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Review of: Kontent Machine
Reviewed by: Matthew Woodward
Updated On: July 6, 2021


Kontent Machine is one of the best content generators on the market. It is a huge time saver to and helps to make setting up link campaigns a quick and painless process.

I’ve been using Kontent Machine for well over a year now to generate content for a range of tasks.

The old version was one of the best investments I have ever made in a piece of software and Kontent Machine 3 has made it even better.

It is a huge time saver and you can export the content to use in your favourite link building software easily.

Kontent Machine 3 has just been released which has been rewritten from the ground up with a much easier to use interface.

It also offers much more control over quality to create content for any purpose with ease.

One of my biggest gripes with the old version was it was only available as a monthly subscription – but now you can take advantage of lifetime licenses for a one time fee to get a huge Kontent Machine discount.

What You Will Learn

  • How to generate as much unique & relevant content as you want
  • How to automatically add images, videos & contextual links
  • How to control the quality of the content easily
  • How to import it into a range of link building software
  • How to update all of your web 2 & private blog networks with ease

Kontent Machine Review & Tutorial

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Resources In The Video

Software Integration

Kontent Machine integrates with a range of other tools & software-

Link Building

Blog Network Management

Spinning Software

Don’t Like Videos? Follow This Instead!

Today you will learn about generating unique content and importing it into link building software.

Kontent Machine is a tool that creates content relevant to your keywords and builds various articles with pictures, contextual links and videos included at random.

Kontent Machine 3 is the updated version with new features, more settings and different options. You can then export your articles for any campaign you have set up. I am going to show you how to do all of that & more in my Kontent Machine review.

Brand New Interface

As you can see, the main interface for Kontent Machine has been completely redone.

Kontent Machine 3 user interface

So first, let me show you how fast it creates content.

Kontent Machine review & setup

All you need to do is enter your keywords, what kind of quality you want, and the spinner service you want to use. Then select the media to include randomly and finally build and export the content.

You can then decide which software you want to export your article to so it saves it in the correct format. Once it has finished all that, open the software you selected and import your new content into there to start your campaign.

So that’s a quick take on what Kontent Machine does. You can generate content for your campaigns in minutes.

Create a Campaign

There are only 3 steps to set up a new campaign:

  1. Select your content source
  2. Name your campaign
  3. Enter keywords

Create A Campaign

You can choose to use the software’s scraper, the software’s scraper with some local files or just local files. They allow 3 different keywords so for this example, I’m going to use cash advanced loan and pay day loan.

Kontent Machine lets you use their recommended settings for content quality but you can change the quality settings for further control. Each one comes with an explanation as you can see below.

Content quality control

Now you need to select your spinner. I prefer to use The Best Spinner and you can set up other ones but they have a free spinner you are welcome to use.

Next you select how you want the images and videos to be included. You can set it for both, or just image, just video, video or image, random or none. I’m going to select random for now.

Hit Apply.

Kontent Machine settings overview

You also have some more options for how you want your article to be outputted including the different kinds of word, character or paragraph spinning.

I’m going to choose paragraph spinning and select my paragraph count between 6 and 11.

There are some additional options for bookmarking but I’m leaving those at default.

Hit Next.

Adding Links

There are different ways you can add your links in your generated content.

You can:

  • Add random links in the body
  • Add links to the resource box
  • Link images
  • Insert contextual links

link setup

So enter the URL of your site and the keywords to link it for. I’m going to use pay day loan and such keywords.

Something really handy is that you can add brand based keywords and you can tell the software to use a certain percentage. For example, you can set it at 70% keywords and 30% brand keywords.

Remember to set the percentage of links you want as follow or no-follow as well!

Contextual link setup

Personally, I like to add contextual links inside the article. These links include websites that are related to your niche that you can scrape from some keywords using scrapebox.

I found that this helps blend your money site in better since Google won’t see that all of your back links always link back to you.

This will actually increase the quality of your links!

So add your contextual URLs and keywords, you can ignore the brand keywords bit and hit OK.

Generating The Content

Now that that’s all done, we can built our content to get ready for export!

Content output example

Click Build Content and it will start downloading all the content, spinning it and putting it together.

Once it has finished, you will see all the spun titles, articles, inserted links and bookmarks which you can preview.

Exporting the Content

To export your article, click on Build and Export, select which program you would like to use, and there are also various options you can change in the Kontent Machine settings.

exporting the content

Click Export, select a folder, click Save and you will see just how quickly it works!

After it is finished, it will create a folder with all the content and information you need such as bookmarks, press release, video titles and descriptions, and more to start a complete campaign in whatever software you are using.

Even More Features

Let me show you what other features there are in Kontent Machine.

Other Kontent Machine tools

You can go to tools and see bookmarks, scrapers, spinners and more. I’ve set up The Best Spinner but you can set up other ones like WordAi or use the built in one.

There are even more options to character spin, sentence spin, or nested spintax. Select what you want, click Go to save in the folder and it’ll do that for you.

Article Scraper

They also have an article scraper to download a bunch of article directories based on keywords you enter. You can then use it to bulk spin or anything else you need it for.

Article scraper

You can also change the search options for word counts, search in the body, and other things like that.

About Me/Bio Generator

Quite a few people have asked me how I generate different “about me” sections.

Bio generator

I didn’t use Kontent Machine before because it didn’t have this option but it does now so you can use that if you want to generate different about me or author bio content.

You can also insert links into the bios easily.

Bulk Spinner

The bulk spinner will let you select a folder of articles and spin them, adding images/videos at random at the same time!

bulk spinner

If you’ve watched my advanced spinning tutorial, you know that this saves a ton of time! Especially for inserting pictures and videos.

Publish Files

There is another tool that lets you publish articles to various places. If you select some articles, there are a couple options for choosing title and tags which you can do yourself or the software can do it for you.

content publishing

Select which tags you want and then add your categories. I’m going to include finance and business and click Next.

Add your account by right clicking in the box and you can add one wordpress blog individually or load multiple from a CSV file.

If you have a RankWYZ account, you can also add that which will automatically submit your content to different web 2 sites, bookmarks and platforms.

General Thoughts

The new Kontent Machine is much easier to use. The new interface is easier to read and understand as it gives you more control over what content it creates and spins for you.

This is one of my preferred auto-generated tools and it saves me a ton of time as it will automatically add videos, images and links for you and imports your data in just a couple of clicks!

Kontent Machine Discount Coupon Available Now

Previously there was no Kontent Machine discount coupon available and the only way to use it was to pay the recurring monthly fee which can add up quickly.

But now you can get a huge discount on Kontent Machine by taking advantage of the all new life time licenses option so you no longer have to deal with the recurring cost.

Kontent Machine discount coupon

That will save you a lot of money in the long run and it’s great to see the team listen to customer feedback and introduce the discounted lifetime license option.

Resources In The Kontent Machine Tutorial

Software Integration

Kontent Machine integrates with a range of other tools & software-

Link Building

Blog Network Management

Spinning Software

Kontent Machine 2 Review & Tutorial

Kontent Machine 2 is no longer available.

If you want to check out the older Kontent Machine 2 tutorial you can do that right here – the transcript is available below.

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