How To Get Backlinks That Will Increase Search Engine Rankings

If you don’t know how to get backlinks for your site, then you are in the right place!

 I am going to show you a proven technique to get authoritative backlinks for free.
The internet is more than just a digital web, it’s a series of webs that are connected in more ways than we can possibly fathom.

Your site is another piece of this massive digital world, but unlike tying your shoes this is something you want to be tangled.

We strengthen our sites through backlinks. These invisible highways run from other websites straight into your own, thereby bringing you traffic and rankings.

They are built and they are earned. We need them to rank.

How To Get Backlinks With My Proven Techniques

A major part of earning links to your site and your posts is having that pitch perfect content that is an undeniable asset to anyone who reads it.

That’s only a piece of the puzzle though, you need to bring the links to you.

Today we’ll covering one of the most powerful methods for earning backlinks without guest posting:  The Skyscraper Technique.

Creating phenomenal content is one of the key ingredients in the recipe for success, but it will drown in the sea of the internet without a little survival kit known as promotion.

Brian Dean from Backlinko swears by this technique and has the case studies to prove it.

By utilizing the Skyscraper technique, Brian was able to generate a boat load of quality and relevant links to that specific page. As an added bonus, he was able to increase Backlinko’s organic traffic by two-fold in 14 days.  Yes, that’s just two weeks.

So, let’s make it work for you, shall we?

Step One: Find Content That is Getting Links

Human beings are obsessed with being the best.

It’s a natural and competitive drive that pushes us to top everything. This technique is meant to help you find the tallest skyscraper in your niche and do some renovations of your own to beat it.

The term “Linkable Asset” is perfect here. You need a page with so much to offer that people will have be scrambling over their keyboards linking to it. Remember, it has to be valuable and useful.

To make sure you’re on the right track, you need to find content that’s already working. Here are some ways to make that happen:

Open Site Explorer

Consider your niche, what topics you work in and what people want from you. Do a quick Google search for other sites that exist in that same sphere. Take the top three results and enter the URL into this tool.

OSE Top Pages

Once you’ve received results, select “Top Pages” from the left side of the page. You will then see a set of results that looks like this:

Open Site Explorer Linking Root Domains

We’re looking for pages with a high number of linking root domains. These pages are getting backlinks like it’s nothing. Topics and resources like these are going to be the target of your own pursuits.

This is one of my favourite tools for doing keyword research and best of all is that it’s free! Once you make an account, ultimate power is at your fingertips.

Free keyword research tool

Go ahead and search a keyword related to your niche and you’ll find just about everything you could want:

  • Autocomplete suggestions
  • Relevant pages
  • Top keywords
  • Term statistics

All of these things can point you to top ranking competitors and concepts, which you can then plug into the first tool to narrow down those results into specific pages.

I love it when a plan comes together.

Step Two: Take the Concept, Create Something Better

Step two is easier said than done, but there are actually a number of different ways to improve upon something. Here are some ways to make it happen:

We need backlinks

Increase the Length (More is Better)

Let’s say you’ve found a list of the “Top 50 Blog Post Ideas” and you’re thinking, wow, I could think of a hundred of them, no problem! That’s the answer then, write a piece that surpasses the one you found.

Increasing the length of an article is sometimes all that’s needed to make it fresh and new again. Adding a few more words won’t do the trick though, you need to really raise the bar. Or you know, you could try doing what I did

151 blog post ideas to blast off your blog

…Yeah. It’s not easy blowing the competition out of the water, but doing so will place the limelight where it belongs; on you! You can also use a similar list length, but add details and additional information to each tip.

We’ve all seen those lists with a bunch of bullet points and nothing to elaborate. You can be the one to do it again and do it better.

Make Something Relevant Again

Not every single piece of content is evergreen. Sometimes you need to spruce things up and put on a fresh coat of paint. If you come across a popular topic that’s grown stale, write and newer and more up-to-date version of it.

Depending on your topic or niche, there are probably a number of article concepts that age with time. Look among your competitors for articles like these that have recently seen new updates and write your own modernized version.

Make Your Page Visually Appealing

Your information can be top-notch quality, but if the page you place it on looks anything like this one…

the worst website ever

You’re going to have a serious problem. This is obviously an exaggeration, but there are plenty of good articles out there that could be easily doubled in quality with a better visual design. Improve the layout and design with these helpful tips:

  • Break up paragraphs (2-3 lines max)
  • Use bullet points and numbered lists (easier to read)
  • Pictures are a great way to keep the visual spice high
  • Use a simple and easily readable color scheme
  • Make sure the page is mobile-responsive (easy to read on various devices)

Step Three: Reach Out and Promote Your New Content

The final step is the icing on the cake, the condiment on the sandwich and the final piece of the puzzle. You need to make sure this beautiful work you’ve done gets seen by the right people. You need to use an email template to showcase your content to influencers.

Finding the right people to contact involves looking for specific things:

  • A website within your chosen topic or niche.
  • Someone who would be interested in your topic.
  • A website that has already made links to similar content
  • Finding These Contacts

You can download a spreadsheet of all the backlinks to the article that inspired your piece of content using the aforementioned Open Site Explorer, or Ahrefs which is a similar tool. Once you’ve pulled up the results, look for an export options like this one:

how to get backlinks to your site with outreach

Choose the option to download a CSV file as that will create a spreadsheet for you to use and edit. Remove any odd pages like forums, directories and other places that wouldn’t make sense to contact for this purpose.

Once you’ve created your list, visit those websites and compile their email contact information. This is going to be your master list.

Create an Email Template to Send

You want your email to be short and sweet. Straight to the point, just like your article, is the best method. Here is a great example you can feel free to use:

Your responses may vary, but keep in mind that a few high quality links are more valuable than a bunch of low quality ones. Don’t be discouraged if you only get a few, these things take time.

The Value in Guest Blogging (And How to Find The Best Ones)

Another way to guarantee backlinks to your website is by writing guest posts for other blogs. Many popular blogs offer guidelines for other writers to submit their own posts and make a small mention of their own blog for backlinking purposes.

It’s tempting to simply find a blog with a high Domain Authority and PageRank, but this isn’t always the indicator of a great guest post opportunity.

As Matthew Barby at Moz states in one of his blog posts:

“The link must have a genuine potential to generate traffic back to the blog.”

I should write a guest post

In that same post, Matt (great name by the way) talks about looking for blogs with a lot of comments and reader engagement.

A lower site in the PA/DA department with a lot of shares and comments is more lucrative for guest posts opportunities and payout in the form of traffic.

The idea is to really dig deep into these blogs and gather data for continued backlinking and long-term relationships with the blog owners. It’s quite the task, which is why outsourcing the research is becoming more and more viable.

With websites like Upwork offering plenty of talent for such tasks, all you need to do is pay a small fee and let someone else do the research for you.

That way your hands are free to work on other things,  like the Skyscraper Technique.

Put together a list of things you want the freelancer to find for you and place in a spreadsheet. The cost of this research will most likely be less than $40 and you’ll have a long-term resource for finding guest post and backlinking opportunities.

Tell them to look for blogs in your niche and provide criteria like these:

  • The website URL
  • The name of the blog
  • Contact information (name and email, contact page URL)
  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn profile URLs
  • A title and URL for the most recent post on the blog

With this information, you can find the ideal blogs to write guest posts for.

Keep their guidelines in mind as you write and remember to place a link to your homepage or a relevant post on your own blog for that sweet backlink.

Provided you create a high-quality guest post on a blog with a lot of reader engagement, you’ll find yourself getting plenty of traffic from these backlinks.

Wrapping it Up

 Backlinks are the foundation of any good website.
Think of them like personal letters of recommendation from some of the best people in your niche. They can be built with methods like the Skyscraper Technique and they can be earned through guest blogging.

Remember to use all of the blogging tools are your disposal to maximize your research and target the right topics and blogs and now you know how to get backlinks, you can really level things up.

Thanks as always for reading and please share your personal experiences and techniques in the comments below!

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