Blog Commenting For SEO: The Why & The How In 2020

blog commenting for seoHow do you start link building if you have no cash and no connections?

The answer is simple:

 Blog commenting.

But what is blog commenting? Well…

Blog commenting for SEO is a simple strategy to start building links back to your site while building strong relationships with people in your industry.

And, if you’re a new SEO who isn’t taking advantage of this strategy, you’re missing out on a world of potential that your competitors are going to use to beat you.

(You snooze you lose, right?).

blog commenting for seo

In this article I’ll show you what blog commenting for backlinks is, how to use it and why it’s an important part of the link building process.

Why You Should Use Blog Commenting For SEO

Blog commenting is simply leaving a value-adding message in the “comments” section of a blog and the earlier the better.

They’re one of the simplest and easiest ways to start building links to your website.

At the end of many posts you’ll see a form where you can add your personal information:

WordPress comment form

It’s important that it has the option to add your website as part of the information.

This means you can include a link back to your site, that anyone who reads your comment can click. Link building in its simplest form, right?

Now, these links don’t carry lots of direct “link juice” that will send you up the rankings.

But these links do contribute to your website’s link profile.

If you’re getting links back from your comments on large well-established blogs, Google & editors are going to take notice.

Blog comments also come with two other great benefits:

  1. They help you grow your network and build relationships with people
  2. They offer targeted traffic back to your website

Because if someone comes across a three-hundred word comment at the bottom of a blog post that adds tonnes of value (see below) they’re going to take notice of that as well:

blog commenting for SEO example

Website owners use blog comments to help them grow successful online businesses.

Ryan Biddulph of Blogging From Paradise credits his success to blog commenting. His comments on my blog were so valuable it led to him getting featured to my full email list.

The relationship he built through his comments, lead to a really valuable link building and traffic opportunity through being a guest poster on the blog. Powerful stuff.

Ryan Biddulph blog comment

There is a ton of SEO value in blog comments.

Okay, that’s the “why”; let’s take a look at the “how”…

How To Use Blog Comments For SEO

There is an art to blog commenting for SEO.

Your comment should be long enough to add value and be relevant to the blog post. That means comments like, “Great work!” isn’t going to cut it.

bad blog comment

Think in terms of a mini blog post.  It should add value or continue the discussion.

This is important to remember because blog owners have to approve your comments. If it’s not value adding or worthwhile for them to have it on their blog, it’ll get rejected.

Here’s an example comment that would get approved:

“Hey Dan,

You did an excellent job on this post! I’d like to add an extra productivity tip to your list if you don’t mind?

I find that when I fast in a morning – that is, I get up, drink a coffee and get straight to work – my productivity is 10 TIMES better than when I’ve eaten. I thought it would be the other way around, or that I’d struggle without food, but I really do thrive.

The people in my coaching community have found this to be helpful, too! Something worth trying.

Have a great day,


I’d say that around 1 in every 250 comments I process on the blog go beyond one-line.

Comments like the above really stand out because it’s rare to see such engagement in this busy world – this means it is VERY EASY for you to stand out from the crowd.

Here are some blog commenting tips and best practices you should follow:

  1. Comment First: Get that first comment spot for the most traffic (more on that in the next section.)
  2. Use Your Full Name: Don’t aim for a keyword or your brand name.
  3. Use Your Correct Email Address: This allows the site owner, or interested people, to contact you.
  4. Connect Your Email To Gravatar: This will display a profile picture next to your comment.
  5. Be Selective: Choose blogs and posts that are relevant to your niche or industry.
  6. Ask Questions When You’re Not An “Expert”: If you’re unsure about something they wrote about, ask a question about it.
  7. Add Extra Value When You Are: If this topic is something you have experience in, add your own opinion and contribute value.
  8. Don’t Write Spam: Like, ever.

Pretty simple right?

How To Find Blog Commenting Sites (And Secure The First Comment)

As Neil Patel found, getting the first blog comment generates the most traffic and gets the most attention.

How do you find blog commenting opportunities and ensure you get the first comment?

It’s pretty simple… Identify the blogs you want to comment on, get notified of their new posts and then leave your comment.

Let’s take a closer look…

Step #1: Identify The Blogs You Want To Comment On

Finding the blogs you want to comment on can be pretty simple.

For this I use Feedly.

Sign up for a free account and you can search for blogs based around certain topics:

Feedly productivity search
You can then find lots of sites to add to your “feed”.

Just click “follow” and away you go:

Blog feeds

Take a couple of minutes to add blogs to your feed before moving onto the next step.

It’ll help you out massively.

Step #2: Get Notified Of Their New Posts

With your feed in place, you will start to get email notifications about the latest posts on your favourite blogs.

They’ll also show up on your home screen here:

today Feedly screen
A second step you can take is…

If you head to the search bar at the top of the page and enter in your keyword (eg: productivity) you can choose to set up a Google News alert around this topic.

Feedly google news
This will now send you immediate updates about all of the new content around this topic.

Step #3: Leave Your Comment

When you receive a notification it’s important that you act fast.

You ideally want to get the first comment.

But the higher up the page (closer to the content) the better. So as soon as you get a notification, get in there and leave your comment!

Wrapping It Up

Blog comments have powerful SEO, networking and traffic benefits.

You should regularly be leaving value-adding, long-form comments on regular blogs in your niche to help with your link building & wider digital marketing strategy.

 The better the comment, the better the results you’ll get from it.

Be sure to use your:

  • Name
  • Correct email address
  • A link to your site

…and never leave spam.

If you want to get notified about blog commenting opportunities you can sign up for Feedly and use them to create in-app and Google News alerts you can quickly act upon.

Next up, I’m going to show you another powerful link building method for those who are just starting their link building campaign… Testimonial Link Building.

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