Kapa99 Update: Buyer Beware!

When the Kapa99 service first started out, it was excellent.


It has seriously degraded as they have expanded their business.

At this point, I no longer recommend them and this is a company that should be avoided.

There are 2 key reasons for this

Quality Of Work

The first problem is that the overall quality work has seriously degraded.

They have gone from producing incredible graphics like these-


Well graphics like these:

It seems obvious to me that when they first started, they were investing more time in quality designs for clients.

But now they have grown:

It’s more about getting the queue of graphics cleared as quickly as possible with no attention to quality.

Things did improve for a while after that email to the owner.

But they quickly returned to “normal”.

Terrible Communication

That leads me onto this point.

They very rarely deliver a graphic that matches the specification first time.

Obviously most graphics need some small design tweaks here and there.

But with Kapa99:

Usually the first graphic they deliver, is completly wrong and shows complete ignorance to the description.

They are in such a rush to get the graphic done – they don’t take the time to fully read, process and understand a description.

For example:

This an order for a 27x point checklist.

It mentions this 3x times and there is also 27 points of text attached.

How many points do you think they included in the final checklist?

Just 20.

They totally ignored 7x of them.

And if you pay attention to that graphic you will see they ignore basic design principles like consistency in spacing/design/font.

On top of that:

When you give feedback on a graphic…

It’s often totally ignored.

You have to provide 3 or 4 rounds of repeating feedback in order to get a graphic done right.

And quite often:

They even change things that you didn’t mention at all while ignoring the things you actually asked for-

I can assure you.

It is very frustrating.

Client communication is the heart and soul of any service based business.

And they fail to read specifications, feedback and often invent their own feedback/changes out of thin air.

But it doesn’t matter how many times you ask.

Nothing changes-

So at this point.

What other option do I have?

I am going to give the Kapa99 team a final chance because they used to be awesome.

And let’s face it, growing a business while maintaning quality of service is a difficult task.

Everyone makes mistakes.

All they have to do is-

  1. Read every point of clients feedback (ask questions if necessary)
  2. Create the design to a high standard (not rushed like now)
  3. Make every change in the clients feedback
  4. Don’t make changes the client has not requested
  5. Once the image is ready, read every point of the clients feedback and make sure that every change has been applied
  6. Then send it to the client to review

But if you are looking for a graphics service right now, you should avoid Kapa99.

They are going through some growing pains and unless you want to be part of that…

…you should look elsewhere to other services:

I will update this page if anything changes.