How To Use Google Analytics To Get More Traffic Today!

This tutorial will teach you how I use Google Analytics to increase traffic to the blog.

While Google Analytics is pretty robust and feature rich, it does overlook some of most basic features and reports.

The biggest one it is missing…

Is having the simple ability to get a complete list of all of the full referring URL’s that have sent you traffic.

Sure you can get a list of referring domains and then within that partial URL’s but that isn’t any good for increasing traffic!

What You Will Learn

  • How to use Google Analytics to get more traffic
  • How to create a custom profile
  • My personal ‘magic filter’
  • How I use this to grow traffic

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Today I have a fast tip to increase your website traffic using Google Analytics.

I’ll show you how to:

  • Make a custom GA report
  • Use my personal filter
  • Use this technique to get more daily traffic

What Are Our Traffic Sources?

On our main Google Analytics homepage, we can click on Traffic Sources to see where our traffic is coming from.

My referral rate is about 30% so to see what sites those are, click on Referrals under Traffic Sources.

You get a long list but no specific URL, even if you click on it. What we need to do to find out what the URLs are, is to make a custom report and apply a filter.

So how do we actually get more traffic by doing this?


As shown above, one of my referrals is from Blackhatworld so I can go back and answer any outstanding questions there may be and that’ll bump the thread the top. 

There is a referral from ProBlogger where I was featured so there may be comments there that I can respond to and bring more traffic. 

So you get the idea of how knowing which URL is bringing me traffic can further increase visits to my website.

I go through this report weekly making sure I check all the referrals.

Creating The Report

Making this report is pretty easy, it just takes a few steps!

  1. On the main GA screen, click on Admin
  2. Click on your profile
  3. Go to Profile Setting and click Copy this Profile on the bottom right corner

copy profile

Give the new profile a name and click Copy Profile. I’m going to name mine Matthew Woodward Tutorial since I already have my referral profile set up.

After that’s done, you’ll see the newly created profile in the list. Click on the new profile and then on Filters on the top.

new filter

Name the filter, tick custom filter and select Advanced.  Now we need to select the fields so for the first box of field A, select Referral. In the second box, type (.*)

Field B is left blank and select User Defined for the Output to and enter $A1 for Constructor.


Make sure Field A is ticked Yes, Field B is ticked No, Override Output Field is ticked Yes and Case Sensitive is ticked No.

And that’s it!

We just created our own custom report so we can see where all our referrals are coming from. It will begin in 24 hours so if you check it right away, you’ll see zero for all your numbers.

One more step we need to do is to create an advanced segment to filter through some of the junk like Google or Facebook.

  1. Click Advanced Segments
  2. Click New Custom Segment
  3. Choose Add “And” Statement
  4. Select User Defined Value, Excluse, Containing and then enter the website you want to exclude including the www.

google facebook

Wrapping It Up

So that’s how you set up a report to see your referrals and drive more traffic to your website.

Just visit each of the referring URL’s and see if there is an opportunity for more traffic.

Learn how to start a blog that people notice in 7 days

  • If it’s a forum post – bump it
  • If it’s a review from a website – contact them

…you get the idea.

It only takes 10-15 minutes to do each week but will bring you great rewards over time!

Do you have any other awesome tips like this? Let us know in the comments below!