Advanced Tiered Link Building Tutorial Part 4 – Tier 2 & Beyond

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Welcome to the fourth instalment of the Ultimate Guide To Tiered Link Building. By now you should have a solid tier 1 link profile and it’s time to turbo charge them with some additional tiers.

It seems I beat my last record of 28 minutes by quite a distance; this video is a massive 38 minutes in length! You can be sure it’s jam packed with actionable advice!

Important Update: Please read this.

What You Will Learn

  1. Export a live list of your links and check they are valid
  2. How to automatically generate the content we need for Tier 2 & 3
  3. Precisely how and where to use that content for the best results
  4. How to setup & fully automate Tier 2 & 3 link building forever in 10 minutes flat


Video Transcript

Hi guys and welcome to part 4 of my ultimate guide to tiered link building. In this video you’re going to learn

How to export a live list of your tier 1 links and check they are valid
How to generate all the content we will need for tiers 2 and 3 in a couple of clicks
How to use that content in the right way
And finally how to setup your tier 2 and 3 campaigns in 10 minutes

Ok so you can see that our project has pretty much completed here. One thing I want to show you before exporting the live links is the attention required column; these are submissions that have failed. So to retry any failed tasks you can just click on the project that you want, click on the task log, make sure completed items are excluded and then come over here and select all, right click and retry selected and that will retry all the failed tasks. So its up to you if you want to do that.

To export the live links all we need to do is click on the task, right click, live link report, click on copy to clipboard and then make a note of them in a separate notepad file. And if you just go through all of the tasks doing this you’ll eventually end up with a big list of your tier 1 links. So I’m just going to pause the video while I do that.

So now you should have a list of all of your live tier 1 urls and you need to save that somewhere. And you can see I’ve got it here, you also need to create another text file with your money site urls in it and what we are going to do is use Scrapebox to check the live links.

So to do that for websites we need to open your urls for blog list we need to pick the live links text file. We can just have a look in here the your urls file, I built links to yourdomain.com and google.co.uk in the previous examples just to show you how this works. So this will probably be your money site in here. And here is the live links that we have just exported from Ultimate Demon.

So I’ve unticked use proxies, make sure check links is checked here and press check links and you’ll see a big long list of your live links and it’s going to go out and look at every single one of these and check if your links to your two money sites or whatever you’ve linked to are still present. So load this up hit start and I’ll be back once it’s finished.

Once that’s finished you can see all of the links that it has found and the anchor texts and everything like that. So you need to clean this list up and remove any of the dead ones. So click export links and export all as excel and we are going to call it link tracker. Ok and then if we open up the link tracker that we’ve just exported. Hang on that’s opened in my other window, there we go. Sort these a-z, expand the selection and we want to remove anything that isn’t found. Ok, so we now have a final list of our live tier 1 links and we can use this list to begin building our tier 2 and tier 3 links.

You should try and keep this spreadsheet kind of roughly organised and up to date. I always create tabs like this, Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3. And then I regularly export my links and add them to this spreadsheet here so I can keep track of all my tier 1 and tier 2 and tier 3 links that I have created.

So now we have a live list of our tier 1 links we just need to generate the content for our tier 2 and tier 3 link campaigns. To do that I’m going to use a piece of software called Kontent Machine. I used to use Get Article Pro to do this but the developer has since abandoned it, Kontent Machine just makes things really easy to do.

So the first thing we need to do when you open the program is come into the scraper options here. Enter your Best Spinner API details, choose best thesaurus and word amount 4 you can play with this this is what I like to use you can also import proxies if you choose to but I don’t need to for this example.

Kontent Machine essentially goes out and scrapes loads of content based on your keywords and spins it together so you can use it however you want. You can use 1, 2 or 3 keywords to scrape content for; I’m just going to use 1 in this example. And it’s as easy as filling out your campaign name, entering your keywords and then clicking generate content. Before we do that though I want to explain contextual links you can actually insert a list of keywords and URL’s and it will automatically insert those into the articles it generates. So this is a great way to disguise your money links a bit.

We are not going to use it in this specific example I am going to use it later on in this tutorial though but I wanted to point that out to you. So far the mean time contextual links zero. And then just hit generate content and straight away this is going out loads of content sources and then it will spin it all together. So I’m going to pause the video and resume it once it’s completed.

Ok that’s finished so if we click on OK and just to show you what it’s done if we come to the articles tab here we’ve got a scraped article we can use. All the bookmark titles and body’s and tags and categories and we can just preview some of these here look, it’s not perfect but it will do for the purpose we are going to use it for but the real magic in Kontent Machine are the export options and this is what makes it a really efficient program.

So if we just come up to the output options here, there’s loads of options just copy my options for these tier 2 links, the tier 2 content we are going to generate. Article spin normal, we’ll have a random paragraph count between 7 and 10. No spacing, blank line spacing on the article output. Bookmarks normal spin, paragraph mixer randomisation level set to 10. Sentence mixing we are not going to use just yet but we will do soon. And we can just leave these unticked as well and hit apply.

So now if we click the export button and we’ll see the file builder open here. All we need to do is come down here, select GSA template and click on export. And I’m going to save that as tier 2 content, save. And once that’s finished exporting I’ll show you how to, oh it’s done already so let’s just minimise that and now to generate the tier 3 content we just close that and come back into the output options.

And this time we are going to use the sentence mixer instead and we are going to have between 4 and 6 sentences per paragraph, that’ll do and click apply and then export again. Select the GSA template, click and export and then we are going to save this as tier 3 content, save.

So to build the tier 2 and 3 links we are going to use a program called GSA Search Engine Ranker. It’s a pretty cool program it supports a huge amount of platforms, all these different article platforms, blog platforms, guestbook’s, social bookmarks, social networks, web 2.0 sites, it supports hundreds of platforms. It’s actually really easy to setup and use, what’s really cool about it is it will automatically go out and scrape target sites to post to and then submit your links, confirm any emails that it needs to and will also verify all of the live links for you as well as ping them and send them out to indexing services.

It’s a really efficient tool and very easy to setup. So let me just take you through some of the options that you’ll need to setup here. On the submission tab you can choose how many threads to use, I’ve got it set to 100 you’ll need to make sure you are using proxies everywhere. You can configure this and tell it to automatically search for new proxies every 60 minutes and it will actually automatically find those for you and test them so you don’t even need to load any proxies into it.

Just back into the options here, for your Captcha settings I recommend using Captcha Sniper. I’ll go over Captcha Sniper in a moment but with GSA you really do need to use Captcha Sniper otherwise you’re going to end up spending an awful lot of money on captchas.

Indexing options it will automatically ping and you can add your own ping list in here. It will also supports lots of other link indexing services, GSA SEO indexer I don’t personally use myself even though it’s ticked here. I do intend to buy it at some point and that essentially goes out and submits your links to the whois type websites to try and get the indexed. Off the top of my head I think this tool is only like $20 so it’s worth buying I just haven’t actually got round to doing it myself yet.

You’ve then got filter options to make sure your links don’t get posted on any sites that are on malware lists and things like that. I don’t use this option personally.

And then you get advanced settings here and it will actually go and save all of the platforms and verified links that it finds so you will actually end up with a master list of all these different postable platforms that you can use and you can import these into other programs as well such as this jcow list here that will got into Ultimate Demon without a problem this MediaWiki list here and so on.

So it is a really really good bit of software it’s a onetime payment there’s no monthly subscription or anything like that. So yeah highly recommend it.

I just wanted to show you Captcha Sniper quickly. It’s a program that sits locally on your machine and as you can see here it automatically solves captchas. Now, GSA will burn through captchas, here you can see I’ve already solved 105,000 captchas with Captcha Sniper and if I had done that via Death By Captcha that would of cost, I think it’s $139 to solve 100,000 captchas.

Captcha Sniper is available for $97 so you can see it’s already paid for itself and will continue to do so. It’s a really important piece of software to be using with GSA. It supports captchas from loads of different platforms as you can see here and you can add your own user defined captchas here as well. So although it does cost $97 upfront it will save you a huge amount of money the more links that you build overtime. So I seriously recommend you pickup Captcha Sniper as soon as you can.

So let me show you how quickly we can setup a campaign in GSA. If we come to new and we are going to setup our tier 2 campaign here so just untick everything here and then we are going to select article, blog comment, directory, image comment, social bookmark, social network and web 2. And you can see we’ve got all these fields of data that we need to fill out to complete the campaign.

What we need to do is import all the content that we have just exported from Kontent Machine so to do that, if you come to tools, import, data fields and then import our tier 2 content. You can see if we click test here that’s already added in a lot of the fields, the article, the article summary, the article title. So all we need to do is go through this and fill out any remaining fields and that’s pretty easy to do.

So the first one is to import our tier 1 links which I have on the clipboard. So if we go to edit, import, from clipboard. And you can see it’s added our 200 tier 1 links, click ok. You’ve got a few options here, the use keywords as anchor text you should have that ticked. You can also choose to include generic and natural anchor texts at the percentage you set, you can edit the list of these here, there are quite a few included but I just use the default list and leave that at 20%. And I also use anchor text variation with 20% and you can see an example of what that does there.

You also need to add in an email address which I’ve done there and come down and edit our categories. So money, finance and we’ll go with business. Ok.

And the only things we need to do is come to this field that appears to be black, select all and copy it. Paste it into German, description 250 we need to paste into German description 250 as well as Polish 250. Description 450 also needs to go in the German 450 and Polish 450. And if we have a test of that and make sure we’ve got no blank fields.

Everything’s looking pretty good there; every heading’s got some content underneath it. So we can close that and that’s the entire content for the campaign done and setup we don’t need to worry about that anymore.

If we come across to options here there’s loads of different options here for our tier 2 links we are going to skip sites with more than 70 links. We are going to leave the PR setting blank, most of the options we are going to leave at default. If a form can’t be filled like category, choose random. We are going to leave all of those as they are. Right click here, check all with English language. So they are the search engines that it uses to go out and find the targets to post to. And we’ve got some other filtering options here but I don’t use these.

The final step, email verification. I’ve already filled it in here just give it a test to make sure everything’s working as it should be. Login succesful, click ok and that is it. That is your entire tier 2 campaign setup and ready to rock and roll. All we’ve got to do is press ok. Sometimes you get these I just ignore these little errors.

And there we go, so if we find the campaign here, modify project and rename it. I’m going to call that video tutorial tier 2, ok.

So setting up the tier 3 links we pretty much do in the same way. Click new, this we are going to tick all of these. Except for video. Up here we need to tick use verified urls from another project which is going to be the tier 2 project we have just created. Tick that and press OK. And then come down here and import our tier 3 content.

Ok so if we just have a test of that we can see we need to fill out a few fields, category and website title and descriptions down here. So let’s go through it, email address you need to use a separate email address than you did for your tier 2 campaign. Tick these and just come down here and category, money, finance, business, ok.

Come down a bit further to this website title that looks blank, press ctrl + a, ctrl + c then down to here ctrl + v. Copy the description 250 into description 250 German and description 250 Polish. And then description 450 into German and Polish. And if we click on test here let’s have another look. We can see everything’s looking pretty filled out now.

So then come across to options, skip sites with more than, ooo actually no we leave all of this as default for our tier 3. The only thing we do here is choose random and again right click here check all with English language. And come across to e-mail verification, I’ve already got it setup here. Just give that a test and make sure it’s working as it should be and that is your Tier 2 and Tier 3 projects completely setup.

You can see that didn’t take very long at all and we can just hit Ok on there and if we come in our projects list you can see down here our 2 new projects and all we need to do is click on start and that will automatically go out and fire up all the threads and start building the links for you.

So that is GSA Search Engine Ranker for your tier 2 and 3 links it really is as easy as that.

So now you’ve seen how quick and easy it is to setup a multi tiered link campaign with GSA and Kontent Machine, I want to show you how to build huge auto growing self healing web 2.0 link pyramid in the thousands.

If you take a look at this diagram here you can see the traditional link pyramid structure all made up of web 2 sites and blog posts. We are actually going to be build this structure to our tier 1 links so up here you should assume are all of our tier 1 links.

Now I want you to pay attention to this levels number here, 3, 3, 6. What that means is that the first 3 are these 3 tier 1 web 2.0 accounts. The second 3 means for each of the tier 1 accounts it will build 3 web 2.0 accounts. So as you can see there, there there for levels 3 and then this next levels 3 here, here here. And then for each of the 3 tier 2 web 2 properties it will build 6 web 2 properties to each of those.

So I want you to understand and pay attention to that number because it’s an option we are going to be changing in the software we use to do all of this. So let me show you how to do it and get stuck straight in.

So this is Link Wheel Bandit if you’ve not see it before it’s an amazing piece of software it’s really easy to setup campaigns and it is literally a set and forget bit of software and it will auto grow out your web 2.0 link pyramids at an amazing rate, it’s an all round amazing tool. The developers currently working on version 2 of it right now, he’s got it in beta testing so that will be available soon but at the moment I’m just using the current release.

So let me show you around and the things that you need to do. First of all you need to come up to tools, edit global settings and there’s a few things that you can tweak here. You’re probably alright leaving the default settings you might want to turn threads up or down depending how powerful your computer is.

Next you want to enter your captcha settings so either Decaptcher or Death by Captcha I personally use Death by Captcha because it’s cheaper.

And then as we come across the tabs here, article manager you can load articles into the software from a folder which is what we are going to do with the help of Kontent Machine. You need to load all of your proxies in, the more proxies the better, try and use private proxies here as we will be creating an awful lot of web 2 accounts so the more private proxies and the not spammed public ones the better.

Domain manager, what you actually need to do here is setup catch all email on your hosting account you can’t use free email addresses here you need to use an actual domain that is hosted through cpanel you can setup a catch all email address which means if an email sent to the domain and the email address doesn’t exist it all gets routed to one email address so this software will just go out and create loads of accounts with random email addresses at your domain and then it only has to log into one email address account to download all of the verification emails.

I’m not going to step you through how to setup a catch all email address its pretty easy, just Google it if you get stuck.

So that is Link Wheel Bandit the first thing we are going to do before anything else though is prepare some content so far that we are going to fire Kontent Machine back up.

Ok so I’ve already created a campaign in Kontent Machine you can see here I’ve used three keywords this time. The reason for this is because these articles are going to be posted out thousands of times I want as much source content as possible to keep the uniqueness up.

And remember last time we were in Kontent Machine I talked about the contextual links, well we’ll be setting those up this time so to do that its really easy we are just going to head to Scrapebox quickly so bear me with a second.

So first of all I’m going to scrape a big list of websites that are relevant to the content. So I’m going to do that with something like payday loans, same day loans and that should be enough make sure use proxies is ticked and start harvesting. Let’s just let that run through quickly.

Ok that’s done so we can remove duplicate urls and then copy it to your clipboard and keep it somewhere safe as we’ll need those urls in a minute. Next we need a list of keywords to work with; if you remember in an earlier video you prepared a list of related keywords. So if we just paste those into here and press scrape that will go out and find loads of keywords for us. So I’ll just pause the video while that completes.

Ok that’s finished so if we remove duplicate keywords and then select them all and copy them somewhere safe because we will be needing those in a minute and let’s head back over to Kontent Machine.

So to add those contextual links I’m just going to use 2 contextual links we want them in HTML format because that’s what web 2.0 platforms use and in the main keyword tab select our keyword set and paste it in here and also post it in the 2nd keyword and then copy the URLs in like that and once you’ve done that just hit reload content and that will add all of these relevant contextual links into the generated content that we produce.

Ok that’s generated all of the content without contextual links in it. Now what we need to do is come to the output options and check all this out, normal spin, random paragraph count, paragraph spacing blank line, we are going to do these on the paragraph level, YouTube videos and images. We are going to do some posts with these but the initial batch we are just going to do without these.

I’m actually going to create a set of articles without images or videos, some with images, some with videos and some that are character spun and some that are normal spun. So I’ll take you through how to do all of that but these options are looking pretty good for the first set that I want to create.

If we come up to export here, now the link wheel bandit although this comes with its own templates it doesn’t come with a template for link wheel bandit. So to create one we are going to click on new and link wheel bandit imports articles, it takes the first line as the title and the rest of it as the body. So we are going to insert a nested spun title as the first line, we’ll have a nested spin summary and then we’ll have a spun article body and a nested resource.

Now the reason we are only using a spun article body is if you use a nested one and output the articles that come in pretty big like 800kb-900kb’s each and link wheel bandit seems to struggle with articles over about 600kb’s so that’s why we use the spun tag here and not the nested tag. But we surround that spun content with the nested summary and a nested resource.

So once we’ve done that filename extension .txt that’s fine we just need to save that as Link Wheel Bandit and we’ll be able to use this template over and over again. So if we close that, select link wheel bandit here, how many articles do we want to create, I’m going to create 25 with the settings we did before and hit export and I’m going to call those payday and click save.

And once they are exported I’m going to resume the video. Ok there done so if we just hit ok and it’s opened the folder so minimise that and close the file builder, come back to output options we are going to change some things. How about this time we have some videos in the body, we’ll centre align them, auto resize them to 400 hundred width so they don’t overlap on any of the web 2.0s we post to and choose a random paragraph to insert the videos into it and hit apply.

Then back to export and select the Link wheel bandit template and create I don’t know, 25 of these as well and click export and we’ll just call these paydayvideos, save. I’m just going to pause the video and they are done now so same process, close that, output options. This time we’ll have with just images inserted so centre align them, auto resize by width 400 again and choose a random paragraph to insert them and hit apply, export select our link wheel bandit template, we’ll have 25 of these click export. And that’s going to be paydayimage, save. And I’ll pause the video again.

Ok they are done and we are going to do the exact same process again. Close that, output options this time I’m just going to show you character spinning but you could also do an export with both images and videos. Let’s assume you’ve done that, let’s do some normal spin and character spin output and again with this checked you probably want to do 25 of just videos, 25 of just images, 25 of both and 25 with no images or video so I’m just going to export this quickly.

So normal spin and character spin I’ll include images and hit apply. Then export, you know the drill by now and we’ll have 25 of those as well, paydaycharacter, save. I’m just going to pause the video.

And that’s the character spun ones done. So you get the general idea, just keep closing this, output options, normal spin and character spun. We’ve not done one of those with images and video yet so I’ll just do one more of those but just keep tweaking these options so you get lots of articles. We do want about 200 in total, something like that so just keep going through tweaking these until you’ve got 200 in total.

Apply, export, link wheel bandit, 25, export and I will resume the video once these are done.

So as you can see here we’ve got loads of articles that Kontent Machine has outputted for us, if we open one up and have a look at what it looks like. Ah notepad is probably going to struggle with this because its 364kb at the moment. There we go, so all of this there is just the title. That’s a big title and then the rest of it down here is the body, there’s the contextual links so as you can see that’s the perfect article to load into Link Wheel Bandit. So let’s head over there and setup our campaign.

Creating campaigns with LinkWheelBandit is really easy, we just click create link wheel and that opens this window here. We can give it a name and set link wheel active. The social bookmarks part of link wheel bandit doesn’t work at the moment so you can disable that.

The link wheel structure, remember those numbers from before 3, 3, 6. That’s these numbers here so what we are actually going to have is 10, 10, 10. So that’s 10 web 2 properties which will each have a number of articles on them and for every 1 of those tier 1 properties there will be 10 tier 2 web 2 properties pointing to those and for everyone of those tier 2 properties will be 10 pointing to that. So as you can see that is a massive massive link pyramid that we are going to be creating.

Account post interval, depending how quickly you want to grow these link pyramids I usually go with hourly that posts an article hourly to each web 2.0 account and then I grow the link wheel after each web 2 has had 3 posts on it.

I like to limit the max posts per account on tier 1 I like them to only have sort of 5 articles maybe 6 on there. And then 10 on the second tier, up to 15 on the third tier. There’s no hard and fast rule to these number you can play with them how you like.

So that brings us to the link distribution tab. The target URL’s are our tier 1 links which I’m just going to get onto my clipboard quickly and paste in over here. There we go and we have a few different settings here, do not interlink tier 1 and leave that ticked, do not link to the target URL from tier 2 or 3 I leave that unticked because I like to keep things looking a bit random and disorganised and not so structured.

Link distribution for tier 2 and 3 you can either have it link more to the same tier or more to the upper tiers. I like to keep this here so it’s still linking in an upward direction but it’s still also linking across as well it just makes things look a bit more drunk and random.

And the target URL distribution for tiers 2 and 3 we want to use more random web 2.0’s that then target urls on the 2nd and 3rd tiers.

And finally we have the keyword settings tab. The main keywords are the keywords that are used to link to our tier 1 property from Ultimate Demon. We prepared a list of related keywords in an earlier video so we just paste that in. Alternate keywords we generated earlier for use in Kontent Machine contextual links so we can just paste those in there and they can also be used as the title keywords and this is the title of our web 2 properties that it’s going to create.

Keyword distribution only use main keywords when linking to target URL’s they are our tier 1 links from Ultimate Demon. And use only alternate keywords for tiers 2 and 3 which are these here. Keyword distribution ratio I like to keep in the middle and if you hit save that is all of the setup pretty much done for that link wheel.

All we need to do now is import the articles. As we’ve already prepared the articles it is very quick and easy process. Just come to the article manager here, select the link wheel that we are working on at the moment. If you want to you can assign certain articles to certain tiers but I tend not to bother.

If we just click on load articles, here are all the articles we generated before. And to actually load them we need to select the folder they are in, click open and that will begin to import them. So I’m just going to pause the video while it does that.

Ok that’s now completed so just click ok, come back to the dashboard here and hit start and that will automatically go out and start building all of our link wheels for us.

So let’s recap on what we have done-

First of all we created tier 2 and 3 campaigns in GSA search engine ranker.

Then we used LinkWheelBandit to create a huge multi tiered web 2.0 campaign that actually introduces a 4th tier of links.

The best bit about all of that is that you can now sit back as tier 2 and beyond gets built out and continues to grow forever.

This will guarantee that all of your tier 1 and tier 2 links will get indexed.

Not only that, but in a few weeks time your Tier 1 links are going to be super charged with authority and will pick up a page rank of 1-4 on the next update with ease.

But most importantly, above anything else is the fact that you have created millions of unique paths for search engine spiders to find your site. This is overlooked by most people but keeping the search spiders coming to your site over and over again has a huge influence on ranking. This is where the real power of tiered linking lies.

Well that just about wraps up this video, in the next video I’m going to show you how to export and organise all of your links, how to get every single link indexed even the character spun stuff and how to send the search spiders ripping through all of your tiers.

If you want to get the latest updates and tutorials then head over to my blog and subscribe now. I never send out any promotional emails, just great content like this! You can sign up in the side bar or at the end of one my posts. I’ll see you in the next video! See ya![/spoiler]

Resources In The Video

GSA Search Engine Ranker FREE TRIAL – Fantastic piece of software to automate tier 2 and 3.

Kontent Machine FREE TRIAL – Worth its weight in GOLD a MUST HAVE tool.

Captcha Sniper – This single piece of software will save you stacks of cash.

The Best Spinner FREE TRIAL – It really is The Best Spinner! Kontent Machine uses the API.

Link Wheel Bandit FREE TRIAL – Stupidly simple but powerful Web 2.0 automation tool.

GSA SEO Indexer FREE TRIAL – Integrates nicely with GSA Search Engine Ranker to help get your links indexed automatically.

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      Not really =/

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    What kind of specs are your machines that you use for running your software? Is it necessary that you run two or is this by choice?

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      Nothing special needed, any old computers will do the job!

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    Hi Matt. Are you still using the link wheel as of now? And you have them pointing at your tier 1 urls right? Or your money site?

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