The Most Powerful Type Of Backlink That You Can Build…

Not all backlinks are created equal.

Some are powerful and will drive your rankings up quickly while others can do more damage than good.

With that said, I want to teach you the difference between a powerful backlink and a terrible backlink by taking a closer look at the anatomy of the most powerful type of backlink.

Because once you understand how to identify and create the most powerful type of backlink on the planet you will see results like this-

But before you can get results like that you need to understand the anatomy of the perfect backlink.

And today I am going to break down the most powerful type of backlink on the planet for you.

The Anatomy Of The Perfect Backlink

Let me be straight with you, any backlink that you build should meet the criteria below and these are the only type of link you should be building to your site.

They provide the most bang for buck in terms of passing authority and rankings to your site and will help to accelerate the success of your site.

We can break down the perfect backlink into 5 key elements-

#1 – Site Authority

One of the strongest signals to look at is the authority of the site & page a link is coming from.

So for example a link from Wikipedia or a leading blog in your niche is far more powerful than a link from a newly registered domain.

The perfect backlink always comes from an an authoritative domain.

#2 – Relevance

The second most important thing to consider when defining the perfect backlinks is relevance.

For example if your site is about dog training, you want links from sites & pages that talk about dogs, pets or animals in general. You could even go broader by crossing over to home and family niches.

But you certainly wouldn’t want a link from ​a spammy niche..

Relevancy is becoming more and more important and the perfect backlink comes from a relevant page and/or domain.

#3 – Placement

The placement of the backlink also plays a critical role in obtaining the perfect backlink.

Google understands where links are placed and links that are placed inline of editorial context are far stronger than any other.

Sure you could get a link from a comment, in the sidebar or footer…

…but nothing will beat the power of a contextual link inline with relevant content.

#4 – Anchor Text

Anchor text can be tricky as there is no one size fits all glove recommendation.

But as a general rule you want all of your exact match/phrase match anchor text backlinks to be coming from authoritative domains.

Then diversify your anchor text ratio with branded & generic anchors with lower authority link sources.

 Basically, save the big guns for the big keywords.

#5 – Outbound Links

Last but not least is the number of outbound links on a page. The more outbound links there are, the more ‘link juice’ you have to share.

There is a common myth that Google can only read the first 100 outbound links on a page, which used to be true but they have updated since.

However, the perfect backlink would not have more than 10 outbound links on the page. In general though, the less outbound links – the better.

The Perfect Backlink In 201​9 Is…

“A backlink from a relevant authoritative website surrounded by relevant high quality content”

And that is the holy grail of link building that you should be aspiring to!

There isn’t a stronger backlink on the planet.

It is these types of backlinks that are behind the rankings of the most competitive niches in SEO like my client in the video games niche.

This site was absolutely torn apart by a previous penguin penalty.

But this link building strategy was deployed at the start of November 2014:

That has seen ranking and traffic grow consistently from ​15,000 visitors per month​…

To more than 300,000 per month in 2019- 

And that’s not all:

The site has now enjoyed ​over ​​9 million visitors from Google since deploying the link building strategy back in November 2014-

9 million search visits

Wrapping It Up

Remember that the most powerful type of backlink that you can build is-

  • From an authoritative domain
  • From a relevant domain/page
  • Place inline of editorial context
  • With optimised anchor text
  • And as few outbound links as possible

You can learn how to create those types of backlinks on demand in my 100% free video training series.

I promise that these free videos change the way you do SEO forever.

Want me to rank your site?

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    Hi Matthew Woodward. Informative post indeed for beginners, but essentially these links have always been the most powerful links for websites. After coming from your FB sponsored ad, I couldn’t find anything new here.

    Soumya Roy

    • Matthew Woodward
      March 16th, 2019 at 7:09 am

      Hey Soumya, thanks for checking out the article. Some link building methods have stood the test of time and as you rightly said this is one of those methods. It would be remiss of me not to have a tutorial :)

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