26 SEO Tools That Will Fast Track Your Success

If you want to increase organic search traffic to your site…

You need to arm yourself with the right SEO tools for the job.

The world of SEO is fiercely competitive, but I am going to show you all of the best SEO tools that have helped me to annihilate the competition.

Whether you are an SEO newbie or a seasoned SEO pro…

It is nearly impossible to compete without the right tools.

So sit back, relax and take the hard work out of SEO while all of these tools do the heavy lifting for you-

#1 – SEO Monitor

SEO Monitor is the future of rank tracking. It not only monitors your rankings, but also reveals all of the (not provided) keywords from Google Analytics.

On top of that it will monitor your overall visibility in the search results for your chosen keywords daily which makes it easy to see if things are going in the right direction-

seo monitor

And because of the super tight integration with Google Analytics & Google Search Console it automatically maps keywords to goal conversions (like email signups/affiliate clicks) or ecommerce conversions-


There are a ton of other features like measuring the impact guest posts/mentions on other sites (which it auto detects) have on search visibility, keyword difficulty calculators, automatic keyword research & so much more.

The future of rank tracking has arrived. And it’s super cheap too!

#2 – SEMRush

My SEMRush review shows exactly why it is the tool for SEO’s right now.

It allows you to specifically target sections of your competitor’s search campaigns – from Backlinks to adverts and their highest performing content – so you can pick them apart and attack with laser precision.

SEMRush SEO tools

It also has one of the most comprehensive keyword tools on the market. You can build an entire SEO campaign without ever leaving this tool, and for $99.95 a month, it’s a steal.

In fact the SEMRush SEO tools are so awesome…

 I arranged an exclusive 14 day free trial for you all!

#3 – SERPed

SERPed is a tool that aims to replace all of your SEO tools.

Everything another SEO tool can do, you can find a way to do it in here, all under one roof. Giving you every tool you need at a fraction of the cost.


They’ve just launched their version two, so the tool is teeming with even more features and tools. And you can see my full review of SERPed here.

If you want this tool, click here to get access to this awesome piece of SEO software now.

#4 – SEO Quake

If you can’t afford either of the above two tools, here’s the next best thing.

The SEO Quake chrome & firefox plugin is a mini version of SEMRush and lets you view all of a website’s important metrics in just a few clicks.

seoquake homepage

Simply download the toolbar and now every time you visit a site or perform a Google search you can get a full report.

For example, here’s a search for Mens Footwear:

google footwear search

Beneath each search result there is a breakdown of the pages metrics depending on the parameters you set and the data you need:

footwear search results

And, you can adjust your parameters while you search, making everything customizable:

seoquake parameter change

Once you get onto the page, you get an even deeper look through the toolbar itself:

jd sports seo quake results

Absolutely wonderful piece of kit, for my favourite price…free.

Who doesn’t like free SEO tools?

#5 – MozBar

MozBar was the first really good SEO toolbar out there. And, while the competition is getting stronger (see above) there are still some reasons you should grab this tool.

Moz performed really well in my best backlink checker case study recently so this is a great tool to grab.

mozbar download screen

If you search on Google it’ll also show you metrics, but with focus on:

  • Page Authority
  • Domain Authority

mozbar search

And, by clicking the Link Analysis tool, you can see exactly what all of the links are that make up that page authority for your own personal use:

link analysis breakdown

There are also other metrics, like Spam Score, that can determine the quality of a link too.

Another free addition to be used in conjunction with other toolbars for best results.

#6 – Ahrefs

Ahrefs is the ultimate backlink checker, it came 1st place in my 1 million domain test & in my follow up test to find the best backlink checker.

It beat out:

  • Majestic
  • Moz
  • SEO Spyglass
  • Raven Tools

By huge margins.

It is my favourite tool to find all of my competitors best backlinks so that I can easily steal them for myself!


As well as having the biggest database of backlinks, they also have a number of other handy tools such as:

  • The content explorer
  • The keyword explorer
  • Monitoring the SEO health of your site
  • Monitoring new/lost links and more

One of really handy feature is being able to check exactly which keywords you or your competitors are ranking for-

ahrefs organic keywords tool

That makes it really easy to find awesome 1st page keyword opportunities that you can drive into the top 3 results with minimal effort, although you can do that with SEMRush & SEOMonitor as well.

#7 – Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is one of the go-to tools for SEO’s.

This crawl tool has one main objective: save you time on site audits.

And, that’s exactly what it does.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Enter a site’s URL and it’ll crawl to give you a complete look at the site, and in-depth information about each page.

You’ll never wait more than a few minutes for a report what you learn is so valuable.

#8 – Panguin Tool

Think your traffic might have been affected by a Google Update?

Well, now there is a way to tell. The Panguin tool shows you when the last Panda or Penguin update was and if it correlates with your traffic statistics.

panguin tool access page

By logging in with your Google Analytics data, it overlays your traffic data giving you a visual look at whether an algorithm change was to blame:

Panguin SEO tools diagnostics

If you see a dramatic drop off after a major update, you can begin to find out what the problem was and how you can get back into Google’s good graces.

But, be sure to do your research outside of the tool as well, just to be sure.

#9 – DeepCrawl

Deepcrawl is the most comprehensive SEO crawler on the market.

It makes performing extensive SEO audits a 1 click process which delivers all of the results in an easy to digest dashboard or fancy PDF reports, whichever you prefer.

deep crawl

Although there are other crawler tools available like Screaming Frog, none of them go to the depth that DeepCrawl does. For example it also detects duplicate content issues and has no problem crawling large sites.

One of the features that I really like is the ability to compare crawls, so you can easily track your progress as you fix errors that are reported.

deepcrawl changes

I use this tool with all of my clients and you would be amazed at the things you find.

Always take care of on page SEO before anything else, no amount of backlinks will rank a badly optimised site.

#10 – Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine is a neat little tool for all SEOs.

It’s a free tool that allows you to see how a tool looked at any time in the past. What does that have to do with SEO? Let me tell you…

wayback machine search

As TugAgency writes, you can use this tool in three main ways:

  1. To research older links that may have disappeared
  2. Tracking website changes that have increased traffic
  3. Using archived pages as evidence

And not doing what I mainly use the tool for and looking at how Facebook looked in 2006 and laughing:

wayback machine facebook review

You can really get into a deep analysis here.

For example, if you’re Skyscrapering for a broken/dead link, you can find what the content looked like and find exactly what you need to write saving hours on content creation.

This tool will always be free and always be useful.

#11 – LongTailPro

LongTailPro is a desktop based keyword research tool that helps you find all of the high traffic low competition keywords in your niche with the click of a button.

Not only that, but it will also calculate keyword difficulty so you can see just how easy it is to rank for a keyword-


You can also drill down into the top 10 results of any keyword to pull back a range of metrics that will help you make intelligent keyword targeting decisions

I have a much more detailed Long Tail Pro review that shows you how to use it properly along with a bunch of high traffic low competition niches ready for you to attack.

#12 – KeywordTool.io

KeywordTool.io is one of the best relevant keyword tools out there.

For free you can get 750 long tail keyword suggestions based on your root keyword. All of which are based on what people are searching for right now.

keywordtool.io travel hacking search

A swift search here can give you some ideas for extra keywords to put into your content.

Or, if you don’t have any content ideas for your keyword, you can use this to find long tail keywords, you can also use it to find keyword rich content ideas too.

keywordtool.io suggestions

You can also use it to pull back a list of questions your audience are asking about your keyword which will help you to rank for lots of glorious long tail keywords!

#13 – Yoast SEO

YoastSEO is a game changer for any SEO or marketer working with a WordPress platform.

Even if you only found out what SEO was yesterday, the tool makes it so easy to access even your 90 year old Grandmother could do it.

yoastseo home page

Connect it up with your WordPress site and at the bottom of all of your posts you’ll see a section you can fill in that looks like this:

Yoast SEO settings

It has a full breakdown of criteria that you need to fill to get basic, on page SEO done for your page. And how to make it easily crawlable by Google.

It shows you where to improve, where you need to make changes and how your content should look for optimal results. All you have to do is follow the guidelines.

yoast seo premium

The free version really has everything you need to get started. But, the premium will only set you back $89 a year for one site, and the returns could be much, much more than that.

I run the premium version on this blog to help target multiple keywords simultaneously!

#14 – LinkMiner

LinkMiner is a broken link finder that was born out of frustration.

A frusation that, when looking for a link on-the-go, there was little to no indication of what to do next. So, LinkMiner added that second step in.

linkminer screenshot

This toolbar doesn’t just let you find the broken links. It gives you all the data you need to act upon the broken link:

  • Number of referring domains
  • Total number of links
  • Social metrics
  • Top five links pointing to the broken link

As well as the ability to export all of that data into a CSV file.

linkminer link data

So, in the space of two or three minutes, you can have tens of new backlink opportunities for little or no effort whatsoever which makes it one of the most handy SEO tools.

#15 – WikiGrabber

Wikipedia Link Building is an awesome tactic.

And, WikiGrabber just made it a whole lot easier.

This browser-based tool lets you search specific terms and find dead links and missing citations that can help you: build authority, backlinks and traffic.

wikigrabber homepage

Type in your subject – either for your niche, your client or a piece of content you have – and search. It’ll bring up all the places that have dead links and need citations.

wikigrabber dead links

Then you find a page that fits your content, click it, hit CTRL+F (cmd + f on a Mac) and search for [dead link]:

dead link search wikipedia

That’ll take you right to the dead link and now you can see if you have a content match:

matching wikipedia content

If you do, you can either:

  1. Create content that fits that page
  2. Submit content that you already have that fits

But the main goal here is to find the other sites that link to this broken link – like industry sites and blogs – and tell them you have content to save the day.

Use this in conjunction with the Wayback Machine earlier to create super specific content.

#16 – Seed Keywords

Seed Keywords is a superb free tool for Keyword research.

And, it comes with a difference.

Where other tools suggest what people would search based on search data; Seed Keywords lets you ask people directly. Let me explain…

seed keywords

In Seed Keywords you create a scenario that someone would be searching for your product. Like, when they have a broken computer:

seed keywords example

You can then send this page to friends, colleagues or relevant forums and they can answer with what they’d search:

seed keywords search

Over time, this will give you a results page based on what people are actually searching for, without the guesswork:

pc repair keywords

This insight is invaluable and if you have time to play with you should these up for your products (or clients) and optimise accordingly.

#17 – Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must have tool.

The data here is so comprehensive, and once you’re past the vanity metrics, there’s a tonne of actionable data for you to work with.

google analytics screenshot

Google Analytics is where you can monitor – and prove – the results of your SEO efforts.

Every campaign, every link building effort and every minute change you make to a site is reflected in Google Analytics. Making marketing without it a hard task nowadays.

#18 – Bing Webmaster Tools

Google may be your focus – and it should be, it has 69.89% of the market share – but that doesn’t mean you should forget about Bing SEO.

The Bing Webmaster tool runs in the same way as Google Webmaster tools and should be a part of an SEO’s toolkit.

bing webmaster tools

Even if you only spend a small portion of your time here…

Understanding how you rank in Bing – using their analytics tools – could give you a valuable traffic source over your competitors.

#19 – URL Profiler

URLProfiler is a powerful tool that you can use for:

  • Content audits
  • Backlink audits
  • Link prospecting
  • Diagnosing SEO penalties
  • Looking up social data
  • Finding contact details & more

It integrates with a range of tools like Majestic, Moz, Ahrefs, Google Analyitcs, Google Search Console, Copyscape, SEMRush & uClassify.

URL Profiler

It might not look all that powerful on the surface, but all of those little tick boxes mean it can be configured to accomplish a range of tasks & can lookup huge volumes of data for thousands of URL’s in just 1 click.

#20 – IPVanish

The IPVanish VPN service isn’t strictly an SEO tool as it secures your connection & encrypts all of your browsing.

But it does make it easy to spoof your location from nearly anywhere in the world with a swift click of the mouse-


That means you can check search results from other countries reliably or accurately test geo targeting while improving your connection security at the same time.

It works on Windows, Macs, iOS, Android, Chromebooks, Windows Phone, Ubuntu & more.

#21 – Google Search Console

No one knows more about your site from an SEO perspective than Google themselves, so why not take advantage of their free Google Search Console SEO tool?

It gives you a complete overview of your site and will notify you of any errors-

Google search console

Buried inside you can find a host of useful data including backlinks to your site, analytics of your performance, if you have any manual penalties & a bunch more things.

Make sure you connect it with Google Analytics for even juicier free SEO data.

#22 – Xenu Link Sleuth

Xenu Link Sleuth is one of the best free SEO tools to crawl your website for broken links.

Although it is a fairly basic tool, it is fast, easy to use and does exactly what it says on the tin with no fluff.

Xenu Link Sleuth

Once the tool has finished scanning, it will output a report that highlights all of the broken links on your site.

#23 – DripRevolution

Using the DripRevolution tool will fastrack not only the organic traffic coming to your website but also your ranking in the search engines through increasing your social signals.

Tweets, likes and shares are seen by search engines as a vote of trust. So social signals act like a human recommendation for your website.

Simply sign up and select your plan.

Then create a new project, input your URL, description, keywords and images.

Choose the type and amount of social signals you want, then sit back while the team at DripRevolution do the work.


You can access your reports and manage your campaign through the dashboard.

You get a fully loaded, all access, 7-day free trial when you sign up!

This gives you 100 free social signals. If you contact DripRevolution support and give them my name then you can have an extra 50 social signals free of charge.

#24 – SEO Auto Linker

SEO Auto Linker is one of the best WordPress SEO tools that will help take care of a lot of your internal linking.

Just add a URL along with the desired keywords you want it to automatically insert links for and you are ready to go-

SEO Auto Linker

Although it hasn’t been updated for a while, it still does the trick nicely and gives you a great level of control over exactly where the links are inserted on your blog.

You don’t have to use it for SEO & internal linking, you could also use it to automatically insert affiliate links as well.

Oh, and did I mention that it is free? Score.

#25 – Seomator

Seomator has a fantastic, comprehensive and very easy to use SEO auditing tool.

They delve into the technical aspects of SEO and after an in-depth crawl on your website, they will then give you a report with all issues found and tips on exactly how to fix them.

To get going, sign up for your account and in the ‘Dashboard’ you can ‘Add A New Project’


Once you’ve added your site the crawl will start and may take a bit of time but trust me…

It’s worth the wait!

Once the crawl has finished you can then start analyzing the results. You will see a general overview with your main priorities listed from high to low.

You’ll also see a lot of useful metrics such as…


And then you can dig deep into the technical SEO by reviewing:

  • HTML Tags
  • Internal Links
  • Content Quality
  • Mobile Usability
  • Structured Data
  • Page Speed

  • Text Statistics
  • Site Structure
  • Social Media
  • Backlinks
  • Organic Presence

And if that wasn’t enough you can view the crawler report…


This can all be exported into a PDF if needed!

Seomator also has an SEO Audit Widget which you can embed into your site that gives free SEO reports!

So if you want a great SEO Audit Tool that not only highlights issues with your site but tells you exactly how to fix them too – Seomator is for you!

#26 – Omnistar

Omnistar referral software offers affiliate marketing software that allows you to not only create but manage an affiliate program.

You get lots of great features including…

  • Auto Signup
  • Smart Rewards
  • Popups & Forms
  • Partnership Automation
  • Discount Codes and Coupons

  • Banners
  • Detailed Reports
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Email Templates

They have a team on hand to assist you with this if needed and they only charge one monthly fee for the software. They do not take a percentage of sales!


So instead of investing a bunch of money in marketing… you can use Omnistar to manage your affiliates who do the marketing for you.

Best of all, you can try all this out for free with their 15-day trial…


So get signed up today and give your marketing a boost through your affiliates.

What Are The Best SEO Tools?

There are so many awesome SEO tools to choose from, it’s really difficult to decide which are the best SEO tools.

If I had to choose five tools, I’d go for these…

  • SEO Monitor
  • SEMRush
  • SERPed
  • Panguin Tool
  • Google Search Console

Let’s take a closer look…

Choice #1: SEO Monitor

SEO Monitor’s unique approach of blending rank tracking, search visibility, data from Google Search Console and goal/ecommerce conversion data from Google Analytics is a dream combination for any SEO.

It makes every other rank tracker on the market look amateur & that is before we talk about the automatic keyword research, revealing (not provided) keywords, the business case builder & so much more.

Not only that, but it’s actually cheaper than most other rank trackers!

Choice #2: SEMRush

SEMRush’s competitor research tools – and many of the tools they’re working on, or about to roll out – really set them apart right now.

You can save a lot of money on Ads, get hyper-specific keyword results and pick apart everything your competitors are doing to get results.

It honestly puts you in the best position for SEO success right now & you can take advantage of the reader exclusive 14 day free trial I put together for you..

Choice #3: SERPed

SERPed gives you access to a huge range of SEO tools all under one easy to manage roof.

It includes everything from keyword research to rank tracking and pulls data from Ahrefs, Moz, Majestic, SEMRush, AuthorityLabs, Google, Copyscape, Bing & more.

The comprehensive list of tools and budget friendly price make it one of the best SEO tools.

Choice #4: Panguin Tool

If you ever need to diagnose a drop in organic search traffic, the Panguin Tool will instantly point you in the right direction for recovery.

It’s free to use, well maintained and will save you hours of hard work and heart ache.

Granted, it won’t fix the penalty for you – but it will give you immediate insight into what went wrong.

Choice #5: Google Search Console

No one knows more about SEO or your site than Google and luckily for us, they are willing to share a lot of that data for free in Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools).

Whether you want to monitor progress, analyse backlinks to your site or diagnose crawling problems – Google have a suite of tools to help you out.

Plus it doesn’t cost anything to use, so why wouldn’t you take advantage of that?

A Closer Look At The Best SEO Tools

If you want to learn how to use SEO tools to increase your search visibility, take a look at some of my more in depth tutorials-