S2Member Coupon Code

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Whether you want to create a single payment or recurring payment membership sites, S2 Member has a range of built-in features to make everything easy!

What is S2 Member?

S2 Member is one of the oldest WordPress plugins you can find on the market. The brand has been around for many years, which works both in its favour and against it in some respects.


S2 Member is an SEO plugin that allows you to create membership or subscription websites/blogs relatively easily.

S2 Member Plugin Features

It has got everything you need to:

  • Create memberships tiers
  • Set up subscription plans
  • Manage payments

… and create a multi-layered membership website.

Price & Plans

There is a free version of S2Member and 2 Pro versions:

  1. The s2Member Single-Site
  2. The LicenseUnlimited-Site Pro License

The free plugin is basic but has enough to let you set up basic memberships and accept PayPal payments.

The pro versions give you access to pretty much the same features.

The only difference is that the single-site plan is perfect for site owners with one domain name, while the unlimited-sites plan is ideal for owners with multiple domain names or a Multisite Network.

Who is S2 Member Ideal For?

S2 Member plugin is ideal for online business owners that want to create membership sites.

However, the set up is quite complex, so if you don’t have the required skills, you should hire a professional to do the set up for you or look at other membership plugins.

How to Use Your S2 Member Coupon Code?

Activating your S2 Member coupon code is easy! All you have to do is follow the instructions below to redeem it.

First of all, you have to follow this link which will take you to the home page.

Scroll down, select the plan you want and click on the green Checkout Now button.

It will bring you to the checkout page where you’ll have to create your profile and proceed to the payment:

S2 Member Plugin Checkout Page

The discount should automatically be applied but, if not, you’ll need to add your coupon code where require before completed the purchase.

The process takes just a few minutes. Once that’s done, you will be ready to set up and connect the plugin to your site(s).

Warning: The S2 Member plugin is no longer being updated.