Learn How To Create A Product & Make $59200 With A Product Launch

If you have ever wanted to know how to create a product & put together a successful product launch strategy…

 Then you are in the right place.
We are going to go behind the scenes of a $59,200 product launch teaching you everything you need to know so you can do the same!

What You Will Learn

  • How to establish yourself as an authority
  • How to create a product to sell
  • How to analyze the market & identify a unique angle
  • How to create a product launch strategy
  • How to promote your product further step by step

My name is Steve Brodsky, I run The World Is My Office, and this is the story of how I started in the Solo Ad industry, built up my reputation & became an Authority in the niche. 

I then leveraged that authority into launching a WSO (Warrior Special Offer) that has made me over $59,000 and continues to bring in $150-300 per day on complete auto pilot.

To this date my course, The List Builders Academy, has done very well.

Some of its achievements include-

  • $59,200 in revenue to date (and still brings in $150-300 daily)
  • The #7 top selling WSO on Jvzoo
  • Over 1,500 students
  • Produced some amazing student success stories

Not bad for an internet marketing newbie right? Let me show you how you can do the same!

Taking It From The Top

It all started in March of 2013 when I took the advice you keep hearing people say in the IM world, pick one money making method and stick with it.

So after analyzing and considering all the different business models available to internet marketers I decided to dive head first into the solo ad business.

For those of you who are wondering what the heck a solo ad is I’ll give you a brief overview.

A solo ad seller is someone who has built up a large email list interested in a certain topic. 

They send out an email to their list promoting whatever you want (generally a squeeze page) and charges a fee per click (visitor) they send your way.

product launch list

As a solo ad seller I would control the life blood of every online business, traffic!

Learning The Ropes

When I first started I didn’t have any idea how to build a huge list, much less how to become a solo ad seller. 

After scanning the WSO section of the Warrior Forum and asking around I settled on a Solo Ad coaching program by an up and coming solo ad seller named Lewis Turner. 

Included in this coaching was access to his student only Facebook group, which turned out to be one of the biggest tools I have used to build authority for my product launch, but more on that later.

I devoured not only his solo ad course, but I scoured the internet, looking in forums, blogs, Facebook and Skype groups for anything I could find on Solo Ads. 

I knew that if I was going to succeed at this…

 I was going to have to know everything there is to know about the Solo Ad industry.
It paid off and within three weeks of starting, I was well on my way to reaching the $100/day mark.

Building Your Reputation

I knew that if I was going to do this…

 I wanted to be one of the top solo ad sellers in the industry.
To do that I would need to be very vocal about what I am doing and my accomplishments as I went so that my name would be recognized in the industry.

This is where the Facebook group came into play.  As it turns out the vast majority of business in the Solo Ad industry takes place in Facebook groups and Skype rooms. 

So between the two I had the perfect soapbox to inform the industry on what I was doing and to build my authority and notoriety.

building my authority before product creation

I posted frequent updates on how much money I was making and how well I was doing.

product creation progress

And it worked!  My frequent updates and posts got tons of comments from other Solo Ad sellers and built my self a reputation in the industry.

mini product launch results

The ball was certainly rolling now!

The Initial Idea

Now that I had a solid reputation and a successful Solo Ad Business I wanted to expand into coaching. 

After seeing some of the price tags on the “Guru” solo ad coaching I knew that I could:

  • Make a better course
  • Offer it for cheaper than the $1,000’s that the other courses were charging
  • Be successful with it

But I didn’t feel ready for a fully fledged product launch yet, so instead I decided to do a smaller trial run first. 

This would not only build up my confidence but would help me collect testimonials and social proof that would help sky rocket my coaching program once I was ready to release it as a WSO.

Launching A Free WSO

Now I just needed to figure out a way to let people know about my coaching program. 

Not only did I need to find a way to drive traffic to my coaching program sales page but I needed to make sure that traffic was actually interested in building a solo ad business.

To accomplish both of these goals I launched a free WSO about how I started a Solo Ad business and went from $0 to $100/day in 3 weeks.

This did two things:

  • Allowed me to build a list of people that are interested in starting a Solo Ad business
  • Gave me instant credibility and authority

To set myself apart from the hundreds of other free WSO’s that get posted I released the case study early to fellow solo ad sellers in the FB groups in return for an honest review. 

This built up some huge social proof in my free WSO thread and was one of the big contributing factors to its success.

how to create a product to launch

I created a short video in powerpoint talking about what people will learn from the case study and made a button in photoshop. 

my product launch landing page

The Free WSO launched and within a week 1,000 people had joined my list and downloaded my case study.

My First Coaching Course

It was time to promote my first coaching course!

I sent out the following email to the list of 1,000:

emailing my product launch email list

Within 24 hours I had 64 responses from interested people!

responses to my digital product creation

I setup the coaching as a 4 week group coaching course made up of a weekly webinar combined with detailed PDF step by step instructions for any technical bits and pieces.

I set the price at $99 and out of the 64 responses…

 50 people signed up and I made $5,000 from my first coaching course.
great start

Not a bad start for my first shot at a product launch!

The first group coaching course went so well that I ended up doing another one right afterwards.

Figuring Out How To Create A Product

Now with some student success stories under my belt I was finally ready to launch a full fledged WSO.

I analyzed all of the Solo Ad/List Building WSO’s and programs on the market and I found that all of the large all inclusive list building courses were very expensive, many costing thousands of dollars.

The reason they were so expensive was due to the fact that most were one on one coaching that required a ton of time to be invested by the coach forcing the large price tag.

I had the idea to take the same knowledge taught in the big price tag one on one courses and turn it into  a low ticket self taught membership course.

By turning it into a self taught course instead of one on one coaching I only have to create the course once and then it is drip fed via the membership site to them on a weekly/monthly basis. 

This allows me to make the course much cheaper than all my competitors and opens it up to a completely new set of customers who can’t afford a large price tag.

I settled on calling my new course The List Builders Academy and built it out into a 12 month self taught membership course using a combination of video and PDF lessons. 

I priced it at $27 per month with a $1 three day trial.

My hope was that with the $1 trial it would be a no brainer for people to sign up and try it and when they saw the quality of the material they would be hooked.

Creating a sales funnel for my product

I also included a 12 month no questions asked money backed guarantee, which made it even more appealing to join and try it out.

money back guarantee

Setting Up The Sales Funnel

I created two one time offers (OTO).  These are pages that the customer gets redirected to immediately after they purchase. 

The first was for a $149/month one on one coaching to go along with the regular membership.

It included one coaching call with me a month as well as access to me via Skype and email.

I did this because I know from the earlier group coaching, that a lot of people really do need one on one attention to be successful and I wanted to offer it for the people who wanted it.

my first one time offer landing page

If they did not want the one on one coaching they were taken to a second OTO.

This offered a downgraded version of the one on one coaching that just included unlimited access to me via Skype and email for $27.  (Technically this is called a down-sell)

product launch downsell page

These two OTO’s have converted extremely well.

I used the membership software Instamember to set the site up. 

It was extremely easy to use and I highly recommend it.

Creating My Sales Page

I created the sales page myself which took a bit of time but saved some money which you can see here.

I used YouZign to help with the graphics that I highly recommend picking up.

I also wrote the sales copy myself.  I wanted it to sound different from all of the other WSO’s out there and  it got a lot of people asking me who wrote it.

Setting Up An Affiliate Program

When you launch a product the majority of your sales will come from affiliates (or so I was told, but I’ll get to that). 

These are people who agree to promote your product in exchange for a commission on each sale.

Now to handle the payment automatically you list your product on an affiliate network.  In the IM niche there are three main ones;

  • Clickbank
  • Warrior Plus
  • JVzoo

I chose to list The List Builders Academy (TLBA) on JVzoo. 

It was a mixture of personal preference and the fact that I already knew a couple affiliates that promote products on JVzoo and I thought it would give me a head start.

Setting The Commission

Next I needed to decide on how much commission I was going to offer to affiliates. There are a couple of different theories on this and it really depends on what your priorities are. 

If you want to build a list of buyers as fast as possible then you want to offer a higher percentage commission so that you can recruit as many affiliates as you can.

 Since my goal was to make some money from this launch I set the commission at 50%.
This is because it was a 12 month recurring membership course, the recurring commission would make up for not offering a higher payout percentage.

Building The Affiliate Page

I built a JV/Affiliate page using optimize press that had a short video explaining what The List Builders Academy was about.

It also detailed the price points and commissions for the main product and the two OTO’s.

I also included some pre-written emails that affiliates could send out (since most of them are lazy). 

thank you page for JV's

As well as some bonus ebooks they could include to entice people to sign up through their affiliate link.

Preparing For My Product Launch

I set the product launch date for two weeks away (October 2nd) and focused full time on recruiting as many affiliates as I could.

First I went to the JV Launch Boards and listed the launch date for TLBA. 

The product launch boards are websites that affiliates watch to keep an eye out for upcoming product launches. 

It is a must do thing if you want to get the word out about your upcoming launch.

The main product launch boards are:

I also went into all of the various Facebook groups for JV product launches and posted daily, trying to recruit affiliates.

The big groups for this are:

I searched the WSO section of the warrior forum for any list building WSO’s.

Whenever I found one I would contact the owner and try to bring them on board as an affiliate as part of my product launch plan.

Now a lot of you are probably wondering why I would go to the competition and try to get them to promote my product.

The list they built from their WSO are all interested in list building products. 

 Who better to promote a brand new list building course too?
I did all of this almost non stop for an entire two weeks and brought on 25 affiliates before launch.

The Product Launch Date Theory

I decided to launch on Wednesday, October 2nd. 

I did this for a couple reasons, after analyzing the launch date and times of all the major players launches I noticed a trend. 

The massive launches all happened on either Tuesday or Thursday at around 11am EST. 

ready to launch my product

So by launching on Wednesday at 11am I was avoiding all of the big launches and hopefully could get some people to mail out for me.

Finally…Launch Day!

When product launch day rolled around and my sales thread finally went live I was excited…and I mean really excited!

As soon as the thread was live I sent out an email to all of the affiliates that had promised to promote the launch as well as pretty much everyone on my email list. 

All day I sat at my computer, staring at my screen and hitting the reload button on my browser every 15 seconds.

Because I didn’t have a huge amount of affiliates I was relying on the large amount of traffic the WSO section of the warrior forum gets to put my sales page in front of customers and it was slow going.

I was told over and over again by the “gurus” that it wouldn’t work, that you can’t just “throw up a WSO and hope for the best”. 

 I proved them wrong, but to do that you have to make sure you do several things…
Very well

One Headline To Rule Them All

Since I was relying on natural traffic in the WSO section I knew I had to make my headline stand out and be completely different than every other WSO listed.

I had spent a lot of time learning how to create a product and putting my launch plan together and it felt like the headline could make or break me.

Most of the WSO’s headlines talk about how much money you can make, generally giving you some crazy dollar figure. 

“Make $10,000 with no work!” “Push button software that will make you a bizilloinare overnight”

As you can see from my headline below I went a different route. 

WSO headline

I didn’t put any dollar figures in the headline, instead I brought attention to how my training could change their life.

 It worked wonderfully.
I have gotten 144,762 views to the product launch thread, 649 responses and over 13 pages of interested questions and buyer reviews.

Be different than everyone else and it really pays off!

Getting Reviewers

One of the biggest factors in over coming buyers objections is social proof. 

This comes in the form of reviews from people who have purchased the course and come back to the sales thread to leave their opinions.

Normally it is pretty difficult to get people to come back and leave reviews so I used the following two ways to make sure they did.

First, I offered the first three months free to any of my past coaching students in exchange for a review. 

This brought in a good number of reviews on the first couple days the thread was live.

Second, I setup an email to go out on the fourth day after someone had joined the course inviting them to leave an honest review in the sales thread in exchange for a free 30 minute Skype coaching session with me.

This brought in a ton of reviews as you can see below.

1 week product launch progress screenshot

After a review was posted in the sales thread I would copy & paste it as a quote in the main sales letter so that it was prominently displayed to everyone who read it.

I also took the most enticing part of the review and made the text red and larger so that it would stand out and your eyes would naturally read it first.

my products first review

This strategy has worked very well and I attribute most of my sales to the 65+ amazing buyer reviews I have in the thread.

All Roads Lead To My Course

I didn’t want to solely rely on the natural traffic in the WSO section to bring in all of my sales so I started looking at different ways to send very targeted traffic to my sales page.

I was already posting frequently on different internet marketing forums and I knew that my free WSO case study was adding a lot of people to my list that were interested in starting a solo ad business. 

So I added a section at the end of the case study promoting The List Builders Academy.

Then I added a signature to all of my forum posts promoting the free case study.

additional product promotion

This sent in a steady trickle of people and accounted for 2 or 3 sales every single day.

Slow But Steady Growth

The List Builders Academy did not launch to a huge amount of fanfare and mailings, due to me not having a lot of affiliates at launch.

I ended up making 35 sales in the first week bringing in about $1,000.

As the reviews started to come in and the sales thread got longer…

The sales started to add up.

That is the great thing about membership sites. 

Once someone has joined they continue to pay the membership fee every month, so adding a couple of new paying members every day begins to build up.

product launch sales statistics 1

product launch sales statistics 2

product launch sales statistics 3

Day after day my income slowly grew until before knew it I was making $200 to $500+ per day!

The Affiliates Come Marching In

There are two main stats that affiliates look at when they are finding product launches to promote.

  • EPC (Earnings per click) – This is how much, on average, that they will earn per click they send to your offer.
  • Conversion Rate – This is the average percentage of people who purchase after seeing the sales page

You want your EPC to be above $1.00 and your conversion rate to be as high as possible.

I offer a $1.00 trial when people sign up, this resulted in a very low EPC when I first launched and therefore not many affiliates were interested.

However as people moved past the trial and started paying the $27 monthly membership fee my EPC started to rise and is staying at around $1.17 nowadays. 

Because of this I didn’t start to see a lot of affiliates asking to promote my course until a couple of months after launch.

overview of conversion statistics

Now because of the $1.17 EPC as well as the 6.66% conversion rate I receive 2 or 3 affiliate requests every single day. 

 Most of my sales come from my affiliates now.
Got to love other people promoting your products :)

Wrapping it up

As I write this it has been a little over 6 months since I learnt how to create a product & launched The List Builders Academy and it has been more successful than I have ever dreamed.

 Bringing in over $59,000 and being the #7 most sold WSO on JVzoo just to name a few.

I was able to accomplish this because I took the time to build myself up as an authority in my niche before I even thought about launching a digital product teaching others.
You have probably heard about Matthews much anticipated course on how to rank any website in Google.

I am sure its going to be a huge success, and it will be because he has taken the time to establish himself as an authority in his field before worrying about the product creation process.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my product creation journey over the last year and I wish you the best of luck in your own online ventures!

Want To Learn More?

If you would like to learn more on how to build your authority in a niche and start a business that you can run from anywhere I would love to talk to you! 

Check out my new site that talks all about it here:  The World Is My Office

Thinking about launching a new product or course?  Trying to build your authority in a niche?  Not sure how to create a product? Leave a comment below and lets talk about it!