Income Report Roundup – July 2013

Income report roundupOne of the most popular posts I publish are my income reports.

So I decided to round up as many income reports as possible and rank them based on earnings to see how I stack up against the rest.

If you publish an income report on your blog and would like it included in next month’s post then please let me know in the comments!

Here we go-

How to start a successful blog in 7 days

#1) ACoupleTravelers.com – $9,920.00 (+$885.00)

ACoupleTravelersDave & Vicky have held onto the top spot this month with a great performance all round!

They have continued to grow their income with a superb blogging partnership while on their merry travels but are losing the will to blog.

Hopefully I’ll be meeting them next week in Prague though!

#2) MatthewWoodward.co.uk – $9,366.19 (+$3,933.95)

Matthew WoodwardA better month for me that I was hoping would grab me the top spot but no dice this time :P

Still just falling short of my $10,000 target which I probably won’t hit this month either!

It seems once the blog has a great month like that I step off the accelerator & my time gets spent driving other projects & sites

#3) LeavingWorkBehind.com – $8,887.00 (+$568.29)

LeavingWorkBehindTom got knocked off the top spot last month and slides down another place this month.

Still he is making a fair wedge so can’t complain! I hired him to do some writing for me this month and was worried how that may affect the income rankings :P

Nice to see you pushing forward in both work and personal life!

#4) PinchOfYum.com – $8,673.27 (+$1,579.75)

PinchOfYumAnother great month from Bjork & Lindsay showing us it’s possible to make money in any niche.

Most of the money comes from BlogHer but they are also making strong sales of their food photography eBook.

They’ve also launched an affiliate program for their memberships site so expect some bigger numbers next month!

#5) TrueValhalla.com – $5,565.00 (+$2,545.00)

TrueValhallaMatt brought home the bacon this month with a huge boost in profits!

Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to move him up from the number 5 spot though.

It’s great to see he has caught the travel bug recently planning to live in Hong Kong for a month – I want to live in another country for a month this year as well :)

#6) LostCyclist.me – $2,098.13 (-$771.83)

LostCyclistThe first blog this month to post a loss Quinton has held onto the #6 position.

Although he is in a do or die situation he did slack off a lot which he using to regain focus this month.

It all swings in roundabouts =D

#7) FallForDesign.com – $1,350.06 (-$650.61)

FallForDesignAutumn is another non mover in the mid field ranks this month posting a loss on last month.

Instead of working crazy 60 hour weeks she decided to throttle back to 20 hours to enjoy some quality time.

Still it’s not a bad amount to earn working part time hours as a designer!

#8) HowIGotRich.net – $1,673.00 (+$242.00)

HowIGotRichJoe didn’t publish his report in time to be included last month, but this month he has posted a nice profit!

He has put a focus onto his writing services this month and hope to grows his earnings while building passive income streams.

Perhaps you should speak to Tom to see if he has any tips ^^

#9) Moms-Make-Money.com – $1,567.73 (-$348.00)

MomsMakeMoneyWorking full time has caught up with Deby’s earnings has she hasn’t had time to maintain her sites.

She has also seen a drop off in search traffic (you should use the google sandbox and penalty checker tool) but managed to keep overall track levels on an even keel.

I think you could set some more aggressive targets :P

#10) CloudLivingJourney.com – $1,080.78 (-$559.74)

CloudLivingJourneyA newcomer to the roundup but a regular reader and commenter, Tung is doing a great job!

Take a look at some of his content and you’ll see what I mean!

Sorry to hear about your problems with the niche site – have you done this?

#11) AvocadoPesto.com – $903.00 (-$583.00)

AvocadoPestoVicky didn’t actually publish an income report this month but the numbers were included in the ACoupleTravelers report.

So that means I don’t really know what they did or didn’t do this month!

I know they have had a hard time with search traffic and I completed a very brief site review for them, no changes yet though :P Must get the full report over to them.

#12) INeedDiscipline.com – $695.44 (-$9.14)

MakeMoneyLessonsDean is still pushing forward to grow his earnings but made just a tad less this month.

He experimented with a new advertiser that didn’t perform at all! And advertisers wonder why we don’t want to blindly gamble traffic with them ^^

Dean is branching out into some niche based affiliate marketing this month to help drive his earnings.

#13) WPSquared.com – $650.80 (+$363.61)

WP SquaredThe WPSquared time have posted a good month jumping up from the bottom spot!

Try driving some social signals to your Genesis theme post so all that hard work doesn’t go to waste!

Keep on growing guys – the 17% increase in traffic says it all!

#14) MoneyHomeBlog.com – $637.25 (-$750.84)

MoneyHomeBlogCeeJay has posted a pretty big drop this month as his focus was elsewhere.

He has spent a lot of time planting a lot of seeds to turn into Amazon based money trees in the future.

I hope you’re running those 2x 600 word articles for $5 through Copyscape before posting them on your money sites though!

#15) MakeMoneyOnlineHQ.com.au – $552.00 (-$699.83)

MakeMoneyOnlineHQGreg predicted he would have a hard time this month due to the recent round of Google algo updates.

Hopefully though this will be the bottom of the barrel in terms of earnings as he has been busy turning things around.

Let’s see you get back to those 2k months eh?

#16) My4HrWorkWeek.com – $540.04 (+$22.96)

My4HrWorkWeekEric manages to remain steady this month after seeing some big drops in previous months.

Good to see he has managed to take control of that to a degree and get back to a stable platform.

I still admire his huge diversification of income streams, let’s see you grow again next month =D

In Summary

It looks to be another fantastic month all round and I was confident I was going to nab the top spot this month but Dave & Vicky remained strong.

Perhaps they’ll buy me a beer or something in Prague next week so I stop crying about it :P

Still it’s nice to have some healthy competition to break that $10,000 a month barrier!

While we have seen some big month on month losses from Quintoin @ LostCyclist, CeeJay @ MoneyhomeBlog & Greg @ MakeMoneyOnlineHQ profits on the whole are up!

Last month the bloggers earnt a combined total of $46,408.75 – this month that jumpoed $7,750.93 to a massive $54,159.68!

Congrats guys! Last month I wondered if we could break $50k so next month its only right that was push to $60k collectively right?

Performance Tracking

I have decided to only include the earnings history of the top 10 blogs each month to make the graphs easier to read.

Let me know if that’s any better for ya’ll!

google.load(‘visualization’, ‘1.0’, {‘packages’:[‘corechart’]});google.setOnLoadCallback(drawChart);function drawChart() {var wrapper = new google.visualization.ChartWrapper({“containerId”:”visualization219D”,”dataTable”:{“cols”:[{“id”:””,”label”:”Site”,”pattern”:””,”type”:”string”},{“id”:””,”label”:”ACoupleTravellers”,”pattern”:””,”type”:”number”},{“id”:””,”label”:”MatthewWoodward”,”pattern”:””,”type”:”number”},{“id”:””,”label”:”LeavingWorkBehind”,”pattern”:””,”type”:”number”},{“id”:””,”label”:”PinchOfYum”,”pattern”:””,”type”:”number”},{“id”:””,”label”:”TrueValhalla”,”pattern”:””,”type”:”number”},{“id”:””,”label”:”LostCyclist”,”pattern”:””,”type”:”number”},{“id”:””,”label”:”FallForDesign”,”pattern”:””,”type”:”number”},{“id”:””,”label”:”HowIGotRich”,”pattern”:””,”type”:”number”},{“id”:””,”label”:”MomsMakeMoney”,”pattern”:””,”type”:”number”},{“id”:””,”label”:”CloudLivingJourney”,”pattern”:””,”type”:”number”}],”rows”:[{“c”:[{“v”:”Oct-12″,”f”:null},{“v”:1345,”f”:null},{“v”:6907.6,”f”:null},{“v”:4485.5,”f”:null},{“v”:4237.45,”f”:null},{“v”:5698,”f”:null},{“v”:null,”f”:null},{“v”:119.3,”f”:null},{“v”:null,”f”:null},{“v”:null,”f”:null},{“v”:null,”f”:null}]},{“c”:[{“v”:”Nov-12″,”f”:null},{“v”:2031,”f”:null},{“v”:9315.59,”f”:null},{“v”:5776,”f”:null},{“v”:4782.7,”f”:null},{“v”:2392,”f”:null},{“v”:null,”f”:null},{“v”:404.48,”f”:null},{“v”:1216,”f”:null},{“v”:null,”f”:null},{“v”:null,”f”:null}]},{“c”:[{“v”:”Dec-12″,”f”:null},{“v”:2170,”f”:null},{“v”:5796.03,”f”:null},{“v”:4314,”f”:null},{“v”:4277,”f”:null},{“v”:2973,”f”:null},{“v”:null,”f”:null},{“v”:407.53,”f”:null},{“v”:334,”f”:null},{“v”:45.11,”f”:null},{“v”:null,”f”:null}]},{“c”:[{“v”:”Jan-13″,”f”:null},{“v”:2925,”f”:null},{“v”:9511.93,”f”:null},{“v”:6872.54,”f”:null},{“v”:5686.9,”f”:null},{“v”:1753,”f”:null},{“v”:628.14,”f”:null},{“v”:864.6,”f”:null},{“v”:323,”f”:null},{“v”:89.28,”f”:null},{“v”:null,”f”:null}]},{“c”:[{“v”:”Feb-13″,”f”:null},{“v”:3132,”f”:null},{“v”:3695.59,”f”:null},{“v”:6729.02,”f”:null},{“v”:6975.3,”f”:null},{“v”:5674,”f”:null},{“v”:956.45,”f”:null},{“v”:705.17,”f”:null},{“v”:552,”f”:null},{“v”:837.08,”f”:null},{“v”:null,”f”:null}]},{“c”:[{“v”:”Mar-13″,”f”:null},{“v”:3385,”f”:null},{“v”:5953.23,”f”:null},{“v”:7472.42,”f”:null},{“v”:6914.71,”f”:null},{“v”:2223,”f”:null},{“v”:1108.41,”f”:null},{“v”:1015.85,”f”:null},{“v”:1730,”f”:null},{“v”:1155.06,”f”:null},{“v”:null,”f”:null}]},{“c”:[{“v”:”Apr-13″,”f”:null},{“v”:4905.82,”f”:null},{“v”:6060.41,”f”:null},{“v”:7977.67,”f”:null},{“v”:3291.46,”f”:null},{“v”:7067,”f”:null},{“v”:1232.14,”f”:null},{“v”:1233.47,”f”:null},{“v”:772,”f”:null},{“v”:1953.81,”f”:null},{“v”:429.49,”f”:null}]},{“c”:[{“v”:”May-13″,”f”:null},{“v”:9035,”f”:null},{“v”:5432.24,”f”:null},{“v”:8318.71,”f”:null},{“v”:7093.52,”f”:null},{“v”:3020,”f”:null},{“v”:2869.96,”f”:null},{“v”:2000.67,”f”:null},{“v”:1431,”f”:null},{“v”:1915.85,”f”:null},{“v”:1640.52,”f”:null}]},{“c”:[{“v”:”Jun-13″,”f”:null},{“v”:9920,”f”:null},{“v”:9366.19,”f”:null},{“v”:8887,”f”:null},{“v”:8673.27,”f”:null},{“v”:5565,”f”:null},{“v”:2098.13,”f”:null},{“v”:1350.06,”f”:null},{“v”:1673,”f”:null},{“v”:1567.73,”f”:null},{“v”:1080.78,”f”:null}]}],”p”:null},”options”:{“legend”:”in”,”curveType”:”function”,”vAxes”:[{“title”:null,”minValue”:null,”maxValue”:null,”viewWindow”:{“max”:null,”min”:null},”useFormatFromData”:true},{“viewWindow”:{“max”:null,”min”:null},”minValue”:null,”maxValue”:null,”useFormatFromData”:true}],”animation”:{“duration”:500},”booleanRole”:”certainty”,”lineWidth”:2,”hAxis”:{“useFormatFromData”:true,”minValue”:null,”maxValue”:null,”viewWindow”:null,”viewWindowMode”:null},”theme”:”maximized”,”focusTarget”:”category”},”state”:{},”isDefaultVisualization”:true,”chartType”:”LineChart”});wrapper.draw();};

49 Responses

  1. John Gibb

    Congrats Matthew, and all the other featured guys!

    I like the performance graph, could you tell me how did you create it, like was there other tools besides Photoshop?


    • Matthew Woodward
      July 29th, 2013 at 9:09 am

      Cheers John!

      The graph is done with Google Charts

      • devnet
        August 6th, 2013 at 11:44 pm


        You should give this place a try for charts: http://chartsninja.com/

        I’ve found it to be quite a nice alternative with attractive charts.

        • Matthew Woodward
          August 8th, 2013 at 11:26 am

          But that means spending money :P

      • devnet
        August 6th, 2013 at 11:46 pm

        Thanks for posting this stuff Matthew…it really is an inspiration to a niche blogger such as myself…I never thought I could make that much money blogging (and I still haven’t) but am looking forward to giving it a try soon. Thanks!

        • Matthew Woodward
          August 8th, 2013 at 11:25 am

          Please keep us posted with your progress =D

  2. Serge

    Lookin good :)

    I really should stay posting my income reports as well, it would be helpful for people to see yet another niche making money :)

    • Matthew Woodward
      July 29th, 2013 at 3:39 pm

      Get them posted and i’ll include you!

      • Serge Marchuk (@MrMarchuk)
        July 30th, 2013 at 11:43 pm

        Btw Matt, I’ve got another interesting article for you to read and possibly an opportunity to make out of that that’d help quite a few people out. Hit me up on my email if you’re interested.

        • Matthew Woodward
          July 31st, 2013 at 1:07 pm

          Pah you email me :P

  3. Guy Lewis

    Hi Matthew, do you beeak down these top guys by incomes? As in, in a given month which income streams are the top ten for these guys?


    • Matthew Woodward
      July 29th, 2013 at 3:38 pm


      Sorry I dont go into it that far and it comes from such a wide mix of sources

      • Guy Lewis
        July 29th, 2013 at 4:03 pm

        Sure fair enough. But can I ask, your own is broken down into consultancy and affiliation. So is the affiliation aboit selling packaged training courses?


      • Serge Marchuk (@MrMarchuk)
        July 30th, 2013 at 11:42 pm

        plus, that’d be a little hard to do considering it’d be what THEY tell him. it’s hard to verify incomes for someone else :P

        Matt’d have no time for posting on this blog :P

        • Matthew Woodward
          July 31st, 2013 at 1:07 pm

          Hahaha I suppose if someone wanted to they could create a site about income reports that drills down into that detail but I’m not sure it would offer much value really =/

  4. Yeison

    Good Job Matt almost $4k up this month !!

    • Matthew Woodward
      July 31st, 2013 at 1:24 pm

      Its not going to be so good this month :P

    • Iain
      August 9th, 2013 at 10:10 am

      You may get to a point where you surpass Matthew. :P

      • Matthew Woodward
        August 9th, 2013 at 10:18 am

        I sure hope so!

  5. Michael

    Really interesting post, thanks Matthew.

    I had a look at some of the sites you mentioned but i really dont see how the income reported is generated – not that i am questioning it, just dont read so well between the lines.

    Take for instance the #1) ACoupleTravelers.com
    Interesting site and a great use for what blogging was intended for, but I am curious on how they generated the $8,887.00, because i only see some Amazon books being offered on the site – do you mean they made all the money from Amazon book.
    When I saw it is a travel blog, i was expecting the usual travel affiliate banners, but surprisingly there was non on the site.

    I would really love to know what strategies are being used, marketing etc, to stimulate the income.

    Great post thanks

    • Matthew Woodward
      July 31st, 2013 at 1:24 pm


      If you actually take the time to read the post – all your questions are answered :)

      • Michael
        July 31st, 2013 at 1:39 pm

        I must be blind because there is nothing mentioned at all anywhere in the post about what they did or how they generated the income

        • Matthew Woodward
          August 13th, 2013 at 4:08 pm

          Which posts are you reading? Most of them spill the full beans

  6. Chris

    Matt, these updates are so encouraging — yet discouraging — all at the same time.

    Encouraging to see real people making real money online TODAY.

    Discouraging to see that I’m 16 months in and I’m still nowhere near those numbers.

    Boo hoo. Poor me. Now I need to stop reading and go write another post.

    Aloha, Chris

    • Matthew Woodward
      July 31st, 2013 at 1:22 pm

      Perhaps take time to relax and step back to look at the bigger picture. Think about everything you have learnt in the past 16 months and put it all together with a ‘fresh’ mindset

  7. Umee

    Hi Matt,

    Congrats for your success, I hope you will achieve your $10K goal as soon.

    Good to see improvements.


    • Matthew Woodward
      July 31st, 2013 at 1:20 pm

      Thanks for your support =D

  8. Jordan

    Love reading the income reports and seeing exactly how these sites make money. Hopefully one day I’ll be on that list.

    • Matthew Woodward
      July 31st, 2013 at 1:16 pm

      Let me know when your ready :)

  9. Jay Dorsey

    Great roundup. I’ve been searching for other blogs written by people who make money from SEO and this gives me some great resources. Thanks Matt!

    • Matthew Woodward
      July 31st, 2013 at 1:11 pm

      Cheers Jay =D Why don’t you become one of those blogs ^^

      • Jay Dorsey
        August 1st, 2013 at 1:35 am

        One day :)

        Right now I’m a simple update—no profit but out the cash for some of the WordPress plugins I’ve tested (which is actually one of the topics I find I like to write about).

        As someone who is new to the SEO/affiliate aspect I’m finding there are a lot of promoted plugins or themes that at face value aren’t what the ad-copy promises (often I see these don’t have demo sites set up either).

        • Matthew Woodward
          August 13th, 2013 at 4:07 pm

          Well there are a lot of plugins you can write about and tell people how to setup specific types of sites and show them how to do it…. ^^

  10. Sunday

    All I can say is this: “different strokes for different folks”. However, the truth still remains that the performance of any particular blog will depend on how useful they have helped solved readers problems within the month.
    The income report comparison is definitely a very good one, and it could spur bloggers to do more :D

    Details of this comment was shared in the IM social site – kingged.com after this post has been “kingged”.


    • Matthew Woodward
      July 31st, 2013 at 1:10 pm

      Essentially we just have a list of people that have followed their passion, what that passion is mostly irrelevant!

  11. Iain

    I’m sure you will be able to hit the top spot soon Matthew.

    It’s just a question of do you have enough time to do it.

    • Matthew Woodward
      July 31st, 2013 at 1:09 pm

      Well given I’m on the road for most of August – no :P

  12. Tung Tran

    It’s such a great feeling to be listed here. #10 is not a bad position for a newcomer like me :D

    Regarding my niche site, It got recovered in the latest update :D It just happened magically. I didn’t put much effort on change things to recover it as I think the drop is not because of my content and backlink strategy.

    I just patiently waited for one month and eventually Google hasn’t turned me down :D

    Thanks for including me in this report Matthew :)

    PS: I hope this time my comment will appear without bugging you with emails :V


    • Matthew Woodward
      July 31st, 2013 at 1:06 pm

      Hey Tung,

      Congrats :)

      Now lets see you climb higher ^^

  13. Kris

    Great work Matthew!
    It’s nice to see, that so many people are doing well.
    I’ve also posted my first income report, but numbers I got are not close to any of those you shared.


    • Matthew Woodward
      August 8th, 2013 at 11:44 am

      Let me know when you publish your 3rd ;)

      • Kris
        August 8th, 2013 at 12:09 pm

        Sure I’ll do that.

  14. Nick LeRoy

    Hey Mathew – new to your site (referred by Tung) but have enjoyed what i’ve read so far. I’ve been pretty successful with one of my niche sites. $400+ last month but hoping to hit $500+ by next month. Who knows – just maybe i’ll end up on your list one of these months. :-)

    • Matthew Woodward
      August 13th, 2013 at 3:46 pm

      Good luck sir – publish 3 consecutively and drop me an email :)

  15. Samski

    Hey Matt,

    Loving the blog and picking up plenty of helpful tips from it.

    Is there a minimum earnings threshold to get on the list ? If not anychance I can be added on….


    Its in the red right now but its brand new and due to work I am unable to do much work on it until September but I have big plans!

    • Matthew Woodward
      August 17th, 2013 at 8:43 am

      Once you’ve published 3 drop me an email!

  16. Adrian

    Nice work, decent money for blogging.

    • Matthew Woodward
      September 23rd, 2013 at 6:05 pm

      Cheers Adrian!

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