[UPDATED] It’s That Time Of Year When…

UPDATE: Thank You For All The Birthday Wishes!

Thank you to everyone for all the comments, emails, beers and pizzas you sent for my birthday. It was really touching to read some of the very heart felt messages!

I couldn’t have asked for more I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it on a personal level! Just check out some of the comments below!

The original birthday plan was to spend my actual birthday (Tuesday) relaxing at Rio Negro geothermal springs, then drink/eat at night followed by climbing/zip lining/tubing the next day (Wednesday).



Which was fine until you guys bought me a total of 58 beers and 4 pizzas!

And trust me I tried my best to drink all of them!


That resulted in waking up at 7am on Wednesday still drunk and unable to drive followed by 12 hours throwing up so we had to cancel the climbing/zip lining/tubing and go on the Friday instead – thanks guys :)




Here is a list of everyone that contributed to my destruction in chronological order :)

6x Beers

1x Pizza

1x Beer

Even with a full day of recovery it was an awesome birthday – thank you to every for helping make that happen!

It’s That Time Of Year When…

It only happens once a year, but it has happened every single year of my life without fail so far!

That’s right, today is my birthday!

I have managed to stay alive for a whole 10,227 days officially making me 28 years or 245,460 hours old today!

But this birthday is a first – it is the first birthday I will be spending away from friends & family :(

I was kind of nervous about that and feeling lonely but I have a friend from the UK who came out for my birthday & I will be surrounded by my Tico (Costa Rican) friends tonight.

Hopefully tonight will be fuelled with alcohol & great food which will lead to a morning dripping in shame & regret – British style!

Thank You To All My Readers

And last but not least I would like to say thank you to all of you lovely readers!

Thank you for your continued support of the blog & joining me on this journey – I will be back in action again next week :)

Or the week after depending how many beers you guys buy for me! eeek!