Crowdfunding Link Building: An Overlooked Strategy!

Do you want to take advantage of a huge link building opportunity most SEOs neglect?

It’s simple, budget friendly and takes no time at all to setup and partially automate.

Not only that, but it helps to support other businesses in your industry!

What am I talking about exactly?


It’s one of the most underrated and underused strategies for building links.

Which means there are hundreds of opportunities just waiting for you to snap them up!

What Is Crowdfunding Link Building?

Crowdfunding link building is where someone raising money for a business through small donations, places a link to anyone who has contributed.

These donations can range from $1 right through to $1000+ and can be focused on any kind of business or project in any niche, making this a fantastic link building opportunity!

For example this Fidget Cube raised $6,465,690 on Kickstarter.

Not bad for a small vinyl cube!

Fidget Cube Kickstarter

Start-ups, artists and all kinds of projects have the opportunity to generate incredible amounts of money from the people their ideas resonate with.

Not to mention test their ideas and see if they have an audience before they launch them.

But what does all of this have to do with link building? Well, allow me to explain…

Every donation comes with a benefit to the donor. Although some of them come with “warm fuzzies”, some of them have tangible benefits, like links back to your website.

Take a look at this offer-

crowdfunding link building example

For a small $25 donation they’ll include a link back to your website.

Which just happens to be a DR64 domain-

link stats

Not only that:

But it’s a bargain for what may become a super successful piece of advertising as well.

By finding enough of these projects you can quickly and easily get links back to your site.

So I am going to show you how to find and capitalise on this technique and grow your link profile at warp-speed.

10 Crowdfunding Sites Every SEO Should Know About

Before you get into the weeds about how to do crowdfunding link building…

 You need to know where you can do it.

There are lots of different options out there – with hundreds of crowdfunding sites that go really niche – but these are the platforms I feel you’ll get the most benefit from:

Take a minute or two to familiarise yourself with them and find if any sites will be a better fit for you (or your client) than others. Then you can jump over to the next section.

This Is How You Do It

The crowdfundung link building process is pretty straight forward-

  1. Find opportunities
  2. Make a donation
  3. Your link is placed

It really is as easy that. The hardest bit is finding the opportunties but I am going to show you how to automate this later.

First, you can use these two Google searches to find link building opportunities-

  • site:[website url] inurl:projects +“link to your”
  • Site:[website url] inurl:projects +”donor page”

Let’s take a closer look…

The first is to type the following into your search bar (replace the words in brackets with your specific URL):

site:[website URL] inurl:projects +“link to your”

This will show the results of projects that are offering a link to your website as part of their bonus scheme.

If I did this for IndieGoGo that would look like this:

indiegogo results

Now, be prepared to comb through lots of results to find the right one for you.

Head through the next few pages and look to see what you can find. You want to pay attention to keywords or topics that are relevant to your website.

good result

The next option would be to use this Google search:

Site:[website url] inurl:projects +”donor page”

This will show results for campaigns that are offering a donor page to their, well…donors.

If I did this for Kickstarter it would look like this:

kickstarter results

Much like the last search, you’re going to have to work your way through some pages of search results to the find the gems. But they are there.

For example…

If you were in the art or photography niche, this result would be great for you:

kickstarter result

You could also add a keyword into these searches to narrow down your results.

This will produce less results but they will be more targeted to your niche.

Below you can see if I was to add the keyword “science fiction” to my search, it still brings up 53 results:

niche results

Once you’ve done a search and exhausted your current options, you can also set yourself up for future success by setting up automated alerts for these opportunities.

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How To Automate Your Crowdfunding Research

Google Alerts allows you to get automated alerts for new content based around a search term delivered directly to your inbox (or RSS feed).

 Crowdfunding research made simple!

To active them you can just copy and paste the search terms for the sites you want to receive alerts about into their search bar:

Google Alerts Crowdfunding Example
Hit the “create alert” button and this will send immediate updates to you as soon as a new piece of content that fits these search criteria becomes available.
Why work hard when you can work smart, right?

Although I tend to find that Google Alerts provides a lot less results in general that it has done historically. So you might want to setup alerts from some of the other web monitoring tools.

Wrapping It Up

Crowdfunding link building is a great opportunity to find high quality relevant links in your niche without much effort.

Finding these opportunities can be as simple as using a Google search to find results containing those keywords.

Or you can create a Google Alert to get notifications delivered right to your inbox – what more could you possibly want!?

Well there is one thing:

In the next section we are going to be looking at event link building.