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UPDATE: Check out my updated SENuke XCR tutorial.

SEnuke X: How to Use it to Get Your Sites Ranked

[spoiler]Hello and welcome! let’s quickly talk about how to best use SEnuke X. now I can’t really say I’m a super expert user because, it’s only because as im making this video, SEnuke X has only been released for I don’t know for about a week, but it the time I’ve used it and I’ve been using it quite expensively obviously to test it. So here are some tips, really 2 main tips that can make the best use of this tool.

The first one very important is that you use it in bulk. And so here is the best way to do this, you wanna prepare a whole lot of content. Beforehand. So I’m talking about you maybe 5 or 6 let’s say 5-19 articles spun articles. And 2 or 3 press release texts also spun. Then maybe 2 or 3 videos. And a bunch of descriptions that you can use for bookmarks, and for like about me and bio texts okay? So you wanna prepare all that like a whole pile of content beforehand then you fire up SEnuke. You go through the wizard as demonstrated on the 1st video on this page. You go through that wizard, and when you get to the diagramic part you map out a huge campaign. Okay. Like huge. You place all these articles, all over the place, you know all the directories, all the web 2.0 sites, and so on. Profiesl and go at least 2 levels deep wherever you can. So you know, you’ll post your web 2.0 profiles with an article inside, and then you bookmark those profiles and you’ll ping those bookmarks you know that kind of thing. And you know I really encourage you like zoom out and build a huge network.

And then in the next step you feed SEnuke with all of these content which you’ve created. You feed all of these spun articles and the video files and all that stuff into SEnuke. And then you set it off to a schedule of 2 or 3 weeks, and you set it off to get started doing that and then it runs through those tasks. And then you go and prepare another hug pile of content for the next website, for the next project you have, and you go through the wizard again and schedule out a huge network. You will set it around for 2 or 3 weeks okay?

This is the most effective way of making use of this because if you use it like this it will save you the most amount of time right? if on the other hand, if you build campaigns in small steps you know if you go and say okay I’m gonna do one article and one press release and a few bookmarks and you go through the wizard and set that up and let it run for 1 or 2 days and then you’d have to go back and run the wizard again add a few bits of content here and there and so on. The you’ll be spending way too much time using the tool, okay?

So that’s the 1st tip. Use it in bulk. Prepare a huge amount of content, feed all that content in there and then let it run. The 2nd step is that you combine SEnuke X with at least one other link building strategy and link building strategy that get’s you high quality, high page rank backlinks. Because what Senuke X does is that it builds a lot of backlinks and it builds what I would call base level or base line backlinks. So large amounts of mostly lowish amounts of backlinks. And this kind of backlink building especially since it comes from so many sources is very useful for some keywords that would be enough to get you to the top position. But for most keywords in my experience you know talking about keywords that you can realistically compete for assuming that you’ve done some good keyword research. And for most keywords, this kind of link building can get you to page 1 fairly quickly. But getting from position 7 or position 5 if you resolve to position number 1 for your keyword, that is usually a tougher fight than just getting a front page. And the best way to get there in my experience, the best way to do that is to combine this base style link building that SEnuke X does very well with some high PR backlinks so with some super high quality backlinks. For example what you could do to get those is you could use something like buildmyrank so with buildmyrank you post a few of these articles of this blog network and you pick out the highest page rank once, you build a ton of links to those, and that’s a great way of sending a lot of link to just one particular link.

Another way of doing that would be if you have your own backlink network,, your own network of high PR sites they can play some links on, those would be great as additions and anything else you can do like linking pages or anything you can to get links from actual high PR pages. ‘coz if you combine lots of base level baclinks, a large volume of those with few high quality backlink that is, in my experience, like best way to boost your sites up.

Okay and those are my 2 tips for getting the most out of SEnuke X. I hope this is useful for you, and I hope I’l see a lot of success with your own backlink building campaigns. Thank you for watching an I’ll talk to you soon.[/spoiler]

Roundup: Magic Submitter vs. SEnuke X vs. Sick Submitter vs. SEOLinkRobot and More!

[spoiler]Hello and welcome! I’m Shayne Miller from iamimpact.com and this is the supplemental video to my automatic backlink building software round up review. So let’s start right in and look at the software products that we’re comparing in this round up.

We’ve got Sick Submitter by Sick Marketing and we’ve got SEO Link Robot, then we’ve got Rank Builder 2.0 then of course SEnuke X then there’s also Magic Submitter and Article Marketing Robot which is a bit of an odd one out here and I’ll get back to that in a minute. And then there’s SERPAssist.

So these are the competing products in no particular order. And what we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna go through a process of elimination. So I’m gonna first tell you which of these products I don’t recommend and why.

First up, Rank Builder 2.0. On the one hand Rank Builder seems a bit messy. The whole user interface, I wasn’t very happy with how the product is put together with the user interface also with the member’s area and the download and the instructions and so on. The whole thing just seems mixed. The impression that it’s a bit unpolished, a bit rough around the edges, much more so than with the competing product. Most importantly though, there’s a pricing problem. Rank Builder 2.0 costs $77 a month and it’s clearly less powerful than, for example, Magic Submitter which actually costs $10 less per month. So you can get Magic Submitter for 67 a month and as long as Magic Submitter is available for 67 a month, there’s absolutely no reason to be spending more money on a weaker tool like Rank Builder 2.0. and with that, it’s eliminated

Alright next up we’ve got SEO Link Robot. Now SEO Link Robot is actually nothing wrong with this solid piece of software. The only real big downside of it is that, it has a very limited list of link targets. So, it’s very limited on how many links it can actually build for you or rather in how many links from how many different sources from how many different websites it can actually build for you. This is a pretty strong limitation compared to the other tools and also brings with it a pricing problem of sorts because SEO Link Robot costs $57 a month and for just $10 more you can once again go for Magic Submitter and it is just clearly the better tool, it’s clearly more powerful and I’d say it’s definitely worth spending $10 a month extra to get all of the extra features that Magic Submitter has and with that, SEO Link Robot is also eliminated.

Then next up we have SERAssist which is actually a very very similar situation to SEO Link Robot. Just to say, it’s a very promising product, technologically great. It’s really well done. It has, very highly automated. However, it only builds a very small amount of different links from different sites when it comes right down to it. That’s a pretty severe limitation. Which again brings with it a pricing problem. SERPAssist costs $97 a month and you can simply get the same kind of thing, or something better for the same kind of money or less. So your money is better spent on competing products and with that SERPAssist is also eliminated.

Now the tool I wanna mention next is Article Marketing Robot. As I mentioned before, this is not exactly the same as all of the other competing products. You have to be aware that Article Marketing Robot does articles only. But it does that really well. It submits articles to various sites that accept articles and builds links that way. But it doesn’t do any of the other stuff that the other submitters do. It doesn’t do social bookmarking, it doesn’t do forum profiles and rss feeds and all of that other stuff that some of the other products do. Then again, it’s the only product that’s available for a one time price and pretty low and at that it costs only $80. And it’s absolutely worth that. And to me, Article Marketing Robot, even if you’re using one of the other tools, is a very nice addition. I personally bought it and use it even alongside other tools. So I give it my stamp of approval, I give it a recommendation. Article Marketing Robot even though it’s not quite on par with the other software and shouldn’t be confused with that, you have to be aware that this is a good piece of software but it’s not exactly equivalent to something like SEnuke. But it is a nice addition to add to your backlink building arsenal.

Now, with all that out of the way, we’re left with 3 more candidates. We have Sick Submitter, we have Magic Submitter, we have SEnuke X. now, one of the big differences, the very noticeable differences between these 3 tools is the prices. Siick Submitter will cost you $20 a month, Magic Submitter will cost you $67 a month and SEnuke X has the hefty price tag of $147 a month. So we have a very clear progression in price, here going from Sick Submitter to SEnuke X and the question is that of course, is the price justified? Is Magic Submitter better than Sick Submitter and SEnuke X better than both of them and that is not quite that the case or I guess it depends on how you look at it. Then the question will be, okay, so does the progression go from, this builds a lot of links, magic Submitter builds more links and SEnuke builds the most links, is that how the pricing is justified? And that’s not it either. It does not work like that either. There is though, a justification or a sense to these pricing, and the key to it is the ease of use of the tools or the automation, the level of automation each tool gives you. So there we definitely have this kind of progression where Sick Submitter is the most difficult tool to use, the most complex tool and SEnuke X is the easiest to use, the most straightforward and Magic Submitter sits somewhere in between. And you can argue that ease of use and automation is worth money in that sense and that the pricing is in the sense justified by this factor. In fact I think there is a rather fitting comparison to be made, which is the following: Sick Submitter is a bit like Linux operating system, Magic Submitter in this comparison would be like Windows and SEnuke X would be like Apple, or in this case the MAC operating system. And what I mean by that is, that with Linux as well as with Sick Submitter have a lot of customization you can do. You know you can, and it’s kind of for geeky people and programmers are bound to love it because you can customize every aspect of it. You have, very, you know down to the very granule or level, very exact control of over exactly what the software does and so on. Then with Magic Submitter it’s easier to use, it’s more mainstream you could say. But it still gives you a certain amount of control and it’s still more complicated than SEnuke that would be MAC os. Where MAC os is the most polished of the solutions. It’s kind of the nicest looking. But it’s also the most constrained, the one that gives you the least amount of control. This is true os SEnuke X, you know it has, it’s very easy to set up. It’s very easy to get going it does everything it does out of the box. But you’d rather constrain, you can’t really customize it that much and there are some aspects where you don’t really have much control over what exactly the software does and how it does it. So I know that a comparison like this might be hitting some nerves for some people and it’s not the perfect analogy but I think you can see, or maybe this translates kind of, what it means by saying that Sick Marketing is the most complex but the most customizable and SEnuke X is the most polished and the most streamlined and magic Submitter is somewhere in between.

In my opinion this is actually very very relevant. Because we have to be very real about this for a second. In theory you can say “you know what? It doesn’t matter. I can get Sick Submitter for just $20 a month and I can customize it, I can scrape my own link targets, I can do all that stuff and turn it to a super powerful backlink building tool, right?” In theory, yes absolutely. But in real life how easy a tool is to use and how streamlined it is and so on does have a very real impact on how much use you’re actually gonna make of it. In short, SEnuke X is, while it is the most expensive tool, it’s also the one you are most likely to actually use. Because, there’s really nothing to it. It’s so easy to start up and create a campaign and set that up to run for the next few days. There’s absolutely no, even if you’re lazy and you’re really busy with other stuff, you’ll still be using SEnuke X if you own it. On the other hand, Sick Submitter is the most likely to be gathering dust somewhere on your hard drive. It’s the most likely one of the 3 that you’d install with intentions but then you just too busy with other stuff, too distracted by other stuff, to actually get around to spending the hours upon hours necessary to really set it up. To really get it going as a very powerful link building tool.

So with that said, let’s move on to my conclusion and recommendations. Sick Marketing ot Sick Submitter rather, I can recommend, I can give a tentative recommendation basically use Sick Submitter if you’re a Linux user or equally, or you know something equally geeky. If you’re really into getting your hands dirty with customization and getting your own backlinks and doing all of that manual work to set the tool up. Then you’ll like Sick Submitter. If not, then you won’t. If you’re not very technically savvy Sick Submitter is probably just gonna be frustrating and you have to be aware that yes, this can be a powerful link building tool, but right out of the box it does almost nothing. Then number 2, SEnuke X, I can absolutely recommend this. Use this for maximum automation and time saving. So this is among all the tools, the one that will cost you the least amount of time to work with. It’s the most automated, it’s the most straightforward and even if you’re not a techie person, you can use this probably without even reading any instructions. It’s really very very simple. So I can absolutely recommend SEnuke X, of course it can be a budgeting problem and I don’t recommend that you spend money on something that you don’t have. So, you know, if a $147 a month is simply not inside your budget then do not buy SEnuke X, that should be clear. And then finally we have Magic Submitter and this gets my value award because Magic Submitter is a very powerful tool. It comes very close to SEnuke X in how automated it is and in how much it can do. And in fact you can build a few more different types of links that SEnuke X doesn’t build. At the same time it is very customizable and at $67 a month it’s just really really good value and it’s definitely out of this round up, this is the best money you can spend, in terms of bank for your book, Magic Submitter is the one to go with.

So that’s my conclusion, I hope this was useful for you. I’m Shayne Miller from iamimpact.com and remember you can go to iamimpact.com to read my full round up review as well as the individual reviews and the videos I made for each of these tools.[/spoiler]

SEnuke X Review: Campaign Wizard

[spoiler]Hello I;m Shayne miller and welcome to this SEnuke X review or part of the review anyway. And here I simply wanna walk you through the wizard, the campaign wizard in SEnuke X because I think this is probably the best illustration that shows you what SEnuke X does exactly and you know kind of what sets it apart from other similar tool. So you can at any time create a campaign using this wizard and I’m just gonna pretend I’m gonna do this for my, as a demo I’m gonna do this for my main internet marketing site Iamimpact. You can type in 3 different urls. 3 different keywords that you want a rank for and you can choose between 1 and 3 profiles and you can think of this as 1 and 3 persona that will be out there you know if you create one profile it would be like 1 fake name and email address and so on that you will sue to make all of these submissions for up to 3 per campaign. Im gonna leave it at 1 so the walkthrough is a bit quicker and let’s get to the next step here. Here you have some common settings oh and by the way what’s really cool is you can always get these tips here by just hovering over the question mark with very good descriptions of what this is all about.

So here we have tags that you’ll wanna use so if you do bookmarking or any kind of post or any kind of submission here tags are required you will click these sub domains that when you register like free blogs it will create sub domains using these spin able text here.

Titles, is you know what titles you will use for free blogs and some profiles you create. And then you have general settings, you can auto generate settings here. And you can even upload a profile picture that it will use for creating various profiles.

Then here you have a very clever solution for category selection because when you are submitting articles and bookmarks and so on you always have a choice of various categories right? What they’ve done is that they basically saved all of the possible categories and all you do is you type in category keywords in here and then auto select.

I’m gonna skip ahead, type in some categories and show you how it works. So I’ve typed in a bunch of matching keywords and then I’m gonna go on auto select categories and as you can see it went through and just selected the closest match everywhere whatever it could find very clever solution.

Right then we’ll go ahead to the next step. Now here another thing you can see right here is you can enter your best spinner log in details. The best spinner user, they use their API so you can use this here and I’m gonna show you how to do that. I have like 2 sentences on author bio, I typed that in here and then I go spin bio. And it automatically spins the text. Now as you can see it just replaces all kinds of stuff so it really garbles the text. So if you wanna be sure to have something that becomes readable and logical when you do the submission. Then I recommend that you manually spin it or manually use the best spinner to you know kinda clean this up a little bit.

Right now we’ve got the next step and here is where the recording window I’m using is actually be a bit too small. Let me just expand that just a little bit because this is where you build your backlink diagrams. So it starts out with your money site here in the middle and now you can basically plan out your link building campaign so you can say, okay when I submit articles to article directories I’d rank that in here I want the article directories to link to my money site. Then let’s say that I’d wanna |do some social bookmarking also directly to my money site, hold on a second, these are a bit flimsy to connect here, here we go so some social bookmarking, social network profiles these will be various web 2.0 profiles, on a link that was here and let’s say I wanna get those bookmarked as well. Drag in another bookmark module, and connect that up. Now what you see is , let me see if this works, it still works, now if I say I wanna bookmark the articles, what you see is this doesn’t always work. So when i try to connect this it says, I can’t social bookmark the article directories because article directories doesn’t put in any urls. And the same goes for you know quite a few things so not all connections are all possible here, you can’t bookmark everything, you can’t use the Rss feeds and everything. So that is a certain limitation to what you can do. But let’s just give a few more examples, do some forum profiles here perhaps I can ping the forum profiles let’s see if that’s possible. Use a pinger, here we go and some web 2.0 sites obviously and let’s see if we can link that up here and maybe do a 2nd level. Let’s have those bookmarked as well so you can see you can do this multi level, this multi level layered linking plan right? you can have basically there’s no, you can have as much space as you wanna use here. You can layout a huge plan for SEnuke to then go and implement for you.

Let’s just do one more here, we’ll see if we can make another inter link thingy here. Here we go, okay so this will be a link building plan that I wanted to go and do, and as you can see we have 4 profiles, we have web 2.0 sites, there’s a pinging module, Rss module perhaps I can use this one as well here let’s see how that works. We can get this to work here, nope it doesn’t work, not sure what the Rss module works for. Let’s try the social networks, so there is this limitation. Doesn’t work for everything yet, but that works, okay good. But you can as you can see, you can build very complex link pyramids and stuff like that.

Alright, we got that and once you’ve got that set up, once you’re satisfied with that you go to the next step. This next step is about creating all the information required and all the content required to build the link diagram. I just outlined the 4 so here you can again autofill some content for profile and there are various ways to create an email address to use which is very easy to do by the way, and highly automatic to create the email address very quickly done. And we can move on to the next step.

So here we have content for an article directory. What you can do is you can like scrape together articles from ezine articles or somewhere and kind of have them automatically mashed together into some kind of an article you can use for these submissions. I don’t personally recommend doing that because apart from you shouldn’t obviously scrape together different articles then mix them up, but also it’s gonna be just complete garbage. So it’s definitely better to use a properly spun article that I’m gonna throw on in here like this. Have a properly spun article and you can check out what it will look like, kinda gives you, gives you an overview of what the article will look like, so you set that up. You can set how many links will be up to the end of the article and you can insert the links in the beginning or insert a tag for the links or insert them at the bottom. I’m just gonna leave it at that and move on to the next step.

Then we have the same kind of deal for the social bookmarking, beside you have your title, your tags your description, and you can move on. And then we’ve got the same deal again. Basically, for everything you create, every piece of content that’s required you will have a field like this where you will enter the spinable content, you enter your titles and tags and whatnot. And depending on how large the link network is lined out, there will be fewer or more of these content fields that you need to fill out.

Finally there are some universal settings, you can integrate with SEnuke X with various captcha beating services which of course you will have to do. I mean you wouldn’t want to be sitting here solving captchas. My personal recommendation is to use death by captcha, that’s worked really well for me. And you can also set it up to automatically start SEnuke when you launch, when you start a computer basically and to automatically recover it, in case it crashes. So that’s quite interesting because that is a separate app running that monitors whether SEnuke X is running or not, whenever it crashes it automatically restarts it and resumes whatever project you have. And that’s really cool because it means you can schedule a really huge projects. You can set when the submission should start and how over time it should spread them out. And it means that you can set up a whole bunch of projects and just leave the computer running, you can go away for the weekend or whatever. You can install it on the bpd and just check in on it occasionally and you know that even if something goes wrong, even if it crashes. It will automatically recover, it will keep working. That’s really powerful stuff.

You can also set how many threads how many browsers, it loads browsers in the background when it does submissions. And you can set that to higher or lower value so if you tell it to load 16 browsers it would be much faster, but also it will clog off your internet connection if you’re using it through your own connection right. and I think the initial settings of 6 browsers and threads are actually quite reasonable and I found that I can have it running in the back ground doing submissions and I can see that it could do other stuff without the internet connection slowing down too much.

And that is it with that we have the project set up and I can export this and it will start running through that project. And so here is just finally a quick look at what this looks like it made lists of projects that it will run through and it’s scheduled them out and I really don’t have to do anything anymore. It will start creating these accounts and start doing these submissions and so on.

Alright so that’s an initial look at SEnuke X and more details in the blog post and coming up with coming updates. Im Shayne Miller from impact.com and thank yo for watching.[/spoiler]

SENuke X Review + Tutorial + Best Practices

Part 2

Part 3

[spoiler]Alright, hello everyone my name is Yasir Khan and thank you for watching the last couple of videos that I have posted on youtube. I actually got a good response from you guys that I thought to myself, why should I have not do a similar review about SEnuke X and what is working, what was working before and what’s supposed to work now.

So as most of you might already know, it has really changed things up in the last couple of months just like what happened back in 2010 and 2011. I think what we’re scared of really is that we have to be more careful. A lot of people are actually thinking that these kind of tools especially SEnuke X they’re not updated which is not the case at all. This tool is very powerful if you know how to use it. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do in this video. I’m going to show you how you can use this tool without, and make sure your website will never get into a penalty. It won’t raise any flags and you will never rank lower.

Okay. So once again we’ve been doing this for a long time. We’ve been using SEnuke X for more than, I think around 2 years. We pretty much know the ins and outs of this software. If you use it the right way, you’ll get a ton of rankings.

Okay so let’s get started. As you can see we have a lighthouse legal 2 project over here. Right and this client is no longer with us, they’re actually ranked pretty high for most of the terms. So that could be one of the reason why they have signed off for recurring subscriptions with us. But that’s totally fine, way back in 2011 and as you can see the last run is a long time ago yeah 2011.

Right, so we will be using their project as an example. Right just so I could show you a little bit of stuff. But before we do that, let’s just go into the different sections that this software has. Okay so as you can see the first section is the niche research section. I’ve never used it okay, because there are better tools out there which can pretty much do the same thing right. So I use market samurai and a ton of different keyword tools. Most of the other tools are better than what they provide you here. But once again, this is not really the, this isn’t really the concern because SEnuke is not for niche research. You should go get market samurai or other tools, that you know, those tools will give you a lot more keywords and much better results. So if you wanna use it that’s totally fine, that’s up to you but I don’t use it.

Okay, account creation obviously you would always have to create an accounts for most of the websites that you would be posting to. Because that’s just the way it is, you can’t really spell a site or post links to a site without creating an account over there. That’s why you should always use this small module. Social network, this is one of the most powerful modules out there, we use it all the time.

And social network modules, they, you know, social network sites, they have a platform which makes it very easy to post a ton of content and build links towards your main site and it makes SEO really easy.

Rss and other stuff you know it’s a little bit more complicated it doesn’t really help you out with seo that much. But if you want to see quick rank increases using just one of these modules go with the social network. Trust me I’ve done this more than enough. Article directories we never use them. For a reason because if you use them if by any chance like in 20 or 30 article directories, you will most certainly not get more than 5 or 6 links. Many a huge variety of article directories supported by this program will take a ton of time to approve your articles. So most of the times they won’t even approve your articles because many people, including myself, they use spun content and that’s gibberish and people get turned off so they don’t accept the article.

Social bookmarking, while this can really help you with the seo for your site, I’ve stopped using in person because the problem with these kind of sites is that you submit one link in there, they use so many different types that as far as Google is concerned, you have a lot more links went to your site than you would wish to have. Once again its really your preference whether you’ll use it. Another problem with these kind of sites is that for every submission I believe you are supposed to fill in a captcha. So even if you automate the process, your overall cost would increase without a huge boost to your rankings because you cost so much captchas and many of the accounts that you submit to they will get banned anyway. Because you’re submitting 5 or 7 different posts in a short spam of more than 3 days and it looks really unnatural. And social bookmarking sites know that.

RSS projects. So what happens over here is that you create accounts on other sites, you post your content and you will get public url. You create an RSS feed out of it and you submit it to this (marshall). And in theory you will get many more links because you get a link back from the RSS aggregators, from the RSS directories. The problem here is that, for the most part, like when 20% of your submissions will be accepted. Most will not go through even in, even if they do go through most of the RSS directories their not exactly (???6:01). So we don’t really use it that much. Web 2.0 profile, pretty much the same thing as an online profile, the only difference is the general strengths of these sites is a little higher. But the platform pretty much remains the same; you can’t really post a ton of content over here for the most part. 200 words is as long as it would go, sometimes a little more. But that’s pretty much (6:27???) so this really isn’t, no, it’s the same thing as the forum profile project over here.

What else do we have? Press Releases. We sue press releases some of the time but the problem is, a good portion of those press release sites, they’re kind of problematic. You insert a link into your (6:50???) and you try to get a link off from that domain from submitting them. But many of those sites, they put up your article, that’s fine but the embedded link gets deleted. So they’ve got a lot of technical issues and that’s totally fine and all. There’s so many options with this software that you don’t really need to worry about one (marshall???) not working. Pinger project, you know, same as other pinging services, you put a load of urls in there and you just set it to ping. Or you can use another website, it’s called pingfarm.com and they would let you submit as many as 500 urls in a single go. I personally use that.

And yes, scripts, automated scripts in there as well. To ping our links if you don’t really use the pinger and you never use the indexer. ‘Coz we tested it and it didn’t really work well. There are 3rd party services which allow you to index links much quickly. So you don’t really use them.

The toolbox is just a fancy little name for a way to switch IP’s and switch proxy’s and software. So if you’re making a ton of submissions, this is just not (7:10???) which a switches the proxy and all that kind of stuff. We never use it because we have different computers using SEnuke X and we stagger the project. So there was never really a need to use it.

Speaking about staggering, okay so, most that people do is they try to get as many links as they can in short bursts which is probably not a good idea specially with what’s happening in Google these days. I would suggest going with atleast 5 to 10 days, you can easily stagger your project for 7 to 10 days and you can just leave it and at the end of the day, at the end after 10 days you will get, with the project done, you get 400 500 links. And that’s the way it should be. So it’s really up to you but I would personally suggest the staggering.

Okay, so looking at this project once again, let’s see. This is just a simple module and here we create all the accounts to those sites. Let’s move on to the press release, the press release, yeah the press release module. Let’s see what’s happening here. Alright one of the, okay here’s the thing that you need to change and you need to be really really careful about it, what we’ve done here is we have just taken a bunch of articles using download seo article from the ezine articles. We’ve taken a lot of these articles and we’ve spun them to the maximum. They used to were before, now it doesn’t anymore. A bit (???) here and there but it is so easy for Google to figure this kind of stuff out. These kind of things is such a huge footprint that probably better off not doing anything like this. So instead of just downloading a seo article, I suggest getting an article written before if you really are good at writing this thing and then just write an article of 550 words and maybe even more. We’ve tested this and articles which are 800 words or more they get in as much faster and they are generally a better boost in rankings because a link embedded within a huge article which is unique. Which says to Google that someone has put an effort for this and an (10:34???) article as opposed to trashy spun article that everyone seems to generate. So please generate your own content, you can place the content over here and in the options, let’s see, okay here we go. I would suggest okay normally even over here on this computer we have set the replacement frequency rate really really high. You should really do this if you want to, if you have your own content there’s no need for you to spin it right? That just makes sense, because you’re not scraping the content off from another website, it’s your content but then again, for example if you’re tired of writing articles, you can still use the same article in 3 different places and that’s fine. Just make sure that the replacement is it’s not a hundred, it’s more one 20 or 30, so you don’t get a lot of gibberish.

Same over here with replacement quality, will be up to you. But the idea over here is to make sure that content is, a human can actually read and understand the content. If everything is up here to a hundred percent it’s probably a bad idea, because it’s machine generated, it’s gibberish and no one will really understand what you mean and you don’t wanna do that because Google now has filters which can easily understand what’s happening. So please be careful. Maximum number of synonyms per term you can drive it all the way down to a 3 because once again you won’t be replacing a lot of keywords, you don’t really need a lot of spun content. Trust me, pay someone $5 and they will provide you a really good article and that would provide you a lot of seo that you would download as opposed to which is this function and getting 20 articles and then just merging them, so I personally think this isn’t going to work that effectively anymore. Pretty much better off writing your own article. Second thing, once again, same thing here, this has been scraped off ezine articles or I don’t know some other 3rd party website. Change it, okay, use your own. If you’re talking about a client, use the client’s name. Use the client’s name, his company. Ask him about a little bit of bio from his site and put it in. you can still use a spin on it, but at least the content makes sense, it’s unique, it’s not been scraped off. So this should really help you out and also, you know just think about it, thousands of uses SEnuke so it doesn’t matter what term you’re going after. For example lawsuit loans, that is the main keyword for this project, don’t you think a hundred other people would be scraping the SEnuke content using the same keywords? Using the same ezine article (13:24???) I’m pretty sure they would. So it’s a really good idea to go after your own, you know use your own content as opposed to this downloading, which content turns out really really spamming when you rephrase and when you spin it.

Okay apart from that this is. Is pretty much given. Once you sign up for the accounts, you can stagger this using the wizard, just put in all this content in here, just check all the sites normally. They would already be checked, but if for example you want to span across 10 days, the first day only 2 or 3 of this websites will get your content and that is totally fine. Once again, put your content in here, write the content yourself or get it, make sure it’s unique. Use the spinner if you want to, but only a little bit or lower the replacement frequency, you’re good to go. And you can generate a lot of versions like 5-6 version should be more than enough from a single article and that should do the trick for you. If you want to be extra careful or 5 articles, it’s gonna take you like 20 or 25 bucks, you can easily do that, that’s a lot of seo already download. Okay, so this is pretty much it and, oh and one final thing if you have your own content, it doesn’t really matter how unique it is, even after you spin it it’s kinda 20% unique that’s totally fine because it is your content. You’re the one who wrote it.

Alright guys sorry about cutting the video, at the last minute I just realized and you know, youtube has a maximum of 15 minutes I believe. For each video so I just cut down with the other video where we talked about press releases and we have moved on to the social (???00:16). So once again, social network is one of the most important (???) in this software. You have a ton of websites over here which have a really high PR not that PR really makes a difference it’s more of a general measure how important a website is. But then again these are one of the highest quality domains out there, they have tons of content posted by other users who are looking on the seo side of things. So these sites are pretty legit. Okay, so once again you have to be really careful, and please don’t use script content, it defeats the purpose. You can easily outsource a couple of articles and pay someone $5 to $10 per article and that should do the trick. Now with these sites especially because they hold a lot more content I personally go with at least 800 words per article and I make sure that they are outsourced enough, that the articles are worth as while and the articles are informative, interesting so in case anyone actually checks your backlinks or just visits this article he’s pretty qualified to like buy from you. This is because you are peaking his or her interest. By showing him, by getting him to read the article.

Okay so once again, 800 words is a minimum that I was just going with. Because that will provide you with a large seo value. Trust me go with this approach and you will not be disappointed. Apart from that everything is pretty much the same you just have to make sure that the categories are the right ones if you’re already using the wizard to generate social network posts, you don’t have to worry about it. Okay, it automatically selects the right ones and you don’t have to go through this, but please do not use the seed article from ezine because it doesn’t make sense anymore. I’m very sure the SEnuke people will be changing this option. I’ll be surprised if they don’t because a lot of people do download articles like this, creates a ton of spam. And that’s very easy for Google to figure out. Okay so let’s check what else is there. So yeah, you add the article in and you don’t need to spin it I personally would not suggest spinning the articles, but if you do want to go and use one article on two different sites maybe more sites, by all means go ahead. Use the spinner, use the best spinner. But make sure that the replacement frequency is low. Okay so at least the content is readable. So once we get this done, you know this software will automatically post to many different accounts and pretty much that.

Let’s see. This has been done, so let’s move on to the article. Okay, article directories, a huge waste of time. A huge waste of time, effort even if you do use your own content. I’ve tried using my own content, yeah I’ve got four successful submissions, but here it has around 18 to 20 different sites that you get from the four successful submissions. So, defeats the purpose. I never use it there’s no point. I will suggest that you don’t use it either especially article directory have such a bad reputation. Now most of them are spamming, they’re defined as spamming because one article that is submitted to one directory will be submitted per se like a hundred different other directories so really defeats the purpose. Just skipping it.

Okay, social bookmarks, here’s a thing. I would personally suggest, do not social bookmark your website using this software because it’s kinda hard to explain. Each of these, most of these social bookmarking sites will create more tags than you want them to. So for example, you submit to all of these sites and assuming that these sites are a total of 20 sites you will get 400 to 500 different links. The problem is even though you get more backlinks, it looks really unnatural. It might trigger a filter, it did trigger a filter with one of my websites, so I just want you to be careful. Please never submit your money site, in these kinds of sites. It’s silly. I suggest submitting your, other links that you’ve done, you can submit it to these sites. But that too, carefully, but never your money site okay? So if you do this, you can use this marshal and it never points directly to your money site or your main domain okay? Make sure you don’t use, first of all you will obviously, you know, you will choose the number and the different kinds of urls that you want to submit to these sites. Make sure you never choose one, okay? Choose 10 to 20 different urls that should do the trick. That would randomize everything. The thing that you have to be really careful about. If you’re using the stagger approach use no more than 2 okay. 2 per day, 2 daily would keep it pretty much under the radar. So, that’s a good idea. If you’re being careful. So, use 2 staggered over 10, 7 to 10 days and it will submit most of all your links. But, over here, use many different titles. Okay this is extremely important because what happens was I was actually checking most of my social bookmarking accounts, you know even though we use 2 or 3 different what do you call it, titles then we spin them, it looks so unlikely, it looks as if it‘s automated. (???6:00) will find out there’s no trick to it so at least use 10 different title tags as well. Yeah it is a little bit of work, what are you gonna do about it right? You need to make sure that the links you’re building right now do not get discounted while you’re down the road. And for that to happen you have to be very careful okay? So make sure you spend this, use many different combinations same here.

Okay, description. It should be at least 3 to 4 lines. So make sure that there’s more substance to the description as opposed to saying yeah this is a crazy site that I just visited. Looks really silly right? it doesn’t really help you so make sure you have, make sure you act as a third person who’s bookmarked a site because he or she has found value. Not because it’s his or her own site okay? There’s a big difference between the 2 approaches. So once again use a lot of spin titles over here and you should be good to go. So what we learn over here is, first of all, I never use this most of the time, okay. If you do be very careful, use 10 to 15 or 20 different urls over here. Use a lot of different title tags over here, at least 10 that’s the minimum you should be doing, same over here. Different descriptions, you should look totally an eyeful, the tags don’t really, I mean you know no one really cares about tags but I will suggest to put click here, click here to go to my website or learn more here, that kind of stuff, just so it has a natural feel there. Even though you and I both know that there is nothing natural about link building, we just have to be careful.

Okay, so this being done, let’s move on to, okay and you’ll see 3 different, different marshals over here just because we’re using a huge diagram. We’re bookmarking every single thing. That’s why we’re getting 30 different links from all other from other marshals, we’re bookmarking them using these marshals. But you don’t wanna do that, that defeats the purpose, you use a lot in captchas I would not suggest doing it.

Okay so web 2.0 profiles, once again no matter what they say. A profile will be a profile. See here’s the difference, first of all if a profile is on a high PR domain, that by itself in my testing at least, provides you a lot of links to use okay? But, you have to make sure that the link, that content is unique first of all that it’s relevant.

Okay, about me section, this has been scraped off okay. So you just went to ezine articles you just scraped off a bunch of articles in ezine, don’t do that alright? Make sure that for example the author, the website is about you, talk about yourself okay? That way you may get a few leads who are just visiting the page. Certainly it looks really unique, so you know you get a bonus right? And these links were done for a long time to come.

After that, what else is there? When you select the sites there is nothing really to it but if you’re using a wizard it would allow you to place a unique content on this site. Make sure that when you place your content it’s unique, scraped content is not unique content, that’s the biggest mistake that I’ve learned. Sure it does save you a lot in costs but now the links get discounted, the website gets into trouble the scraping and the spinning is probably to blame. Especially if you have a huge scraping frequency and nothing is actually needed. You know, that’s a big turn off, okay so you have to be really careful about it. Apart from that there is nothing really in here, now just make sure you never use more than one link. In each profile, using two or more it’s doesn’t work anymore because forts of all, no one would really, think about it, no one would really find 2 or 3 different websites unless they knew that, they knew something about seo and they’re trying to get I the system. So, per se do not use more than one (???10:07) link on these profile pages. Secondly, the more profile, like the more links you have on these pages the higher the chance of those pages getting deleted. So we never use more than one link even though it might show even more links over here. Yeah see it’s 3 random links you don’t do that anymore, this was down last year, things have changed usually so please don’t do that be very careful with your link building.

What else? Indexer once again okay, it does say, a lot of people seem to believe that the indexer will really help you index the links and (???10:50), really have never seen huge increase in index links using this particular tool. It doesn’t want to say that other and the next service say that working with this particular tool isn’t really that effective. So we don’t use it, it does say a count of 28 over here, this project once again is too old and it’s going to save you a lot of time because you wouldn’t have to set up the indexer. So I suggest not going about this, this doesn’t really help you out that much.

Same with the Rss submissions. So even for with this particular martial it used to work really well a year ago. It does not work that well anymore. If you wanna do with that, that’s fine, you know you might get a handful of additional links, but the problem is that, first of all, those links will take a long time to go live because many of these article links, many of these Rss navigators, first of all they will decline the links because they are software generated, it’s very easy to figure out. Secondly they’re not really, they’re not the bets sites where you can get links from. So it’s really you call, as you can see we have some couple of links over here, 16 Rss feeds to these sites but we actually did a test a couple of months ago and we just found 1 or 2 of the feeds which we submitted for a couple of the project so the success rate is extremely low. I mean if it’s worth your while go for it but we don’t really do that anymore. If you are doing it make sure you stagger, once again with more than one or two words we post over here the titles, make sure you really really change the title, make sure you use different combinations if you have a huge diagram that you’re going for a particular project go with as many as 20 or 30 different titles, that’s a lot of work. And it’s boring work but if you want you can (???12:47). You just make sure you do it the right way.

Toolbox once again, don’t worry about it. For most of the part we never use it or in here we use it but there’s the cache memory, there’s the cookies so basically you have less of a footprint but c’mon like Google is wiser than that, it doesn’t really matter whether you use this or not. They would understand, (???13:11) for the most part they will know it’s an automated one. Especially when you don’t get attention to all the details that I’m pointing on over here. If you do use your own content you stagger everything you use a ton of anchors. And you get your time building a strategy. It’s more under the radar and it will protect your (???10:35). So please be very careful.
And yeah that’s pretty much it. Let’s see there’s nothing else that I would have to go and tell you about. Oh yeah and one more last thing is, some people you, sometimes they, it’s a nightmare when SEnuke starts closing their windows you easily go here, click on disable, go to exceptions and put in the program you are using in here and click add. Okay that will make sure that your program is, SEnuke never prematurely cancels or closes down your program, ‘cos I know it can be a real pain to like, to open a program and halfway through it, it automatically closes. So yeah, you know this is pretty much all I wanted to say. And I’m going to be ending this video over here since it’s almost 15 minutes again but in the next video I’ll just go to a couple of settings that you might what to change in SEnuke and a couple of general pointers.
So thank you and yeah thanks once again for watching.

Alright, welcome to the 3rd and the final video for the SEnuke X review and let’s in the let’s just go through a couple of settings that you want. Make sure that you do have right, to save you some money and make sure that the software runs smoothly. So first of all, you don’t need to change anything here. Once again if you have to disable SEnuke from closing down software, all the programs by all means do so. You can do it over here, you can just click check the disable window/message box closing. Go to the excerptions and add whatever program you want to add. What I did here was I made sure that the team viewer program does not get shut down by SEnuke. So nothing else to it, it’s pretty much it’s very simple. You don’t need to change anything here.

Proxys, we never use proxys first of all because we have 5 different computers using this software. So it’s never gonna problem most of our posts they stay alive for a long time. If you do wanna use a proxy that’s fine, you can do it but just make sure you understand that doing so will significantly lower the success rate.i don’t know why that is but that just seems to be the case. That’s why, that’s another reason why we never use it. So it’s probably your call.

Okay captcha I think using all theses 3 services, death by captcha is probably the best one out there I know it’s kind of a tacky name right? Death by captcha but as long as this service works why not use it right? So this is cheap as well, really good really good success rate, high success rates and no downtime I’ve never seen and issue with this service. So if you want then go ahead with this and you should be able to see a really good performance.

Okay compressing database, you never really get to use it unless you really really have a ton of projects going on. And you compress the database when it comes up a little less space but if you have a huge hard drive you never need to do this. We have never done this.

Okay scheduler we did try to use many different (???2:27) at the same time don’t do that because what happens is for example if you are going with three runs with SEnuke it might say that the link’s replaced but there’s an error in the program but it just tells you that the links are replaced successfully but they don’t really get replaced. But especially if you are going with 2 or 3 processes so don’t do that. Just make sure that there’s only one process running, keeps everything stable and the software does not start acting up.

Okay. Spinner once again. Specially because of the recent url updates, replacement frequency all the way down. Replacement quality, really up to you but keep it in the middle, maximum number of (???03;18). No more than 2 or 3 because some (???3:24) by definition like you know once you spin it they’re horrible you know you can’t read the content without, you just can’t read the content. For example if you have 10 different synonyms it’s gonna make everything under the boat. Don’t do that as long as you have your own unique content you are not to do anything else.

Lisence. You don’t have to worry about it. If you want to de authorize this computer, you can. You can use the software on another computer. Once again each license can be used on 3 different computers at the same time. Just so you know. So if you wan to totally use your computers or terminals from one office to another, de authorize all computers that way you can log in to all the computers without problem.

Okay so that being said this is pretty much all. There’s nothing more than I can think of. Just make sure that you follow all these steps and you should be good to go. If you want, you know that being said, some people do have a little bit of a problem understanding how SEnuke works and how seo works in general. So, if you’re one of those people or even if you are you know you’re experienced, there’s always new tips and tricks. So if you go on this address and I will place this on the bottom of my video as well as in the description. You can go here, you can sign up. Put in your email and we will send you a full book. I think it’s 50 pages long there’s no c*** in there there’s no fluff, we just get to the point to provide you the best practices possible. And those practices, they are still, they are still working fine even with these recent updates so I would suggest going ahead and signing up for this book. And it’s free. You don’t pay me a dime yeah and read the book. Let me know and do comment on it let me know whether you, you know liked it, whether you didn’t like it I love all kinds of feedback.

Okay and also and if you are inclined to learn seo on your own. Well not only seo but the whole internet marketing as I mentioned out in the previous videos as well, just make sure that you sign up for this service it’s called bring the fresh money meter so many people have made, I have made. I started 200 different sites just by these guys. These guys know what they’re talking about. This is this service you know whatever they teach you here this pretty much (???6:00) proof so they’re not really exploiting the search engines that you are creating small businesses which will stay and make you money for the long term. So this is just the sales play they actually have a form over here and link for that is placed under the video as well. If you want to sign up for it you know why not? Give it a try if you don’t like it ask for a refund and chances are you will never ask for one because there is so much content there’s a guy who’s making 40,000 a month there’s another guys who make a hundred thousand in a month and I’ve actually, I think I’ve talked to this guy so it’s not like they’re just putting pictures up on the sales page they’re actually mean what they’re you know telling you. So you give this a try once again bringthefresh.com great service and I will put up a link for this as well below this video when it’s put up on youtube.

So thank you once again for watching let me know if there’s anything else I can do a video on or just some questions you want an answer and I would be happy to get back to you. Thank you.[/spoiler]

SENuke X Tutorial – #1 Page of GOOGLE in 7 days!

Part 2

Part 3

[spoiler]SEnuke X. guys if you have not heard of this tool you don’t know what you’re missing. SEnuke X is a monster at creating back links. Let me show you what it can create. You can create social network back links, article network marketing article director back links, SPEEDO back links. Social bookmarking back links, Rss, yes it will also give you back links, forum profile back links, web 2.0 profile back links, press release back links, and it does it all automatically. That the thing you should understand about SEnuke X. it is an automatic program. As long as you have a set up, it has a scheduler that notes what to do, what goes next, let me show you how I use it.

Once you have your article you’re gonna go to, once you have spun your article you’re gonna go to the wizard okay? And I’m just gonna go to this page and I’m just gonna show you on how to create one so that I’ll walk you through it. This is what the wizard’s gonna look like and this is the easiest way to get SEnuke X set up. When you get the SEnuke X make sure that you watch the tutorials. They’re just gonna take you probably an hour but it’s so worth it. You have no idea on how worth it, it is. Now there are 2, I use SEnuke X for a step 5 and step 6, I use it for a (???1:31) and I also use it for creating a maximum amount of back links.

Now on the 1st step on the (???) I’m gonna show you how to do it okay? You’re gonna look to the wizard and this is the page you’re gonna get. On the campaign name you can input anything for your reference, you’re gonna remember what it is. On the profiles, you can set 3 but it’s not necessary, you can set it to 1 and that is fine. On your money site you’re gonna get the url from your main page which will be this one here right? and tha is the url. I’m gonna copy that, I’m gonna take it to SEnuke X and I’m gonna pout it on the 1st required url. The 2nd url, if you have an msp account, I highly suggest that you use that link, off your landing page right there. If you have a 3rd landing page that you wanna target you can put it on there. Now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna enter the keywords that we’re gonna rank for. The 1st keyword is obviously the keyword that we’re ranking for and that is basic marketing strategies. The 2nd and 3rd keywords are going to be, the keywords that are more relevant in Google’s eyes. And then we go to Google tool and then to keyword tool and we’re gonna click (???2:52) marketing and strategies (???) and as long as you sort them by relevance, you’re gonna get the most relevant ?) keywords, to (???) marketing strategies. And I’m gonna choose the 1st though which is basic marketing and (???) marketing strategies. So those are the keywords that I’m gonna enter right here.

And we go next, and im gonna go to the common settings project page. On tags what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna enter 6 these are gonna be your (???03:36) for the basic info. So those are the keywords, the tags are the keywords. You’re gonna enter 3 more keywords and those are gonna come from Google keywords. So you’re gonna grab the 3 next keywords and just gonna be used in facebook marketing, facebook marketing ideas and facebook (???3:54).

The supplement you leave alone don’t change that. The title, facebook marketing ha the same title because you don’t want to create competition for your own page. So you’re gonna change it to something that is similar. What I added was social media marketing strategies. Just put a title that is appealing to people. The number of links per article is the usual I think the default is 3 change it to 1 that is very important.

On the use of profile, SEnuke X has a lot of auto generate buttons, and use them because that’s gonna give you default values plus it is gonna help you to do a lot quicker. And usually it’s gonna be more effective than if you do it yourself manually. So click auto generate and put in the company name, put anything that you’d want to put, put the name of your company but if you don’t have a company, you should really put something in here. Otherwise it’s not gonna let you through. On the category, you’re gonna put the category that you think is more relevant for your content. In my case, it can be social media marketing and you are gonna auto select the categories. And I’m sure they have that option tag which says if no matching category found select the random category and go next.

Um part B. this leave it alone guys don’t change that. Now on the left you’re gonna have, you have 2 sections here. On the left is gonna be the resource box for articles. On the right is gonna be the about me section. For web 2.0 profiles or forum profiles. On the left because this is for article directories you can add 2 links and the links you are not actually gonna enter, but you’re gonna enter at this tag right here which is number sign links number sign. So what I’m gonna pout here is “Watch how these 2 guys go through these..” the link tag is gonna tell SEnuke X to grab one of these urls with one of these under tags and place them on that of the links tag. So how it’s gonna read is “Watch how these 2 guys go through these..facebook marketing strategies and create a facebook empire. Also do not forget to visit my site facebook marketing strategies” okay? So make sure that you put 2 links on the author bio of the article directory and remember guys that author bio on article directories doesn’t have to be your bio, it has to be a call to action saying “click here to get this” okay? Or “make sure you go here” or “visit my site”. It has to be a call to action, do not enter your bio. On the about me section on web 2.0 on profiles what you’re gonna enter something about myself, what I’m gonna put in and it also needs to have a call to action even though it doesn’t have a link, make sure that they’re gonna put something that says “visit somewhere else” so that if the call to action is not there for sure they’ll not gonna go to visit it but if it is there, there is a chance that they will.. so “ Thank you for visiting my profile, I hope that you find my content useful. I have been on internet marketing for about 2 years and it has been an awesome ride. Here I share every single piece of knowledge that I have acquired. For tips visit my site for more tips.” And that’s it. If you want you can also spin them, by the way if you see here it says here that click here to open spinning options. If you already have the best spinner, you can just click here and use the api key that they gave you. SEnuke X actually works with the best spinner, but they also offer a free option in case you do not have the best spinner. So just go next.

On the project linking what you’re gonna find is on the left you have projects, on the middle you’re gonna have a screen this is already set up to what I wanted it to be set up but I’m gonna show you how to do it, but usually it’s just usually gonna be with your money site in there okay? On the right you’re gonna see the site count for the different projects for example, if you go to the video project, there are 38 links that you can create okay. Which means that your content or your video that you’re gonna tell SEnuke X to syndicate is gonna go to 38 video directories.

Press releases that means that the press release that you’re gonna set up on SEnuke X is gonna be syndicated to 32 links I mean to 32 press release sites. Social network is gonna get syndicated to 39 social networks and article directories because you have 81 article directories okay. This is how I set it up; on the left I have all the projects and really this is just how you do it, you drag and drop them okay. And then you’re gonna link them, how you link hem is just put an example here, press release. And what I’m gonna do I’m gonna go to quick link, I’m gonna click on it and I’m gonna click back to my money site. And that’s how you get the green links the red links are chain links and what this means is that you’re gonna get the gray dunk first and then after that is done it’s gonna start creating the 2nd linking. And this is something that I just designed guys, just remember, I’m gonna give you the access to this, it’s gonna be on the bottom you cn actually download this scheme if that is what you want to do and let me show you what I’m gonna do. That is my money site right? what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take my content, my spun article I’m gonna put it on après release format. I’m gonna tell SEnuke X to syndicate to 32 places with a link back to my money site. Then I’m gonna create a little video, actually I’m rather on a video that we embed it in our website and I’m gonna out it right here and I’m gonna tell SEnuke X t syndicate it to 32 pages and send back the link to my money site. So right there between these 2 you already have 70 links. Then I’m gonna tell it to go to article directories right? to syndicate my content to 81 places and 70 or 80 is 150 links. I already have 150 links just by doing that.

And it’s social networks, now I’m gonna tell it to go and syndicate my content and put it in 39 social networks. And I’m at 30 more links almost 40 more links, I’m at almost 200 links. This is how I do it guys, everyday I come in and I set up and I launch this daily strategy. What you see after though let’s say the press release has an index project and what this is gonna do is. SEnuke X has automatically it’s going to grab the urls of the press releases that I just launched. So let’s say that I put 7 to 32 press releases and that immediately 5 of them got accepted. So what SEnuke X Is gonna do is it’’s gonna grab that list of urls and it’s gonna put it in the index of project. Index of project is, it tells SEnuke X to put those links in high run pages that they own. So that is a free service that they offer, so that these press releases get indexed quicker and therefore that link in that press release goes to your money site. And you get credit for it also quicker. The same thing goes with videos with article directories and with social networks.

The profiles, on the daily basis I do not use forum profiles or web 2.0 profiles. Even though if you look it has 429 links that are gonna get created.

The reason I don’t do it is because that’s the reason I got banned. Profiles that actually not high quality links are actually low quality links. And if you send too many of this at the time, then Google is gonna see you as a spammer and is gonna ban the money site. So its gonna take you completely out of the ranking which is what you wanna prevent. What I use are high quality links and I have found that when you add content that when you add personal content, Google doesn’t think of that as a spam. So I do article directories on a daily basis, I do social network on a daily basis, I do press releases on a daily basis and I definitely do video on a daily basis. And then too those I send forum profiles and I do send web profiles because those are the backlinks to the backlinks so, they’re not gonna affect my money site, they’re actually gonna help those sites get indexed. The reason is, these, usually social networks and video sites, the directories themselves are high ranked so they can actually handle a high volume of backlinks at once. And I hope this makes sense guys. If you have any questions on this give me, send me and email make sure that you understand how this works and even if you don’t quite understand it but you have the concept, right? it is gonna create automatic links from from press releases, from videos from article directories, from social networks back to your money site. And then after those links are created it’s gonna send a 2nd round of links to your backlinks. This is what I do on a daily basis and like I said this strategy, let me just save it right now so I can…alright guys it’s gonna be saved and you can down load it down the bottom, I’ll put a link to it okay? So that is it and go next.

And this is where you’re gonna start making individual findings. I’m gonna ask it for the video, the video that we’re gonna grab is the one from animoto. However we need to change the format so we can import it to SEnuke X. the way I do this is I go to, windows moviemaker, and I’m gonna go to add videos and photos, I’m gonna go to my downloads, it’s gonna be the first one I’m gonna open. And then I’m gonna go to save movie and recommended for this project. And that’s it, it’s gonna save it with the compatible format. Already did that so I’m gonna go to browse and it’s gonna be that one. And I’m gonan open it and it’s gonna be there okay?

The tags are already gonna be there so don’t put anything else. The title’s already there so don’t worry about that. On the video description, the first thing that you’re gonna put is the links tag. So make sure you put number sign links number sign and then out something that includes your main keyword. And what I have is “check out this highly effective facebook marketing strategies”.and here the edit link placement always set it out to insert link only one by replacing links.

Once you’re done with that go to next. This is when you’re gonna out your press release. What you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go here, you’re gonna copy the spun article and you’re gonna paste it in here. So go paste, now for press releases, you need to add this on top and you have to add it and it says “ for media release contact any name, company, phone number, email address and the website link” okay? So I’m just gonna out it on the bottom, just copy and paste it, that’s all you need to put on top of your article. Also I’m gonna show you, a little later but I’ll show you. Because SEnuke X if you’re gonna write anything at all, you can still launch this project because SEnuke X has an automatic content builder. And what it does is if you see over here auto generate content that is optional obviously because you just paste your own content. But if you don’t have your own content you’re gonna auto generate it. And what it does is it’s gonna combine articles from the internet and you can set it out to 5 up to a lot. I usually leave it on 4 ‘coz that is default, and that’s where it works bets and then it’s gonna spin it. So it’s gonna craft 4 articles, just sections just sections of 4 different articles from the intente and it’s gonna merge them. And then it’s gonna spin them so that it becomes unique. So like I said, if you have content you can put it here, if you don’t have your content then you get time to create your content, just generate your content. Really it’s just a click of a button. And you’re gonna put the this thing. You’re gonna out the format for press release. And make sure that you add another link that, this not an article where you cannot put the links in the body. This is a press release and you are allowed to put links in the body. So what I do is, what it’s gonna be on the upper section and I’m gonna out one in the middle, and one at the end. This is gonna be already done, so don’t worry about that and go next.

The next one is gonna be the social network. This is the same thing, you’re gonna go here, to you’re spin article, you’re gonna copy it. You’re gonna go right here. You’re gonna paste it. Again make sure that you put the placement it’s gonan be, replace the links tag, you’re gonna out it on top and on the bottom. Everything else is gonna be down and if you need to create content then you just need to auto generate it. And go next. Now the profile just auto generate. Guys auto generate stuff, don’t waste your time auto generating things that you don’t need to spend time with. SEnuke X is the most automatic program that I have found, and it’s gonna do pretty much everything for you. As long as you put the brain power, this will do the rest. It says successfully created go next.

Article directory. The same time and up here, copy your content. Go here and paste it and this is done. And this (???7:18) at all, put always change the link placement to insert links by replacing the links. And I think we’re done.

Go next. Alright, this has you need to use a captch service, although you wanna do captchas on your own which is gonna take a lot of time. I recommend death by captcha because it’s the cheapest one, it’s actually only like a dollar thirty nine per a thousand captcha. And really that is nothing and this is such a good value. The only one that I use is the de captcher and that is only $2 for a thousand captchas. And just make sure to check your balance and make sure that’s fine. And this is usually the same. The press submission over how many days. This is gonna leave you to one. Because you’re sending high quality links. So just leave it to one and that’s okay. The values that I have found are the best, are 4 on the submitter initial number of browsers and threads I found that in my computer’s 15, just make sure you have to play with this and make sure what’s right for your computer.

And you’re gonna go next and it says ready to export and you’re gonna go finish. And you are done guys. That is all you need to do immediately. That’s what we’ve just created. SEnuke X can really create this for you. So you don’t have to do anything else to it. It’s done its gonna start the next running time. Its gonna start at 7;17am and once that times’ gonna go the next project is gonna go on the next project and so on. So that’s what im telling you guys this is so powerful. And you can do this everyday, with a new article and I’m gonna show you on the repeat section how you’re gonna do this.

This is for your daily creation. This is for your re purposing and syndication of your articles and of your content. Now we go to, the next step. And that is to create a maximum amount of backlinks. Again you’re gonna go to SEnuke X, and now you’re gonna go to the wizard again. By the way guys this you’re gonna do daily. Basic strategy, the strategy I’m gonna show you next, you can only do every 3rd day. So you’re gonna do this on the 1st day the daily action, you’re gonna do this on the 2nd day and that’s the daily action and on the 3rd you’re gonna launch this instead. When you say coming more projects this has. And I’m gonna show you why. You’re gonna go to the wizard again okay. And its gonna be the same concept on the 3rd day every 3 days you’re gonna do this. On the campaign name, enter the campaign that you want on the number of profiles, on this you’re gonna choose 3 because we’re gonna send so many links that I want ti to come from different authors. And here’s gonna be the same, the money sites are gonna be the same. Its gonna be your landing page and then your msp landing page. On the keywords leave it the same as the keywords that you out before.

Go next. Common settings, it’s gonna be the same thing that we did before. Project B is gonna be the same. This is for your articles and this is for the web 2.0 profiles and the forum profiles. On this you can and you need to add 2 links and on this you’re not gonna add any links. Okay? Here is where this is gonna change. This is called the full monty, full monty right there is you don’t have it just download it from the bottom of this page. And I’ll need to extend this so you can see the power of this thing. Okay guys, this is why you choose only launch things every 3 days and you’re gonna spread the submission every 3 days.

So this is your money site and through that I’m gonna send an article direct to a project i have attached. Forum profiles so that means that I’m gonna send 429 backlinks to my money site at once. Actually im gonna spread it through 3 days but you get the point. I’m gonna put a video project attached to it and then I’m gonna out 3 social network projects attached to it. And I’m gonna press release project okay? And then im gonna send a massive amount of backlinks to my first round of backlinks. So I’m gonna create social bookmarks, I’m gonna create social bookmarks, rss feeds, article directories, web 2.0 profiles, forum profiles, indexer and all thesis to my backlinks so that they get indexed and I get credit for the backlinks. This is what most programs lack, yes with any article submitter you’re gonna create a bunch of backlinks but they’re never gonna get indexed. And the way to get it indexed is by creating backlinks to the backlinks. And this is quite, this strategy is so powerful. And literally what you do is you’re gonna go open. Guys if you haven’t if you’re not realizing how powerful this program is, it is a one click thing. You go open; you click full monty, you open you’re done. You click next. And you’re gonna follow the same step that you followed before on the article directory, you’re gonna either copy your article that you created that day or you’re gonna auto generate. Always make sure that the placement, you take it to links by replacing the links.

Social networks, the same thing, copy your article right here. On the social bookmarking, social bookmarking is like a tutor. So remember if that shorts sentence that explains your link on here, you are not going to enter the link tag because as indexed, it’s automatically, gonna enter it for you. Next social networks, the same, bookmarking, social network, bookmarking the press release remember to add this section right here so that it gets approved on press release sites. Article directory 2. Let me show you, I’m gonna show you how to auto generate content. Let’s say I don’t have anything, you’re gonan go check that combine 4, make it 6 if you want. And auto spin it. What it’s gonna do is it’s gonna find article about facebook marketing strategies, it’s gonna combine 6 of them it’s gonna limit the words to 150 and it’s gonna spin it. So that is 17%…42%…67%…83% and is done. My company’s there, It’s been generated and I don’t have to worry about generating content. How about that guys? You just caught most of your work to a click of a button. Let’s say I personally suggest that you write every single article. That you write a piece of content everyday. Namely because you wanna put it on your website. Now if you’re running out of time, and you can’t for some other reason can’t spend an hour generating content, then go here and launch the project anyway. Because you have the capability to create original content, with a click of a button. It is not high quality content, but it is content nonetheless. And again that’s done click next.

In here when you insert links when you replace links you need some article directories, its gonna give you a warning sign just click okay. On the video again, everyday you are gonna create a video and I showed you the easiest way to create a video and it is going by animoto, put a couple of pictures and you’re done. Let me show you one trick that I use, when im running out of pictures let’s say the one on facebook, I’m gonna go to …..and let’s say I want this right here, I’m gonna go to ctrl-print screen I’m gonna go to the paint tool in windows and I’m gonna paste it. And ium gonna crop it, just the section that I want. And crop and I’m gonna save that as a jpeg file. And now I can have a picture that I can add to my videos. That is how I get pictures guys. I don’t know a website. This is a trick I have used for a long time now. This is also how I create this thing here. Thus is actually not something that I typed in, if you’re trying to create how people put graphics on your (???5:43) forms that is how I do it. That’s just a little trick that I wanted to show you. So that you will never run out of pictures. To put in your animoto videos. And that is it you’re gonna import it add to profiles. And you’re gonna go and generate it okay? When you confirm and generate just make sure that when you spread it, you spread it to 3 days, the full monty you need to spread to 3 days okay? Remember that.

Alright guys, so ill show you how to repurpose and syndicate your content. I have shown you my daily strategy using SEnuke X I have shown you how to create massive amount of backlinks and how to prevent to get banned and how you can index the backlinks to the backlinks. And now I’m gonna show you the repeat process. Your repeat process is how to create original content everyday. In this process, what I’m gonna do is, this is what I based everything on. I used Google to tell me what it thinks is relevant. The first thing I created a project, I created an article about facebook marketing strategies and that’s gonna be my main page. That is gonna be my landing page that is where I’m gonna put my video. That is the one I’m gonna get indexed. First using the re purposing system. On the 2nd day I’m gonna create a facebook marketing article and it’s gonna be facebook marketing, I’m gonna use all the seo techniques that I showed you. So instead of facebook marketing strategies, it’s only gonna show facebook marketing. I’m gonna put it twice if I can on the introduction. I’m gonna put it a couple of times throughout the body dn I’m gonna put it for sure once in the conclusion. Then I’m gonna out that on my site, now when you write, these are what I call supporting articles. This is your main article and these are gonna be your supporting articles. This is gonna be first day, you’re gonna create 6 more supporting articles okay? The first thing you’re gonna write about facebook marketing strategies and there’s gonna be your landing page. On the 2nd day you’re gonna create an article about facebook marketing. You’re gonna use all the seo strategies that I showed you and the internal link you’re gonna point to facebook marketing strategies the main site your landing page okay? Then you’re gonna take this same article you’re gonna take it to the daily strategy of SEnuke X and you’re gonna, let me show you here. When you write supporting articles, you’re gonna out the urls the first one is always gonna be your money site it’s in your landing page okay? The 2nd one on your supporting articles is gonna be the url of your supporting article. So for example, if I hide all my site, let’s say that I already created an article about facebook marketing and the urls has to be facebook marketing right? So I’m gonna copy that on my supporting article. And im gonna put it right here. So then again the 1st one is gonna be always my money site my landing page and the 2nd one is gonna be where the original content is. And in this case the 3rd one is gonna be my msp money page or landing page.

On the keywords you’re gonna, the same thing that you did before. So instead of facebook marketing strategies because you’re syndicating this content here. This is what we’re gonna do for….so now this is my primary keyword and these are gonna be my supporting keywords okay. Alright, that is how you’re gonna do this daily. On the 3rd day you’re gonna be this is a methodical strategy guys, on the 3rd day this is the 1st and this is the 2nd and this is the 3rd day you’re gonna create an article about facebook marketing strategies singular. You’re gonna create that content put it on your website. Make sure that it’s seo optimized and you are going to spin it and instead of launching your daily project, you’re gonna launch a full monty project okay? So every 3rd day so 1 2 3 that is how you’re gonna do it. Now also on the on your website, only your landing page may still have a video, evrythin else you don’t need to embed videos. But you still need to create them so you can syndicate through SEnuke X and get a backlink through that video. This is what I have used in 2 months with X and X on results, so please get this program. This is the best program that I have found, this in combination with msp it is a unlimited source of leads. So make sure that you give a tutorials. I think that’s it guys this has been not that long of a video but I think it’s full of content you have a lot to work right now. Go to SEnuke X, get it right now, they have a trial period, and also they have a 30 day guarantee. They offer a 1 year license which is gonna save you I think $200? So if you wanna get that then that’s great but if you want to get the monthly and give it a try you’re gonna be hooked to this program ‘coz it makes life so much easier. And I think that that’s it guys I thank you very much for being here. And I hope to see you soon if you have any questions, please let me know, my email address is [email protected] and I will see you soon, bye![/spoiler]

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