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Review of: Link Emperor
Reviewed by: Matthew Woodward
Updated On: July 30, 2020


The Link Emperor link building service makes it very easy to setup a link building campaign with a diverse range of link types.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please see my updated list of recommended link building services.

Link Emperor claims to be the only link building service


But are they right to make those claims?

You can setup both normal and tier link building campaigns…

In minutes!

The easy to use interface gives you access to a whole
range of different link types.

These include:

  • Articles
  • Blog comments
  • Forum profiles
  • Forum posts
  • Press releases
  • Private blog networks

  • Public web 2.0 sites
  • Social bookmarks
  • Videos
  • Private web 2.0 sites
  • Wikis

All you have to do is import your target URL’s and keywords, decide what types of links you want and it does all the rest for you.

It will even recommend other keywords for you to rank for and has some pretty nifty on page optimisation and rank tracking tools built in.

Claim $50 Worth Of Links For Just $7 Now

What Do You Get For Your Money?

It works on a credit based system and $147 will get you 30,000 credits to spend which gets you a whole bunch of links – I was impressed with how much you could actually get with that.

link emperor

I was also pretty impressed with how well everything fits together in the Link Emperor backend.

Everything is easy to setup & manage – even if you know nothing about SEO & link building.

Check out my video review & tutorial to see how I setup the campaigns.

My Link Emperor Review & Tutorial

YouTube video

Resources In The Video

Link Emperor – $50 Credits For $7 – Claim $50 worth of credits for just $7 now!

Don’t Like Videos? Follow This Instead!

Link Emperor is a web based link building tool that claims to be an all-in-one link building service.

With this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • Properly use Link Emperor’s link building service
  • Generate quality links with ease
  • Manage campaigns
  • Set up a tiered link building campaign
  • Discover new keywords
  • Improve SEO for your site

Introduction to Link Emperor

Link Emperor is a link building tool that allows you to manage your SEO campaigns, create quality links and even build tiered linking structures.

Link Emperor Prices

You get an allocated number of credits per month that are used to build links. You can spend your credits how you wish on a huge range of link types.

Getting Started With Link Emperor

I’m going to first show you the back end of a test campaign very quickly.

On the main interface you will see:

  • All the URL’s it picked up
  • All the keywords targeted by those URL’s
  • The keyword search volume
  • Current Google rank
  • Page score

Link Emperor Overview

You can actually use this information to help improve your onsite optimisation to steal quick win ranking boosts.

But first, let me show you how to start your own campaign!

Creating a New Campaign

Say you want to promote a specific set of URL’s for a niche. You need to set up a campaign and Link Emperor makes it really easy to do.

Link Emperor New Campaign

Just click on New and and fill in the details such as campaign name, country, description, category and so on. I’m going to set one up about my post of how to start a blog and leave the rest of the options at default.

You can also give your clients access so they can monitor rankings etc with a designated username and password.

After all that’s done, click Add Campaign.

Link Emperor Campaigns

As you can see our campaign is added on top and if you tick the box next to it, more options will come up that you are able to change.

The next step you should do is to add Google Analytics. You really should do this is because the tool fetches the Analytic’s data which will help you make keyword decisions.

To add your Google Analytics, click Account then the External Linked Accounts tab and add your account.

If you don’t have Google Analytics, Clicky works as well.

Now we have to add additional information. Click on the campaign and go to the Sites tab to add the domains & URL’s we want to build links to.

Add sites

Enter a name for the site reference and the complete domain URL including http:// Make sure to select the Analytics ID you wish to connect to.

Campaign Setup

As for target URLS, you can use Google Analytics to grab them for you or uncheck the box to add specific URLs. I’m going to untick the box and click Add site.

Now let’s add our targets.

  1. Enter URL
  2. Enter dollar value
  3. Add keywords

Let me explain quickly what dollar value is.

Dollar value is a measurement for campaign bids. If your campaign has a $1 value per visit and a separate campaign has a $2 value, then the $2 value campaign will have two times as many links built to it.

I’m going to leave mine blank since I don’t need to worry about it for the test campaign. Then enter the keywords and if you want the system to include additional keywords the URL ranks for on the internet, check the box and click Add.

This will help increase your rank for keywords that need a small boost.

One more thing I’m going to do is go back to the Target tab and add my Youtube video tutorial URL.

Target Analysis

Now that you’ve entered all your target campaign information, let’s look at what some of the terms mean.

Link Emperor Target Analysis Review

Click on one of the campaigns we created to see the list of keywords we added, the Google ranking for the keywords, search volume, visits per URL and on page score.

Page score can be anywhere from 0, 1 or 2.5.

The breakdown of scores goes like this:

  • 0: the particular keyword is not found on the page
  • 1: the keyword is found on the page
  • 2.5: the keyword is found in the title

onpage seo analysis

Not only does system tell you the score, it also helps you optimize it.

Click on SEO Trouble Spots tab where they have a list of suggestions and changes that you can do to increase the score.

Very helpful!

If you want, make the recommended changes and and select reinspect selected On-page SEO for it to update the page score.

Finding New Keywords

This is a great feature that helps you find new keywords related to your campaign post.

  1. Click New Report
  2. Fill in the details such as name, country and dollar value
  3. Do a quick search of other relevant websites and copy their URLs here.
  4. Copy and paste the URL’s
  5. Click Research Report

Finding New Keywords

I searched for the keywords “how to start a blog” and just grabbed various relevant sites off the search results.

You will see that the system came up with additional keywords that we can use.

Once again the report will show you the different keywords it came up with and the amount of traffic it gets. Select the keywords to add to your campaign list and click on Assign selected to Target.

Adding Articles

There are a couple options for adding articles which we need for the links we’re building.

Adding Articles

The first option is to generate articles. Click on the Article Tab and then select Generate Articles.

If you have an account with articlebuilder.net you can use that or do a database search of pre-written PLR articles. Let’s select those to see why this options is less than ideal.

Sample Generated Article

You can see they have pulled up an article for us but as you take a closer look, you’ll see that the problem is that it’s not unique enough.

A much better option is to add an article manually. If you don’t know how, check out my The Best Spinner tutorial to create well spun articles that are unique and makes absolute sense.

This is very important! This is usually why most SEO campaigns fail and you need to learn how to properly spin an article so it passes human moderation.

Also remember to take note of the auto generation settings.

Select no so that Link Emperor doesn’t automatically generate the PLR articles for you if you don’t have any. That way you’ll avoid exposing your URL’s to the PLR auto content.

Link Building

Now onto link building!

To start building links first you need to tell Link Emperor which types of links to create. Change the tab to Link building and select Change Campaign Allocations.

link building setup

Make sure you choose to blast each campaign separately! This is so you don’t get links from two different campaigns which might not have relevant content to each other.

If you have more than one campaign setup you can choose how to divide up your credits amongst them.

Next let’s change the anchor text distribution settings. This will mix anchors up to prevent you from using too many exact match anchors which is a main cause of Penguin penaltys.

anchor text distribution

Move the slider and it will show you the percent randomization of your keywords.

For example I have it set to 16% to an exact match, 27% to a variance of the exact match and 57% to generic words. This will help stop you from getting hit from Penguin!

Now we can check the type of links we want to build. Under the Campaigns tab, select the link building tab and click on Customize Link building settings.

Link Type Selection

Use the sliders to allocate the number of links per type you want your campaign to have.

For this campaign, we’re going to reduce the amount of forum profiles, wiki submissions, blog comments, article submissions, platform submissions, video creations and social bookmarking.

But increase press release submissions and private posts.

Underneath the additional options, you can choose to not build links on adult/objectionable sites, to blast target and keywords together and for it to handle priorities for you.

Click save link building design to finish. But if you want to do tiered link building, move the red slider in the middle to get a new group of blue sliders called Buffer Tier.

link emperor tiered link building

The higher you move the red link slider, the buffer tier slider grows to a higher percentage.

The basics of tiered link building comes down to how many tiered links you have connected to your initial set of links. So under the Approx. Links per month column, it’s necessary that the blue number is larger than the total number in green.

Now we need to change our buffer tier to get this proportion right. Let’s increase the blog comments, articles, and have a medium amount of wiki, less forum profiles, more social bookmarks and that should create a nice structure there.

Don’t forget you can change the blasting and buffer amount!

You can choose which option you would like, create less and blast more or to create more tiered links and blast less.

Leaving it around the middle is a good starting point.

Start Your Link Emperor Campaign

Your Link Emperor campaign is now ready to rock and roll but before you start your campaign, go through and check you have set up-

  1. Targets
  2. Keywords to rank for
  3. Articles
  4. Link Building Settings
  5. Campaign Allocations

start campaign

After you’ve gone through and checked everything, check the box to select your campaign and click run selected. Go over to the credits tab to check your credit spending history and the links being built.

That’s all there is to it! Link Emperor is now running a fully automated link building campaign according to the link structure you have built.

You can check your updated rankings each week to keep up with your campaign’s progress including detailed reports of keywords, traffic and so on.

The Link Emperor team will even take a quick look at your campaign before you start to make sure everything’s good to go if you get in touch with them!

Wrapping It Up!

So that is my introduction and review of the Link Emperor link building service and everything you need to know about creating and managing link building campaigns with it.

You can claim $50 worth of credits for just $7 to try it out!

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Link Emperor – $50 Credits For $7 – Claim $50 worth of credits for just $7 now!