create a high quality eBook that promotes MTTB
  2. The site goal will be to get people to optin & download the eBook
  3. Publish a 1,000-2,000 word article 5 days per week
  4. Create image based micro content using key quotes for social sharing
  5. Drive traffic from social media & organic search
  6. Use paid targeting to capture more eBook downloads
  7. Schedule & automate everything 1 day per month

Sounds pretty simple right? Well that’s because it is!

I’m going to publish high quality content that ensures it gets shared on social media and also attracts more traffic from Google naturally over time. The content is the bait on the hook to drive eBook downloads.

It is a very simple strategy but sticking to the basics and publishing consistently will see the site grow steadily.

Progress So Far

I have already started working on the site, content and researched how I will overcome some of the automation problems.

As of right now I have-

  1. Bought the domain, installed WordPress & a theme
  2. Started to setup the site
  3. Setup social media profiles
  4. Setup Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools
  5. Got a logo created
  6. Outsourced the eBook writing
  7. Outsourced the first 25 articles
  8. Worked out how to create image based micro content
  9. Automated social media posting
  10. Published a sample post

The site still needs a lot of work but right now I’m focused on laying the foundations and getting the basics right.

Once that is all done I will streamline the processes for everything and take advantage of automation where possible.

The end goal is to set things up so I just have to spend 1 day per month scheduling the content & social media updates making the site as hands off as possible.

Budget & Expenses

So far I have spent a total of $997.78 which is broken down as follows-

That will be everything I need to get the site off the ground in month one. I will also need to buy a couple of automation tools to help grow the social media presence but they are generally cheap to pick up.

The only ongoing costs I will have is the domain and feeding the site with new content each month.

Next Steps

At the moment I have the logo ready to go but I’m still waiting on the eBook and initial batch of content which is due this week.

In the mean time I’m still tinkering with the layout of the site and piecing everything together to provide a smooth user experience.

I’m also spending time setting up all of the optin forms to ensure as many visitors as possible convert into eBook downloads which is the main goal for the site.

But there are still lots of things to do-

  • Create static pages like homepage/contact page
  • Complete all social profiles with custom designs
  • Get an eBook cover designed
  • Setup the email marketing & autoresponder series
  • Create landing pages to promote the eBook
  • Create IFTTT recipes to help automate
  • Setup a backup system

I’m going to be working on all of that this week so that when the content & eBook gets delivered I have all the pieces of the puzzle ready to go, then I just have to put the puzzle together.

Wrapping It Up

So there we have it – that is my plan of attack and the start of my live niche site case study to promote MTTB.

I’m very excited to see how it turns out and it will give me the perfect opportunity to experiment with a range of things.

Much like my income reports – I will be publishing monthly updates on the progress of the site sharing what I have done, what worked & what didn’t work step by step.

My intentions were to reveal the site from day 1 so you could follow the progress from a bare bones WordPress install to profits but unfortunately recent negative SEO attacks put a stop to that.

So I’m not going to reveal the site until it is established & earning but I will reveal everything I’m doing and all of the key metrics transparently like I do here.

The simple approach will make it very easy to manage and also help see the blog grow naturally over time without forcing things too much.

As time goes on my strategy might change but for now it as simple as publish quality content consistently to pull traffic from social media & organic search driving it into eBook downloads.

Here goes nothing!

Controversy Update

As expected, the fact that I’m testing a controversial program has resulted in a lot of controversial comments.

Let me be clear the whole point of this niche site case study is to put a controversial program to the test and draw a conclusion on it once and for all.

At the same time I’m going to try and get high commissions while doing as little work as possible – that is the dot com dream right? That’s what everyone really wants.

I am taking all of the risk to do this. I am investing the time, I am investing the money and I will be sharing my experience with you monthly.

I’m certainly not jumping to conclusions/making assumptions without trying it for myself first. It could bring fantastic results but equally it could just be a huge waste of time and money.

But if that is the case it will be my waste of time and money – no one elses. Until I have actually invested the time and money and completed the case study it is impossible to draw a conclusion.

I appreciate the system is controversial – but that’s exactly why I’m testing it! Or would you prefer I just do what everyone else does?