How To Find Keywords Using Free Keyword Research Tools

A lot of niche bloggers and web site builders, either don’t know how to find keywords or simply don’t have the time to do thorough research before creating killer content and money pages.

Quite often we end up targeting keywords that are either too competitive or not searched for enough.

To me, a profitable keyword is one with a significant amount of searches and minimal competition. When you combine multiple profitable keywords on the same page, your search engine rankings and sales skyrocket.

What You Will Learn

  • How to find keywords to target in your business
  • Two word keywords vs. Long tail keywords vs. Money keywords
  • Niche sites vs. Affiliate Blogs
  • 2 free keyword research tools to find as many profitable keywords as you want

Two Word Keywords vs. Long Tail Keywords vs. Money Keywords

It is important that you understand the differnece between the types of keywords you can target and why that can make a difference between profit or failure.

Two word keywords

While some may think these are bringing the most traffic, they’re the worst to target for reasons you’ll find in a minute.


  • Viagra pills
  • Credit cards
  • Cheap shoes
  • Birthday cards

You get the idea.

Two word keyterms used to be (very) profitable keywords and easy to rank back in 2000.

Today, competition is fierce, and you’ll probably have to spend thousands of dollars every month to rank on page #1 for these terms – yet, attract less targeted visitors and buyers.

It won’t make sense to go after such keywords anymore. Specific, long tail key phrases and money words is where the gold is.

Long tail keywords

80% of most peoples’ organic traffic is generated by visitors typing in a combination of four, five or more words in Google.

Long tail keywords are the rage in today’s competitive world. Yet, not all long-tail keywords are profitable.

Often, long-tail keywords have little or no search volume according to Google’s Keyword Tool. Or they attract the wrong crowd of people.

That’s why we have to aim only for certain long tail keywords and key phrases.

Top 10 Long Tail Keywords to Target

Best long tail keywords to target are the ones including:

  • reviews
  • review
  • tutorials
  • tutorial
  • best ___
  • top ___
  • latest ___
  • script(s)
  • template(s)
  • download(s)

Yet, they are not the best money makers.

Money Keywords

These are buying intent keywords. Best to target. What happens when you use them is simple: you start attracting buyers.

People with credit cards in hand.

Paypal accounts holders.

Men and women actively looking for a solution to their problems.

Top 20 Money Keywords To Focus On

These keywords are usually made up of your main niche keyterm or product name followed by money words like..

  • discount
  • buy
  • order
  • purchase
  • trial
  • coupon
  • deal
  • bargain
  • bonus
  • cheap
  • delivery
  • price
  • promotion
  • rent
  • save
  • shop
  • sale
  • shipping
  • voucher
  • wholesale


  • Buy Thesis
  • Market Samurai Trial
  • Rent Toyota Highlander Hybrid
  • Clothes Shop With Free Delivery
  • The Body Shop Free Delivery Discount Code

Niche sites vs. Affiliate Blogs

Most people confuse affiliate blogs and niche sites, but they are actually 2 very different things.

Niche sites are relevant to a particular category of people or related to a specific problem.


  • Weight loss after pregnancy
  • Dating for seniors
  • Blogging for dummies

Niche sites can promote affiliate products and one’s own info products, services and programs. It’s like a boutique.

Affiliate blogs are usually product review sites where the owner does not promote his own stuff but other people’s products.

An affiliate blog can also be a niche site if it’s tailored to a specific market or problem.

Any niche site can be easily turned into an affiliate blog, just like any affiliate blog can be upgraded to a niche site.

Before starting your keyword research, ensure you know the type of site or blog you want to build.

It can be a mix – niche affiliate blogs are everywhere these days and this very blog is a great example of that.

How To Find Keywords With Free Keyword Research Tools

One of Matthew’s favourite IM tactics, especially if you are just starting out or have a limited budget is to take advantage of the world of free trials available.

You see companies are deseperate to acquire new paying users and more often then not, you can get full access to their toolset free of charge for x amount of days.

Even to this day Matthew takes advantage of this to string together with campaigns while keeping costs as close to zero as possible.

The Market Samurai Keyword Research Tool Free Trial

Market Samurai keyword research tool free trial does exactly that & will gives you instant access to a truck load of golden money terms that help build your niche sites and money pages.

MarketSamurai keyword research tool free trial

In short Market Samurai, is more than a keyword research tool because it also..

  1. Monitors your page ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing
  2. Uncovers less competitive markets in the SERPs
  3. Discovers easy link building opportunities
  4. Finds the most profitable affiliate offers
  5. Saves you time and money, by allowing you to automate all the manual tasks

How To Find Those Golden Keywords

So lets’ take a look at how to take full advantage of the trial to squeeze as many golden keywords out of it as we can!

Step #1 – Trial Takeover

Get the Free Trial

Just grab the 100% free trial from Market Samurai and fire it up.

market samurai keyword research tool free registration

Step #2 – Google Integration

Market Samurai integrates with Google Keyword Planner to help pull additional data.

All you need is a free Google Adwords account which you can then link into Market Samurai. If you don’t have an account there is a link to create one in the software.

Just head over to settings and input your account details!

Step #3 – Creating Your Project

Now you need to create your first project.

This is where you enter the keyword you’d like to inspect. Never worry about keyword competition at this point. We’re just testing the waters.

For this example, I’m going to be using the keyword phrase “portrait photography” to show you how this works. (Image credit – Kyle Larson)

how to find keywords with market samurai free

Starting The Keyword Gold Rush

Click “Generate Keywords” and you’ll get your list of keywords for inspection or removal.

Remember: you need to be signed in to your Google account in order for this tool to “fetch the keywords” along with their search counts.

If you already have a list of keywords from another source, you can manually input your keyword(s) or import a list directly from your computer.

Step #4 – Keyword Analysis

Once you click on the ‘Keyword Analysis’ button, you will be taken to a new screen and all your keywords will be ready to be analysed.

This is where Market Samurai reveals it’s true magic. A mega time saver.

It generates all this info for the top 10 search results in Google for your targeted keyword at the click of a button. Best part — it takes less than a minute.

If you had to access this data manually, you’d expect to spend at least 30 minutes per keyword and know how to do it. The software does everything on your behalf, and in the background – while you can do something else.

Here’s an example of the type of data for “movie review” keyword (image credit – IMTips.in)


Don’t be scared with the plethora of parameters Market Samurai gives you. We’ll just focus on the key ones-

  1. SEOT represents the maximum daily clicks that a #1 ranked site for your chosen keyword could potentially achieve.
  2. SEO Comp (SEOC) gives the total number of web pages globally that mention a specific keyword term, in the same (phrase) word order, in Google’s index. (as written by Kristoffer Sandven @ JoomlaBlogger)
  3. Trends shows monthly traffic trends for a particular keyword.

Other important parameters to check:

  • Total Searches gives the average number of daily searches for your keyword.
  • SEO Value (SEOV) shows the total value of traffic that a #1 ranked site gets for a particular keyword in Google SERP.

It’s up to you how many parameters you want to check with the tool. These 7 are the most important in my opinion.

You can see a full breakdown of the different metrics here or by holding your mouse over them.

Once you have your list of golden keywords you can move each of them into the SEO Competition module to take a closer look at the current top 10.

Here you can input your URL and compare it to the current top 10 results for a range of both on site and off site related metrics.

2 More Ways To Find Profitable Keywords

The main problem with using a tool is that if lots of people are using the tool, then you can end up with a similar set of keyword ideas.

So to help differentiate yourself from the competiton here are 2 other methods you can use to generate keywords to import for analysis in Market Samurai.

Merchant Words

MerchantWords is a relatively unknown service but it allows you to find out exactly what people are searching for on Amazon.

Not only that but it tells you other things like search volume as well. If you’re using Amazon’s associate program then this monthly service is a true gem.

A subscription gives you access to explore ​the top 20 million Amazon searches. If you think about it, you have buyers keywords at your finger tips.

merchant words

Don’t get it wrong! These are real Amazon searches that Amazon visitors use everyday as they shop. These are keywords with very high commercial intent.

In other words…

You get unique keyword data with search volume – so you’ll know which searches are the most popular, and which are the least popular.

Merchant Words lets you focus on the best phrases or do long tail research for your money pages and product reviews.


The SEMRush service needs no introduction. They’ve been around for several years now.


I suggest you read this guide first:

How To Discover Thousands of Profitable Keywords in Minutes Using SEMrush

Then this blog post right here:

SEMrush Review: 22 Stealth Competitor Research Tactics

These two articles alone will give you enough insights to be able to use the tool like a pro.

Wrapping It Up

There you have it. Now you know how to find keywords by using things like the Market Samurai keyword research tool free trial or any of the other free services I mentioned above.

What did you like the most or found the most useful in today’s article?

Which keyword tools did you use before?

Drop us a comment below.

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  1. Carlo Vanelli

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      Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Hayden Williams

    Hi Matt

    I like the good candid opinions you come up with ( and some of the fireworks which follow e.g. backlink checkers ! Wow)

    Have you checked out the Keyword Revealer site? Free basic keywords, but what I like also is the top ten for each keyword and backlink plus other data there on the keyword page.

    There is also a historical check on the use of the keyword ( but sadly no possible future trend)


    • Matthew Woodward
      June 4th, 2015 at 2:33 pm

      I havent used it myself but thanks for the extra tip!

  3. Ajay

    Thanks for sharing the trick, in the trial we can make the most of these tools.

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      No problem I take advantage of free trials all the time to get jobs done

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  5. Michael Karp

    Nice work man! Definitely need to give Market Samurai a try. Those extra parameters could be very valuable.

    For my keyword research process, I usually grab 50 or so related keywords to start out with. It can be time consuming to get a solid list, but by using the “searches related to” keywords at the bottom of Google, you can input those into your keyword tool to get a bunch more. Simply rinse and repeat.

    Then I pick the keyword with the best competition-to-search volume ratio. This is based on the quality of content on the first page, how well-optimized their on-page SEO is, backlink profile, DA/PR, etc.

    Then I simply sprinkle the longer tail keywords into my content to pick up additional traffic.

    I think the key is taking the time to find those untapped keywords. If it takes you hours, so be it. It saves you a lot of time and frustration down the line.

    Looks like your method could help a lot with that. Great article.

  6. Mycorps king

    You know, Matt? Just yesterday, i spent more than 12 hours to find the best keyword for my new site manually. I totally forgot about the free trial stuff! Hahaha.

    Thanks to remind me!

    *Btw, this will be my first site using any SEO knowledge I know so far (I think mostly from you). So nervous but also very exciting!

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    I spot a tool call LSIgraph, but it is free
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    Anyway, thanks for sharing me a new knowledge and cleared my confusing. I’d that I never understand about the different between niche and affiliate.

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  10. Stuart Walker

    Nice post Codrut and Matt.

    Merchant Words was a new one for me.

    For anyone looking for more buyer keywords other than the usual “buy”, “review”, “discount” words we usually think of I compiled a list of 220 of them here….


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      Awesome sauce Stuart!

  11. Nick

    Just a small point – OCI is no longer in Market Samurai and hasn’t been for a while. Well, not in my version! :-)
    Been using MS since the beginning and still my first port of call when doing initial research.

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      Fixed :)

  12. irfan

    I guess some of the parameters you provided for keyword research in Market Samurai do not exist any more. You better update your post accordingly

    PBR – This used to exist in old versions as far as I can remember
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      Fixed up thanks Irfan!

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  14. Shashank Gupta

    I Liked your explanation on Two word keywords vs. Long tail keywords vs. Money keywords. I have used ultimatenichefinder.com and i find it really good. What’s your Opinion Matt?

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    Hi Matt,
    Another great post mate.I signed up with Market Samurai yesterday and it has already taught me a lot about my competition that I would never have found alone.I should be able to outrank some sites with just a few quality backlinks
    This tool will help me find the weakest competition and go after it.

    Looking forward to more posts like this.

    • Matthew Woodward
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      The SEO competiton analysis module is particularly awesome

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    Q. Merchant words – how do I use it for free…its pricing plan says £30 month?

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      Just type a word into the box

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    Great to be reminded about the Market Samurai keyword tool, I used it years ago but always saw it as ‘Adwords keyword planner for beginners’. It looks like they’ve dredged up some extra metrics that will be really useful so beginners and experts alike.

    I dearly love SEMrush and have written a tutorial to show how combining the Google Adwords Keyword Planner and the SEMrush keyword difficulty tool can dredge up some killer keyword opportunities. I hope you don’t mind me linking to it below:


    I wrote the tutorial for people who want to use the most powerful tools without needing to spend any money.

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    • Matthew Woodward
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      I use it for the SEO competition module, its awesome for that!

  28. Jon Ashworth

    I’m sure you sent me an email recently which showed a brilliant keyword tool that helped you to find the ‘buying’ words for your chosen keywords. Like (cheap, trial, etc).

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    I’ve tried different tools and over the years devised a list of preferable tools for each specific tasks:
    Ahrefs – managing backlinks
    SERPStat – keyword and competiotot analysis
    SEMrush – competiotor analysis* (bear with me)
    Screaming Frog – site audit
    While keyword and competiotrs research (many favor SPyFu tool for this action) are completely different two pieces of action, I found that researching your competiotrs’ most traffic-driving pages often gives a right heading for your keyword research. Thus I recommend using SERPStat on top of SEMrush or SpyFu as each of these tools optimized for different actions.

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