2 Simple SEO Case Studies That Delivered Huge Results

SEO doesn’t have to be complicated!

Often it is the simplest strategies that are the most effective.

I have worked to improve search engine rankings & traffic for hundreds of clients with great success.

We don’t really do anything special, the SEO process often boils down to-

  • On Site Audit – A technical SEO audit fixing all issues while also developing a keyword strategy compromised of short terms quick wins & long term core terms
  • Link Building – Carefully deploying an effective link building campaign from relevant sites

Of course every site, niche & client is different which requires bespoke strategies in not only the keywords you target but also how you build the links.

So today I am going to share with you the results from 2 different clients.

Case Study #1 – Furniture E-Commerce

The first case study I want to share with you is from an online retailer that sells high end furniture & home wares.

They were having major problems gaining traction in the search results because the top 20 results are dominated by huge brands like Ikea, Tesco & John Lewis.

However, by following the simple 2 step SEO strategy above in just 6 months, we were able to-

  • Increase organic search traffic by 122.27%
  • Increase e-commerce transactions by 336%
  • Which resulted in a 369% / £165,586 increase in revenue

furniture analytics

Those are the kind of numbers that completely transform businesses, especially when you consider monthly e-commerce transactions from organic search increased from 110 to 480.

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Case Study #2 – Real Estate Lead Generation

The second case study I want to show you today is from the highly competitive world of real estate, specifically the buying & selling of residential houses.

The real estate niche is highly competitive from an SEO perspective with many professional SEO’s competing to generate leads to resell to realtors for huge profits.

Unfortunately, this means that the top 10 results are highly optimised with powerful highly manipulated link profiles.

This meant that this client had no option but to spend a small fortune every month with Google Adwords to drive new traffic & leads.

So we developed a strategy that focused on increasing search visibility for longer tail, conversion focused keywords while taking care of a range of issues we discovered during our technical SEO audit.

After just 7 months we were able to-

  • Increased organic search traffic by 93.91%
  • Increased the number of leads by 191.6%
  • Secure 21 top 3 positions & 40 top 10 positions
  • Triple monthly revenue from search traffic alone

real estate analytics

That has resulted in an extra total annual revenue of £37,800 from organic search traffic while significantly reducing recurring monthly Google Adwords costs.

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Keep It Simple Stupid

One of my favourite sayings of all time is to ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’.

It’s a philosophy that I try to apply to every aspect of my life, from ranking websites to training for Ironman.

I often see threads in forums offering up crazily complicated advice to increase search engine rankings while 99% of the time all people need to do is fix on-site problems & build powerful links.

Note: Measuring the success of your entire SEO campaign is possible with the SEO visibility scores.

Fixing Onsite Problems

When I say fix on-site problems I am talking about things like:

  • Broken links
  • Duplicate titles/meta descriptions
  • Pages with no title/meta descriptions
  • URL strucutre
  • Internal linking
  • Duplicate content

Basically if you run a crawl, you don’t want to see things like this-

deepcrawl results

You want to make sure that you are seeing results like this-


Many people skip over things like that and are blinded with just building as many links as possible, but there is no point building links unless you have built a solid SEO foundation.

Building Links

When it comes to link building you should be focusing on getting links from highly authoritative domains that are relevant to your niche.

That might sound like hard work but there are 2 really easy ways to go about doing that depending on your budget.

You can either do manual outreach and guest posts to authoritative sites in your niche – just follow my link building strategies if you need help with that.


So if you are struggling to increase search engine traffic & sales, remember:

 Just keep it simple stupid!
If you want to make things really simple, then you could get me to design & execute a custom SEO strategy on your behalf.

It really doesn’t get any easier than that!

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