How To Legally Steal Rankings With Competitor Backlink Analysis

One of my favourite SEO tricks that has stood the test of time is to simply steal your rankings through competitor backlink analysis.

With a bit of elbow grease, you can check competitor backlinks and use them to easily out rank your competition.

You can even do it with a combination of free tools!

What You Will Learn

  • How to steal rankings with competitor backlink analysis
  • How to check competitor backlinks
  • How to perform competitor analysis
  • How to steal their best backlinks
  • How to build a links database

The Competitor Backlink Analysis Method

Do a search for any keyword on Google.

Each of the sites in the top 10 search results have a backlink profile that pleases Google.

It is also likely they have fairly decent content and have taken care of the basics like on page SEO.

But for the most part each of the top 10 results backlink profile is powering the rankings.

Imagine what would happen if your site had the same backlinks as not just the #1 result, but every single page in the top 10 results!

Why Backlink Data Is Important

Collecting backlink data is important because it allows you to figure out exactly why you or your competitors are ranking for any given search term.

You can use this data to build a golden database of backlinks that you can re-use time and time again to drive traffic to your websites.

But before you do that, you should…

Building The Perfect Foundation

competitor backlink analysisWhy spend time & money trying to figure things out when you can just steal your competitors best backlinks!

Performing competitor backlink analysis like this allows you create a great foundation link profile to your site.

Replicating your competitor backlinks takes a lot of the hard work out of link building & is very easy for anyone new to SEO to do.

This is a tactic I use all of the time with new sites before I do anything else. You build a very natural profile slowly but surely giving you a great foundation to leverage.

Step 1 – Get The Top 10 Results

The first thing you need to do is gather the top 10 organic results for the keyword you want to rank for.

Just do a quick Google Search and make a note of each URL.

We are going to run each of these URL’s through the backlink checkers below!

Step 2 – Check Competitor Backlinks

To find competitors backlinks all for each of the top 10 results we are going to use some backlink checkers.

There are a number of them to choose from both free & paid but each of them suffer from the same problem.

No 1 backlink checker can give you a complete overview of a URL’s backlink profile. They all have very different databases and offer a range of results.

So in order to do this properly, we need to combine the data from as many backlink checkers as possible!

Which Is The Best Competitor Backlinks Checker?

I have published a couple of case studies to find the best backlink checker tool in the past. Ahrefs always offers the most results.

So for this tutorial I decided to see how many links each competitor backlinks checker returned for this blog.

These are ordered from the biggest to the least below-

(Note: I just use Ahrefs, Majestic SEO & SEO Spyglass for my analysis normally.)

Ahrefs (free/paid) – 11,227

Ahrefs has won every backlink checker test I have ran – including this one! It is by far the best backlink chcker!

aherfs backlink checker results

The free account gives you quite a lot of backlink based data but you can only see the top 10 backlinks of each report.

Go to backlinks > external, then backlinks > new/lost to export as many as you can with the free account.

The paid account allows you to export all of them into a CSV file in one click. Check out my 1 million domain Ahrefs case study.

Majestic SEO (free/paid) – 8,500

I have a bit of a history with Majestic SEO but they are always one of the top performers in terms of the number of backlinks they provide.

majestic seo competitor analysis

If you sign up for a free account you can export all of the backlinks for sites you own & verify which is sweet!

But to check other people’s backlinks like Ahrefs it’s limited to the top 10 backlinks. Get more by going to the backlinks tab & the new tab!

The paid account gives you 1 click access to export everything into a CSV file. Check out my 1 million domain Majestic SEO case study.

SEO Spyglass (free/paid) – 5,599

In my earlier tests SEO Spyglass performed poorly but a recent update has added a database of 15,000,000,000,000 links. That is more than Ahrefs & Majestic SEO.

SEO Spy Glass

SEO Spyglass is different than other backlink checkers as it runs as a piece of desktop software rather than a web based tool.

It will go out and find backlinks, check if they are live, report on things like anchor text, PR, social shares & more. All of this data is retrieved in real time and is as fresh as you can get!

The free version of SEO Spyglass is limited to 1,100 backlinks per URL but you can’t export these links.

Where as the paid version goes all out allowing you to bulk check as many URL’s as you want without limits!

It is available for a onetime fee which makes it a great investment compared to the monthly fees of most paid backlink checkers.

Open Site Explorer (free/paid) – 2,129

Open Site Explorer comes as part of the Moz suite of SEO tools and as they don’t specialise in link checking the database isn’t anywhere near the size of others.

open site explorer

A free search will let you get the top 50 backlinks for each URL. Clicking on the just discovered tab will get you an extra 5!

The paid version gives you the export to CSV option as well as access to the rest of the Moz suite of tools!

BacklinkWatch (free) – 1,517

Backlink Watch is a great free backlink checker to find a website’s backlinks and delivers a pretty decent size of results no strings attached!

backlink watch competitive analysis

While you can’t export the results easily you can copy them, then in excel right click > paste special > text > ok.

Backlink Watch actually uses Ahrefs to power its database so you can get some decent results.

As you can see in this test though Ahrefs actually returned 11,227 results where as Backlink Watch only returned 1,517 – 13% of those.

Small SEO Tools (free) – 599

The Small SEO Tools backlink checker is also completely free to use!

check competitor backlinks with SmallSEOTools

While it does return some good results it is hard to export them, you have to click through 10 result pages one at a time to copy them out.

But it is free to use so you get what you pay for I guess =D

Traffic Travis (free/paid) – 558

Traffic Travis is like SEO Spyglass in that it runs as a desktop application but it also has a bunch of other handy SEO tools & features.

traffic travis

The free version actually lets you do quite a lot of things not just checking backlinks!

It uses Open Site Explorer as its backlink data source but also looks up real time data like page rank.

It is a great free tool to have in your arsenal!

Link Diagnosis (free) – 250

Link Diagnosis is also a handy free competitor backlink analysis tool although it did deliver limited results.

link diagnosis link checker

On the upside though it uses the Open Site Explorer database and if you install the Firefox extension it is really handy!

You can even export all of the backlinks easily in one click!

Step 3 – Creating A Master List Of Competitor Backlinks

Now you have collected as many backlinks as possible from as many sources as possible for each of the top 10 results we can move forward!

Open notepad and copy all of the links into one master .txt file and save it somewhere.

Next we need to remove all of the duplicates which you can do with the free DupeRemove tool.

Once you have done that we can move onto the actual competitor backlink analysis.

Step 4 – Competitor Backlink Analysis

At this point your master list of competitor backlinks could be pretty large – so to make sure we are working efficiently we are going to do a bit of competitor backlink analysis to pick out the best ones.

In general all I look for are backlinks that are indexed in Google and have a PR value of some kind. These are the priority links.

You can make a separate list of links that are indexed in Google but don’t have a PR value as a secondary targets list.

Basically if its indexed in Google, it’s good enough to link to my site.

Method 1 – RankCracker

RankCracker is my private SEO tool that I developed for this exact process.

You can download your copy of the free SEO software here!

Method 2 – Excel / Scrapebox

If you have Scrapebox then you can use that to look up lots of different data.

Follow my backlink profile analysis tutorial to check if links are still live, which anchor text they use, what PR they are and if they are indexed in Google.

Method 3 – SEO Tools For Excel

You can also use SEO Tools for Excel to build a spreadsheet to lookup a range of data.

The only problem is if you have a lot of links to process, this can be quite limiting.

However it is free to use and with a bit of elbow grease you can make a pretty good link prospecting sheet.

Method 4 – Inspyder Backlink Monitor

I use Inspyder Backlink Monitor to monitor all of my tiered link building campaigns. It is also a great tool to look up bulk data on backlinks.

inspyder backlink monitor

Just paste the list of links, hit go and it will check if they are still live, if they are indexed, what PR they have and a bunch of other things.

You can also export data in a range of formats making it easy to filter out the best links.

Method 5 – SEO Spyglass

SEO Spyglass is not just a backlink checker, it is also a complete backlink analysis tool.

You can paste in a list of URL’s and it will first retrieve all of the backlinks for each URL.

You can then go a step further and get it to do a deeper competitor backlink analysis to determine the quality of each of them.

SEO Spyglass competitor backlinks

If you have found backlinks from other tools it is easy to import those as well. SEO Spyglass is great for competitor backlink analysis and doubles up as a great link finder too!

Step 5 – Replicating Competitor Backlinks

Now it is just a case of going through each of the links one at a time and using your head.

Open each link in your browser and see how your competitor got their link on that page.

Sometimes it might be a blog comment, so you just need to post your own comment.

Sometimes it’s a forum post so you just need to register and get involved in the discussion.

Sometimes it will be a guest post and you will have to send an email to submit your own guest post.

As you work through the list replicating links you’ll get a good feel for this process.

While you’re doing this not only will you be uncovering great links you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. You’ll also build your understanding of link building & SEO in general.

Step 6 – Creating A Golden Links Database

Getting as much value out of your time as possible is important.

So as you go through the list replicating links, make sure you keep track of everything and make a note of which you have replicated/submitted.

Once you have finished replicating your competitors backlinks you can then bulk check which ones you now have a live backlink from.

competitor backlinks databaseThese backlinks are gold!

Create a separate links database spread sheet which lists all of the backlinks that have stuck!

As you do this over time you will build a huge list of powerful links that are helping to drive the top 10 results.

In the future you can come back to this spread sheet and use it for other projects over and over again.

This is a highly valuable business asset to have.

I also add a column called Niche with options like Technology, Business, Finance, General to make it easy to filter them by topic.

Wrapping It Up

So there you have it – competitor backlink analysis is one of my favourite link building tactics that has stood the test of time & algorithm updates.

It is easy for anyone to do and you can take advantage of free tools to get you started.

No need to learn spinning or any complicated software – it’s perfect for anyone new to SEO & link building.

The end result will be that you will have all of the backlinks your top 10 competitors do pointing to your 1 site.

How To Find Competitors Backlinks

  1. Collect a list of competitor URLs
  2. Use a free or paid backlink checker to find competitor backlinks
  3. Merge the data into a master list
  4. Analyse all of the links
  5. Replicate them to your own site
  6. Create a central source of backlink data to refer to in the future

This is the link building strategy I usually use on new sites before doing anything else and if that doesn’t get you first page rankings then you have the perfect natural foundation to leverage further.

Who knew that competitor backlink analysis was so powerful?

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  1. Alice Brown

    This is a really great post Matthew. I am a big fan of ripping off competitor backlinks when launching a project (it’s just too much of a quick win not to).

    For those new to SEO it teaches what makes a good profile and gives them actions that they can follow to actually start getting off their a*** and building links!!

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    I literally published my own article on this same topic last night… But yours is in much more detail and much more thorough while mine skims the surface!

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    If you ask most successful marketers where do you get most of your leads from? I would suspect many would say Organic + PPC and WELL Link Building is the death of most sites since May 22nd of 2013 with the monster release of the Killer Penguins.

    If anything I would be looking at how bad are your competitors links and figure out how NOT do do that since we have seen Google is going away from Trusting Links and or Going at things with another logical way but with machine learning and knowledge graph developing a VR Type “Ask it any Question” and it seems to know type Algo.

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    I know it is wicked of me to have done that but if they did not steal our customers by offering them a big cut on our quote to the clients, I could not have done it. I just got even and taught them a good lesson on playing fair.

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    I think they call it the Google Dance. Happens a lot in my niche, probably not so much with others.

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    As Catherine mentioned, .ru sites seem to be pretty popular. So does link spamming and then removing the backlinks.

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    Is this a lot of work compared to manually spinning a bunch of content to use with software? This is the easy shortcut ;)

    I would first use this to create a competitive foundation then depending on where you sit on the risk scale leverage that with additional link building which might be gentle guest posting or all out blog network spam.

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    By mini sites do you mean their own private network?

  97. axyz

    When you say finding all of the backlinks for each of the top 10 results are you talking about the actual pages or the corresponding domains ?
    I am asking because i tried with ahref and majestic seo to find backlinks for a particular url and they found nothing.

  98. AJ

    I understand this post is for unranked keyword pushes and affiliate linkage as you’ve produced similar in the past, however no gripe, just a query.

    What if your competition has no back links on the landing page?

    I have a customer with a niche product that has always ranked well and for a long time, everything is optimised discretely and gets good general back links and social media. However over the last 8 months it has gradually been over taken by rubbish info sites and old content. In fact all the eCommerce sites have dropped for the niche keyword (some rightly so).

    None of the competition have back links (except the Wikipedia) or produces much social media for their pages, even though their site homepages generally do. It almost seems that doing nothing on the site is better than something.. or my customer is getting dropped so they spend adwords cash :)

  99. Stephen Alberts

    Thanks for the response!

    1. His own website is ranking around the bottom of the page. The top 2 listings are general “Plumbers Austin TX” yelp, angies list and yahoo directory listings. I’m looking at his competitors on page 1 and will copy their backlinks. But I just can’t seem to outrank the generic yahoo, yelp and angies list rankings. Any ideas?

    2. Sorry my question kind of sucked. What I meant to say is it still important to get more links than a competitor? I plan on researching their backlinks and then replicating.

    Thanks again!

  100. Matthew Woodward

    Hi Stephen,

    I would replicate links and then see where the land lies – sites like yelp get a nice natural boost from Google when it comes to local.

    I certainly wouldn’t shy away from getting more local citations and social signals.

    Forget about backlink numbers so much, its hard to measure in that way

  101. Matthew Woodward


    Actually its the first part of something much bigger but you’ll see in time :)

    Fire me over some more details in an email

  102. Matthew Woodward

    The actual pages :)

    Sometimes you will find nothing – are you finding nothing for the entire top 10 though?

    If you are, well you are more than onto a winner there!

  103. iconoclast

    hey matthew not a place to discuss. But i need your advice for something. I pmed you on the forum.

    And this tutorial of yours is awesome. I always wondered how these seo guys talk about high pr links.. I used to wonder how they get these high pr links and then do seo.

    You are BETTER then matt cutts in seo!.

  104. Ryan

    Backlinkwatch does allow you to copy and past into excel like you mentioned. What if the URL is to long and it ends with ‘…’ just scrape it? Or is there a way to get it w/o a ahrefs account?

  105. Tony

    Yes, exactly. Their own private network. What do you think?

  106. Matthew Woodward

    Then its likely you’ll need to build your own private network to compete!

  107. Matthew Woodward

    Not that I’m aware of sorry =

  108. Matthew Woodward

    Hahaha don’t tell him that :P

  109. Matthew Woodward

    Hahaha nice pun ^^

  110. Stephen Alberts

    Cool man sounds great, thanks!

  111. Pete

    I see a lot of “deleted” links in Majestic SEO for my competitor. Is it not worth going after these?

    Also if my competitor has 600 links do I go after all of them (which would take a while) or should I start with 5-10 a week and see where it takes me?


  112. Matt B

    One of the biggest lies in internet marketing/SEO “Just build quality content and people will come…blah blah blah.”

    Making money while making the internet a better place is not a waste of time in my opinion.

    You know what is? Writing bits of brilliance that are lost in a sea of 42 MILLION + blogs (and that’s just wordpress).

  113. Vukasin

    Hmm, I just checked yours. You have some nice ideas, I should steal some. Just joking.
    I’m more for creating something unique. I love to discover new sources so I don’t usually steal from others. But stealing competitors rankings can be good for newbies.
    Nice post!

  114. Matthew Woodward


    I’ll be honest I’ve never looked at the link profile of this site because of https://www.matthewwoodward.co.uk/experiments/google-webmaster-guidelines-experiment/

    Anyway its not stealing, its more investigating :P

  115. Matthew Woodward
  116. Matthew Woodward


    I would still try and get them if they look worth the punt but would but them on a lower priority.

    Just go after them as hard as you can :)

  117. Matthew Woodward

    No worrys!

  118. Ileane


    If I were anyone else I would totally agree with you. But I think I’m a special case.

    I’m in a niche of blogging about blogging and my friend Ana Hoffman has been teaching this strategy for a couple of years now. Since most of my “competitors” follow her and they follow me as well – I know that they are using this strategy. Because they are ranking for the exact keywords that she and I talk about all the time.

    Pat Flynn has been on the other side of the coin and so has my other friend Lisa Irby. That’s why they learned to be a little transparent about some of their newer niche site ideas.

    As far as any kind of “spinning” is concerned, that’s not something I would even consider.

    Thanks for all your advice and I’ll be sure to share this post with my networks.

  119. Jerry Hang

    Hi Matthew, how’s there? This is Jerry from Malaysia and I just want to say thank you for blowing my mind away ;)

    I am new for SEO and always tempted from those SEO tools out there like Senuke, Magic S… Do you think is a good idea to use these kind of softwares for our own money making site?

    Many thanks and catch up soon :)

  120. Matthew Woodward
  121. Shawn

    Hello William, I think you may be a little confused. If you are replicating the back links of the top 10 organic searches. Google has already deemed these as worthy back links no mater what stage of the Google algorithm we are under.

    I may not be an expert. People go on and on about this strategy and that strategy and Google’s latest changes but there is really ONLY 2 factors in ranking high with Google yes in my opinion there is only 2 factors.

    1. Content – be it blog post, article writing, social media or videos. Google is always a fan of good useful content. And then within everything you post or write just include a link back to a page on your domain.

    2. Back links it has in my opinion been a simple plan. Get more links then your competitor and you will rank as high or higher depending on these 2 factors.

    My winning plan – Replicate the back links of the top competitors for your website and keywords. See who is linking to them and why. Is it blog post, forum post, mention on social media just do what they did and then increase it by 30%

    Now look at these post your competitor made, his articles, his content and write better articles. Don’t steal what he did on this part just expand on what they did. It will make better more relevant content and will boost your rankings.

    In fact mention your competitors article or post and add content they failed to mention it will give you better content and with the new way google is doing with hummingbird changes it will boost your ranking also.

  122. Tim

    That is truly not the case. As you pointed out – leads come from organic and PPC.

    Link building is essential to SEO, it’s just a fact.

    As Mathew put it, inexperienced link builders are the death of sites.

    SEO and linkbuilding aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

  123. Iain

    As Matthew said, the idea is to create a solid foundation, so that you have the chance to rank.

    Also, many people won’t go through this rigorous process unless they have an SEO doing it specifically.

    That’s my two cents.

  124. Iain

    That’s a good point.

    I wonder how much something like this would cost.

    I imagine that you would have to put a candidate through a vetting process to make sure that they knew what they were doing as well.

  125. Ruthanne Crosby

    Hi Matthew,

    Very useful guide indeed, will surely try this method. Thanks a lot for sharing all the details.


  126. Matthew Woodward

    Hope it helps you out Ruthanne!

  127. Matthew Woodward

    Depends which country you hire from ^^ Personally I always go to the Philippines

  128. Adrienne

    Hey Matthew,

    Wow, that’s a heck of a lot of work.

    I was a little concerned as well if this is still as effective as in the past and then like Ileane had shared, how long does it take but reading through the comments and your responses I got my questions answered.

    I’m not that big on SEO but I will have a product launch coming up and would love to be able to rank pretty well for that so I’m keeping this in mind for that.

    Wow, I know I appreciate having read this so thank you for that. Great share…


  129. Ngah Benoit

    Hello Matthew,

    I give this post a 5 star rating. It has taught me so many things I did not know of, thanks so much for sharing this post.

    Have a wonderful and successful week

  130. Michael

    Hey Matthew,

    Great post. I used to use SEO Spyglass myself a few years ago until it started to really suck after Yahoo stopped offering up it’s backlink info.

    Now that you have recommended it I am tempted to give it another try.

    What do you think about the other software they provide in the full SEO Powersuite package they offer?

    I am currently using Advanced Web Ranking to track ranking which I’m happy with, but I’m wondering if it’s worth getting the full SEO Powersuite package that includes Rank Tracker, LinkAssistant and WebSite Auditor at £229.

    I doubt I’ll use the WebSite auditor, but wondered what you thought of the other tools.


  131. Seofreak

    In your Ahrefs screenshot I can’t see what setting you used for Ahrefs. It looks like you compared Ahrefs default domain counts with Majestic SEO and Opensiteexplorer default URL counts.

    This results I get for both settings:

    URL: https://www.matthewwoodward.co.uk

    External Backlinks 2,832
    Referring Domains 324
    Referring IPs: 165
    Referring Subnets: 147

    Referring Pages 1,904
    Total Backlinks 1,904
    Referring Domains 218
    Referring IPs 174
    Referring Subnets 151

    Total External Links: 885
    Total Linking Root Domains: 212
    Linking C Blocks: 109

    Domains: matthewwoodward.co.uk

    External Backlinks 24,650
    Referring Domains 1,003
    Referring IPs: 737
    Referring Subnets: 640

    Referring Pages 10,067
    Total Backlinks 13,908
    Referring Domains 1,091
    Referring IPs 997
    Referring Subnets 847

    Total External Links 3,649
    Total Linking Root Domains 403
    Linking C Blocks 218

  132. Al Johnson

    If Mr. William Rock disagrees with you on this one, which does he agree with you on? Tiered linking? One less competitor I guess

  133. Arbaz

    That was a freaking awesome article Matthew.
    I am trying to learn SEO and ranking my websites and today I learned a lot about stealing my competitors ranking and moving up the SERPs.
    Great work mate :)

  134. 10.17.2013

    Hey Matt,

    Amazing post as usual.I do this too for new sites and its working wonders.This is something that is really good for peoples who are new to seo.

  135. Jonathan | www.petirrojo.com

    Very Good.

    I use linkresearchtools for search bad links and the best links of other companys

  136. Erik

    Hey Matthew,

    First of all, I’m a big fan of your blog!

    How many proxies do you use for scrapebox? I have made a list of 8.000 links going to my competition. But when I try to check if they are indexed my (private)proxies get blocked. Even if I set scrapebox at 5 sec interval.

    Thank for your help.

  137. Matthew Woodward


    Who is your proxy provider?

  138. Matthew Woodward

    How do you find it?

  139. Matthew Woodward

    Its a nice way to begin learning the ropes with low risk :)

  140. Matthew Woodward

    Glad it helped you out =D

  141. Matthew Woodward

    I think we’ll have to agree to disagree :)

  142. Matthew Woodward


    I just used the default settings

  143. Matthew Woodward


    Well SEO Powersuite is one of the age old tried and tested tools and is a great suite for anyone. IMO the RankTracker is the best in the business!

    I also use link assistant for some out of the box stuff like https://www.matthewwoodward.co.uk/tutorials/how-to-automate-manage-guest-posting-video-tutorial/

  144. Matthew Woodward

    Hope it helps you out :) I’m having a poorly sick week so far =

  145. Matthew Woodward


    Yes its a lot of work and pretty manual but its low risk and no cost :)

  146. Matthew Woodward

    Thats for the heads up!

  147. Matthew Woodward

    What Shawn said.

    1) content – see what your competitors are doing, do it better
    2) backlinks – do what your competitors are doing, do it better

    Also linking out to the top 10 will increase your rankings, it makes you more relevant and your page becomes the discovery hub for that topic at hand.

  148. Matthew Woodward


    So in essence what you have is a bunch of people doing the exact same thing as a bunch of other people?

    There is some serious risk there!

  149. Matthew Woodward

    Yeah you need to use a small amount of common sense but it sounds more like your competitor is under a negative SEO attack more than anything

  150. Matthew Woodward

    Thanks Bashoo!

  151. Matthew Fritz

    This is a great and insightful post, full of information that anyone new to SEO should be reading and doing over and over again.

  152. Iain

    That does make it a bit hard to differentiate yourself.

    I guess that’s why they say carving out your niche is important.

  153. Taras

    Hi Matthew,

    Great post, but sometimes if your competitor use spam links or the website quality is basically sh*t there is no need to get the backlink from the same website, and sometimes it is easier to make your own list of topic related websites where you can publish guestpost or something.

    Look for Trustflow 15+ guys!

  154. Ben

    Small SEO tools are free online backlink checker and also providing more services which are also free. I am using it and would recommend it.

  155. Mr.Ultra

    Why I did’t come to your site earlier?

    So much time was wasted and for sure I am going to read each of your posts carefully.

    Thanks for all of your good work.

  156. Erol

    My proxies are from Nick Crow an newipnow. Could it be that other people use the proxies as well or do I abuse em to much?

  157. the rookie

    Even if you were diluting the PR, your competitors (at least the original top ten back link profiles you copied) would get diluted equally the same so your rank -assuming you got to number one– would stay number one. The links would still benefit all your other sites, and you wouldn’t be hurting your ranked sites

  158. the rookie

    Exactly what Matt said. Id also consider trying to get a yelp listing and local.yahoo listing of your clients to rank, that will possibly beat the competition for the local searches. They point to your clients info anyways and if a searcher sees great reviews they will likely go to your clients site or even call them from the listing.

    This will typically give your clients another bump in the results. You could end up being the top local listings and get the site to rank top underneath that.

  159. gavin


    Been following you for a long time now. I will be developing a link checker + monitor software myself. Let’s see if i can achieve those numbers (should try to atleast match spyglass as our sources are almost same). Anywho probably i will be posting my own income journey very soon. Hope to be featured on your blog.


  160. Matthew Woodward

    Sounds great! Drop me a mail once you have got some income reports done!

  161. Matthew Woodward

    Yeah it could be that, or that the proxies suck in the first place.

  162. Matthew Woodward

    Hahaha thanks :) Let me know if you have any questions!

  163. Matthew Woodward

    They have pretty limited results in the test above though

  164. Matthew Woodward


    Thats true which is why we spend time looking at that before creating the link

  165. Matthew Woodward

    Then again I’m not doing anything different to most – its just HOW I do it that seperates.

  166. makotogim

    simply amazing! thanks a lot!!

  167. Matthew Woodward

    No worrys :)

  168. Matthew Woodward

    Cheers Matt :)

  169. headeulogy


    I go up against large franchise companies that have tons of PR announcement back links. What do you suggest against these? Also what do you suggest about the david vs goliath task of being a local little guy against the big franchises.

  170. Matthew Woodward

    Well thats the beauty of the internet, there is no david/goliath battle. Most large companies hire clueless SEO agencies so its fair game.

    But if your competition has lot of PR and press mentions – then you can do the same!

  171. Casper

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for all those great tuts on online marketing, always keeps me ahead of the game :). Just one question what software do you use for making these awesome video’s?

    Thanks again Matt!

    Have a great weekend!

  172. Rich

    Hi Matt, another great post (as usual!)

    have you got any tips/suggestions of the best way to analyse the hundreds (or even thousands) of competitor backlinks for posting/backlinking opportunities (other than manually trawling through each one!)

  173. AAComputerZone

    Hi Matt

    Thanks a million for this amazing bit of information. It’s currently 1.20am and I have already started analysing my competitors back links. Fingers crossed this helps my laptop computer repair business. Out of interest is there anywhere where I can find a golden links database that’s already created…


  174. Simon

    Hi Matt,

    Why does linking out to the Top Ten increase the worth of your site in the eyes of google?

    Nofollow links?

  175. Simon

    Sorry mate I don’t understand your response to this question.

    Could you clarify?

  176. chff

    very helpful and super post. Thanx my dear.

  177. Matthew Woodward

    No worrys :)

  178. Matthew Woodward

    Ooops *linking

  179. Matthew Woodward

    Because your page becomes the gateway drug, dofollow links.

  180. Matthew Woodward

    You should sleep :P

    Yeah that golden links database is on the shelf right next to the stock market prices for the next year ;)

  181. Matthew Woodward


    Not just yet :)

  182. Matthew Woodward

    Hi Casper,

    I’m using camtasia studio and adobe after effects

  183. Simon

    Nice two footed tackle there Matt B (studs up!)

    I share your angst with the concept that cracking content will save the day and see you effortlessly sail past your competitors to take your deserved position at #1 in SERPS. And with the NEW SEO mantra of ‘links are dead’

    Clearly Matt has proved that quality content and promoting the s*** out of it every day gets traffic.

    And if you take any interest in your own or your competitors links or if you read between the lines in Matt’s blog you will know that links are not dead and do work.

    Great method of assessing the amount of work you need to do in order to rank in SERPS but I would suggest just because your competitor build 5,000 blog comments you might consider a better use of your time/money in building fewer more powerful links.

    Matt, thoughts?

  184. Casper

    Hi Rich,

    I think I found the solution, copy and paste all backlinks in SEO spyglass, then update the linkfactors for each link. This can take a while and some private proxies are recommended. When this is finished you can see the link strenght for each link and you can prioritize your link building efforts.

  185. Matthew Woodward

    My thoughts are in the data I’ve already published rather than my opinion. data > opinion :)

  186. AAComputerZone

    Haha thanks for the tip.

  187. Rich

    Thanks Casper, I’ll give that a go

  188. headeulogy

    I seem not to get the dup remover working. It says it takes only ANSI text files when I add my notepad files.

  189. headeulogy

    For those with the same issue I used this non-download tool here


  190. Leo

    Hey Matt, awesome ideas. Just wondering. Would you recommend us paying the algo updates of SEO SpyGlass?

  191. Matthew Woodward


    Yes that helps keep it all upto date :)

  192. Susan Rose

    Amen! Great Post TY for this info- Really appreciate!!!

  193. Matthew Woodward

    No worrys :)

  194. Ryan Law

    I’ve been using Open Site Explorer up until now, but thanks to this article, I’m exploring Ahrefs and Majestic, and it’s already looking like an improvement! Thank you for taking an in-depth approach to this article, it’s helped fill in a lot of the blanks in my backlink analysis!

  195. Matthew Woodward

    No worrys :) I’ll be publishing a more indepth test of them all shortly!

  196. Matthew Woodward

    I use excel for this but great little web tool!

  197. Matthew Woodward

    Save them in ANSI format in notepad

  198. Matthew Woodward

    No worrys :)

  199. Andrea

    Hi Matt, I just discovered your blog and it’s amazing! Your backlink checker roundup made me switch to Ahrefs. Good job!

  200. Matthew Woodward

    Thanks Andrea :)

  201. Jackson

    Is Link Diagnosis still working… For a long time its not working in my Firefox browser. Thanks a ton.. Matthew you are our hero, who gives out your knowledge for the betterment of the entire seo Professionals and marketing community… :)

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    Excellent Post.
    Thanks for posting. Will read your blog regularly

  203. Matthew Woodward

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  204. Matthew Woodward

    Seems to be ok here, give cache a clear!

  205. DIMI

    thanks for sharing, majestic is my favorite + link-assistant.com


  206. Iwakuni

    Hi mat,

    as you said:
    “Sometimes it might be a blog comment, so you just need to post your own comment.
    Sometimes it’s a forum post so you just need to register and get involved in the discussion.”

    So, do you have any tips how to build safe backlink for blog comment and forum post after penguin 2.1 ?

    Best Regards

  207. Matthew Woodward

    Yeah, just look at how your competitor has done it. Do that.

  208. Matthew Woodward

    No worrys :)

  209. deafharrison

    Hi mat,
    as you said:
    “Sometimes it might be a blog comment, so you just need to post your own comment.
    Sometimes it’s a forum post so you just need to register and get involved in the discussion.”
    So, do you have any tips how to build safe backlink for blog comment and forum post after penguin 2.1 ?
    Best Regards

  210. Matthew Woodward

    Well take a look at how your competition is doing it :)

  211. Jillian

    Hi Matt and thanks for the great post.
    I have been busy doing what you have suggested
    and, although for me it has been a lot of work, it seems to be
    working out quite nicely.
    I will check back in and let you know my results.
    Thanks again!

  212. Matthew Woodward

    Good luck with your ventures Jillian :)

  213. Paul

    Hi Matt:
    Great post – thanks.
    In my space the competitors that outrank me are guys like Amazon, Ebay, etc. You get the idea – super big giants. I’m in e-commerce space, and its getting quite obvious that Google is pushing lot of love towards the big, big enterprises.

    How do you compete with that?

  214. Matthew Woodward


    Make your pages better, drive social signals through after sales relationships, replicate backlinks and well… you should be selling on amazon & ebay anyway :)

  215. Anna

    Hi Matthew, just starting this task, awesome tutorial!! Just wondered, when I enter my domains into ahrefs to get the back links from my top 10 google results, shall I put the main domain that comes up in google or the subdomain that comes up too?

    The 1st result I get is a large department store but I am only interested in competing against their sub domain that comes up, but other competitors I want to compete site wide if that makes sense?

    Also when using paid ahrefs I extracted ‘back links’ and ‘external’ is this correct? I didn’t tick the ‘one link per domain’. Is this correct also?



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    I give this post a 10/10 rating. It has taught me so many things I did not know of, thanks so much for sharing this post.
    This is a really great post

  217. Matthew Woodward

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  218. Matthew Woodward


    The exact URL that is ranking in the SERPS!

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    This is hands down the best article I’ve read on Link Building. I am a newbie in SEO and the general link building strategies prescribed by the “experts” seemed elusive to me.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Dead chuffed I found this page! Thank you so much for the clear cut approach you took. Can’t wait to get started now I know what I am doing!

  224. Matthew Woodward

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  225. Andy

    Yes your advice works, it takes time but i’m now on page 1 for my chosen keyword from page 10, to 4, to 1 im ranked result 10 on page 1 and still working on this.

    Great tip matty

  226. Matthew Woodward

    Glad it helped, feel free to submit a testimonial at https://www.matthewwoodward.co.uk/submit-your-testimonial/

  227. George

    There is one more site called ranksignals, in ahrefs i think you cant check more than five websites,it will ask you to signup fo further checking.

  228. Brijesh

    Hi, Matthew

    I wanna ask a question that can i know the content of competitors which who publish on any article, blog, press etc. when content is not indexed anywhere. Can we get it?

  229. Matthew Woodward

    So you want to find content online that has not been indexed in Google, so you can re-use it?

    Try your local library and a scanner.

  230. Matthew Woodward

    Thanks for the share ^^

  231. Tanvir

    Thanks you sooooo much Matthew for giving us a great list to analysis competitors backlink.

    Really helped me a lot. I am gonna start following your tips aright away.

  232. Matthew Woodward

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    Yes i have many question and i will ask later.
    But here is my one question, that if i able to find the one of competitors backlinks website, then what to do if there is no option of comment over there or no option of guest posting. Then what should i do??

  238. Matthew Woodward

    Well work out how they got the link, perhaps their is a paid advertising option they used, perhaps they just sent an email to the site owner etc

  239. Ajithskochi

    Nice post ,i also use SEM rush ,how do you rate semrush with Ahref ?

  240. Matthew Woodward

    They aren’t comparable tools

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  243. Kat

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for your great posts, I love discovering really in-depth articles – they are few and far between!

    I’ve been following this process and am up to analysing the backlinks and have tried unsuccessfully several times to download your rankcracker, but every time I put in my details, it doesn’t download – nothing happens!

    I’ve been able to login to http://www.rankcracker.co.uk/ but it keeps telling me “Sorry, it appears that you do not have access to this content.”

    I’ve signed up for it, I’ve “clicked heer”, I’ve done everything but I keep going in circles. Can you help please?

  244. Matthew Woodward

    Your login details are emailed to you (check spam)

  245. Kat

    Thanks for your reply Matthew. I have the login details and can log in, that’s not the problem. When I log in all I see is a way to update my contact details, and at some point in trying to get to the program, I came across a different page with some strange news headlines (?) or something… but at no point did my computer download any program nor could I see a way to start using a program.

    I’m pretty computer savvy, and none of the signs are pointing to ‘go’ so far!

  246. Matthew Woodward
  247. Oglasi Crna Gora

    This is so awesome. Thank you a lot.

  248. Matt Smith

    Discovered this article on The Next Web. Excellent tips for SEO. I’ve just launched my first web hosting business and your tips have come in very handy.

  249. Jacqueline

    Great idea, only thing is each of these backlink check sites only let you put in 2-3 web URLs and only let you see 5 backlinks per site searched. They all want you to join and pay about $80 per month. :(

  250. Matthew Woodward

    You get what you pay for =/

  251. Matthew Woodward

    No worrys hope it has helped you out :)

  252. Matthew Woodward

    No worrys :)

  253. Hadeel Shounaq

    Amzing tactic

  254. Matthew Woodward


  255. Michael Lerner

    Matt, how do you know that these links have not been disavowed by the webmaster because they were considered Spam from the last Penguin update or the sites they came from were hit by Panda… They will still show up on link finding tools. This would be a risk on a long term basis. Doing what competitors did worked for me or 7 years, but Google is now fighting links with a vengeance and I paid the price in the last 8 months.

  256. Matthew Woodward

    You could apply that logic to every link you build.

    Plus, you only scrape the links of people who are ranking right now, eg not penalised by Penguin

  257. Alan

    Only 2 issues I see with this are:

    1) Comp has tons of PBN links which are the meat of their ranking success

    2) Hopefully the top 10 sites are algo proofed, in lower comp niches this could potentially kill you.

  258. Matthew Woodward


    I agree with point 1, but this does tell you if you need them to rank – when replicating links use your common sense. If the page is in korean with 3,000 outbound links, avoid ^^

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    But I have a query regarding my experience on linkbuilding,,,,
    I found My competitors backlinks on twitter, pinterest, google+ too and but when I create my own baclink there it does not count as my backlink. I waited for 1 month and but I don’t find any backlink through these platforms.
    I have submitted my blog to many places but still It has not got any backlink or link juice. hel me please????
    and I am thinking to use your tier link building method to increase my SERPs, I want to know how much tier 1 backlinks should I create per week to not hit by any google update. ?????

  266. Matthew Woodward


    Just create a profile with a link to your site, the link exists. What makes you think it doesn’t ‘count’ ?

  267. Viktor Iwan

    Hi Matthew, this probably out of topic question. But my site just got slapped by google.. my friend already sent me my backlink profile through his ahrefs account.. do you have any idea/tips to define/detect what probably consider as bad links ? coz i’m about to use disavow tools

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    Adobe After Effects

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    would you recommend nofollowing the links to competitor sites and would there ever be a point when you’d consider removing them (as your rankings mature/improve).

    cracking blog btw!



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  278. Matthew Woodward

    Some people will say yes, but personally I don’t care about that.

  279. Matthew Woodward

    No that would only hurt you – linking to your competitors is a great way to boost your rankings.

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    I really liked your post, I gone through the post above & it was what I was looking for. I am new to SEO and this kind of articles help us improve our knowlegde. I didn’t had any idea that Backlinks can be built by this way too. Tools you mentioned and the free one’s ;) look compelling. I’ll also try the ranktracker and let you know my experience. Keep sharing your ideas, and thank you for sharing this incredible ideas.

    Tanveer Kazi

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    Just be patient it takes a long time to complete the .net install

  286. Syed Irfan Ajmal

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  287. Syed Irfan Ajmal

    One more question: should I go after mining the backlinks of the exact URL of competitor (www.brand.com/cheap-running-shoes) or should I download all backlinks of the TLD (www.brand.com)? I will also appreciate if you can share the reason for choosing whichever of these two options you opt for. Thanks :)

  288. Matthew Woodward

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  289. Matthew Woodward

    Look at the current top 10 to see how they break down

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    Have a great night

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    Hi again Matt, I hope I am not being too annoying with all my questions. I am running a campaign for a client using the same strategy that you thankfully shared above. The issue I am facing in this campaign is that the top 10 sites of SERPs have too few backlinks. Like Only 500 in total. But all the sites ranked are sites with very high DA but the issue is that I can only mine the subpages backlinks in most cases as the TLDs target on more than one niche.
    What would you recommend in such a case? Increase my DA? Any tutorial on how to do that?

    PS: I’ve recommended your blog and this post in particular to a good few people. Thanks very much for your help.

  301. Matthew Woodward

    Perhaps look at building your own blog network to drive the rankings

  302. Matthew Woodward

    Any advice as a coach to how I could improve things?

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    I am new to all this stuff.. So if I start copying competitor’s links you have to go through all of them one by one to rebuild them? Cause in my niche this guy has 36000 back links..

  308. Matthew Woodward

    Well that depends, if you invest in tools – no. But all you need is your web browser and time if your not willing to invest

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    All we need is a little bit of elbow grease, some smarts and lots of good help from you!

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    Correct me if Im wrong here, but SEOspyglass seems to be a viable analyzer tool for discovering backlinks from sites using their robots.txt/htaccess to from blocking ahrefsbot, rogerbot, and the other usual suspects right?

  316. Ronan Leonard

    Hi Matthew,

    Great post – really helpful. I intend to get a VA to help with this. As the article is nearly a year old is the anything that has changed since then?


  317. Matthew Woodward


    Not at all its an age old technique I’ve been using for years!

  318. Matthew Woodward

    Yes although I guess it would be possible to block the sources that spy glass uses as well

  319. Wayne Alexander

    Hi Matthew,

    I’ve recently started doing this so hopefully will see some results over the coming month. I read previously that the recent updates were diminishing the usual back link building strategies – is going after links like this likely to incur penalties? Or would it be worst case that they just didn’t didn’t count?


  320. Ronan Leonard

    Great to hear that it still works today. I have just read the entire blog again and you mention twice about linking to your competitors. Please expand
    1. Do you use Do Follow links to them
    2. Do you link from your main site or blog or a tiered site


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    If you’re doing this for a client, how would you know that they don’t already have a link from the domain you’re looking at? Would you have to download all of the client’s links and highlight the duplicates between their domains and the domains you’re about to check? Or is their a tool that could eliminate the need to do that?


  323. Myra Love

    A classic post Matthew. I have been avoiding this due to time constraints but honestly, it has to be done! I guess I could outsource the research to save time. I have some of the tools and services, but not all. Can you recommend a good service to use for the research aspect? I would want to personally manage the link building process, however.

  324. Matthew Woodward
  325. Matthew Woodward

    Even if they did already have a link from that domain a second one never hurts!

  326. Matthew Woodward

    Thanks Andy! Hope it helped you out!

  327. Matthew Woodward

    It allows you to become more of an authority/central source of information on a topic.

  328. Matthew Woodward

    Any link can contribute to a penalty, just be smart and review each one :)

  329. Kaxil

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    first of all awesome tutorial, I have a question I asked about using this type of method Google Webmaster Forum and they tell me that this method goes against Google Guidelines since links are not build natural like they called or basically that other people create them not the webmaster like happens in this case. So, my question is would Google penalize my website by using this method? Since links are not natural in Google eyes? I would appreciatte if you can resolve me this doubt since I dont want to be penalize again by Google.

    I am not trying to scare anyone just want to be sure nothing more.



  331. Matthew Woodward

    If you build any link of any type to your website you violate Google webmaster guidelines pure and simple.

    SEO is nothing more than risk management.

    If you don’t want to get penalised, don’t build any links of any type. But even then, you can still get penalised.

  332. Matthew Woodward
  333. Raul

    Hello Matthew,

    thanks for your reply, and yes you are right thanks for clearing that for me!

    But, I have one last question about the tutorial process that I appreciate if you can answer for example I am doing your process and I see that one of my competitors have about 30 links on a forum on different threads and as you say on tutorial “register and enter on discussion with your link” but, my question is how do I add the 30 links? What I mean is do I add the 30 links in one go in each thread or how you recommend to proceed?

    Thanks again!


  334. Matthew Woodward


    Look at what your competitor did, how they placed the links and copy it :)

  335. Raul

    Thanks for the tip Matthew :D

    Just one last thing, I promess is last :D … I just checked and he seems to put all 30 forum threads on the same day and post them all like in an hour, I do the same?

    Isn’t this suspicious on Google eyes?

    Thanks again for the time you are dedicating to me.


  336. Koushik here

    Dear @Raul, I don’t think it’s a good idea to place many links(30, as your competitor did) on a Forum on different discussion…first of all same links can’t be suitable for 30 different threads….hence the links are used to spammed on forum by Forum admin or other…I’d like to say at first not to put links, first just participate on threads, leave suitable answers with a signature link…and gradually try to put links into only niche discussion…you must be useful not getting links but also visitors…

    hope @Matthew will agree

  337. Raul

    Dear @Koushik,

    Yes I am thinking the same thing, because it will look that was added by software not naturally, in my opinion.

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  339. Matthew Woodward

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    “Step 1 – Get The Top 10 Results

    The first thing you need to do is gather the top 10 organic results for the keyword you want to rank for.

    Just do a quick Google Search and make a note of each URL.”

    Since google search resule is based on your user setting and cache/cookies.

    The top 10 resules may not be the true top 10s.

    Any better way to get the real top 10s?

    Thank you

  341. Matthew Woodward

    Just jump into private browsing/incognito mode

  342. Sandpaperdaisy

    Thanks for the in-depth explanation as well as all the backlink analysis links. I was not aware of many of these, so I found it all to be pretty darned useful. I also appreciated the points made by many of the commentors, including avoiding spamming forum posts with irrelevant links and making sure to use the backlink tools in incognito mode so as not to trigger google’s customized search results. I occasionally read through articles on SEO in my slow quest to educate myself a little more on the process, and I can honestly say this was one of the most helpful and thorough articles I’ve seen so far. Appreciate ya!

  343. Matthew Woodward

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    as non GSA links still can be usable with GSA.. how to filter them fast and easily?

  348. Matthew Woodward


    The other links section means GSA can’t post to them and you need manual outreach. You could import them into GSA anyway though!

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    -Muhammad Sameer

  350. Matthew Woodward

    Well not all backlinks can be replicated with software, sometimes you need to use your noggin a bit and perhaps send out an outreach email, publish your own guest post, pick up the phone and get your hustle on etc

  351. Dimitris

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    thanks for the valuable info

    Just i get all the backlinks from competitors with the help of Rank Cracker.I begin with the list of GSA software to publish.

    What % anchors for GSA campaign have to use ?
    Have to use the same anchor with competitors of each link?

    What is the frequency time getting links from GSA ?

    thanks again

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  357. Matthew Woodward

    These tools find the backlinks and the anchor texts used!

  358. Matthew Woodward

    Take a look around the blog

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    a. they are paid links
    b. the web link is masked within some kind of redirect tracking URL

    Anyone have any idea on the effectiveness of these links?

  364. Matthew Woodward

    I wouldn’t worry about it myself!

  365. Elliot Walker

    Wouldn’t worry as in don’t bother taking the paid Yahoo Local listings? Or don’t worry because these links are effective?

  366. Laraib

    Yes ! if you please check out what’s going on.?

  367. Matthew Woodward
  368. Matthew Woodward

    You don’t need a paid yahoo listing to rank

  369. Involto

    Hi Matt, if for example a competitor has 30k backlinks but only 600 unique referring domains, would it make more sense and save time to just check the domains?

    and in general, why not just check the unique referring domains? or is there an advantage in checking every single backlink that matches a criteria

  370. Matthew Woodward

    I would still spot check them just to see why that is

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  378. Matthew Woodward

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    Hi Matt,

    I’ve gone through the whole process you’ve described here and collected 350+ unique backlinks that my top 10 competitors are using.

    But I’m pretty much skeptical about replicating them for my own site. If not all, but a great majority of them is pure spam even if they are on high PA/DA sites.

    I never want to point spam over my site, but I really want to leverage my competitors backlinks.

    Is there any checklist I can go through before replicating any of these links? Is it good enough if a backlink URL has high PA/DA?

    And, most importantly, what would be a natural velocity to replicate all these? I haven’t built a single backlink to my site since it went live last year. If I suddenly throw out hundreds of backlinks, will it affect my sites credibility? If yes, how should I correctly replicate them while keeping the risk at bare minimum?

    Thanks a lot!

  380. Matthew Woodward


    Not a checklist as such but use your common sense a bit, and don’t worry if they are spam you can get away with some spam – its only when your profile is mostly spam you have an issue.

  381. Ovi

    I talked about the velocity Matt; should I steady build these links 4-5 a day or just finish them up within a week?

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    we employ a guy to do our SEO, been doing well, we were ranking #1 and #2 for our key words.
    “chair repairs” and ” chair repairs Sydney” and others
    the within a week we just vanished from Googles search engine, at first I thought we had been penalized by Google black hat or something but no, that is not the problem.
    could this be done by one of our competitors?
    we are desperate to get our key words pointing to us.
    our SEO guy can’t help he says he has just been doing his stuff and has no explanation.
    BTW i am a total novice and just need a solution to a problem I really don’t understand.
    Thanks for you time

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    Take a look at https://www.matthewwoodward.co.uk/tips/how-to-check-which-google-algorithm-update-penalised-your-site/ and http://agency.matthewwoodward.co.uk/

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    In recent days, as Google shifted it’s focus away from backlinks and pageRanks, I wonder if we need some other means to rank better now. I’ve heard that Google now considers the CTR more than anything else for ranking better. Shall we get some tools to work in this direction?

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    Hi Matt:
    Great post though I have question. I am new to SEO, is this still relevant ?Some of the folks are saying link building is not that Important with Panda release now.

  412. Matthew Woodward

    Panda has precisely nothing to do with backlinks so whoever is tell you that doesn’t even have the most basic understanding of SEO.

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  414. Matthew Woodward

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    You are right. He has described everything in detail. What i like most in this article is that he has covered almost every SEO tool you will need to build backlinks.

    It is time to download RankCracker too. But there is one question i want to ask you Matthew.

    How many backlinks we should create at once?

    For example- If there is blog which is only 6 months old. It does not have a very good link profile. Now, the owner of the blog starts building backlinks.

    Wouldn’t it be a problem because Google will find too many backlinks being created all of a sudden?


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    I have been watching 2 of my competitors and they rank for 1st and second spot on Google for a high searched keyword.
    My site is very new, so much so it is not even showing up in Sem Rush, or even in the top 50 in Google, but with this method (that i am going to start this weekend) i am hoping it will help me get there eventually, well at least into the top 20’s lol.
    If i have any problems can i ask here for help at all?

  421. Matthew Woodward

    No problem at all – feel free to ask any questions you have as you go!

  422. Arpit Ward

    Hey great post Matt:)

    I have a question?

    If I am scraping my competitor’s backlink for the keyword which I wanted to rank. So, should I take my competitor’s home page backlink or only the internal page backlink (keyword which I want to rank)??

  423. Matthew Woodward

    Which ever page is ranking

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    Use my free tool linked in the post

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    I find most of my competitors spend lots on Adwords to get there ranking and over time they have got strong Google pr.

    As a new site we don’t have the funds to throw at Adwords and this technique looks great. Do you recommend paying for the site links and is it better to do keyword search backlinks or just look at the competitors site links



  434. Matthew Woodward

    Adwords spend has nothing to do with organic rankings

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    Matthew, I did what you said in this tutorial and checked my competitor backlinks and started going through the list of only indexed links and also had PR from the Page Level. What I found was a lot of blog comments from non relevant niches, most likely some automated tool. I started going through the list and basically putting in blog comments with brand/url/generic anchor text. Do you think this a good strategy even if these links come from non relevant niches?

  437. Elease Singh

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    I want to rank a blog post #1 in Google for a low competition keyword but seems pretty tough for a newbie like me. Should i build backlinks pointing on my main website or to my blog post?

  438. Matthew Woodward

    You should do both, put about 70% to the post

  439. Matthew Woodward

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    Being a small business owner, i realize that inbound marketing is the most effective, yet most neglected piece of the puzzle.

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    I wanted to know : Do you provide project-based SEO and Link building services? If not, can you point me to any agency or freelance professional who can optimize my website without resorting to techniques that may potentially result in penalties.


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    1) Use the most generic keyword possible for the industry you want to break into(site results > 100M)
    2) Use This method to compile an industry/Market level list of backlink resources, while listing the niches they relate to (as detailed in the article)
    3) From there, niche down. Build small sites focused on the niches you are interested in within the major industry
    In other words, do this once at the top level, and you can become a player quickly within a number of niches with smaller search volume keywords.
    Does this seem like a sound strategy?
    It sounds to me like a one time project can provide a full time SEO future for someone, even if your goal is to build multiple smaller sites that are all loosely related by the major industry they belong to.

  488. Matthew Woodward

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    If so do you think this tactic still worthy ?
    I’ve another question. I am new in SEO field . Sometimes i see the competitor who have no back links at all. But still they ranked well. I am just curious to know how can i find or know what they did. What kind of job they did yo get ranked. how can i guess what they are doing.

    Thanks in advance

  510. Matthew Woodward

    This strategy will never die (unless they make backlinks irrelevant)

    What tool are you using to check?

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    If i want to rank my site for a local competitors company or product name, without having his name or product name on my site, would a link building campaign be the best bet?

    lets say we both make widgets, but my widget is relatively unknown and his widget is called “super widget” – could I rank my site for that term without having the keyword “super widget” appear anywhere on my site?

  535. Matthew Woodward

    Yes by using related terms on site and then the exact term/related terms in anchors off site

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    I have an extensive list of 2 of our main competitors backlinks. Over 800 in total. Using the SourceTrustFlow/SourceCitationFlow = Trust Ratio or is it better to reference the DomainTrustFlow/DomainCitationFlow = Trust Ratio.

    Upon research I have discovered that ratios above 1 are non spam.

    A lot ofthe ratios which are above 1 do have lower source trust and citation flows – such as 8/7, it has a ratio above one but should I try and replicate as the absolute numbers are so low?

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    Last night I was all set to buy GSA and a keyword tool, but then I saw that and it made me wonder if backlinks are really that important anymore.

  560. Matthew Woodward

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    Thanks in advance

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    I ran the url through SEO Spyglass and clicked on the top link to go to the page. There was nothing obvious how the site got their backlink, I mean nothing in the comments section or in the article.

    Each comment with link posted is a ‘do not follow’ link as per a Chrome add on telling me this.

    I am correct that there is no point in me commenting and dropping a link as it is ‘no follow’ so it will not give me any juice?


    Have I missed the point that just dropping the link is cool?

  578. Matthew Woodward

    View source and search for the domain to see where it is first

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    First identify below.
    x3 Low Competition Keywords
    x2 Low/Medium Competition Keywords
    x2 Main keywords

    Search google for keywords and identify TOP 5 websites ranking for keywords.

    – Use Spyglass and ahrefs to extract backlinks for top 5 websites for all keywords I am going to target
    – Use GSA platform to identify the platforms of backlinks
    – Based on Platform Identification use the GSA search engine ranker to run campaign for imported backlinks of TOP ranking sites for keywords
    – The key to success using GSA SER is that you should use (Private proxies + DeathbyCaptcha + GSA captcha breaker + Unique content (wherever required) + 20 emails (depending upon number of backlinks) or use your domain email address(which is best option)
    – After backlinks are complete sit back and use indexing service to index the backlinks – I also use GSA indexer to some extent but I prefer paid one.
    – That’s it. I am missing small things but I have mentioned almost everything.

    Matt do you want to add anything to it!!

  582. Matthew Woodward

    Great process that is easy for anyone to implement :)

  583. sam

    Great article, I am just beginning the process. I am just wondering how many links I can add each day without alerting google? (or would they even care as the links arent from PBN’s), also apologies if you’ve already answered this i’ve flicked through the comments and couldn’t find an answer.

  584. Matthew Woodward

    How many per day isn’t important but set a weekly or monthly target and then make sure you meet that target consistently

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    Any pro tips from people who have used this technique recently?

    Thanks and have a nice day

  588. Matthew Woodward

    I use it on every new site I launch, and there isn’t really any secrets to it.

  589. Brett

    Hi Matt,

    Have been trying to implement this recently. Would you suggest that when posting links in forums/guestblogs/comments etc that we link to our home page, or category/product pages instead. It’s an e-commerce site.

    Can you also shed some light on why some sites sites seem to rank well, when they don’t have many backlinks. I have thoroughly analysed their site speed, structure, content, keywords etc and nothing out of the odinary comes up. Is there any ways to check if they use PBN’s or other grey/black hat techniques? I have seen this question asked before, but hasn’t been a clear response really.

    Would really appreciate your expertise on this.

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  592. Matthew Woodward

    Yes, think about what you are actually doing with this strategy and you will understand that it is timeless.

  593. Matthew Woodward

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  594. Matthew Woodward

    Link to wherever you want to link to based on your current SEO goals.

    Which sites in which niche?

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    surely will try it soon.
    Thank you

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    Ideally I would like to generate lots of backlinks to various pages on the site, but about two thirds of competitors best links are unobtainable, due to – sponsored links, paid site, interview with CEO etc. So of the third I am able to capitalise on, I was checking to see if it’s best to boost the DA of the home page, because if i send a sporadic selection of links to product and/or category pages it may dilute the link juice?

    The nice is flooring, we sell and deliver flooring. The other company I looked at has the same DA as us,, but a lot of their keywords are outperforming ours. Out site is as good as if not better UX wise, it is faster via page speed and y slow, all pages are indexed in google, and overall we have much more links and of general better quality than them. It is a big mystery on how they are doing super well? The website isn’t exactly old either. This is where I need yours or others (if they are reading) expert advice??

  597. Matthew Woodward

    Ok well I would focus at a domain level and top category level (assuming you have taken care of internal linking and content to upport that) which then drives authority into the other pages/product pages.

    How does your levels of content compare to your competitor?

  598. Matthew Woodward

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    Matthew, do you do this as a service. ie can I hire you? I love doing this stuff myself but time is scarce at the moment so im looking to outsource some of my admin / seo etc

    If so can you send me a mail with rates etc

    Will be bookmarking your blog for future ref.

  604. Matthew Woodward

    Hey Greg,

    Sorry this isn’t something I would do but you can find someone to complete this kind of work easily on a site like elance etc

  605. Asher Kabir

    Hi Matthew
    I really appreciate your efforts, as I’ve been looking for this guidance for months and I asked a lot of smart guys to help me but they didn’t bother to answer. Anyway, I got a huge list of my competitor’s backlinks, clicking and opening them, when I try to create backlink for my own page, I don’t see any option at these links. 10-15 backlinks (page) that I visited had no option to create any sort of backlinks.
    Do you know what to do in this case?

  606. Raghav

    Hi Matthew!
    This is an awesome strategy.
    I have finalised on main keyword for my site and top 20-30 search results are filled with e-commerce sites. And the ranking inner pages of these sites do not have even a single back-link !
    So, will it be easy to rank with fresh new domain ?
    Since my competitor do not have any back-links and its scarce to find blogs in this category
    And yeah, KC according to Long tail pro is 16

    Waiting for your answer :)

  607. Matthew Woodward

    Yes you could go for that, but there is more to niche research than just finding a keyword that is easy to rank for. You don’t want to set your ceiling too low :)

  608. Matthew Woodward

    Yes just review it yourself and make a decision on what to do, maybe its a web 2 so you can create a web 2. Maybe its from a feature/editorial so you can contact the site owner and do your own deal. Maybe its just a link from a private blog network so you can build your own network etc etc

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    I am quite new to SEO, and came to know about competitor analysis. I Googled it and I found your post. It was a worth reading post and as for the free tools, I found Small SEO Tools more efficient.
    But One question…how can I subscribe to your newsletters??

  611. Matthew Woodward

    I’m glad it helped you out :) You can do that in the sidebar

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  617. Matthew Woodward

    Please come back and let us know how you get on Rosy!

  618. Matthew Woodward

    No problem Oge, keep on growing :)

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    Hi Matthew thankyou so much for this article. We are in the process of redesigning our computer repairs website and getting more and more local content, blog articles services pages written etc to keep the organic seo side happy. We currently sit on the top of page two for our particular keyword computer repairs brisbane. We are really keen to get some link building going as we have never really done this and managed to get some good business through targeted suburb pages.

    Link building is the next step for us, it seems that having great content alone cannot win the battle. This was a great article and glad to see it is active and alive after a few years. Cheers

  620. Matthew Woodward
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    Hey, thank you for this tutorial! Well done!

  622. Matthew Woodward

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  623. Rob Noble

    The flaw in all this is if your competitors are website designers but the top 10 results for keyword phrase “website design +location” happen to have virtually all of their back links coming from site wide footer links in their client’s websites. It doesn’t give you anything to go on because you can’t mimic (mimic is a far more appropriate term than stealing because you can’t steal search engine ranking of another site) what they have done unless you build loads of client websites using wordpress.

    And, before anyone starts screaming ‘Penguin’, before reading this article I spent months looking into what my competitors do and trying to replicate their strategy in exactly the same way as described here but couldn’t because of links from client websites. Nothing you can do about supposedly ‘stealing’ those!

    I analysed the back link profiles for the other 9 websites listed on page 1 and all of them seem to be totally unaffected by Penguin. No diversity in the anchor text distribution for that all important ‘natural look’ that everyone goes on about and more site wide footer links than you can poke a stick at.

    Makes you wonder what exactly Penguin does do and what sites it does it to!!!

  624. Matthew Woodward

    Are the links dofollow or nofollow?

  625. Rob

    That’s irrelevant. What’s relevant is one website has over 4000 back links using only 2 variations of anchor text. “web design X” and “website design X” (X being the location) and nearly every single one is from a footer link.

    The website is placed in position 1, page 1 of search results for both phrases. The real kicker here is, I’m trying to rank higher in location Y but, because there are so many instances of “web design” and “website design” linking to their site that 1, yes, just 1 instance of the word for location Y in their home page also places them in position 5 on page 1 for location Y as well. Not one of their back links text is “web design Y” or “website design Y” and yet they appear higher than me who has many text links that include Y.

    It has to be the numbers. An algorithm is a numeric based calculation and google’s mystical algorithm is no different. I used to be a technical assistant to a life insurance actuary that wrote the algorithms which provided estimated maturity values for polices at investment growth rates of 5%, 10% & 15% and they don’t use alpha data to provide a result. It’s numeric. An algorithm is a very complicated, mathematical equation that processes numeric information to reach a result, not alpha.

    After seeing the back links of my competitors I instantly questioned how they survived penguin and, knowing the logic of how algorithms work and the fact they use numeric data to produce a result, it has to be the numbers. When someone types “website design X” in to a search engine the algorithm has to produce a definitive list of results and those results have to be based on a number. The feeds which provide the information in order to produce that number might have been gathered by crawlers and bots which read alpha data but, whatever cached data is drawn from when displaying a list of results, the site which appears at number 1 has to have the most number of instances of the keywords stored in the cache.

    Let’s say there are 10,000,000 instances of the phrase “website design X” in the cache. If there’s a website with 5,000,000 of them linking to it, it’s going to be on the top spot. If that site only has instances of “website design X” linking to it, it also makes it the most relevant. Therefore:

    4000 instances of “website design X” + “web design X” = 1 i.e. position 1 for location X


    4000 instances of “website design” + “web design” + 1 instance of Y = 5 i.e. position 5 for location Y

    Based on the back link data I gathered using SEO Spyglass, SEMRush, Aherfs, Majestic SEO and Backlinkwatch of the other 9 websites appearing on page 1 for search phrase “website design Y”, I conclude they occupy those positions due to the very high number of links containing very limited but very relevant text. if it mattered where the links came from or whether they are dofollow or nofollow, which seems to be of little consequence, they would have lost their rank and been relegated to lower pages by now.

    Not only that, I put my conclusion to the test about a month ago and started changing the footer links in my client’s websites so they are all “website design Y” and not a jumbled bunch of permutations to try and look natural and my site moved up from position 8 to 6. If that isn’t due to the higher number of specific, relevant links to my site then I’d like to know what did cause the increased SERP.

  626. Nick

    Hi Matt, is there a tool or a way to check quickly T2 backlinks of competitors?
    Those would be backlinks that point to backlinks that point to money site. This can give way bigger picture and reveal tiered strategy of a competitor.

  627. Matthew Woodward

    Unfortunately not =/

  628. Matthew Woodward

    Hey Rob,

    You came to my site to ask my expert opinion on an SEO question you had.

    For me to answer you comprehensively, I asked you a question – which you didn’t answer and instead branded as ‘irrelevant’.

    When you ask someones expert opinion and they have a very specific question – it’s probably not irrelevant in the experts eyes that you are asking for help.

    With that said, I can’t help you any further as you already have all of the answers apparently.


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    Gr8 article. Quick question :
    I am in the IT Support Services industry and looked at the backlinks of my top 3 competitors who rank high on page 1 for keywords like ‘IT Support City-Name’.

    Their backlinks seem to be coming from extremely irrelevant and even spammy websites (gambling, weight loss, comment spam etc).

    Would you recommend me replicating such links for my website as well? They are technically ranking with these irrelevant backlinks, but i’m sure i read somewhere that backlinks need to be from similar industry sources.

    Plz advise & again, thanks for the gr8 content.

  641. Ian

    Fantastic post.

    Using Spyglass to get the backlinks then RC to replicate them in GSA.

    We are going to replicate these links direct to our money site. We are not going to use any form of web 2.0 buffer. Correct?

    Replicate them at a rate of 50 per day?

    We do not need tiers 2 & 3 as we are not juicing them up we are simply replicating them direct to our money site?

    Am I anywhere close?

  642. Ian

    Hardeep how are you setting up GSA?

    Are using one tier and sending the backlinks direct to your money site?

    I am fully set up on GSA I am just not sure of the best way to set up this specific task of replicating the backlinks.

  643. Matthew Woodward

    Yes that is correct, just replicate them 1:1 and don’t worry about anything else

  644. Matthew Woodward

    I would first replicate the relevant and the quality ones, then sit back and measure the impact before going after the irrelevant ones.

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  651. Saqib Imran

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  652. Matthew Woodward

    Take the inner URL of your competitor, plug it into a backlink checker and then replicate those backlinks?

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    However, some of the online tools you suggest has problems and they don’t match the results when you compare them.
    I give you sample: When I use Ahrefs, I get great result.
    Than when I jump on to Majestic..all kind of problems shows up.
    Like: crawl error-Title tag is missing.
    Also there is another tool you have not mention “Traffic Travis” there is pro and free version to start with.
    I will add this article to my SEO Book collection. because it is a treasure.
    Thanks again for the insight.

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    I used your method and found the backlinks and referring domains of my competitors who got 1st to 4th first page google ranking. I am on the bottom of the second page. The keyword was ‘Custom Home Builders’ which was quite a competitive keyword. I got the free Ahrefs trial and when I looked up one particular top competitor (www.jtfhomes.com), I found only 12 backlinks and 6 referring domains. Of the 12 backlinks, half of them were from its own website. The rest were from local business listings. In this billion dollar industry, how on earth did they get top ranking? Are backlinks that unimportant to Google?

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    I checked the Inbound Links and found he has a one page (400 words) blog created with Weebly using an url that ends with .weebly.com. Can that single blog link to 512479 root domains? The blog is really poorly written, And his site got to no.1 Google ranking because of that one Weebly blog.

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    PBN’s are the strongest, most powerful type of link that you can build and Adwords budget does not correlate to rankings.

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    Is there such a thing as having too many backlinks?

    For example my site is pretty new and somehow weve managed to land a handful of real decent backlinks from big authority sites. Other than that we don’t have too much more.

    So my question is, if I were to exclusively focus on building only real high quality links would that have the same, or better, effect as building thousands of lower authority links?

    Thanks for the help. Love the site

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      No it sounds like you are in the perfect situation, never worry about getting too many authority backlinks :)

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