43 Expert Social Media Marketing Tips To Increase Traffic Today

If you are looking to make social media work for you and you are not sure which methods work best, then why not learn the best social media marketing tips from the experts?

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People who have been there, and done it. Men and women who can teach you shortcuts to reduce your learning curve and which silly mistakes to avoid along the way.

Social media is not a tough game if you know the rules and how to play it for the win.

For this reason alone, you need expert guidance. That’s why I’ve got my partner (Codrut Turcanu) to dig the web and interview some of the best minds on the topic.

We wanted to learn their #1 social media tip.

Some of these specialists have left a link back to their web site of choice where you can further your knowledge about the topic or the strategy mentioned within the response.

Now, I want to THANK all participants as well as each and everybody who help spread the word about this collection of proven social media marketing tips.

Enjoy and take these golden nuggets to the bank!

Social Media Marketing Tips & Techniques From The Experts

Robbie Richards social media marketing tipsRobbie Richards RobbieRichards.comTwitter

I’m going to cheat a little on this one and list 3 slightly out-of-the-box social media marketing tips.

First, create a website custom audience (WCA) with Facebook’s Power Editor tool. This will allow you to re-target people that have visited your website (or specific pages of your site) directly in their news feeds

I like to use WCAs to collect email subscribers and business leads for clients. Because this traffic is warm (they’ve already expressed an interest in you by visiting your site) you’ll see higher CTRs, lower CPCs/CPMs and more conversions.

Second, use a tool like Sniply to leverage other people’s content to drive traffic to your site. I provide a complete step-by-step Sniply tutorial inthis post.

Third, use the Facebook ID Scraper to extract all the user IDs from your competitor’s facebook page, or a relevant facebook group. Use the tool’s ID converter to convert the user IDs into email addresses and build an email custom audience in the Power Editor.

Then you’ll be able to steal your competitor’s fans and target your ad campaigns to ultra-targeted audiences.

These social media marketing tips can be applied to any niche.

Charlotte Waller social media marketing expertCharlotte WallerVis-e-bility.comTwitter

Utilise every post as much as you can. For example if you’re promoting a blog on Twitter, @mention those you’ve mentioned in the post, hashtag it, add a photo, shorten your link to make room for more characters… And on that note:

Use visuals wherever possible (Twitter in particular, tweets with pictures attached stand out so much more when trawling through your feed).

Chris-DysonChris Dyson TripleSeo.comTwitter

Pinterest is still a great platform to work with if you are trying to get more traffic to your site.

Less than 1% of people spend their time commenting on Pinterest so if you want to get the attention of a power user then commenting on their pins will definitely let you stand out from the crowd.

Another great Pinterest tip I have is that you can easily find who is pinning images from your site and then contact them, you can find some useful bookmarklets for that here.

Dave Schneider social media marketing techniquesDave Schneider –SelfMadeBusinessman.comTwitter

I like using Twitterfeed to auto tweet the RSS feeds of respected bloggers in my niche.

This helps me provide fresh content to my followers, as well build relationships with influencers by sharing their geat content.

Joseph HoJoseph HoJoseph-Ho.comTwitter

The best kind of blog post that people will share it on social media are the “ List Post” kind of content based on my testing.

Make sure your web server can take the traffic once your content went viral.


My highest record is getting 25k visitors per day with one list post and most web server almost went down. You can’t predict social media traffic because when it start to went viral it had his life on his own and will slowly stop.


Marko Saric..Marko SaricHowToMakeMyBlog.comTwitter

Best tip to start growing your social media profile is to follow relevant and related users to the field you are in.

Following them puts you in their spotlight, in many cases makes them check out your profile and if they find you interesting enough gets you a follow back.

Obviously do this within reason and target people well as you don’t want to spam-follow random people.

Nick LoperNick LoperSideHustleNation.comTwitter

One of my most effective methods to get content to “go viral” on social media is to get the ball rolling myself by asking a few friends and colleagues to tweet something.

I find Twitter is easier to do this with than Facebook, as people are generally more protective of their Facebook feeds.

Using this strategy, I’ve landed content on the homepage of Slideshare several times, which drives exposure and traffic back to my site.

Sean-SiSean SiSeo-Hacker.comTwitter

First and foremost: Make sure you have social sharing buttons in your blog that work. It’s funny how people expect to have a good number of social media shares when they don’t have social sharing buttons in their web pages.

Second, if you’re into email marketing, use a pre-populated ‘Tweet this’ link in your email newsletter. It helps a lot because email touches base on a more personal level so a request to share via email is much more compelling.

Third, optimize your meta OG tags. There are so many blogs out there that has a sucky sharing snippet in Facebook, Twitter and Google+ – validate your Twitter cards, and if you’re using WordPress, invest in NGFB pro – that does most of the work with your meta OG tags.

Stuart Walker.Stuart WalkerNicheHacks.comTwitter

Don’t spend too much time on it. Automate where possible. It can be a huge time waster for nominal gains and isn’t high on my priority list.

Focus on building your email list not your social media followers.

Use tools like SNAP Plugin, Buffer and Twitterfeed to automate sharing of your own content and others and just check it every few days to respond to comments.

Sue Anne DunlevieSue Anne Dunlevie SuccessfulBlogging.comTwitter

Post social updates to your older, evergreen content. It solves two problems – what to post on social media and how to get new eyeballs on your older content.

And if you create evergreen social updates about your older content, you can reuse them because each update you share is seen by only a small part of your audience and you are always getting new readers who haven’t seen your older posts.

Tom DemersTom Demers CornerStoneContent.com –Twitter

A big relationship-building mistake I see people make (and have made myself) on social media is sharing content without alerting the person whose content you’re sharing that you’re doing them a favor.

By consistently finding and sharing great content that’s helpful for folks following you, but you’re also helping the folks whose content you’re sharing, and by not adding @ and their Twitter handle, for instance, you’re not getting credit with those thought leaders for helping them out!

Here is a good, specific example:

Listen to a great podcast? Tweet your favorite quote from it and make sure to @ the interviewer and the person being interviewed. You just created an interesting tweet, and gave two people some exposure they’ll likely appreciate.

If you’re looking for a good process for actually finding great content to share, Greg Ciotti has an excellent outline of a process that I think a lot of smart folks engage in a variation of here: http://www.gregoryciotti.com/reading-organization/.

Jane-SheebaJane SheebaProBloggingSuccess.com/blogTwitter

Share others’ post in social media. I maintain a 70-30 ratio – 70% of others’ content and 30% of my own content.

Just like linking out and getting links back, when I promote others’ content, they promote my content.

This helps maintain the quality of my social media profiles – if I only post my own promotional stuff, I could annoy my followers.

Kevin-Duncan.Kevin DuncanBeABetterBlogger.comTwitter

One of my favorite social media strategies involves shining the spotlight on my readers.

When someone leaves me a great comment, I will express my appreciation by quoting them on Twitter.

In the Tweet I’ll include their Twitter handle (which earns them new followers) and a link back to the post (which promotes my blog). It’s win-win.

Felix-TarcomnicuFelix TarcomnicuProOptimization.comTwitter

I always advice people to check what their competitors are doing.

For instance, in my article from KissMetrics, I showed how you can steal your competitors followers, simply by analysing the most authoritative social media channels in your niche.

You can learn more about their followers activity and get to know what posts they like the most or even discover their customer’s frustrations.

Note that the number of followers is not as relevant as the applause rate.

Ivana-Taylor.Ivana Taylor –DiyMarketers.comTwitter

Create content categories. I have 3 content categories; call to action, engagement, goodwill.

Goodwill content might include #FF (Follow Friday on Twitter) or business quotes or something personal (These are all scheduled or automated).

Engagement content would include questions and conversations that I get into with people. This is a mix of automation and real time. Conversation.

And finally, call to action posts are posts that are crafted to focus on reader benefit and that require an action such as a click to a download, hangout or opportunity.

These categories are important because they make it possible to keep a ration of 4 contribution posts for every call to action post.

Adam ConnellAdam ConnellBloggingWizard.comTwitter

If you want to get ahead on social media, you need to go visual.

Just spending an extra few minutes creating an eye-catching image in a tool like Canva (it’s free to use) will have a sizable impact.

And here’s why.

Andrea LoubierAndrea LoubierGetMailBird.comTwitter

It doesn’t matter what channel you use. In my opinion the following applies to all of them:

Keep users engaged all the time, but don’t annoy them.

Don’t tell them constantly about your product and why they should like or buy it. They like it already that’s why they follow you.

Give them inside of what is happening behind the scenes, show them its “just” people behind the product and share knowledge and content related to your industry. Establish yourself as an authority.

Leigh Louey-GungLeigh Louey-GungVisionSyste.ms

Focus on what people are sharing.

Find what’s getting shared (http://topsy.com or http://buzzsumo.com are excellent for this), improve it by 200%, and then share it with everyone who you think would be interested.

If you’re having issues getting traction on social media, you can always pay people to share your content through http://fiverr.com.

Dave-EvangelistiDave Evangelisti – StartGrowProfit.comTwitter

Share your content multiple times. Repost your popular content (with minor changes) several times.

Reposting your content can help: reach newer followers, reach audiences in different time zones and drive more traffic.

David_LeonhardtDavid LeonhardtSeo-Writer.comTwitter

Cross post! In other words, drive traffic from one platform to the other, so that you best supporters support you and follow you across multiple platforms.

An example is a post I made on Tsu, a profile of an active member (Erik Emanuelli ofhttp://nopassiveincome.com/ ).

The original post is at https://www.tsu.co/Amabaie/11255414.

But Pinterest users will find a link to it at http://www.pinterest.com/pin/31032684908573329/ and Google Plus users will find a link to it at https://plus.google.com/112928640804164819202/posts/isy5zcqN9cu.

If you do this often enough, you will increase your user base on all social media platforms and you will increase the engagement level from those who connect with you on several platforms.

jamie-spencerJamie Spencer –SetupABlogToday.comTwitter

My biggest social media marketing tip would be related to Instagram, a lot of people shun Instagram as it is a closed network and hard to track but there are 200million users on there and a huge amount of photos are uploaded every day.

I love running contests on Instagram to get more followers and boost my engagement. The key to running an Instagram contest is to have a unique hashtag and set out clear instructions for your followers to follow, a lot of people are vague with their social media competitions and they struggle to take off… of course a really cool prize can help get things going by promoting your contest on competition sites.

Mike WallagherMike Wallagher –StartBloggingOnline.comTwitter

Social media channels are important, but more important is to be in touch with your followers.

Don’t leave any unanswered questions on your channels, get them answered ASAP. This would actually improve your TRUST in your potential customer eyes. http://www.bentley.edu/offices/agency/tips-social-media-managers

Andrew FortuneAndrew Fortune –GreatColoradoHomes.comTwitter

It’s easy to spot new users on Social Media because they post all of their own content and rarely interact with others, or share anyone else’s content.

Don’t be that person!

Genuine interaction is the key to a good social media strategy. Find influential people who you can relate to and interact with them without an agenda. When you do it right, it’s really fun!

Tim Bourquin.Tim BourquinAfterOffers.comTwitter

We’ve found the sweet spot for Twitter is to post about every six hours.

This is not an absolute rule but any less and we find that the re-tweets and favoriting of the tweets goes down if less and not worth the extra work if a lot more.

The more your tweets are shared, but more people click on the links.

In the social media realm we focus more on the direct traffic lift than we do on any search engine juice it gives us. If there is any, we consider it gravy. We’re looking for direct traffic.

Cody McLainCody McLainMindHack.comTwitter

Track your Social Media. This is widely underutilized with Google Analytics ability to create a Social Media dashboard.

Understanding where and how your social media users are visiting your website will give you a new awareness on just how big or small social media impacts your business.

Carol AmatoCarol AmatoCarolAmato.comTwitter

Publish your content on your OWN domain first, sharing the link to your authority blog on social media versus uploading your best images, pictures quotes, etc. directly to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus.

So first publish on your own real estate where you own the content, and control every aspect of monetization, then make sure to track social media traffic and measure results.

James Norquay.James Norquay – http://ProsperityMedia.com.auTwitter

I have two social media marketing tips for small business.

Tip 1 – Get your social media followers involved in your content marketing efforts, we did this with a campaign where we crowd sourced an Infographic.

Use a poll to collect data and then push it out to your followers once it is complete you have an instant fan base of people who have assisted with the content marketing piece who are eager to share it.

It is also advisable to syndicate the content with paid social ads for additional reach as well.

Example below from a past campaign –

James Norquay - Gym

Tip 2 – Leverage Mobile apps for affiliate marketing, this is a cool idea I saw someone doing with Tinder where they leverage their affiliate code.

This is worth testing yet you would be sure to have the profile deleted this is why people scale the campaigns.

James Norquay - Uber

Benjamin-BeckBenjamin BeckBenjaminBeck.comTwitter

It is easy for your most important tweets to get lost among everything else you are saying.

I’ve found pinning my most important tweets to the top of my feed helps me put my most important content in front of visitors to my profile.

Pinning a tweet to your profile is very simple, you can follow this simple guide.

Bill-SebaldBill SebaldGreenlaneSeo.comTwitter

Social may not bring much in the way of direct SEO value, but it brings indirect value if you really spend time crafting a good piece. When you create something, use those social channels to promote.

True – the social links, likes, shares, etc., won’t improve your rankings, but they give you the attention of those that can write about you. That can improve your rankings.

Send challenging, inspiring, revolutionary, controversial, content that people can’t help but comment on. You know – bigger picture marketing! Some of our best links came from nothing more than sharing on Twitter.

Rajesh-NamaseRajesh NamaseTechLila.comTwitter

Try to use social media tools to reach the right audience.

Sometimes I use Facebook ads to capture the right audience. BuzzBundle, HootSuite and Buffer are my favorite apps which I use on daily basis.

Daniel CuttridgeDaniel Cuttridge – Auditalyze.comTwitter

With social media I feel like it pays to know where to put yourself in front of your audience (for your niche). You may remember Copyblogger killing their Facebook page.

This was the right thing to do, if one social platform isn’t working for you or doesn’t justify the resources you put into it then you shouldn’t be on that platform.

We tend to focus on the bigger sites, but your ideal audience may not be there, or they may just not feel comfortable talking, engaging or ‘converting’ via that particular platform.

It pays to do your research ahead of time, otherwise as Copyblogger found out, it can just be a big waste of time.

Sophie LizardSophie Lizard –LizardCreativeChaos.comTwitter

Be sociable. It’s as simple as that. Share things the people following you will appreciate, reply when someone talks to you, start conversations with people who look interesting. Don’t think too hard about it!

If you’re already doing all of that, get your social posts and shares looking their best. Use Twitter cards, Facebook’s Open Graph protocol and so on to control how your content looks when it’s shared on social networks.

This post shows you how: http://boostblogtraffic.com/social-metadata

Ken LyonsKen Lyons – Measuredsem.comTwitter

Any time you create a curated or sourced asset (like a group interview, a big resource list or an industry round up):

  • Create a Twitter list as a companion piece (name it something flattering like “[X topic] Experts”).
  • Include the handles of all the sources/sites/bloggers/influencers you’ve cited
  • Promote the custom Twitter list in the piece; include a link to it in the intro section of your content and encourage users to follow the list.
  • When doing outreach to sources cited in your asset (which I’d recommend as a means of amplifying distribution, sharing, etc) let them know about the custom Twitter list.

A custom list is another layer of ego stroking and it makes an impression, which enhances relationship building.

What’s more, other users follow these lists and you can target those users on Twitter with targeted content outreach in the future.

Henneke Duistermaat.Henneke DuistermaatEnchantingMarketing.comTwitter

Don’t focus solely on getting more shares, more tweets, more likes.

How does traffic convert? Which social traffic is truly valuable?

No one-size-fits-all approach exists—when I recently compared traffic from SlideShare and Twitter, I was blown away by how many email subscribers SlideShare generated.

Erika MaddenErika MaddenOlyvia.coTwitter

You will be successful on social media if you can remember to be as human as possible while using it.

Forget the whitewashed messaging and sales promos; freely share candid shots of you/your employees/your customers, ask people’s opinions, and — above all — be ready and willing to help.

For more ideas on what to share on different social media platforms, see this post on how to get your business noticed online.

Matthew Capala.Matthew CapalaSearchDecoder.comTwitter

Start using SlideShare, it’s the largest B2B social network for decks and presentation after Linkedin, and it offers a huge traffic upside for creative marketers.

SlideShare has a homepage you can get your content on with smart optimization focused on getting high sharibility and engagement. I got nearly $500K views on SlideShare with 14 decks over two years, which generated revenue and leads for my business.

Here is an example of a deck I recently published on SlideShare:I Will Teach You SEO

Gurwinder-Singh-BhinderGurwinder SinghJustBlogTips.comTwitter

Try to share your content more than once in different forms. You can share your same piece of content in many forms and increase your visitors to your website or blog.

The other ways apart from the traditional link sharing can be via image posts, question posts, funny posts, tweaking headlines etc.

It not only helps you reach different people at different time-zones but also helps you determine what type of post does your audience engage the most with?

Perform A/B testing and continuously monitor your results on what is working for you to make the full use of social media.

Rick Ramos.Rick RamosRickRamos.comTwitter

If you really want to grow your social channel, remember to share other people’s content as well as your own.

Make a list of the top 25 people in your vertical start to share their content and remember to mention their user name. After a few times, they will notice you!

You’ll find them sharing your content as well and you’ll both begin to grow together.

david-arringtonDavid ArringtonProfitPursuits.comTwitter

If your goal is to build a very large following, then don’t be greedy about following back.

You may seem like more of an authority with a high followers/following ratio. However, you are also hampering your total reach.

Personally, I follow people back as long as they are in a similar niche or have similar interests.

Venchito Tampon.Venchito TamponDigitalPhilippines.netTwitter

Consistently follow/unfollow niche-targeted and engaged social participants (like this).

This will take time in the making. But you can scale this activity using social automated tools like ManageFlitter. You can do so many things with a $12/month social media tool, including:

  • Following potential social followers with industry-relevant tweets (by simply using the tweet search feature, you are rest assured that the follower will likely to engage with you).
  • Unfollowing inactive social participants or those that have spam/fake profiles.
  • Scheduling posts at the best day and time your followers are most active (so you’ll get better results with # of favorites or retweets every week).

Performing this process regularly would give significant results to your social media campaign and can help you drive social traffic back to your website.

Neil PatelNeil PatelNeilPatel.comTwitter

One of the simplest social media marketing techniques that is effective is to engage. Most people just share information on these social sites and never engage.

Comment, like, retweet and do whatever you can to participate within the community. It makes a 2 to 3x difference.

Zac JohnsonZac JohnsonZacJohnson.comTwitter

Social media is all about engagement and getting the attention of people who might comment, share and link to your posts.

No matter what niche you are in, creating content around what people are actually searching for, while also using examples and mentioning high authority sites or figures is a great way to grab this attention.

You can see a perfect example in a post I wrote for SearchEngineJournal, which was shared over 3,600 times!

Tobias-MegathorTobias Megathor – GrowthHackking.comTwitter

I approach social media the same way I approach real life, being a good and helpful human.

Growth hack your followers by providing them with awesome content and being helpful when they are looking to growth hack their business or their life skills.

Wrapping It Up

So there you have it the experts have spoken!

Whatever you do make sure you pick out your favourite social media marketing tips and tricks to create a plan of action to implement them into your current social media campaigns.

If you want to see fast results then focus on the ones with the least amount of time/money investment vs the biggest reward.

Have you got any extra social media marketing tips and tricks? Let us know in the comments!

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