SEO Powersuite Update


I have used SEO Powersuite for the last 10 years. It’s a great tool, built by a great team.

But there have been some important changes-

  • Huge Price Hike – One of the biggest benefits of SEO Powersuite was it’s pricing. But on January 24th 2020 they moved to recurring pricing model which took SEO Powersuite Enterprise from a $699 one time fee, to a recurring 699 ANNUAL fee.
  • It’s Slow – Because the tool is built with Java, it’s very slow unless you have a lot of RAM which means crawling large sites and updating rankings for thousands of keywords is cumbersome.
  • Additional Costs – On top of the price hike, you may also incurr additional costs like proxies and captcha suppliers.

Unfortunately all of that means I can no longer recommend SEO Powersuite in the same way I once did, despite them adding some new features recently.

With that said…

I now believe that the best general purpose SEO tool for most people, affiliates and business’s is SEMRush

So please try this 100% free SEMRush account instead

It’s a much more complete tool without any of the limitations and it’s super simple to use!

Plus it has some awesome features, that you can’t find anywhere else.