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Reading your tutorials and case studies gives me tons of useful knowledge and inspiration

I try and use every advice and insight that you give. And my website is steadily growing. I understand that I have to scale content creation and link building for faster results. Reading your tutorials and case studies gives me tons of useful knowledge and inspiration to continue promoting my blog.

From Growth To Growth Within 12 months

I've been following Matthew Woodward for over 2 years now and I'm glad I did. I came here in 2015 to give a testimonial about how I was able to build my education / career focused site from 5000 pageviews per month to over 40,000 pageviews per month following what I had learned from Matthew Woodward. Back then that translated to over 18,000 unique visitors per month.That was a big deal for me especially as a college student from Ghana/Nigeria. I was happy creating a site that’s used by people from other continents.Well, it's almost a year now, and the same site now generates over 50,000 unique visitors per month from over 130 countries around the world. This translates to over 100,000 pageviews per month.The best part is, I’ve never spent a dime on promotion and I rarely blog on it nowadays, as I’m concentrated on growing other communities I’ve started. I’m glad I’ve had people like Matthew Woodward to learn from and now I’ve put the skills I’ve learned into teaching and offering my services to others.

Giovanni Olakunori
Epic Digital Solutions

I have learned heaps from Matthew's tutorials!

Have been reading this blog for years. I have learned heaps from Matthew's tutorials. From how to use different tools and apps to setting up a PBN (yes I took the course and became certified).. It's amazing to all of us I'm sure, how you keep it up on such a stellar level. In fact I see some more stuff on the site that I need to check out today! It's really organized. Just last week I was at a conference in Vancouvr and a guy near me skyped matthew's website to the other 75+ attendees..So thanks for all you do. Well deserved.

Kimberly Harrison
Nika Bleu Marketing

The Best Authentic Reference Guide for SEO

Since i have started doing SEO. This is the best guiding source i have ever seen. The excellent part about these tutorials are that they are done practically rather than just a theory.I wont be exaggerating if i would say the tutorials are like a Swiss army knife of SEO. Learned a lot & even i have given this site to my content writers as a reference to learn how effectively one can do website interlinking & to be familiar about software & hard cores about SEO.Even before doing new experiments related to SEO at 1st i look at these tutorials and then start building up my strategies.However i have seen other trainers tutorials as well but these are to the point & according to the latest updates hence NO BS as people usually dont share what is working rather sharing what has been expired due to new updates.Matthew thanks a million bro for sharing the most authentic information with the online community. We all owe you a big time :D

Matthew knows what he's talking about. He's the SEO guy you should be listening to!

Matthew knows what he's talking about. He's the SEO guy you should be listening to.One of the major reasons I read Matthew's blog is that he shares highly practical SEO tutorials which you can't find anywhere else on the web. I've been into SEO for over a decade and saw so many self-proclaiming SEO experts rehashing the content. When it comes to SEO, I follow two guys, one is Brian Dean from Backlinko and the other is Matthew Woodward

Anil Agarwal

I used the strategy on an SEO job interview

I watched Matthews video a while back and really liked it.I actually used the strategy on an SEO job interview. I applied for an entry level SEO job for an SEO division of a major corporation that was tasked with the SEO a large website (about a million pages). I had little experience but I decided to make up for it by doing a presentation.So I analyzed the website the company was supporting using the techniques he discuss in his video. My interviewer absolutely loved it. I followed up this with "my link building strategy" where I basically walked them through his multi-tier link building strategy presentation. At this point my manager's jaw dropped.I went into the interview thinking that I would be super under-qualified for the job but from what I saw the techniques he talks about are like 4-5 years ahead of what some SEO companies are doing. I won't say the name of this company but their SEO division has at least 75 people working to support one major website. Kind of crazy.So thank you again, Matthew has really made a difference for me.Sincerely,Moody Blue

Moody Blue

Tutorials that beat most paid courses

I have a folder on my Gmail account called FLIPPEN EPIC and it's filled with Matthew's tutorials. His content gives you everything you need to actually implement the ideas and get tangible results. There are really expensive marketing courses I've done in the past that don't even come close to providing the value you get here for free.

Local Business Marketing

I have watched several of Matthews videos and look forward to viewing many more. We are setting up an add on to our current business which is called Local Business Marketing Services and helps local businesses raise their profile and attract new customers through online and offline marketing.I have found ALL the information Matthew provides to be invaluable and FREE.Thankyou for his help in helping our new business become a success.Kind Regards Percephany

Percephanymorgan Morgan

I was able to double organic traffic

Hi Matt, Your online tutorials are quite easy to follow and replicate. I was able to double the organic traffic in many of my clients’ websites relatively easy in very short time. Keep up the good work.

George Papatheodorou
Digital Bang

You helped me to grow my blog from 0-10 traffic to 30K+ traffic with 4-digit affiliate earning!

Hii Matt, Good Morning. I really don't know how to thank you for increasing my blog traffic and helping with earning money. I'm a beginner who starts his first blog in September 2016. I really don't know how to make money with my blog. But soon I find your website on Google Search. It is quite easy for me to follow your blog and learn some amazing things and how could I mention case studies?? they are just awesome. You helped me to grow my blog from 0-10 traffic to 30K+ traffic with 4-digit affiliate earning. Here I'm sharing my earning proof too. Thanks again mate for helping bloggers like us.

Sunny Kumar

I got targeted traffic on my website like never before.

Your blog helped me a lot in growing my business. I was having a lot of confusions and problems in how to make a start confidently. So from keyword research to building backlinks. I got targeted traffic on my website like never before. Thank you for everything Matthew Woodward!

Medona Steve

I have learnt all my SEO knowledge from Matthews tutorials

As a content writer/blogger, one of my selling points whenever I pitch to prospective clients, is that I have basic SEO knowledge. But most of all, I am happy that this "knowledge" came from Matthews tutorials. I can't tell you how happy I am, More power to you Matthew and your team. Take care.

Cherrie Ann Baiictar
The Greatest Digital Creatives

Matthew has helped me acquire more backlinks than I could have ever dreamed of

I’ve benefited the most by using some of the same tools Matthew uses to help grow his own blog. His product reviews are in-depth and really helped me decide whether a tool is worth investing in. Matthew (and the tools he recommends) have helped me acquire more backlinks than I could have ever dreamed of. Thanks!

Edwin Dollars
Edwin Dollars

It has helped me grow traffic, sales and income!

It has help me grow not only traffic, but has helped me made more sales and generated more income. All thanks to you!! I really appreciate your Emails, I anticipate for more.

Linus Wisdom Falama
Wizblog Productions


Mathew Woodward's site has literally changed my outlook towards online earnings. I have been working online in social and seo for the past 6 years and have been earning a comfortable 5 figure monthly amount but I gave it up to start my own niche sites after seeing the huge potential in it.Taking inspiration from him, I started a 1,000 post adsense based site in April and have already crossed 1,000 in adsense revenue.This month (May) I have targeted a 100,000 word amazon affiliate site which is nearing completion and will soon be commencing on a 100 "Natural" backlink self-challenge.Matthew's posts on increasing twitter followers, best use of email marketing are great with the BEST being How i built a Top 100 blog in 12 months.

Russell Lobo
Taurus Knight

Hi Matt, good afternoon. I really don't know how to thank you enough for helping me to increase my site traffic from 150 monthly visitors to 1217 visitors in the space of two weeks, and lowering my bounce rate from 89.56% to 79. 76%, I am really grateful Matt. Because I wasted my 8 months of blogging for nothing. But all of this changed when I subscribed to email newsletter.Thanks.

Daniel Chidera
School runs

Matt's tutorials are very detailed and are a fantastic resource.

Matt's tutorials are very detailed and are a fantastic resource. I like his approach to SEO and all is tips open my eyes and make me a better on my SEO trip. I like his passion for SEO and it's clear that he is a professional! so thank you Matt, and hope you will continue to help people like me:)

Refael Levi

Changed my fortunes around

Just wanted to give Matthew some props. He is doing things the right way and its easy to see why people come to him for help. I was stuck in IM for 8 months, never knowing what to do. I went to various sites, constantly looking, pleading for help and some direction.I've never been someone who is lazy, however being unsure of yourself has a way of making you look lazy. I was beginning to give up, but then I found Matthews site.Not going to lie, at first I was a bit overwhelmed. Tiered link building and article spinning seemed way beyond my grasp, but his videos helped me to understand much easier than I had expected. I had spent weeks learning to build a simple wordpress site, only getting pieces of information, but his videos were quick and easy. He really has a calling as a teacher.Anyways from there I made the jump, purchased some tools and haven't looked back. Plus you now have a nice circle of other SEO bloggers whom I was referred to through your site and they've been equally helpful. So just wanted to say thanks, he has a future fan for life.Sincerely,Robert Schmitz

Robert Schmitz
Cozy camo

You inspire me

I am following Matthew for several months now, and i can say for sure he know what it talks. I started implementing step by step all the tutorials and i am now getting good results. My blog is now monetized and I am very impressed as it is only 3 month old blog. Keep rocking Matthew!!

By far the best content on SEO

Matt's tutorials are amazing. I love his no BS approach. His posts are more detailed, hands-on and actionable than anything else out there. By far the best content on SEO I've ever consumed!

Claus Geissendoerfer

Affiliate marketer

Matthews website is one of the few marketing blogs I visit daily,why? Because his tutorials are insanely good,hell I have bought products for $100 that didn't come anywhere near the value he provides on his website. Plus he replies to the majority of comments on his blog which shows how committed he is to his readers.

Matt’s reviews have been invaluable to my business

Matt’s tutorials are without a doubt some of the best I have ever seen. I co-own a digital marketing agency, so have plenty of experience with SEO and online marketing. Matt delivers every time, he always provides new and exciting tips in his tutorials and his reviews have been invaluable in helping us choose software and services.Over the years I have come across many “experts” in the field who like to promote products and services, but this is never the case with Matt. He is one of the few genuine experts out there who will tell you how it is through straight-forward and easy to follow tutorials. Thank you Matthew for all your help! Please keep up the good work!

Ben Hawkshaw-Burn
Geeky Tech

Helped me get all of my keywords on page one

Matt's step-by-step tutorials are among the best in online marketing. Period. His SEO and link building strategies helped me get my site on page one of Google search for nearly all of my keywords.

Matthew Woodward is my go-to SEO guru

Matthew Woodward is my go-to SEO guru. His blog articles and videos provide some of the most detailed and actionable insights on SEO that I have ever come across. As someone who is fairly non-technical, I find his step-by-step tutorials super easy to follow and implement. In the past year, I've used Matthew's guides on link-building and on-page SEO to 2.5x organic traffic to my site... and it keeps on growing! Subscribe to his newsletter and channel, and make sure you read, listen and implement Matthew's insights. I guarantee you will see results!

Mark Whitman
Mountain IQ

I reach 50k uniques a month following your advice, Matt !!

There have been very few people in the SEO industry whose influence on me did so much to change my approach to SEO, affiliate marketing and creating great content.One of those special people is Matthew Woodward.His tutorials are easy to follow and replicate.I was able to get from zero to 50,000 uniques per month within 7 months of launching after following his advice.Thank you for the blog. I learned a lot from him over the years.

Anant Mendiratta
Workout Trends

Thanks Matthew for All Your Ideas

I am the owner of SEOviser ( Throughout my entire SEO journey, I learned a lot from Matthew, I read his blog posts regularly and try to apply the strategies in my practice.I want to mention two ideas here, Matthew's GSA tutorial was a great thing to me, along with his suggestion of using Kontent Machine. I used this 2 particular tools together along with some manual tactics, believe me I got huge success. Recently I ranked an Amazon niche website using only GSA and Kontent Machine. All credit goes to you my friend.Thank you so much Matthew for your helpful blog, wish you all the success in life and please write more posts so that we get better ideas on online marketing.

800,000+ visits per month and growing!!!

My wife and I run a niche site that was stuck at a traffic plateau over the last few years... Until I found Matthew's site and started following his SEO and Blogging tutorials earlier this year.In the last few months, we have increased our traffic to the 800,000+ visits per month mark and now are focused on blowing past the 1,000,000 monthly visits mark and beyond!Our niche is a small, obscure offshoot of the meditation space and most entrepreneurs are amazed when they find out how much traffic (and revenue) we do...But really, we are simply continuing to publish great content and optimize it (and our old content) based on Matthew's teachings and the results continue to amaze!Thanks mate! ...And here is a screenshot with year over year numbers to prove I'm not just taking a piss here...

Miles Beckler
Miles Beckler

You know how to crush the algorithm a far better way

Your actionable guide and research on marketing and SEO help me to grow my blog and business quickly. Though I have read a lot more guides which help me implement their tactics with yours.But you stand out of the crowd always. You out of the box ideas are really like wow!.I am following you from 2014 and that was my great year that I found your blog and you. Thanks for helping us and making the community more better.


Matt you have almost single handedly inspired, motivated, and guided me and my peers through a huge amount of projects and ideas - with your tutorials we are able to navigate those tasks with a much higher clarity than if we were to go with our own experiences.Your site is priceless to us, I want to say a huge thank you to you for your blog and everything you do for budding internetpreneurs.Regards,Sam @ Slick Web Solutions

Sam Cassidy
Slick Web Solutions

A blogging machine that pumps out extremely actionable tutorials

Mattew, you are a machine! Every time I'm looking for a guide or tutorial on how to do something I come to your site first. Your stuff is always extremely actionable and easy to understand an follow. Your site is one of the best resources on the internet and one of the very few that I frequent several times a week. Keep up the great work!

Best Free Training for Online Marketers

Matt provides comprehensive training that is easy to understand and implement for anyone trying to make money online. In an easy going manner, Matt's step-by-step instructions empower you to take action and get results.He is one of the very few marketers I follow religiously. Thanks Matt for all the great training and encouragement!

You helped me to grow my income

The consistently informative posts by Matt make growing my traffic much easier. It's helped me to focus my efforts and to grow my income.

Jonathan Bloor
Ariel Host

Great tutorials

I've been reading Matthew's blog for a few months now. I knew very little SEO to start with and have learned a lot from his tutorials in a short space of time.I actually employed an "SEO consultant" about a year ago who managed to produce precisely zero results for another website I run. He did this by outsourcing the creation of high quality links which actually turned out to be completely spammy links. And that was it, that was all he did. At the time I figured SEO was a complete waste of time but I started researching and eventually found Matthews blog.There's almost too much information here to be honest but it's all good stuff and occasionally when I get chance I reread posts to make sure I'm still doing what I set out to do.I'm working on a relatively new Magento site which is starting to go up in the rankings for my chosen keywords. All basic stuff - long tail keywords, regular blog posts, lots of images, lots of stuff for google to get excited about. I've literally (like 2 days ago) started ranking in google for a couple of major keywords, so obviously I'm quite impressed. But I feel like I'm still just scratching the surface.Cheers, Simon

Simon Denvers
Denvers Designs

These stuffs really works...I mean REALLY!

Matt love your videos and's completely fantabulous. The videos are so detailed and breaking down into step by step really helps a lot. You can hardly find such detailed honest video tutorials over the internet.One more this I love about Matt is how he shares everything in case studies. Those actually helped me in lot of ways before implementing any strategy.Keep up the good work Matt!

Sourav Saha

You upgraded my Career

Thanks, Matthew for helping me personally with my career. You have always helped me put my theoretical knowledge into practice. In fact the major part of core SEO I have learned from you and through your blogs. The video tutorials that you recently came out with was the major eye opener for me. Thanks for all the efforts you put in making those videos so easy to understand. Hope to see the same kind of value within your blogs always.

Matthew is one of the most helpful people

Matthew is without doubt one of the most useful and helpful people I have ever come across in this game.His level of commitment to his readers is immense and I recently asked a him a question in a comment thread about a post he wrote several years ago, and still received a prompt reply with updated information!However the stand out thing for me is the level of detail he goes into when either reviewing something or in an advice post that really sets him apart.This guy puts in a lot of effort for his readers and for that I am hugely grateful.

Harry Bloom
Harry Vs Internet

How My Brand New Blog Received Traffic I Never Dreamed of Following Matt's Advice

I read Matthews blog post about building your site with no backlinks and consistently commenting in various forums.Took his advice and joined the most active forum on FB regarding Teespring sales---Teespring Masterclass.I reached out to the moderator and most active member to ask if I could run a case study on the board. They accepted my proposal and when my first blog post hit my traffic skyrocketed.Here is my traffic for the first few weeks from March 13th 2014:Unique Visitors 563Pageviews 2,227Pages / Visit 3.02Not too shabby for a few week old blog!I've never even gotten that high of traffic paying for it or with SEO.Thanks again for the valuable advice!Regards,MASSMAN in Boston

Scott Masse aka
Niche Addictions

Honest guidance with nowt taken out ...

Matt's tutorials are a fantastic resource - always very clear and easy to follow. I love the way the income reports tell you exactly how you're making money from his subscribers - the internet would be a poorer place without Matthew Woodward!

Dunlop Web

I started implementing all the tutorials step by step and now I am getting good results!

I have been following Matthew for several months now, and I can say to make sure he knows what he talks about. I started implementing all the tutorials step by step and now I am getting good results. My blog is now monetized and I am very impressed because it is only 3 months old blog. Rocking Matthew !!

Breath of fresh air

This is just a note to say thank you very much for all the information Matthew has provided on this website. I have been doing web design, development and Seo for a number of years.The information that Matthew gives away on his site has helped from the most basic to advanced and a springboard for either putting straight into action or further reading.The problem like many of us out searching for the best methods in SEO, we have bought information products, waded through tons of tutorials online to get the best nuggets of information. To have a website that delivers this in a structured way, with the resources, videos, write-ups, is a breath of fresh air and mostly, saves a boat load of time.Yes, there are other people online providing this type of information, but Matthews delivers the information in a straightforward manner, what works and what doesn't and the site feels like there is a more personal approach.Even if the approaches are to make a little bit of supplementary income or to provide SEO services to clients, his site information delivers this extremely well.I think it is also important for all your site readers to understand the amount of work that you put into the site and that other providers will charge you for the same information. Again, thanks a lot for your time and effort.regards,Dave.


Matthew helped me so much that my traffic grew up by 80% within one month.

I started Reading Matthew's Blog and OMG the guides are amazing. It helped me so much that my traffic grew up by 80% within one month. Matthew's Blog has always helped me in a difficult condition. His all the guides are awesome. keep The good work going ;)

Darshan Nagekar

Principal Architect

You need not be an SEO guru to follow Matthew's guidance or articles or tutorials , it is well thought through - step by step , bite sized to implement. Being a bootstrapped SaaS company , we were fortunate to be connected and our SEO results speak by itself and growing exponentially. Thanks Matt!!

Nazar Abdul

I consider Matt as the only source to find the best SEO tutorials online.

I do consider Matt as the only source to find the best SEO tutorials online. In fact, they are practical guides that help the newbies and professionals alike. Thanks so much for your valuable contribution. A wiki on its own way.

Hands Down, The Best SEO Tutorials Online

Without a doubt, Matt's tutorials are the best I have every seen. I have a lot of experience online and earn a very healthy living in my own field of SEO but Matt takes it to another level with his teachings. Whenever I need to buy a new tool, I always nip back to Matt's site and purchase via his links because of the work he puts in to the blog and the value he provides.I have referred a lot of my personal friends to Matts blog and some of those are also starting to make a living in SEO now. I don't think Matt realizes just how popular he has become...I'm spreading the word over here in Asia!Thanks a lot for all your hard work Matt!Best regardsBarryinSiam

Barry Page

Matthew can always add to my arsenal

As a professional who knows SEO front and back I am always (pleasantly) surprised to find out there is something new that Matthew can add to my arsenal!

Tara L. Jacobsen

Your site is one of the best resources on the internet.

Matthew, you are an SEO God! Every time I'm looking for a guide or tutorial on how to do something on my website, I come to your site first. Your article is always actionable and easy to understand and follow. Your site is one of the best resources on the internet. After I started following your tips my blog traffic is rapidly increasing. I don't know how to thank you :)

Rahul Kumar Singh

Thank you Matt for your tutorials!

Thank you, Matt, for your tutorials! I initially faced some problems in converting my visitors into customers. My conversion rate was 1 out of 2000 visits. I placed cleared call to action words along with using different colors and now I am converting 1 visitor after every 1250 traffic. Keep going!

David Eberhrdt

SEO Superstar!

I've been dipping my toe into the affiliate marketing world for a couple of years, without much success... Then I found Matthew's site and my world was flipped upside down! The advice is current, detailed and on point. Not only that, but it's provided in a way that even a complete novice (like myself) can understand and use. I've learnt more in the last few months from ready Matthew's articles than I have in the past couple of years. This URL is saved as a favourite and isn't going anywhere! Thank you, you've literally transformed my outlook on SEO and the importance of it!!

Kevin Hodges
Crazy Gain Fitness

Craig Campbell SEO

Matthew is a chap I have taken a lot of inspiration from, I have been in the SEO industry for 16 years now and started out as a freelancer working from home to building my own agency and being successful with that.As an SEO I always want to learn more and see what others are up to, so Matt is someone I've followed, he was working smart, doing things a little different from the average SEO and was travelling the world doing his stuff, whilst I was sat grafting running an agency and had all the stress under the sun.Seeing Matt, how he worked, how he made money from affiliate marketing, his PBN course and all of that stuff just made a lot of sense to me.Now it's easier to sit and say someone inspired you, I was inspired enough to bin my agency and thought I would go down a similar route to Matt, speaking at seminars, raising my profile, offering training and making myself known to other people in the industry.Matt has put a lot of time into the blog and deserves praise for being one of the go to guys in the world of SEO if you want to see how SEO really works.

When it comes to AUTHENTICITY, I only read articles from Matthew

I have been in this SEO industry for more than 9 years now but still, I keep on learning new things every day. As we all know there is a lot of information available on the internet on every topic but when it comes to AUTHENTICITY, I only read articles of Matthew and Brian Dean. I have learned a lot and Matthew income reports were my inspiration to start my own blog and today I’m running my own SEO Company

Navneet Singh
SEO Company

Thanks for all the great articles!

I have been an avid reader of your blog for many months; I enjoy the income reports and it has helped me build out my own blog to generate me five figures in passive income per month. Blogging really works, and the way you showed to structure guides and share information led me down the path to do the same thing! Thanks a lot for your great work Matthew; I hope to meet you at one of the Internet Marketing conferences in the near future!

Content Strategy

Woodward has a unique spin on everything, from niche selection to all things search optimization. His newsletter is the only one I actually look forward to reading. I've only been a reader for a few months, and I've already had my mind blown at least a dozen times.Insert animated gif here ;) --great stuff Matthew!

Mike Hulleman
Hobo with a Laptop

See How Matthew Helped Me Make 5x More Money With My Site

Believe me it makes much more sense to improve conversion than building links. First, it’s easier. Second, there is no risk getting penalized by google.This is opening many doors for me. For example, with a 1% conversion rate, I was not able to get adwords traffic to be profitable for my site but now it probably will. That means it is giving me another source of traffic: Even more profit.I am also expecting to receive some love from Google for all the things I changed on my site, so it should make the link building part easier now.It’s so easy to forget that link building is just one part of an internet marketing strategy.ThanksPierre

Your teachings resulted in higher ranking and more income from my websites.

Matthew,This is how your blog helped me to grow.1: One of the first steps I followed was to update an old post with new/fresh content that is better than the post from a competitor. 2: You have convinced me to invest in Ahrefs this month. 3: Better internal linking to control juice flow going to the right page and with the right keywords to improve ranking. (still working on this post by post) 4: Setting up PBN's the right way with the course you have on that subject. 5: Using the right keywords in backlinks.These are just a few things I learned from your tutorials and case studies. I can make this list a lot longer. Amazing that you give away all this information for free! Other so-called 'experts" would charge a small fortune for this information.This all resulted in higher ranking and more income from my websites.Learning new things is not so easy anymore now I am in my 60's compared to when I was younger, but your way of explaining things makes it pretty easy for me to understand.Please keep them coming. I go back to them on a regular basis and have bookmarked most of them.Edward van Aken

Edward van Aken
Lbl Internet Marketing

Great Things Were Learned!

I read so much of your content and I can tell you I learned so much from you. My website and social media performance have exploded. Before I was like a puppy lost in the dark. Now with your help and great content I know exactly what needs to be done, how and when. Thank you. I will continue to follow your great advice

Matthew has helped me grow traffic and revenue

This is my go-to blog for actionable SEO guides and walkthroughs! Matthew has helped me grow traffic and revenue from organic search for both client websites, as well as my own websites. I can't thank you enough!

Mathias Ahlgren

I have grown my blogs using your case studies and tutorials.

Matt, your tutorials are always fantastic. I have grown my blogs using your case studies and tutorials. It was always wonderful and actionable advice.The best part is, I was learning while I started my blogs and still continue to do so. It is a perfect fit for everyone, whether one is a beginner, intermediate or even an expert. Can't wait to go through your next one. Thanks

Navin ✍️
Navin Rao

Matt gave me the platform to help grow my business

Matt is without doubt one of the smartest cookies in the box. His detailed tutorials and passion for perfection has given me the platform to help grow my business!

Stuart Jewson
Malaga Travel Guide

Your advice helped me get 30,000 visitors per month

I would never expect that your advice could really help me increasing my search engine traffic rank. I am sceptical at first but my site was able to go to another level where I get 30,000 unique visit per month in just 5 months. The best part is that your advice and tutorial is easy to follow.

Arieon Sumber

Matthew offers great training in a well laid out manner with an easy-to-understand approach.

I usually don't write testimonials but I just found myself doing that today. I think it's because of the great strides Matthew has helped me make. I came across his SEO services back in 2017, and when I decided to get into affiliate marketing, I decided to follow his course. All I would say is that he offers great training in a well laid out manner. Plus he uses an easy-to-understand approach. I am just getting started in putting the skills I've learned through his courses to use. Thanks so much Matthew!

James Kerry
Fit Smart You

Matthew is one of the true legends when we talk about SEO experts.

I found the best SEO tutorials & practical guidesI am a big follower of Matthew for a long time. SEO is not a theory to read and understand. It is all about learning from practical experiments. That is the reason, Matthew's blog is unique. This blog has plenty of awesome practical SEO case studies, from where anyone can learn SEO gradually. There are many SEO experts, but Matthew is one of the true legends when we talk about SEO expert. If you want to learn everything about advanced SEO, then Matthew's blog is the only place to sharpen your SEO skills.

Santanu Debnath
Blogging Joy

I have increased traffic to my blog

I have been applying my learnings from Matthew Woodard for the past 6 months. As a result, I have increased traffic to my blog and social media sites. Matthew's YouTube tutorials are also fantastic!!

Mia Martin
Events For Less

Information that others would charge you many $$$ for

Matthew is one of the very few internet marketers who would tell you NO BS AT ALL. His blog posts are full of free information, information that others would charge you many $$$ to get access to. If you're just starting out SEO or IM in general, his blog is the very first you should read. I've been following him for over 1 year now and I couldn't be happier.

Matthew helped us make hundreds of thousands of dollars

Matthew Woodward's advice and insight is always spot on. My business has literally made hundreds of thousands of dollars (and our clients have as well!) thanks to his advice. Our company has greatly benefited from his blog and we look forward to each post. Keep up the great work!

Andrew Stickel
Social Firestarter

Best Internet Marketing Strategies

Exactly on 4/4/14, I joined Matt's newsletter to get a blogging guide and the journey started for me. Though I was in blogging from 2013, I wasn't able to find a complete guide for successive blogging. Once I found Matt, I never missed any emails from him. I visited all the posts in his blog (trust me, people, it's true) and learned a lot.I quit my corporate job and started full-time blogging recently. Within a few months, I started making passive four figure income monthly just by following all his tutorials and recommended tools. I suggest Matthew to the core for anyone who wants to start blogging :)

Mohan Raj

Its refreshing to have a 100% ethical, honest & knowledgeable leader to learn from

Matt, I love your attention to detail and straight-shooting nature. It is a well known fact that due to the massive potential income, plus the draw card of working anywhere, that many 'shady' people are drawn to our industry.It is super refreshing to have a 100% ethical, honest and knowledgeable leader to learn from. Keep it up, you are an example of what is good in our industry.

Colin Klinkert

SEO Expert Here

Matthew Woodward is a true value giver. He does way more free teaching and content than he ever does selling. This is rare indeed in the affiliate marketing space. Matthew Woodward is an A+ Marketer.

Beyond useful

Matthew these tutorials and lessons are beyond useful. They are inspirational to see such professionalism.I have learnt a lot and am able to bring a lot of value to my clients because of a lot of things I have learnt from his blog.Please keep it up! I would be SO sad if your blog ever dissapeared!Love your work! Keep it up!Cheers! Devi

Devi the Web Guy
Devi the Web Guy

No Catch, No upsell, Just great help and useful advice.

'in an over-abundance of look-alike products, gotchya's and me-too-seo services, it can be near impossible, just to understand the basics, let alone make sense in an industry that keeps its techniques close, and useful information closer.Matthew has a great understanding of the real world and the not so easy to understand SEO world, an he combines these into a language that's easy to understand, no nuisance, need to know only information, from the basics through to technical and the advanced.Matthew patiently takes you through a not so easy world an outlays core fundamentals, key work practices and showcases industry leading software how to's.Matthews a great case for, if you want to rank your blog really well, while being the best and demonstrate you're a industry leader in progressive SEO & successful in helping people... be really super great and useful at exactly that.Matthew Woodward is great...'

Actual tips that you can use and implement and sometimes even see results within a few days!

I've been doing seo for 10+ years and i constantly check your blog for new tips and tricks. Some of the web 2.0 stuff was new to me and i have incoperated it into my seo strategy for my clients. Along with blog outreach it has allowed me to not only rank my website but also many of my clients websites increasing their sales in some cases by 10x. Great blog, not theory like some others. Actual tips that you can use and implement and sometimes see results within a few days. Thanks Matthew. Keep up the good work. Ricky, managing director of weeare.


Setting new standards in IM!

First off I need to say a very big THANK YOU for the absolutely fantastic and insightful blog. Matthew has taught me and continues to teach me so much on a daily basis. Every post from him is like a gift that has to be opened and consumed instantly!When I started out in this industry I was hitting all of the usual sites and forums, eating up as much as I could until I got to the point where I looked back and just couldn't make out what was real and what was not. I didn't even know who to listen to or follow anymore.And then it all changed when I came across Matthews blog.After reading his posts, tutorials and reviews I've finally conquered so many obstacles that I've had in the past. His tutorials have highlighted many of the things I was doing wrong and has shown me what I need to focus on and how to go about putting my blog and IM campaigns together from start to finish.His blog has pushed me into that higher level and I'm now ranking more efficiently than ever, my lists are growing and my endeavours are actually paying off!I'm now running with the products he reviews and recommends and following the right set of instructions from a real pillar in the industry. His endorsements really carry weight and I appreciate the time and effort he has gone through putting the posts together and revealing his secrets.I'm excited for a fantastic future and turning the mundane into something exciting and real.Thanks for becoming my IM mentor.Matthew Fritz

Opportunity to work for myself

I know Matthews site serves as his income and he gets financial reward through it, but I just wanted to say a sincere thank you for his content.I'm currently an agency based SEO that specialises in technical SEO for large companies, typically the sites I am working with have massive authority (PR 7-8) and I just need to restructure and improve content to achieve rankings.Matthews site has opened another side of SEO to me that I knew existed but looked down upon. Because of his content I have begun exploring and experimenting at ranking fresh sites. Through building links and creating fantastic unique content. I now have Adsense and Amazon focused sites that are supplementing my income nicely.My plan is to keep this process going until I can work for myself full time. The best part is that I am helping people out as I go and this is even leading to out of hours consultation work and recommendations.Thanks again, his website that I came across by chance has enabled me to build upon my technical knowledge gained through my career and given me the opportunity to work for myself.Thanks,

Tom Blackshire

Going from confused to understanding

I come from the music industry where trade secrets are not shared unless you know that person for many years and even then they may never help you improve yourself. I mean who takes their time to show strangers what they’ve learned and ask you to ride along with them so that you can learn as well, no one really does that. I have created my own videos to help others and I know how much work goes into just making one of these videos.Matts videos have helped me rank my website to page 1 many times and I cannot thank him enough for that extra help. We have spoken numerous times through email and he never asked for anything but always offered suggestions. I had an understanding about spinning articles but when I watched his Advance Article Spinning video it answered my entire spinning question. His videos are gold and if people are just learning how to do SEO his blog should be the first site they should visit before they do anything else. If people have any questions about how to rank a website they need to watch his Tier Link Building Videos and they will be off to a great start.Thank you for everything Matt, I cannot thank you enough for the Tiered Link Building videos. Also I am still ranking my website thanks to you. :)Sincerely,Jose Espana

Dreams Do Come True!

From nowhere in the last 6 months to converting few of my sites into money making properties is something that I have learn't from Matthew's blog.I am very sure this wouldn't have been possible otherwise.The techniques he explains in his tutorials/posts are invaluable. Implementing them into your businesses will definitely change things around if you have patience and focus. Thanks Matt! Keep spreading the Love :)

Nirav Dave
Capsicum Mediaworks

A better understanding of SEO

I'm a freelance webmaster and when I discovered Matthews video it totally blew my mind. I purchased Rank Tracker and all the package he offers on the website and it changed EVERYTHING for me!It took a while and a little effort to apply all of his strategies to the website I was working on but it was really worth it. The company I was working for will double its income this year and now they're planning on hiring 3 more people because orders on their site have increased in a way they couldn't hope for in the first place (it was a 2 person company back in March, now they're 5 and it's not enough today).So in a nutshell, his tips and tutorials made a big difference for me. His strategies on link-building and content generation allowed me to increase trafic on my client's moneysite in a way that I couldn't imagine and I'm working as a SEO consultant in France now.And it's all thanks to Matthew Woodward!I'm planning to get more stuff from his site so please, don't quit :)Best regardsCharles

Charles Annoni


Hello. I am in the process of learning the best methods for bringing people to our website and to learn about our project.What we do is a bit off the beaten of those odd-ball niches that appeals to a specific type of person.This person seems to be from most any demographic.Having said that, there are certain parts of the global community that will more readily engage with our content.What Mr. Woodward has helped me to do is define more clearly how to stimulate the imagination of the people who do find their way to our website.This is very important to anyone who is online and wants to connect with prospective new clients and customers.What I can point out to you is how Mr. Woodward (Matthew) really gets clear about how to bring people BACK to your to keep people interested and curious enough to return...and go deeper.My personal recommendation is that if you want to make real progress in your online projects...invest the time and money to work with Mr. Woodward.Here's the thing: There are plenty of mentors out there. And some are really, really good. They will give you the keys to the kingdom.And then there is Matthew Woodward. I know it sounds a bit corny...but he is different. How? Sincerity. Honesty. Clarity....and dare I say it, WISDOM.Okay, last thing...take him seriously, and study what he teaches you...and most of all---APPLY what you learn.All the Best, Robert Farmilo

I wish I had found this blog a year ago!

I wish I had found this blog a year ago!I followed all the expert SEO tips from around the web but nothing helped.A couple of months ago I found this site and I am amazed by the outcome. With so many amazing tips on SEO, it's a great place to learn SEO. I see my blog DA and PA has improved in the last couple of months after following tips shared in this blog.Thank a lot for sharing this kind of valuable knowledge and appreciate your support. I would highly recommend a newbie to land on this blog instead of wasting time and dollars elsewhere.


My SEO expertise has reached a new level.

Matthew, first of all, you should keep on publishing new articles/tutorials and case studies. Your tutorials and cases studies are so helpful for a newbie as well as someone delving deep inside the SEO field. I came to know about your site through a newsletter. Since then, my SEO expertise had reached a new level. One of your articles "The 7-day E-commerce SEO Strategy" was mindblowing. I had just finished reading your article and within a few days, I got a new project from my client to rank his E-commerce site with no visibility at all in SERPs. Here, your article helped me nail the project with finesse and accuracy. Within one and a half month his site started ranking for 5-6 Keywords on the first page of the Google and standing next to his close competitors. Your SEO Ranking Case Study about SEO audit was awesome. Same goes for SEO Tools and Reviews. Please carry on the great work :)

Jawahar Kaushal

I expect my site traffic to increase three fold thanks to Matthews advice

Matthew has always been a shining light in all the confusion surrounding SEO. I enjoy the clarity and in depth analysis of all your posts.. Your recent list of the top 2019 Google ranking factors helped me immensely to know I was on the right track and answered a lot of questions I had. Also, the post about your own site revamp taught me a few invaluable tips. I discovered that my site sped on mobile was extremely low and was able to double it by optimizing images and turning on lazy load. I expect my site traffic to increase three fold thanks to your advice.

Larry Rogers
Sparkle Appliance

Over 3.5k likes on Facebook in 2 weeks!

After reading Matt's article "How to find influencers to promote your content", it inspired me to try and get some of the most popular bodybuilders in the world to share my new blog - an easy task, considering many don't even reply to their fans comments. Using the tips Matt outlined in the article, in the first 2 weeks of my site being live I was able to get 2 of the most popular bodybuilders in the world to share different articles from my site! This resulted in over 3.5k likes and many positive comments about my blog over social media! Thank you Matt :)

Erny Peibst
Are They on Steroids

A part of where I am today is down to the unmatched actionable content and tutorials on this blog.

I have been a regular reader of Matthew's blog since around 2014 when I got my first job at a marketing agency. With regular reading here, plenty of action with trial and error and many years later and I now have my own successful business. I have to say that a big part of being where I am today is down to the unmatched actionable content and tutorials on this blog. Thanks Matthew!

Marty Rogers
Lead Peep

Matthew's tutorials are outstanding

Matthew's tutorials are outstanding. He is operating at a higher level than most of us and is generous enough to show the rest of us how he solves difficult technical issues. When his emails arrive, it is a guaranteed 100% open.

The blog I use for Matthew's strategy got a lot of traffic (and organic backlinks for bonus)

Long time ago I read your post about 'how to find and engage your target audience online', and then I decide to try it. I build a blog, put some nice, evergreen content on it, and use your strategy. The result is so great! The blog I use for this strategy got a lot of traffic (and organic backlinks for bonus). Even after years, some of my content still in "sticky thread' in the forums I use to engage my target audience, and still bring me around 15-30k visitor/month. From that time until now, I use this as my first strategy for driving traffic to my websites. Matt, thanks for sharing!

Irvan Taufik

I use your "How to build (steal) your SEO strategy in minutes" to easily tackle competitor keyword research

I have been using your "How to build (steal) your SEO strategy in Minutes" templates and tools, to quickly and easily tackle competitor keyword research and take all of their backlinks and outrank anyone else in the SERP's. This method of finding easy wins and getting "high volume/traffic" gems into your organic strategy has been a killer process. I use it for all my clients now to quickly get a leg up on the competition and WIN! Making serious bank with this method!

Chris Labbate

Always Useful Advice

I can't remember how I came across Matthew's website, but I am so glad I did. I always feel that Matthew is giving me the best advice without any strings attached. Unlike many 'experts' I never feel like I am being pushed towards buying the latest product. He is one of the few people whose emails I always open and feel the content is straight forward and worth a read.

If you are a Wordpress blogger, you must follow Matt.

Thank you Matt. I always read all of your blog posts. I have learnt all my SEO techniques from your articles. If you are a Wordpress blogger, you must follow Matt. I love the way you encourage new bloggers and always reply to our questions. Keep up the good work!

Ravi Singh

I learn more from your for free than paid membership programs

Well Matthew, I cancelled a lot of paid services, such as Wealthy Affiliate, recently because I found out that I was learning waaay more from your tutorial for FREE than what I was getting from these paid membership services.

Alvin B
Earn & Travel

Highly Dedicated

Matthew is one of the best Internet marketer and blogger I ever met. Besides, he is highly dedicated to all his readers which made him a trusted and helpful friend of all his blog readers.

MSI Sakib

Best YouTube Tutorials Ever!

I went through Matt's YouTube lessons step-by-step and followed his advice religiously. Putting my trust in his lessons has TRANSFORMED my channel.Since applying what I've learned, YouTube has noticed my channel ( and assigned me a content rep to help grow my audience this quarter strictly based on the fact that I'm following best practices... and those are Matt's practices.I really can't take credit for my channel without mentioning this blog. Thanks Matt!

Nick Olynyk
Junior Hockey Truth

One of the best Well Researched Case Studies

To be frank, I was really impressed by the social reach of MatthewWoodWard and that's when I decided to check the website. There was an article which had a blueprint of creating a profitable business within 90 days which was pretty useful.All the other resources helped me to scale my monthly income up to $5000 USD.

Shrivant S

Thanks so much

I have my email program notify me as soon as I get an email from you. There are only three other IM/SEO folks for whom I have notifications set that way.I especially look forward to your tutorials. They are always exceptionally enlightening.Your tutorial titled "Advanced Article Spinning Techniques With The Best Spinner" is by far the best tutorial on that subject anywhere on the internet. It is a God send.I sure hope you keep them coming!Thanks so much for all you do to help us.


Super SEO Tutorials

Always look forward to hands-on practical tips from Mathew. His SEO Strategies have been very helpful.

Thank you

I just wanted to let you know how much your tutorials and guides have helped me not only in my personal life but also when doing business with other organisations.I have already recommended your website to a few colleagues of mine, thank you to Mathew and your team.

Jonathon Devitt
Indian Catering

Matthew's SEO Tricks Always Helped

I am always looking for latest posts by Matthew as they always helped me to improve my organic traffic and rankings in Google. He always comes up with some new stuff..

Andrew Patrick

Outstanding resource and awesome articles!

As said many peoples before, Matt provides comprehensive training that is easy to understand and implement for anyone trying to make money online. Furthermore, linkbuilding articles and SEO tutorials are awesome! Your tutorials really helped me to rank and get links from the niche sites.Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

SERP checker

Recently I was able to rank over 750,000 high volume keywords leading to a $50 million dollar investment!

Matthew, been following your blog for literally YEARS. Thanks for always making me a better SEO.My most recent large SEO project has ranked over 750,000 high volume keywords! It led to growth that fed a $50 million dollar investment.Thanks again.

Mark Cuda
Director Of Sales

My personal favorite is "12x Incredible Link Building Strategies For 2019"

Matt and his blog have helped me in two ways. First, I learned that Google is not some benevolent, God-like machine that wants nothing else but to help me- the honest webmaster. No, they're a business and think about themselves only, And I need to accept that. Second I realized that I too should behave like a business and think about my site only. Meaning, I will do things that benefit my site and grow my traffic, regardless of what someone at Google might think and say. So I learned to put my business first and to be bold with my actions. So thank you Matt. That change in thinking alone sped up my growth so much. Where to start if you're new here? If this is your first time on Matthew's blog I recommend you start with the posts on the right sidebar Those are Matt's flagship guides, and my personal favorite is "12x Incredible Link Building Strategies For 2019" P.S,Make sure you pick ONLY 3 link building strategies :) P.P.S. You'll understand the joke once you read the guide. Cheers:)

Great Guides

I discovered Matthew tutorials a few days ago and I can't stop watching them. I am learning now more than in the last two years. I wish I found it earlier.

I have learned so many helpful strategies through his comprehensive blog articles.

On Jan 18th, 2017, I subscribed to Matthew's newsletter. I have never missed a single email and I'm always curious to read his news updates. He is such a great guy who has a wide knowledge of blogging and SEO. I have learned so many helpful strategies through his comprehensive blog articles which have helped me a lot to write and optimize content. He is a great inspiration to start my WordPress niche blog and it is growing well. I would like to thank him for sharing his in-depth knowledge which helps all bloggers like me.


When it comes to internet marketing, Matthew is my go-to guy.

When it comes to internet marketing, Matthew is my go-to guy.I am so lucky that I found his website and learn so many things. With the help of Matthew’s blog, I able to start my first online business.His content is easy to read and super actionable.Thank you Matthew, for your AWESOME tutorial. Keep it up.

Mahmudul Hasan
Smart Money Insight

No nonsense it is!

As an affiliate marketeer myself I think that this blog is a hidden gem. After I spend hours listening to some of the worse webinars in affiliate marketing history, I stumbled upon Matt's blog and it was a blessing from heavens. Tons of practical information. Easy to understand guides. Superior articles. And most importantly, this information is totally FREE. What a time to be alive

Best Tutorials on Internet Marketing

Matthews tutorials have been very helpful to me to improve my SEO skills. There is a lot of information available on the web about SEO and most of the time it is very confusing. His tutorials are of great help to me to get rid of those confusions. I really appreciate his efforts. Keep up the good work. All the Best!Thanks, Dr Venkatesh Pai

Dr Venkatesh Pai
Gift Ideas for kids

You're Best Matt

To be honest I'm your super fan Matt, I read all your blogs and also learned a lot from them. The best thing about your updates is they are already tested by your own. You almost done the research and experiment part for all the SEOs. I'm in online marketing since 2 years and you're the person I'm following along with Neil Patel and Brian Dean. Thanks for Everything Matt. ;)

Shivam Kumar
Shivam Kumar Linkedin

Private Blog Network Training

I would like to say a big thank you to Matthew for sharing his knowledge is such an easy and professional way. I've signed up for a PBN training and must say that was one of the best decisions made. Yes, there is a lot and I mean a lot of work involved the but results are well worth it. Well recommended.

I have implemented this in my blog & got immense success.

Hello Matthew I came to know about you when I was searching for GSA SEO tool guide for a beginner. Wonderful guide indeed! I checked out other posts on your blog. I am really impressed by the efforts you put behind a single post. You always write according to user intent, I have implemented this in my blog & got immense success. I cannot thank you enough for making this blog so resourceful, that is also for free. Thank you again. More success to you!

Varun Paatani

Value out the

Matthew Woodward is a true value giver. He does way more free teaching and content than he ever does selling. This is rare indeed in the affiliate marketing space. Dude is an A+ Marketer. Oh and if he is selling a course you bet it's worth every penny.

I was able to double the organic traffic on my own websites

Hi Matthew. Thank you for always sharing your ideas with us. I am a regular reader of your blog for a long time. When my blog top ranking then I read your article on how to improve my ranking in search engines and followed all the guidelines accordingly. After a few days, I got the position. Really your online articles are easy to follow and understand. I was able to double the organic traffic on my own websites. Thank you very much Matthew.

Andrew Martin
Blue Tree Web

I've learnt professional SEO, I've got important backlinks and above all, I've increased traffic to my website

To receive a Matthew Woodward tutorial in your mailbox is to be completely sure that you will read something that you cannot find elsewhere. Applying his successful techniques can take marketing to a higher level and work differently than our competitors do. Making use of some of your methods, I've learned professional SEO, I've got important backlinks and above all, I've increased traffic to my website.

Tommy Banks

Read everything

It’s becoming tougher and tougher to rank for popular keywords and phrases on Google. Using on-site SEO used to be enough for most websites. I have ranked exact match websites merely with on-site SEO and great content. But, it’s gotten to the point where that’s not enough to keep you at the top of page one.You must engage Google with a plethora of different ways to keep the traffic flowing. From secret PBN’s to PPC to Social Media to Guest posting to going 100% SSL.It just gets harder for budding website owners to start a business online. Marketing experts like Matthew Woodward are not shy in sharing a wide variety of information for free to everyone.My advice, if you want to create a website and earn money. Read every article, watch every video and learn everything you can from Matthew and other great marketers.

James Harkin

Matthew's tutorials are amazing

Matthew's tutorials are amazing, my subscription to my newsletter surprisingly increased after following his advice and the sale of my products too! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

Robert Novelo

Easy To Implement Game-Changing Information

I have closely been following Matthew's Information ever since we started an SEO company back in the day.We follow his tactics, recommended software and strategy for our customers and they are delighted.Always a step ahead, simple to understand, easy to implement and you when you take action, you start seeing results.Many times people undervalue information that is freely available. What Matthew generously shares on his blog is literally a "Gold Mine" of Information..

Gaurav Gurbaxani
Online Business Organization


I find myself coming back to Matthew's website over and over. His content is thorough, easy to digest, and timely. His email list is one of my few subscriptions. I find it extremely helpful and not salesy at all which I hate. Matthew produces a ton of free content that is just top-notch. I aspire to be like him as a creator and business person.

Record SEO traffic to my ecommerce store ever since I applied Matthew's information.

Matt is easily one of my favorite go-to sources for information for anything SEO related. His content and training on backlinks have been a big eye-opener and I also enjoyed his "SEO for ecommerce stores" training course. While I have learned a lot of what I know from Matt regarding Wordpress SEO, the e-com side of things was a challenge but I'm glad to say that I've been having record SEO traffic to my ecom store ever since I applied his information (starting just a few months ago).Well done Matthew and thank you for all your great work.

Christian Lee

Digital Storyteller

There's only a handful of websites that I'll return to time and time again without being prompted. There's even less that I've racked up countless hours browsing and taking notes from. Matthew's website is one of the few digital properties that consistently delivers easy to absorb tutorials that you can successfully adopt into your own digital strategy – A1!

My client's websites have increased their sales in some cases by 10x

I have watched several of Matthews videos and look forward to viewing many more. I have happily made sure that Mathew's emails go straight to my important inbox in my email, because the learning is phenomenal. My client's websites increasing their sales in some cases by 10x. Great blog, not theory like some others. I have found ALL the information Matthew provides to be invaluable and FREE Thank you for his help in helping our new business become a success.

Muhammad Abdullah

All my indicators doubled, traffic increased, and those pages that I couldn’t promote began to occupy the first places!

All positions of my site have gone up. Since 2017, I have been actively engaged in SEO promotion, I simply have tons of information of a different nature, I used a lot of strategies that didn't bring any results, which only brought me negative emotions. But soon I stumbled onto a Matthew's tutorials and my eyes opened, I used only a couple of strategies and all my indicators doubled, traffic increased, and those pages that I couldn’t promote began to occupy the first places. In general, if you need to promote your site, then Matt is the one you need.

Alex Porubay

Matthew helps me to build high authority backlinks for my blog.

Matthew helps me to build high authority backlinks for my blog.I heartily recommend Matthews blog, for anyone who wants to learn SEO and link building. He is extremely knowledgeable in the SEO industry and I have been following his blog for the last 4 years. I love the way he explains SEO tutorial and case studies!


Matthew "The Real Deal" Woodward

With Matthew here you only get real and proven techniques that really do work.No BS! Matthew is the real deal.His experience and expertise will lead you to achieving your online goals easier and quicker because he knows what he's talking about and has his own website success to prove it.

Louie Luc
Buzz Nitrous

Matthew is the only guy who can help you achieve the desired goals

I've subscribed to many newsletters to get the best knowledge about Blogging business but none of them were working for me. Then I found / and my traffic grew. He introduces you with the tools which can actually work for you, and those which are available in cheap. I am not earning the money now, but I believe that soon I'll be. Guys, believe me, Matthew is the only guy who can help you achieve the desired goals. Follow him if you haven't yet, I bet you will not regret it.

Kiran Laxman Nalawade

Increased SEO visibility by over 2,000%

Matt's tutorials have helped me immensely. I handle the internet marketing strategy for a major furniture retailer who when I first took them on had suffered badly at the hands of Panda's and Penguin's!!!I found myself turning to Matt's advice throughout the process of penalty recovery and during the process of re-increasing SEO visibility which has now increased by over 2000%!!Many thanks to Matthew for sharing his knowledge of the subjects , his advice in second to none.

I managed to increase the organic traffic of my website by 300%

You have proved that SEO is very alive even in 2018 Following your strategy, I managed to increase the organic traffic of my website by 300% in a very competitive niche, in just six months. At the same time the ROI has doubled, and now I can say that the website has become a real asset in my portofolio.

Darius Savin
AEN News

My success with SEO is all thanks to you!

Matthew - my success with SEO is all thanks to you! Your SEO tutorials have helped me to rank my online businesses and get links from hundreds of authority websites. I find myself always coming back to your actionable link building tips and tutorials as there's always some new tactic or angle that I can add to my link building arsenal! You rock!

Lisa Sanovski

Excellent Do-able Information

Matthew, your regular articles have helped me improve my site SEO, link building and rankings. I'm dependent on this site for supplementary income and implementing your advice is helping me to do that. I like the fact that what you share is do-able by ordinary small web business entrepreneurs like me. You are an expert in your field and give so much help for free.

This Site Should at the Top of Everyones SEO Bookmarks

I was a complete newvbie when I started to learn SEO. Mathew Woodward offers some of the best tutorials in the industry. I purchased my first copy of Scrape Box and GSA SER on this site. Not only do you receive a discount when you purchase through him you learn how to effectively use the tools. If you want to take your SEO and income to the next level, this site should be at the top of your bookmark list.

Rod Collins
Legal Steroid Reviews

I do consider Matt as the only source to find the best SEO tutorials online.

I do consider Matt as the only source to find the best SEO tutorials online. In fact, they are practical guides that help the newbies and professionals alike. Thanks so much for your valuable contribution. A wiki on its own way.I have watched several of Matthews videos and look forward to viewing many more. We are setting up an add on to our current business which is called Local Business Marketing Services and helps local businesses raise their profile and attract new customers through online and offline marketing. I have found ALL the information Matthew provides to be invaluable and FREE. Thank you for his help in helping our new business become a success.Kind Regards Percephany

Rohit kumar

Didn't know how much help I needed

I thought that I knew everything about SEO, boy was I wrong. Matthew has been extremely informative and had great tips that didn't involve the standard "Pay more money to rank on the first page of Google". Thank you so much!

Amazing Articles

i joined your blog and read your tips to improve seo and guess what my visibility increased to 200% by your tips. writing this testimonial just to thank you.. Keep up the good work

You are my Mentor - Since 2014

I am Blogging since 2011 and due to some issue's i quit blogging and the reason was not a perfect guide to start and from fellow bloggers i visited your site and your post gave me boost and earning's report gave me confidence to achieve in Blogging and Following your post and Implemented your strategies and from 2014 earning $300-$400 Per Month with Some Blogs. For some this could be small amount but in India you could make a peaceful life with this amount.

Abdullah Prem
Best Blogging Practices

SEO Specialist

Matt always digs deep to inform his fellow followers about all the ins and outs of the topics he covers. Great content and the choice to swap between vids or written articles making everything very easy to follow - and the best thing of all is that his methods work well... Excellent work Matt - much appreciated...

Jim Don
Barry in Siam

Helped me rank my websites

I’ve been reading Mathew’s blog for more than 2 years. I started creating niche websites back in 2014 and I always looked for useful content to help me learn new strategies. Since 2014, I’ve been a regular subscriber to his emails and his content has never disappointed me. It’s one of the best sites for internet marketers to help learn SEO and backlinking strategies. Thank you for all the help.

Isaac Haynes
Fitness Donkey

Matthew Woodward

I look after my wife's e commerce site and my own blog. I used to follow loads of so called internet gurus hoping to learn something new.I have now learnt to to follow just two and apply their advice in detail.Matthew Woodward is my first choice of the two.In simple plain English he gets to the heart of an issue which for me is a major help.By following and applying this advice I have seen traffic grow, which after all is why I read his blog.Thank you for your helpful articles which I hope continue in the future.

Steve Freeman

I have been following Matthew's blog for 5 years!

There are many bloggers on internet who teach us blogging. However, only a few of them share their top-secret success strategies. Matthew is one of them.I am a regular reader and subscriber of I have been following his blog for 5 years.The most top secret content on this site is about grey hat and black hat methods. Everyone tells us to stay away from these methods. However, Matthew is the only person who unveils the truth that we can still get benefits of these methods in 2019.His intense knowledge of pbns and web 2.0 backlinks changed my life. A few days back, I took his video course on pbns. Here he revealed the truth that how we can safely use pbns to grow our blog and traffic. It was so helpful and an amazing course. I always follow his best advise to grow my blog.All thanks to Matthew from the bottom of my heart. You are a life saver man. Keep blogging and keep saving our lives.

Farukh Hussain

SEO Director

Matthew's tutorials have been great. I have incorporated some of his analytical approaches. I am just finishing up a big project for a client and I am using a derivative of his image+tag spinning technique.He opened me eyes up to some great software like GSA and KM. And finally, I find myself periodically coming back to his site to review some tutorial....or read up on how you out ranked Rand Fishkin.Oh and let's not forget the post about aHrefs and MSEO! Up until that post, I used MSEO almost exclusively and had done so for years.Since then and after careful comparison, I am now exclusively aHrefs...Their backlink profiling and analysis has really enabled me to up my game for my clients.So Matthew thanks for the tutorialss and website. If you were local, I'd buy you a fresh pint!Best,Joe

Joseph Conroy

Honest, entertaining & smart

I have been a dedicated follower of Matthew Woodward for years. First I stumbled upon his tutorials, which are now an implemented part of our onboarding program in this company.Apart from this, I have attended his talks Ungagged and other occasions. Thanks for being to honest, entertaining, smart and thorough.His tutorials have brought a lot of value to our business!


Increased my conversation rate by about 60%

Matt, Great articles they've saved me hours of work. The content promotion article increased my conversation rate by about 60%!

Benjamin Richardson
Acuity Training

Thanks from Bangladesh!

I LOVE MATT!!I just want to lay it out there simple and flat! His videos have inspired me SO much that I finally am starting to make a site that I will work on.He is awesome and I hope he becomes even more famous, I'm definitely going to spread the word about him. He is genuine and caring.THANK YOU!!

Great ROI

Our company was testing several marketing plans and observed the results for a while. By far the highest ROI came from Matt’s advice. Congrats and thank you, Matt.

Robert Gombos
Jasmine Directory

very helpful advice

I really like your various tutorials and tips and tricks to improve the performance of a website. It helped me even getting a wikipedia-link which brings some welcome traffic.Will have to reread all your postings I have collected over the last few months. Thank you and keep up the great work.

Hey Matthew! With your guides, case studies and tutorials I've got a huge level-up of my SEO knowledge. Your 7-day E-commerce course helped me to fix a lot of issues on the website I currently working on as long as other my projects. I fixed quite a bit of SEO and link building problems with the help of your blog. Also, I must admit that you have pretty detailed and intuitive guides for some of the automated SEO and link building software.

Petro Melnyk

You are a one-stop shop for all SEO.

Matt, I follow Neil Patel, Harsh Agarwal, etc Bloggers,What I like about your site is the way you tell the story, so I wish to give you an award as the #1 SEO Blog.Each of your articles covers its topic completely. The main advantage is, we don't need to go find any other websites.You are a one-stop shop for all SEO. Blackhat to White Hat, I have not seen both of them in one space anywhere else!Your personal opinions helped me a lot to make a decision before I start something.See you next time :)

Matthew is a stand-up guy with a lot to give.

I have been following Matthews blog since 2012, I have watched him grow by giving all he's got to his readers which gave me the motivation to start my own blog. Matthew is a stand-up guy with a lot to give.

Mohamed El Zaafarany

ALL the information Matthew provides is invaluable

I have found ALL the information Matthew provides to be invaluable and FREE. It is intensely researched information and quite a different approach to modern SEO techniques. Thank You for helping our new business become a success.

Suneil Singh

Actionnable Tactics I'd Pay For, for free.

The content found on Matthew's blog is something I'd pay for.There's so much re-hashed, bullshit content online that when a client told me about this blog I was like... "meh".I took a look and got hooked. If you're in online marketing you'll find ACTIONABLE (and you should take action on this, everybody reads, few walk the talk) tactics to help your business, your client's business and if you don't have a business yet, know that people would pay for someone with the kind of skill you can learn here.Thanks Matthew, keep up the good work :)

Thomas Le Coz

I've learned more than any other SEO website

I've been on Matthew's list now for over a year and learned more about SEO from his posts and emails than from any other SEO website on the Internet.Hoping to learn much more yet.. He literally leaves no stone uncovered in his tutorials.Many thanks once again!

My wife is calling me to come to bed

I stumbled across Matthews YouTube videos on back linking. Good grief! It was incredible! Thank you SO much for your kindness in sharing some of the most amazing training on the Internet. And free??? Amazing.For such a young guy your IQ is obviously through the roof and yet you have a heart that shares such genius. Bless you for that. I am an old great grandfather (who loves technology) and have been working toward an online business for several years and it is so rare to find such generosity that I simply wanted to say thank you.My only regret is I just found his site and am excited to dig into the wealth of knowledge here and my wife is calling me to come to bed. Drat. Oh well. I'll be back first thing in the morning. Thank you so much for the kindness Matt. This is a wonderful gift you are providing.With gratitude,John Lefler

John Lefler

Genuine value

Matthew's tutorials always provide genuine value. They're always actionable tutorials that are usually backed up with pictures and stats. No BS and no nonsense. That's very rare to get for free on the internet - especially with this sort of consistency.

Jon Rhodes
Affiliate Help

Great guy, great attitude, great methods

Matt is one of those few guys I follow when it comes to internet marketing. Every time I read something on his blog, I learn a little more. Using his methods one can rank ahead of not just authority sites but even the notorious spammers. Great guy, great attitude, great methods.

Harsh J. Das

Wish I listened sooner

I've been following Matt's blog for a while now and kept reading but not doing. One day after one of Matt's newsletters popped into my inbox I decided to take action and begin to implement and follow some of the tutorials. Wish I had done it sooner, it's helped me and my clients!

Adam Brown

I was able to triple my organic traffic using advice from Matthew's website.

The first article that brought me to this site... I can't remember but they all feel equally as good.Seriously, this site contains a lot of practical SEO knowledge. And if you try to consume everything at once you'll fail.My site is in a small niche, but I was able to triple my organic traffic using advice from this website. Furthermore, Matthew Woodward has shown me some clear strategies to do SEO, which motivated me to try again this business after several years and many fails.I also got stuck with a penalty in September for disobeying the rules proposed. But was able to recover by following Matthew's advice about how he was able to recover some penalized websites.This morning my rankings went up after a month and a half.This website rocks!

Totally blown away

I've been totally blown away by the quality of Matthews videos and tutorials. I've shared his site with a lot of people who are in this industry and I've had consistently good feedback from them as well.Thanks so much for all the effort you put in and keep an eye out for my series of web marketing videos soon. There'll be a big shout out to you in there :-)

Joe Simmonds
SEO Success Melbourne

From not knowing anything to becoming a major influencer

I honestly did not know much about SEO. I thought guys in fiverr can rank you number 1 but I soon learned through experience not to do so. My wife and I started a waist training company and I was in charge of the business side of things.I spent multiple days reading articles, most of which being Matt's articles and putting the knowledge to work. In about 4 months the company started making thousands per month.January being the sixth month was the most successful and we are now getting closer and closer to making 5 figures a month. Thanks Matt.

Brian Nguah
Royal Lioness

Amazing SEO Strategy

The first time I visited the website of Matthew Woodward, ideas that were shared completely unique and works well on my site. I like your ideas with that work out of the box. Keep working and I will continue to visit your site. Thanks a lot :)

Sigit Prasetya Nugroho
Blog about programming tutorial

A Huge Thank You

I stumbled upon Matthew's web site some months ago. Wow what a breath of fresh air after all the other IM "stuff" out there. I follow what he says almost to the letter and always look forward to every new post. Matthew is like the God of SEO to me.....

Mike King
Luxury Cruising


Matthew has consistently reached into the furthest parts of the dormant organ known as my brain to bring the full sunshine of online marketing savvy. Thank you! Robert Farmilo

Simple and Actionable tips

I have been in online business for 2 years. But, I did not find any success until I landed on your site. I have grown my business by 110% in the last two months by following your tutorials. Thank you very much.

tirupati gumpula
tech hunt

Matthew's posts are excellent and offer so much insight

I have been following Matthew for some time now, his posts are excellent and offer so much insight. After implementing some of the things he has taught (such as the best backlinking methods of 2018), I have seen some excellent results on many of my websites.

Adam Jones
The Archery Guide

Our go-to resource that we use and recommend to clients

The critical thing with SEO is action, informed action - and that's exactly what you get from Matthew fact-based, tested and proven techniques that work, easily implemented, properly explained, easy to follow and it gets results - every time. Our go-to resource that we use and recommend to clients or anyone that wants SEO results. Keep it up!!

Ben Carter
Local Adworks

The linkbuilding section has helped me grow my monthly organic visitors from 20.000 to more than 130.000.

I run a fitness related website for German visitors. My target group are women between 40 and 55 years. I was struggling to get the right kind of links. The linkbuilding section from Matthew helped me out a lot. Since 2017 I managed to grow my monthly organic visitors from 20.000 to now more than 130.000. Thanks and please keep up the awesome work!

Your in-depth posts helped me to build backlinks and improve search traffic 4x.

Thanks Matt for guiding and encouraging us. I learned SEO, link building and traffic optimization tricks from your blog. Unlike other experts, you explain things simply which everyone can follow easily. As a beginner, I had many doubts and you responded to them within a few hours. Your in-depth posts and tips helped me a lot to build backlinks, improve search traffic 4x, and strengthen my blogging career.

Matthew Woodward is my go-to option for all my SEO needs.

Intensely researched information and quite a different approach to modern SEO techniques. Matthew Woodward is my go-to option for all my SEO needs. It's really great to have him in the industry.

Rahul Gupta

Matt helped me attack new angles in my business

Matt has helped me attack new angles in my business, and shown me the importance of having the proper protocols in place. It has made a world of difference in my business, and has helped me help multiple clients with the newfound knowledge. If you haven't checked out Matt or his site, you're missing out.

We took your free courses and in the last 6 months we have seen a surge in our traffic.

Its helped us increase our traffic/rankings and sales. We started just reading the odd blog post, then took your free courses and in the last 6 months we have seen a surge in our traffic and as a result our client bookings (our email list has grown as well) we have actually just switched to a new URL that suits the business better so were able to go and implement some of your training for the set up of the site as we.ll. Great blog honestly can't recommend it highly enough. Allan

Allan Leadbetter
Glasgow Web Geek

Matthew is Amazing

I have been following Matt since 4 Years now, covered up much of my SEO related queries and tricks from him, i followed his guides and was able to achieve amazing targets and leads on my clients and blogs, Thanks for sharing a lot of value towards SEO and Blogging, Cheers

Sheikh Mohammad Bilal
Express Blogger

A real asset to our industry

There's no doubting at all that Matthew is one of the top SEO's in the UK at the moment and his tutorials are always nothing short of fantastic. We're all avid readers of every single one which Matthew launches and, whilst we've been in the industry a fair while, always see us learning something new and valuable. A real asset to our industry!

James Brockbank

Matthew free tutorials are better than someone else paid!

It is true, and I have implemented his strategies and are getting good results. I have watched many tutorials, and when I saw the first time, then I was really amazed because the value he provided has far more than the one's on which I have spent hundreds of dollars.He is a great motivation for me, and now I am regularly checking his site and waiting anxiously to see a new article.

Thank you for all of your help!

I have learned more from Matthew than anybody else on the web.His willingness to share his free tips and tactics go far beyond what I have ever paid for in the past.

You must get Matthew in your Inbox !

One of the few emails I actually look forward to. I have happily made sure that Mathew's emails go straight to my Important inbox in my email, because the learning is phenomenal. So much great content, I cannot even catch up, his are the most easy to use instructions for the tutorials I have yet found online. Thanks so much!

Your tutorials helped me to rank a number of sites

Matt, I love your down to earth approach, your actionable content and your enthusiasm. Your tutorials have helped me to rank a number of niche based sites... Great job!

John Taylor
Snoop Marketing

Matt's content has been life changing (literally!)

Implementing the content from Matt's blog allowed me to go from starting a website to ranking for some of the best keywords in my niche. Localizing my site, I am now ranking top three for every city that I am targeting within Atlanta, GA for multiple sets of keywords. His SEO Tools and articles have been the foundation of my SEO education, which has allowed me to get an enormous amount traffic to my site with consistent conversion rates. What we have learned from Matt on link building, SEO education, and blogging strategies has allowed me to generate enough income from my "we buy houses atlanta" site to be able to quit my job and go full time into my side business. Matt's content has been life changing. I recommend implementing everything he teaches, be patient, and the results will come. Thanks Matt.

Shawn Breyer
Breyer Home Buyers

Your case studies helped me identify and prioritise work with client sites and penalties.

Hey Matthew, I have found your Case Studies particularly interesting and helpful. They have helped me identify and, very helpfully, prioritise work with client sites and client site penalties. Keep up the good work and, yes, more Case Studies, please!

Mark Stevens
Newport SEO Services

I used your guidance on mentioned website for internal backlink . And I wondered when I saw a keyword which was struggling on 10th page in last month has get 7th position on first page after implementing your advise in 7 day e-commerce tutorial. Thanks a lot! Your are amazing. Your most of the trick, guidance and SEO practice actually works. I have been reading and following number of seo experts but no one has accuracy as you have in SEO. I request you to please continue with sharing your helpful tips for biggners like me.

Abhishek Kumar Singh
Diffusion Kids

Thank you for helping me to increase my site traffic from 150 monthly visitors to 1217!

I really don't know how to thank you enough for helping me to increase my site traffic from 150 monthly visitors to 1217 visitors in the space of two weeks, and lowering my bounce rate from 89.56% to 79. 76%, I am really grateful Matt.

You are in the right place

Matt's tutorials break through all the bollocks and get right to the point. If you want actionable, no holes bared, detailed guides on how to get things done online then you're in the right place!

Paul Doffman

Matthew's blog is a goldmine for all SEO learners and marketers!

Since 2016, I have continually followed Matt's awesome blog. Every SEO Case study, astonishes me and makes me learn a lot, and eventually pushes me one step further.I was zero in SEO at that time, just started out blogging. The articles are so thorough and informative, whether it could be related to blogging, SEO, or choosing the right host lets me do the best in the blogging arena. By the way, I use to take a sneak on his income reports as well. They motivated me to do better.Matthew's blog is a goldmine for all the SEO learners and Marketers, Beginner or Expert... it is one of best blog to follow.

Navin Rao