How To Automate Captcha Solving With GSA Captcha Breaker

Review of: GSA Captcha Breaker
Reviewed by: Matthew Woodward
Updated On: January 29, 2020


Reduce your costs by solving captchas automatically. GSA Captcha Breaker is an essential tool that saves my business around $60 per day.

One of the biggest costs of link building is solving captchas with services like DeathByCaptcha, but did you know…

 GSA Captcha Breaker solves that problem?
I was spending around $60 per day on solving captchas at one point across all of the internet marketing & SEO software I was running it was ridiculous!

So I can see why many people don’t bother paying for captcha solving services and skip over them entirely.

The problem is if you are using software like GSA Search Engine Ranker you will not only get a high fail rate, but also miss out on the better quality links.

So how do you solve the problem of huge captcha bills?

What You Will Learn

  • How to slash captcha costs instantly
  • How to improve automatic captcha solving accuracy
  • How to do this with 99% of SEO/IM software
  • How to improve the performance of your link building campaigns
  • My exclusive GSA Captcha Breaker discount code

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GSA Captcha Breaker – The best captcha solving software. Click through to get your exclusive GSA Captcha Breaker discount now.
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Introducing GSA Captcha Breaker

If you haven’t heard of it before GSA Captcha Breaker is a bit of software that runs on your computer and solves captcha codes automatically.

You can hook it up to 99% of SEO/IM software and it will intercept all of the captchas and solve them for you.

GSA Captcha Breaker

Normally people use services like DeathByCaptcha or DeCaptcha but the problem with that is they are expensive and you can easily rack up a large bill quickly.

This is where GSA Captcha Breaker steps in – that will intercept captchas and solve them for free. Any that it can’t solve it then sends to a paid service.

Captcha Breaker solves 88% of the captchas I throw at it so if your spending $10 a day on captchas right now, you can reduce that to just $1.20 which is a huge daily saving.

Improving Accuracy

What really sets GSA Captcha Breaker apart from the crowd is the fact that you can use the built in tools to…

 Improve the accuracy of automatic captcha solving or add new captchas entirely.
This is made even better by the fact you can export and import those improved/new captchas and share them with every other GSA Captcha Breaker user in a couple of clicks.

All you have to do is install the new/improved captcha types made by others in a couple of clicks and watch accuracy grow while ongoing captcha costs shrink.

GSA Captcha Breaker vs Captcha Sniper

The very first piece of automatic captcha solving software called Captcha Sniper was released way back on the 17th October 2011.

I used it for a long time but had on going problems with it maxing out my CPU which made computers/VPS’s entirely unusable or constantly crashing and needing baby sitting.

Don’t get me wrong, it did work and it did save on captcha costs but it was far from stable and the developer wasn’t all that happy when people criticised his software.

However he was working to improve it and at the time was the only solution which is actually featured in my tier link building tutorials.

That was a couple of years ago though and it has got much better – but, although I don’t have any data to back this up – I can tell you GSA Captcha Breaker is much faster, doesn’t max out the CPU and gets updated a few times per month.

On top of that it’s built by the same guy that made GSA Search Engine Ranker which is known for its speed, stability, constant updates and first class support which all carries over into GSA Captcha Breaker.

For example when GSA Search Engine Ranker launched I asked for tiered link building & how GSA could automate it in the sales thread at TrafficPlanet – just a few days later the tiered link building system you see today was deployed.

So when it comes down to which is better? Then GSA Captcha Breaker wins hands down.

Wrapping It Up

So there you have it – if you want to slash captcha solving costs and improve the efficiency of your link building campaigns,  GSA Captcha Breaker is essential.

If you are spending any less than $1 per day on captchas then its probably not for you, but anything over that and it will pay for itself in no time at all!

I use it across all of my link building & internet marketing tools and I can’t begin to imagine just how much money it has saved in that time.

If you need help setting it up then check out the video at the top of this page which shows you exactly how to use it and improve accuracy.

Don’t forget to claim your exclusive GSA Captcha Breaker discount by using this link.