Stealing Customers From Competitors Has Never Been This Easy

I have developed the perfect strategy for legally stealing customers from competitors online.

Make sure your sitting tight because this post is jam packed with actionable information!

You might also want to learn how to steal your competitors content or perhaps you want to steal your competitors backlinks.

What You Will Learn

  • How to steal your competitors customers
  • How to steal your competitors Google traffic
  • How to steal your competitors Facebook fans
  • How to steal your competitors Twitter followers
  • How to hijack your competitors unhappy customers

Stealing Customers From Competitors

I’ll be going through a number of different tactics that makes stealing customers from competitors easy.

This may be seen as a bit cheeky, but at the end of the day… A business is run for profit.

If you don’t want to be engaging in tactics that’ll help knock your competition out the water, then this guide really isn’t for you.

Introducing Charles Floate

My name is Charles Floate & I’m back for my 3rd guest post on Matt’s blog

My other 2 have been massively successful and my how to build an ecommerce website tutorial is still one of Matt’s most reached posts each month now.

Whilst my Rand Fishkin case study is favorited across the black hat community.

For those that don’t know me however, I’m Charles Floate, the award winning blogger (I love having that in my title, so does Matt hehe) at God of SEO and the owner of Godlike Marketing.

Getting Prepared

Before we dive straight into all the nitty gritty of this guide, we need to get prepare for the upcoming tasks we’ll be doing.

So, here’s a few tools you’ll need to have within your arsenal, before jumping feet first into the guide.

You also need to think about the way we go about this – you don’t want to come off as a douche, which is REALLY easy to do when stealing customers from competitors.

Stealing Competitors Google Traffic

Google is still the #1 source of traffic on the web, and it’ll probably be that #1 source for the next few years, as it has such a massive foothold on the web.

So, how do we go about stealing your competitors Google traffic?

The first thing we’re going to need to do is find what keywords they’re both going after naturally, and are targeting via Google Adwords.

If you’ve already got an SEMRush subscription then you’ll be able to easily search a competitors site.

For example, I’ll search Matt’s blog here as a competitor to my God of SEO blog –

stealing customers from competitors with SEMRush

Which according to SEMRush is 615 different keywords.

He doesn’t currently have any Adwords Ads running, but if he did, we’d have the exact same graph but for Ads instead and we’d do the exact same process via Exporting the data we have and inputting it into a tool

The difference between this data and Ad data though, is that we’ll be using these keywords to try and rank for, rather than buying them per click in Adwords.

Once you’ve clicked the export button for either the Organic keywords or the paid advertisement, you’ll be given 3 options and you want to go with the middle option of “CSV”

export csv

You will need a subscription to do this though, and it’ll give you a BIG list of keywords that we can later on put into GSA Search Engine Ranker to build backlinks with those anchor texts.

Next, we want to download all the links of our competitors and then put them into RankCracker (free), and finally use on GSA to build our backlinks for us.

I won’t re-hash anything that’s already been said though, as Matt did a BIG guide here on it already.

Stealing Your Competitor’s Facebook Fans

This was actually taken from one of my most popular posts ever.

This targets users that are engaged with your competitors Facebook pages, and then you create adverts to promote to them directly.

Check out the video tutorial here –

Now just replicate my exact actions within your own campaigns and vs your competitors.

Shout outs to these 2 pages that I used within this Tutorial as well –

Stealing Your Competitor’s Twitter Followers

There’s a lot of different techniques you can use to do this, and I’ll try to go through a few different options you can use to pull users over to your company.

We can do this for both follower counts and to actually reach new customers.

We are going to use a tool called TargetPattern to steal our competitors most engaged Twitter followers.

I’ve discussed it a bit before, but thought a more in-depth look at it was required.

This tool is basically a keyword research tool for Twitter.

It uses your target keywords to pull back related Tweets and gives you the option to either delete the Tweet off your campaign page, or favourite it and use that favourite to gain more followers.

For example, I input these 5 keywords (3 of which are “competitors” to my blog) and used them to find users sharing content related to the industry my blog was in, and users/the audience of my competitors –

gain twitter followers

The “impressions” bar is how many Tweets I favourited and the conversion rate offers the ratio of how many favourites to followers I ended up with.

This was after spending about 10-15 minutes with the tool, and I checked in a few hours later to pull these stats.

I’d suggest 10-20 minutes every day, split up across 3 times of the day favouriting tweets to get maximum exposure.

It’s really easy as well, all you do is go to your TP homepage and click either X (to delete the Tweet from your campaign) or F (to favourite the tweet) –

favourite tweet

After spending little over a day with the tool, I actually beat their prediction and gained over 10 followers –

twitter stats

You can sign up to TargetPattern’s 7 day free trial here, though after the trial is up you do have to pay between $19 and $99 to continue using it.

7 days should be enough time to see if you like the tool and if it’s of any success to you.

Hijacking Unhappy Customers

You have to be really careful when it comes to this kind of social marketing, and you’ve got to be on top of the ball as well.

Let’s say I was doing an online marketing campaign for Waitrose – Which is the most middle class shop in England you can possibly imagine.

They offer a LOT of organic/local produce and have always been one of the most ethical supermarkets in the country.

The biggest competitor for Waitrose would be Tesco, and luckily enough I stumbled across a Tweet that can yield an awesome, brand new customer that could also then be turned into a really good piece of content –

stealing clients from Tesco

From the Waitrose twitter, I could simply reply to this Tweet with something along the lines of:


And because he gave his location within the Tweet, we could even add the location of our local store to his area –


Which is only about a 20 minute drive – and thanks to Google maps, we can even give him some extra details like Traffic times, and shop closing/opening times, just as Tesco say “Every Little Helps”.

Stealing Their Best Content

Matt published a guide on how to steal your competitors content & use it against them earlier in the week.

I wanted to share 2 others ways you can do this effectively, so I’ll give you the first method (which is Free) and the 2nd method (which requires an Ahrefs subscription) – You can use which ever you deem best.

The first thing you’ll want to do is locate your competitors blog, this is where their “content” that we want to base future posts of our own on.

Once you have an idea, you can then work on improving the content they’ve already made.

In both methods, I’ve chosen Shopify as an example and am using their blog.

Method #1

This is something that I’ve had a lot of fun with recently – I always love manipulating Google and you can use Google’s built in search operators to see what content they consider the very best from a specific URL.

In this example, I’ve taken the shopify blogs URL and put it within quotation marks, which brings me back a multiple link SERP of different pages that are ranked highly within Google –


As you can see a lot of their popular pieces are lists for business based content or BIG guides involving generic terms.

Method #2

This involves using Ahrefs, you just need to do a simple search within of their site explorer –


Once you’re within the links area, go to the left navigation bar of options and head to “Others” then click “Top Pages” – This’ll bring back the top pages for dofollow links and social shares within this page.

You can easily see the amount of social shares from Twitter, Facebook and Google+ on each of the articles as well as the dofollow and nofollow links pointing at the site –

ahrefs results

Find posts/content that has a good amount of shares or links (or preferably both) and you’ll be able to see what content is the most recommended by readers.

Improving the Content

This is where it gets pretty tricky, if the company you’re rivalling is good at their content marketing… Then the content they produce will be of a good quality.

So, how can you improve it?

There’s a few cost effective ways!

Add Infographics

Simple enough, turn their content into an infographic or add an infographic within the content to make it more engaging to a reader + infographics are an EPIC way to build links.

I use FatJoe’s infographic service, just £95 for a pretty clean design and adds to any piece of content.

They also offer a £30 addon to help distribute your infographic, which is great for the start of your link building campaign.

Add Video Content

Making videos is another great way to get your content both out there and to make it highly engaging – I’d much prefer to watch a film than read a book is the style we go for here.

Make everything short, sweet and well-presented rather than baffling on about information the reader/watcher really couldn’t give a damn about.

You can also use YouTube to add another way for your content to get seen and as an extra traffic source.

You can check out my Parasite SEO Guide or Matt’s monster YouTube marketing strategy series.

Better Optimization

In most cases, authors/writers will forget to do simple onpage seo things like –

  • Alt Tags/Descriptions on Images
  • Meta Data Optimization
  • Permalink Optimization

Jason Acidre did an awesome guide on this here.

Wrapping It Up

Thanks for reading this guide and I hope you enjoyed it!

It wasn’t as long as the other pieces I did for Matt’s blog, but I hope this is highly packed with actionable data for you to take away.

I’ve really been getting into social marketing over the past few months and it’s become a really cool side-project I’ve been trying to learn.

I hope this guide can give you guys some take-away tips to dive straight into.

My final words of advice for everyone on this, is don’t go too overboard when stealing customers from competitors.

When doing this kind of a campaign, make sure to aim for the very best in quality standards!

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    Nice work as usual Charles!

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  6. Munir Nathoo

    Hi Charles/ Matt,

    Thanks for this very educating post. It’s amazing to know how marketers analyze their competitors. Without this knowledge its very difficult to stay on top of things.

    I have a question with regards to content. Besides adding images and videos, do you change your competitors content? Does Google not penalize duplicate content anymore?

    Thank you again!

    • Matthew Woodward
      March 28th, 2014 at 8:51 am

      No you don’t change it, you seriously improve it.

  7. Mitchell

    Thanks a lot Matthew, tried Facebook targeted audience trick and it worked like a charm! I’m very happy :D

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      Sharing/curating/improving – the life of a creative person!

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      Why not do both?

      Create some epic content then shove it in your competitors users faces ;)

  10. Charles Floate

    Again, thanks for letting my post (for what’s now the 3rd time!) on your blog Matt, I hope you and your community have enjoyed ’em so far :)
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      Glad you liked it, all credit to Charles!

  12. Alvingra

    Hello one question if i am going to steal likes from facebook why do i need to enter my info to buy likes. Facebook has a feature whereas when i am running an add for a particular, niche or topic it gives me the option of finding my competitor and here i can bid on his likes because when his likes go to his page they will see my add. Can you please explain how this is different from what you are saying please

    • Matthew Woodward
      March 28th, 2014 at 8:47 am

      That will be the difference between paying $0.80-$1.50 per click and $0.05-$0.25 per click

      • Charles Floate
        April 17th, 2014 at 7:18 pm

        1) You get people that have actually interacted with the page, rather than just liked it.

        2) As Matt said, WAY cheaper.

  13. Antonio Matos

    Hi Charles,

    Great post, I know for sure I’ll be using these ideas for my next blog so Charles have a nice day.


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    hey Charles many thank for great post
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    • Matthew Woodward
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      I don’t think that ones possible

      • Charles Floate
        April 17th, 2014 at 7:15 pm

        It CAN be done… but it’s rather difficult!

        Take a look at YouTube’s new free Ad system – Fan Finder

        Other than that, using YouTube Ads with competitor branded keywords (which is against Adwords policy but this is a BH method hehe)

  15. Sunday

    A catchy title I must remark. The point about stealing competitors’ customers is for the marketer to do what is termed a proper competitive analysis.

    Taking the time to understand the right tools would be an added advantage. However, I agree that this post has actionable tips.


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  19. Pedro

    Matt or Charles,

    I downloaded Social Lead Fox, but it doesn’t run on a Mac. Any alternative softwares?

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    Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for the great article!
    I just have one worry – would facebook not punish me and ban my site doing this? There is a video on the social lead fox website where they say there is a chance facebook will ban your site doing these tricks.


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      My account is still good!

      • Bahast
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        :( just tried and Facebook obviously does not approve the fox lead software anymore

        the other stuff is great though thanks!

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    hi! matt could u tel me please how to connect social lead fox with facebook when im trying to connect its ask facebook APP ID and APP secret but in your video only ask facebook id and password

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      You get the app secret key from the same place as the app id on the Facebook developer site

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    What do you do if your competitors don’t have any social media. Our two biggest competitors have no twitter, facebook or google + pages, and their websites have no key words according to SEMRush.

    Our industry is a pretty secretive one…

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    Not so easy for beginners. I also read your 3 tier link building. Please tell me if their any other way to create tier 2 and tier 3 without using tools.

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