The 5 Best Guest Posting Services On The Market

Guest posting is a link building strategy that has stood the test of time and is often referred to as a “white hat” link building technique.

But here’s the truth… Securing high quality relevant guest post links is hard work.

So how can you get excellent results without investing time & energy to get them?

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You hire a reputable guest posting service to do it for you.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammy providers out there. So how do you know which one to choose?

I have put together a list of the 5 best guest posting services to take your organic traffic to the next level in 2021.

These are the 5x Best Guest Posting Services In 2021

I’m going to be straight with you:

No guest posting service is perfect.

It’s just the nature of the industry. What’s important is:

  • How the services conduct their work
  • The quality control processes they have in place

Each of the guest posting services that I mention below is a reputable service and have my full recommendation.

But you should still pay attention to my tips to avoid bad guest posting services below.

1. LinksThatRank

Looking for guest blog posts that are backed by real quality control?

LinksThatRank has a reputation for providing quality guest posting services that delivers great results.

links that rank guest posting services

If you are looking for a completely hands-off guest posting service you can trust, LinksThatRank is more than capable of handling your guest posting needs.

What To Expect From Their Services

First and foremost they operate the backlink blacklist database which is made up of 60,000+ known guest post farms and commonly resold sites.

YouTube video

The LinksThatRank team have also created their own 23 point quality control checklist to make sure that each link meets the performance standards.

Each and every link they build passes through a strict level of quality control which means they only build links you will be proud of.

strict quality control

LinksThatRank only ever places guest posts from authority sites that are relevant to you.

In the eyes of Google, this makes the link even more valuable.

If you buy their guest posting services, they actually ensure that each website they secure a guest post on has real organic traffic each month.

Why does that matter?

Well if Google is sending traffic to a website, that means that website is likely trusted by Google. It is safe to assume then that a link will be beneficial to your rankings.

PRO TIP: If you’re running an SEO agency and are looking for outsourcing your link building (or any other SEO services), you should take a look at:

How To Order From LinksThatRank

Ordering from LinksThatRank is easy. They have completely simplified the guest post buying process.

Just use the slider to select the links you want and click Continue.

Order from links that rank

Double-check your order and fill in the billing details.

links that rank order form

Add your payment information and click Place Order.

links that rank card details

It’s that easy!

The LinksThatRank team will start doing blogger outreach to secure quality guest post placements immediately.

2. Authority Builders Co

Authority Builders is a well-known link building service that provides end-to-end quality guest posting services.

authority builders guest post services

The Authority Builder brand is also backed by SEO expert Matt Diggity who has built a reputation for his excellent SEO results for any industry.

What To Expect From Their Services

What’s one of the most important things about guest blog posts?

Ensuring excellent placements.

This is why Authority Builders spend a lot of time and resources vetting each site before securing each placement.

They also ensure that each site they secure guest blog posts on has at least 1000+ organic searches each month.

authority builders promises

When it comes to guest posts, PBN’s are a no-no.

A PBN is a network of websites used to build links and pass the authority of this to a single website. In most cases, this is considered a pure “black hat” SEO tactic used by dodgy guest post services.

Authority Builders also has a firm no PBN rule for guest posts.

How To Order From Authority Builders

On the Authority Builders website, click on the guest post page.

authority builders guest post page

Scroll down and click on the Buy Now button under ABC Packages.

authority builders packages

Authority Builders allow you to choose between buying links that build your website’s authority or increase trust.

trust links or authority links

What’s the difference?

  • Trust links are focused on sites that have more organic traffic.
  • Authority links are focused on high domain authority sites.

Choose the type of links you want, then use the slider to specify the types of links you want, just like this:

guest posts order

Choose the quantity of guest posts you need and click Continue.

Then, Add in your details and type in the anchor text and URL for the link to point to.

anchor text and URL details

Click Update. Now just enter your payment details and you are good to go!

3. Get Me Links

Get Me Links are a popular link building company. The team has spent years:

  • Trying
  • Testing…

… The best link building strategies for their customers.

get me links guest posting service

With a worldwide client base, they have become over the years well-known for their quality guest posting services.

What To Expect From Their Services

Once you send off your order to Get Me Links you will be asked to confirm your:

  • Target URLs
  • Anchor text

This is a nice little value add because it’s easy to accidentally put in the wrong information, so double-checking is great.

If you spend over $1,500 with them in a single purchase the Get Me Links team will assist you with choosing target URLs and anchor text FOR FREE.

Talk about a great bonus!

Get Me Links has dedicated staff members specialised in custom blogger outreach. They have an efficient process and make sure that each guest post is placed correctly.

They don’t have cookie-cutter databases of sites to reach out to – Get Me Links reaches out to sites that are unique and relevant to your own website.

The guest post placement can take approximately 30 days depending on how many you ordered. Afterwards, you get:

  1. A detailed report to see each placement.
  2. The relevant link metrics once the guest posts are secured.

How To Order From Get Me Links

Get Me Links has made it really easy to order their guest posting services.

On their guest post page, click on the domain rating authority you want for your links.

Select the placement article word count and the guaranteed organic visitors you want.

guaranteed organic visitors

You can also choose to have 2 target URLs within the one guest post content.

Select the number of links you want and click Add To Cart.

add to cart

If you want to add more links with a different domain rating, you can before checking out.

On the Cart page, click Proceed To Checkout.

cart page

Fill in your billing address and payment details to place the order.

And that’s it. After that, the team at Get Me Links will get to work and send you a report when each link is placed.

4. Loganix

Another excellent guest posting service is Loganix.

Loganix was founded by SEO expert Adam Steele. They’ve been featured in some of the world’s leading websites, such as:

  • Forbes
  • Mashable
  • Backlinko

Not a bad portfolio!

loganix guest posting services

Loganix is actually a full-service SEO and PPC agency and they are well-known for providing excellent customer service to customers.

What To Expect From Their Services

Loganix guarantees its guest posting placements.

What does that “guarantee” mean?

If the placement is secured but for some reason, the site owner rejects your link, they will build another link that is of equal value or better.

You can be confident you will get exactly what you pay for.

quality placements

An important part of any guest post…is writing quality content. Loganix vets all of their content writers and only hires native US or Canadian writers.

On top of that, they ensure that each piece of content is:

  • Well-written
  • Adds value to the website it is published on

But that’s not all. If you go through Loganix, you can be sure they only ever get guest post links from trusted sites.


They have a detailed quality control process to make sure that each link is valuable for your website.

After you finish ordering, they will also send you a list of websites to approve before doing the blogger outreach.

That means you get to see the quality of the website before they place the guest post.

How To Order From Loganix

Ordering guest posting services from Loganix is a little more complicated than others on this list. You have to jump through a few more hoops.

On the guest post service page, click Get Started.

guest posting page

You will now be prompted to create an account and go through a short onboarding process.

onboarding process

Once your account is created, you’re taken inside the dashboard. Choose your guest post placements and the number of links you want.

Fill in your billing and payment details and click Complete Purchase.

A team member from Loganix will contact you shortly with a list of potential placements to review.

After that – just sit back and wait for them to place each guest post!

5. NO BS Marketplace

With their head office way down under in Australia, NO BS Marketplace delivers quality link building services for clients worldwide.

no bs guest posting services

NO BS has built a scalable guest posting service that prioritises natural links placed within quality content.

They have a custom-built web platform that allows you to:

  • Track
  • Manage

…ALL of your orders in one place.

What To Expect From Their Services

They work hard to ensure that guest posts are placed only on relevant websites that will improve your search engine ranking.

After you’ve submitted your order, NO-BS suggests potential websites for guest post placements. All of these are added to your custom dashboard where you can:

  • Accept them
  • Reject them

quality guest post placements

NO BS also gives you the ability to customise each placement by:

  • Suggesting post topics
  • Adding themed keywords
  • Selecting how links are inserted
  • The length of content

Like the other guest posting services mentioned above, you can customise the anchor text and target pages.

NO BS really allows you to take complete control of your guest posting campaigns.

NO BS also has some of the best prices for links available. This combined with their management system makes them an excellent guest posting service.

How To Order From NO BS Marketplace

To order from NO BS, you will need to create an account for yourself. They have a short onboarding process that you will also need to go through.

Head over to their website and click sign up.

no bs guest posts page

Fill in the details and click create your free account.

create free account

Next, add in your business details and click next.

no bs onboarding

Fill in the last details and click complete. You will then need to verify your email address.

Once that is done you can go ahead and start requesting guest posts from inside the dashboard. It’s as simple as that.

5x Tips To Avoid Bad Guest Posting Services

To be honest…

The guest posting services industry is very shady, to say the least.

There are loads of sellers placing guest posts on rubbish sites that offer NO value. Links from these sellers will end up getting your site penalised by Google.

Google Penalty Illustration

You need to make sure that the guest posting service you go with is providing genuine blogger outreach services to quality websites.

Here are 5 things you need to pay attention to when it comes to guest posting services.

#1 – Avoid Services That Publish on “Write For Us” Pages

Many dodgy guest posting services find websites that have “write for us” pages and get content placed for a small fee.

This is super easy to do and requires minimal effort or care.

Write For Us Page Example

Here’s the problem:

Websites with “write for us” pages are usually heavily farmed by tons of other websites. This means you end up with:

  • Guest posts placements on irrelevant websites
  • Spammy links pointing at your website

Your guest post is also likely to be featured with other questionable sites such as adult, pharma and betting (no thanks).

A reputable service will blacklist sites with “Write For Us” pages and ensure you never get put up there.

#2 – Avoid Services That Share Their Site Lists

There are a number of guest posting services that will allow you to see a list of sites they have for guest posts available to buy.

Avoid these at all costs.

sites that list guest post websites

It might seem attractive to browse through a list of guest posts before buying, but it’s actually really risky.


These services often have no verification and anyone can sign up for them…

…Including Google!

Indeed, it would take an engineer at Google less than an hour to write a program that could scrape the entire list of guest posts websites.

Then, with this list, they will be able to start handing out penalties to anyone who has posted on any of these websites.

Check out this video below to learn more:

YouTube video

As you can see, run the other way.

#3 – Avoid Services That Publish On Low Search Traffic Websites

Here’s the deal:

As a general rule – if Google is ranking and sending organic search traffic to a website you can assume that Google trusts it.

And if Google trusts it, you can also assume that a guest post link on that site would provide value to you.

Ensure the placements your guest post service delivers are on sites with a good amount of organic traffic.

I usually suggest at least 500 organic search traffic a month.

#4 – Pay Attention To The Quality Control

This is where guest posting services like LinksThatRank succeed. Quality control is the single most important aspect of link building.

quality control process


  • A good quality link will see your website grow in rankings.
  • A bad link could see your website plummet and even worse… end up in a world of painful Google penalties.

So, before choosing a guest posting service, check out their quality control process. The process is usually documented and written down so you can clearly understand it.

If they don’t… run the other way again!

#5 – The Price Tells All

In the guest posting world… You get what you pay for.

Cheap SEO services are often a HUGE red flag.

Getting well-written guest posts placed on high-quality websites takes a lot of time and effort- That’s why you are outsourcing it in the first place right?

Cheap service providers are usually cheap because they are cutting corners and doing something sneaky. These kinds of services just aren’t worth your time or money.

If you want to have peace of mind then simply pay a quality guest posting service to place links that will grow your business- not harm it.

To get an idea of the price you’re supposed to pay for SEO services, you can consult my SEO pricing blog post.

GROWTH HACK: Download my link building checklist to check out the quality of the links you’ve received.

Wrapping It Up

When guest posting is done well, it requires a significant investment of:

  • Time
  • Effort
  • Ressources

This is why many people decide to outsource it.

The thing is… finding a trustable link building service isn’t easy. So, when it’s time for you to hire an agency, keep in mind all the advice I gave you in this post.

And if you’re scared to make the wrong decision, just go with one of the recommended agencies like LinksThatRank or Authority Builders.

I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a guest posting service?

Guest posting services are agencies that publish a piece of quality content on someone else’s blog in exchange for a link back to your website. Guest posting services usually handle each part of the process for you from outreach to writing the content itself.

Does guest posting still work?

Yes! Guest posting still works in 2021. Guest posting is considered to be one of the “white-hat” link building strategies available today. It is a great way to build natural and relevant links that add value to your own website.

Is it safe to consider guest post service?

Yes. It is safe to consider guest posting services. In fact, it is usually better to use a guest posting service as they have a refined process for getting quality placements. Just make sure you do your research and choose a reputable service you can trust.

Can I create my own content?

It depends on the service you choose. A lot of guest posting services prefer to handle the entire process end to end. Some services will allow you to write your own content pieces and may even offer a small discount.