2017 Update: Build Links Easily With My Ultimate Demon Review Over My Shoulder

Important Update: Unfortunately the Ultimate Demon team have shut down their doors as of 22nd May 2017. Please refer to my GSA Search Engine Ranker tutorial instead.

I have left the original Ultimate Demon review in place below for historical purposes.

My Ultimate Demon review & tutorial will show you exactly why this is my favourite link building software.

It is one of the most robust link building tools out there and offers great control over the links that are built to your site.

It supports a range of platforms and is really easy for anyone to pick up and use.

Ultimate Demon is also one of the cheapest link building tools to run with no expensive monthly subscription charges.

What You Will Learn

  • How to set it up & use it properly
  • How to build quality tier 1 links
  • How to scrape & import your own target site list
  • How to setup tiered linking structures
  • Access to exclusive resources under the video
YouTube video

Resources In The Video

$50 Ultimate Demon Discount – perfect for creating a solid tier 1 link profile

BuyProxies – I use the semi-dedicated proxies.

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Hey everyone! It’s Matthew Woodward here and today I’m going to teach you all about Ultimate Demon and you will see why it’s one of my favourite link building tools.

You Will Learn How to:

  • Build first tier links
  • Scrape and import a list of target sites
  • Create tiered linking structures

At the end of the post there is an exclusive set of resources you can download that I’ve put together myself.

Ultimate Demon Interface

Let’s just look at the interface for a moment. This is where we will begin new projects, import sites, set up our tiered linking structures and so on.

Ultimate Demon Interface

Additionally, you can see your submission statistics, there is a mail box, a scraper and a link tree diagram (more on that later). Under options in the tool bar are more features that you can use.

Setting It Up

First we need to prepare our proxies. I have my own list that I bought from Buyproxies so I’m going to import them here. You should test out the proxies first and then click Save.

setting it up

Everything else is left to default.

Now let’s configure our capture solving service which you can add more than one if you want. Remember to enter your death by capture details – they are the cheapest captcha solving service.

Check your balance to make sure you have enough credit in there and click save.

New Projects

To set up new projects, select “New Tasks” under the Projects tab where there are lots of different tasks available to choose from.

project creation

Let’s check out the “Article Task.”

The first step to setting up any task is choosing what sites to post to. Select your sites, click add and then create your profile. Type in your name, email address and other necessary details.

Then enter the content you want to submit to the article directories. Over to the right of the “Article Details” window are more control options such as scheduling for later, submission speed and other things.

One great feature of Ultimate Demon is that you can make your account and submission task in the same steps instead of creating them separately like in SENuke XCR.

You can do everything in one go!

Creating A Social Bookmark Task

To create a bookmark task, click New and Bookmark task. Then click the green plus to add sites from the list.

social bookmarks

Since the list is so long I’m going to set categories for all the sites which I will type in the box. Type in your categories and select Set Category to sort them out automatically.

Select all of the sites and hit Add.

Now we need to enter our profile information so I will call this profile 1. Most of our profile details are already entered except for the email address.

I use disposable Hotmail accounts that I buy from fiverr, they give you something like 300 for $5 so I’m going to input one email address and password here.

Test your settings to make sure it works so you will receive verification emails. Click OK and our account set up is finished!

Adding Your URLs

To add your URLs to bookmark-

  • Click the green plus
  • Type in your money site
  • Click Start

Add URLs

Now it will begin retrieving article title, description and other things – click OK. They ask you to enter more information and I’m actually going to enter a title and description that I’ve already spun and some tags.

To see what it looks like, click Preview. If you’re satisfied with the results, exit the window to finish setting up our bookmarks.

project submission

Now look at the column on the right that has the various submission options. Type in a task name which I’ll call “Bookmark Demo.”

You can either submit them now or schedule it for later. If you decide to submit now, you have the option to stop after a certain number of verified links.

If you schedule for later, you can stretch it out for a period of days. I’m going to submit mine now and leave the submission speed controls at default.

Click Save and it will begin the task.

live link report

You will see that it’s creating accounts, sending and verifying emails, and submitting bookmarks. After it is finished, it will show you a list of live links that have been created.

To check the report, right click on the project. You can see the URLs it has created and which ones worked and failed.

Right click again and select “Task Log.” All the orange highlighted ones failed so to retry them, select all and right click to choose retry selected.

You can also find out why these URLs failed, fix them and then try again.

Now we have set up our bookmark campaign.

Nice and easy!

Importance of a Custom List

It’s incredibly important to create your own list of target sites regardless of which link building software you use. This way you can find sites other people haven’t and build links other users aren’t.

Ultimate Demon makes this very easy for us to do though in comparison to other tools.

Some people skip this step or just use the sites included in the software but they find out that it really isn’t enough.

While Ultimate Demon have a scraping tool to find new sites, it’s much better to use Scrapebox that can scrape thousands of results for you at once.

A Quick Look At Scrapebox

In the resource pack, you will see 3 files and we’re going to use all of them.


Open the Scrapebox folder, copy the footprint file in the resource pack and replace the existing file in the configuration folder.

An advantage Ultimate Demon has over other link building tools like SENuke XCR is that you can do one huge scrape and import for all the platforms together instead of separating and scraping them one by one.

This saves us hours and hours of time doing boring things.

Scraping Your Target List

Scraping your own target list is easy-

  1. Open the footprint file in the resource pack
  2. Copy and paste the information into scrapebox
  3. Merge that with the included merge list
  4. Click open to see all details included with our footprint file

If you get stuck with this please see the video for more details!

scrape target list

Now if you haven’t imported your proxies, do that first but if you have, click Start Harvesting.

Once scraping is finished, you can either keep going by clicking Export Keywords which will continue scraping the failures or you can go ahead and export the new URL list into a text file for import.

Importing Sites Into Ultimate Demon

Under the Sites tab in Ultimate Demon, select the green plus. You will need to tell it to stop submitting, click the green plus again and the Site Detector will open.

ultimate demon site detector

Change the Site Type to “All” and paste in the URLs you scraped with scrapebox.

If you have more than 10,000 items, it will recommend you to keep it below that amount so if your computer is not powerful enough to run this many, I would take some out and do it in parts.

Otherwise, just paste in your list and click Start. After it is completed, it will show you the list of sites that have been successfully completed and ones that failed.

I suggest going through and retrying the failed ones. Paste your list in the site detector one more time and check the box that says “Important…!!” You will be able to add even more sites this way!

Setting Up Link Trees

Now let’s create a tiered link building structure. Under Link Trees, click on New, enter the name of the campaign and click OK.

create a link tree

You will see your money site in the diagram and you can begin building links to it such as web 2 or bookmarks. They have more links like press release and documents that you can also use to build tiers 2 and 3.

After your diagram is set, move on to the second step and set up the tasks by double clicking on each picture. Enter the desired keywords and URL of links you want to build.

Double click on the pictures, enter the sites you want, an account, content, pretty similar to setting up the bookmarks.

Fill in the information for each one of the structures you built and you’ll be done setting up your tiered links!

Why Just Tier 1 Links?

Many people have asked me why I use GSA Search Engine Ranker for building tier 2 and 3 links even though Ultimate Demon is one of my favourite link building tools.

My main reason is this:

  1. Ultimate Demon supports around 20 platforms
  2. Gsa search engine ranker supports over 150 platforms

In Ultimate Demon, you are limited to the amount of each type of site that you can import and the number of platforms.

The difference between 20 and 150 platforms is a huge difference in the number of links it can get for us.

However, Ultimate Demon allows for more control when you are building tier 1 links to your money site. GSA Search Engine Ranker doesn’t have as much control so Ultimate Demon is very effective for building those first tier links.

To learn more about Ultimate Demon and tiered link building, I suggest watching my tiered link building tutorial series.

Ultimate Demon is a powerful and effective tool to create high quality tier 1 links and now you know how to use it efficiently and effectively.

You can see why it’s one of my favourite tools – it’s easy to learn, doesn’t freeze and saves a bunch of time!

Resources In The Tutorial

$50 Ultimate Demon Discount – perfect for creating a solid tier 1 link profile

BuyProxies – I use the semi-dedicated proxies.

Important Update: Unfortunately the Ultimate Demon team have shut down their doors as of 22nd May 2017. Please refer to my GSA Search Engine Ranker tutorial instead.