How I Increased Profits With This Simple Logo Test

As my blog has grown to make money in the last few months I wanted to polish up my branding online. So I decided to put together a quick logo test to see if a different logo design had an impact on the numbers.

Branding really is everything and allows you to stand out from the crowd, from your brand name and logo to your brand purpose and especially when you consider how competitive the internet marketing niche is.

As you can see I use a distinctive blend of blue and pink throughout my brand which is certainly having the desired effect-

effective logo branding

Does Having A Good Logo Really Matter?

When I first launched the blog I designed the logo myself in Photoshop which looked like this-

old matthew woodward blog logo

Not too shabby considering I suck at Photoshop but it still had a very amateur and unpolished feel to it.

I decided I needed a new logo!

Not only that but I wanted to be able to measure exactly what impact a new logo would have on key metrics such as bounce rate, time on site and pages per visit.

So to find out I got a logo designed and set up a split test!

Finding A Logo Designer

So how do you go about finding a decent logo designer?


The first thing I did was jump over to a popular blackhat forum to see who was offering logo design services.

I shortlisted a few I liked and got in touch with them and got a set of concepts created by one of the designers.

The only problem was I didn’t like any of the concepts and after trying to work with a few designers I still couldn’t find one I liked better than the original one I made myself.

Logo Contests

During this time I came across a post on TrafficPlanet that recommended logo design contests.

Essentially you create a contest with a prize fund; people submit entry’s that you can rate and feedback until you select a winner.

At first I looked at 99Designs but the prices were shocking and then I came across 48HoursLogo.com which was much more budget friendly.

Within a few days I had loads of logos to choose from!

logo competition choices

Not too shabby huh? I actually had a hard time picking the one I liked most!

Choosing The Winner

Choosing the winner was easy, there is a really cool system on 48HoursLogo.com that makes it easy to setup a vote. So I created one and asked the readers themselves!

After all, it’s you guys that will have to look at it all the time :P

In the end I settled on this-

new blog logo

I also asked the designer if he would mind doing another version with the character facing the other way.

Which looked like this-

alternative new blog logo

So now I have the original logo, the left facing logo and the right facing logo to split test!

Will it actually make a difference?

Setting Up The Logo Test

Testing logo designs is really easy with split tests. I used the SES Theme Split Test plugin which is free to use.

This allows you to split test themes and then track custom variables in Google Analytics.

Duplicating The Theme

I took a copy of the original theme, changed the folder name to ‘meleft’ and swapped out the logo for the new one.

Then open up the stylesheet and change the Theme Name to meleft.

Then do exactly the same but this time for the right facing logo called ‘meright

So at this point I had 3 themes installed and the only difference between each of them was the logo.

Configuring SES Theme Split Test

This has got to be the easiest plugin in the world to use.

Just choose which themes you want to split test and hit Save Settings.

testing logo designs with SES Theme Split Test

Setting Up Google Analytics

Last but not least you need to setup the logo test in Google Analytics to track the different themes. Don’t worry this is really easy!

From your main visitor dashboard click on Advanced Segments and then New Custom Segment

Have a look at this screenshot to see how I track people using the meleft theme-

Google Analytics logo test

You need to create a new custom segment for each theme you are split testing.

It will take about 24 hours for the new data to start appearing in your analytics account once you have set everything up.

Note: You will see my segment only includes new visitors. Repeat visitors are already engaged with my brand, the trust is already built.

I wanted to measure the ‘first impression impact’ of the logo with people that have never seen the site before.

Logo Test Results

I started testing logo designs from February 8th until the 26th with a total of 5,459 unique users.

I’m just going to let Analytics do the talking here-

brand logo testing results

click the image above for a full version

To make it a bit easier to digest let’s focus on the 3 important metrics – pages per visit, average visit duration and bounce rate.

Logo Pages/Visit Visit Duration Bounce Rate
Original 2.08 00:03:43 57.82%
Left Facing 2.52 00:04:01 55.70%
Right Facing 2.67 00:04:12 54.64%

Digesting My Logo Test Results

As you can see both the professionally designed left facing and right facing logos offered better engagement all round.

However what is interesting is how the left facing and right facing logos performed differently.

They are essentially the same logo with the character facing the other way, yet one performed significantly better than the other.

This is why I love split testing :) You can settle most arguments with data!

So Was It Worth It?

For a one time investment in a logo contest & setting up a logo test, I was able to-

  • Increase pages per visit by 0.59
  • Increase time on site by 29 seconds
  • Decrease bounce rate by 3.18%

So this means that every other visitor will now browse 1 extra page than they would have before giving me extra opportunities to convert them.

This also leads us into visitors spending an extra 29 seconds on the site than they would previously!

And that decrease in bounce rate means more people are moving around my blog, sharing my content, clicking on my affiliate links and subscribing!

You can start a logo contest for just $99 but I decided to offer $130 for my contest.

So was the $130 worth it? Hell yeah it was!

All day every day while I’m working, sleeping or eating more new visitors are getting reeled in with my blog than ever before! WINNER!

And the best bit? Testing logo designs isn’t hard work, anyone can do it!