10 Strategies To Increase Website Traffic In Under 30 Minutes

Trying to increase website traffic is a marathon, not a sprint.

 But sometimes you just need a quick traffic boost right?
That little bit of growth that’s going to take you from this level, to the next which is really helpful when you are figuring out how to start a blog.

So I’m going to teach you 10 quick-hit methods that will increase website traffic in 30 minutes or less.

What You Will Learn

  • 10 simple strategies to increase website traffic
  • How to get 3x more traffic from Twitter in under 10 minutes
  • A simple way to get more Reddit traffic in 5 minutes a day
  • The real limit of how often you can share your content
  • Why you should repurpose all your content, right now

And many, many more…

#1: Contact 10 People To Guest Blog For You

As a Freelance Blogger, I get emails like this all the time:

blogger email request

Because clever Bloggers know that having guest authors is great for traffic.


Well here’s just a few of the benefits:

  • You save time: Because you don’t have to write the content.
  • You can change your focus: To outreach, distribution or writing evergreen content.
  • You connect with a new tribe: Guest posters share their work. That means more eyes on your site. That means more people in your funnel. That means a better result for you.
  • More authority: Your brand grows, because bad sites don’t have guest authors. (Or, so they believe).

Nichehacks managed to grow their traffic month on month by hiring guest posters.

In fact, Stuart rarely creates any content for himself anymore. It’s usually written by talented Guest writes (or his awesome writing team).

So, how do you get these guest bloggers on your site?

Step 1 – Finding Guest Bloggers To Contact

The best place to look for this is on your competitor’s sites.

Take a look at the top sites in your niche and scroll through their content.

Click on the articles that appeal to you and take a look to see who wrote them.

Be careful skim reading the blog page for author names though. Because some site owners will display their name as the post author:

increase website traffic with Reddit

But inside you’ll find it’s a guest post:

guest post screenshot

So be sure to click the content and do your research into who actually wrote it.

Once you come across a guest blogger, add their name and contact details to an excel Spreadsheet.

In reality, this should take you no more than 15 minutes max. Because you don’t have to read their content.

Also look at the impact it’s had:

  • Social Shares
  • Comments
  • Backlinks

And make your decision from that data.

Then spend the next 15 minutes getting in touch with them.

Step 2 – Contacting A Blogger (And Cheat E-mail)

Getting a blogger to write for you (especially for free) is all about how you frame it.

Tell them you’re doing it to get traffic for yourself and they’ll pass.

Frame it as an opportunity to grow their own site. Their client base. Or, their portfolio.

But instead of telling you how to do that, I’m going to do it for you. Because I’m just a swell guy.

Here’s a customizable email template you can copy and paste to any Blogger:

Now all you have to do is sit back and wait for the responses! Then, that lovely spike in traffic when you get them online.

#2: Set A Schedule To Tweet Your Post Six Times

Most bloggers take this view of sharing their own content:

Share it on the day it’s posted. Share it again a few days later. Leave it at that.

And be honest, you’re guilty of it. Because it feels like if you do any more, you’re over sharing your content.

But the research says that’s wrong.

Wisemetrics looked at how frequency affects the impact of a tweet:

Repeat tweet performance

Your second tweet has 86% of the performance your first tweet does. And, even on your sixth tweet of the same content, it still has 67%.

That’s because less than 14% of your followers will ever actually see it twice.

Your tweet only has a half-life of 24 minutes max. So unless someone is glued to Twitter, it’s rare they’ll see it again.

 Which means it’s time for you to cash in on that knowledge and boost your traffic.
With tools like CoSchedule and Hootsuite, you don’t have to do this the manual way either.

Bulk upload your tweets, and set them to release at specific times throughout the day or week. Add a striking image for best results.

#3: Increase Website Traffic With A Long Tail Clean Up

It’s every blog owners dream to be able to rank for keywords like:

  • Credit cards
  • Car parts
  • Home insurance

Or whatever the shortest keywords in your niche are. But, these are the most competitive keywords to fight for. And it’s not a battle you’re going to win.

Why not spend 30 minutes tweaking a few of your blog posts to rank for long tail keywords instead?

Neil Patel wrote about how 90% of QuickSprout’s traffic comes from long tail keywords.

And most of yours will do to.

Hit some long-tail research in Keyword Planner. Then see what best fits the content you’ve already got.

Learn how to start a blog that people notice in 7 days

If you need any help with this you can watch Matthew’s mini video series to uncover every easy to rank for keyword in your niche easily.

Once you’ve done that, update your content to feature these less competitive, more accessible keywords.

Do this a couple of times to a couple of different pages, you’ll start to see a noticeable spike in your traffic.

#4: Spend 5 Minutes Boosting Your Reddit Karma

Using Reddit is one of my favorite growth hacking techniques.

But Redditor’s are a real pain.

And, they hate spam.

Well, more to the point, they don’t like people coming onto their patch, promoting their own work. If you’ve ever posted to Reddit you already knew that.

What you didn’t know is that getting Redditor’s on your side isn’t hard at all.

 You just need to become one of them.
And that’s easy to do, in less than 5 minutes a day, once you know how.

What The Hell Is Karma?

Karma is what you get when you post useful links, or comments, that add value to the subreddit.

And it shows up on your profile, like right here:

Reddit Karma

The more Karma you have, the more people will trust your links.

The more people who trust your links, the more people will click them.


The Quick Guide To Building Karma

Now I’m going to be super honest here. I didn’t create this method.

I learned it from Ryan Stewarts guest post here and on Robbie Richards blog. Ryan was able to get 1691 visits in less than a month.

Now I’m not going to go into painstaking detail here, because you’re after quick traffic. So I’m going to give you a quick answer.

So here’s how to do it in a few steps:

  • Step #1 – Create A New Account: Unless you already have a good rep with your Reddit account, create a new one.
  • Step #2 – Find Your Subreddits: Find a few popular Subreddits you’re interested in and bookmark them.
  • Step #3 – Find Valuable Links: This could be image links from Imgur, or content that’s not yours. But they should all add value to an end reader. (Also, the newer the link, the better).
  • Step #4 – Share Them With Redditors: Use attractive, but honest, titles to attract attention. This isn’t the place for click-bait.
  • Step #5 – Wash, Rinse and Repeat: If you do this for five minutes a day for six days you’ll have maxed out your 30 minutes & have a couple of hundred Karma points to show for it.

Do this every week for the next month and watch your Karma grow.

In fact, it’ll be so high, you’ll never have to worry about being well received again.

#5: Add Images To Your Blog Posts

Visual content is fast becoming the most powerful tool you can use.

 Not only is it processed 60,000x quicker than written information. Your reader also remembers 80% more of it.
But on a traffic level, it’s an essential tool for you to use.

Even if your images don’t mean anything they can give you a huge boost in shares and page views. That is, as long as they’re relevant to your content.

Research from BuzzSumo found that blog posts with:

  • An image every 75-100 words had double the twitter shares of posts with less images
  • At least 30 more than those with more images

Use images in blog posts

Take advantage of this in posts you already have, or make a commit to adding them to your upcoming posts. It’ll never take you more than 30 minutes to do.

This tip is so powerful that in February this year Matthew created 237 brand new featured images for every post on the blog

But if you’re not a graphic designer, where do you start with images?

My best recommendation would be Weekly Snaps.

Sign up for free, and you get 20 royalty free images into your inbox every week. That means you don’t need to give credit for them, and you can edit them in any way you choose.

And they’re super-high quality:


You can then take those images and load them into the 100% free editing tool Canva to make some great graphics for your blog.

It’s the same tool that Matthew uses!

#6: Repurpose An Old Piece Of Content

Buffer recently ran an experiment where they posted no new content for a month.

All they did was repurpose and share their old content.

They added new graphics. Spruced things up here and there. And carried on like nothing had changed.

All they lost was 4% traffic.

In a month. Where everything was repeats and reruns.

Not a bad result, huh?

But you’re not looking to lose any percentage of traffic. You’re looking to grow it. So, what’s my point?

It’s this:

Your audience doesn’t care as long as they feel they’re getting quality content.

It doesn’t matter if it’s brand new or a rehashed old piece of content. If they feel they’re getting value, they’re going to be happy.

So why not try repurposing a piece of your old content and sharing it with them in a new light? Perhaps you can use my awesome website content or listicle tips for some serious upgrades.

Your audience is bigger and more engaged than when you first wrote it. Chances are its reach will be further.

You could:

  • Record it as a 20 minute podcast episode and reach a new audience
  • Create a short SlideShare of the key points
  • Make a juicy-list post of all your evergreen content and it’s key points
  • Update an entire post and explain your new findings
  • Turn it into a quick, five minute video

The possibilities are endless.

The more unique you make it, the more traffic it’s going to drive.

You could even go as far to ask your audience new ways they’d like to see your content, and then repurpose it that way.

Or you could take the lazy option like Matthew has on SlideShare by syndicating PDF versions of his posts-

repurpose content on slideshare

It’s not really the best method, but the proof is in the pudding.

#7: Add Large Twitter Card Code To Your Blog Posts For 3x More Engagement

Here’s a little known fact:

You can change the type of card you share with on Twitter.

And when you do the results are awesome. Because, as BuzzSumo’s research also showed, Large Twitter cards get three times more engagement.

Add Twitter cards

That’s a lot of engagement.

If you’re not sure what a large Twitter card is, it’s one of those tweets that looks like this:

Large twitter card summary

And all it takes is a little bit of change to the coding of your blog post. And, trust me, it’s easy. If I can do it, so could a well-trained chimp.

Matthew actually uses Social SEO Pro to achieve this and much more by improving his social performance on every network, not just Twitter.

But if you don’t want to use a premium plugin you can do it for free with Yoast SEO.

Step #1 – Adding The Meta Data

If you already have the Yoast SEO Wordpress plugin installed just go to SEO > Social > Twitter

Add meta data

Just copy the settings from the screenshot above and hit Save Changes.

That is all there is to it!

Now just take any link to any blog post and manually put it in to Twitter. Share it and watch the traffic come rolling in.

#8: Tweet 20 Influencers About Your Latest Article

I don’t believe you should beg for traffic.

I’ve also never seen asking Influencers to read or share your article to be begging.

If you think your content is valuable enough to help people you should be telling everyone about it. After all, it’s important to fight for your ideas.

This is a nice, quick way to get a boost of traffic. Because it works in two ways:

  • Sharing: Influencer sees your post. Reads it. Likes it. Shares it with their audience.
  • Accidental exposure: People follow Hashtags, or an influencer, and they see the post anyway. Either through ‘discover’, or TweetDeck or wherever they’re looking.

So it pays to get your post out there to influencers. Because that’s partly the way posts go viral. If you’re looking for great backlinks this is a great way to start a relationship too.

You can definitely send your post to 20 influences in half an hour.

Get out there, say “Hi!”, tell them about your content, leave. It’s that simple!

#9: Speed Up Your Page

Website speed is an important factor in Google’s algorithms, your conversion rate and how much money you make.

If your site is slow, you’re going to rank lower. That’s just a fact nowadays.

Plus, if your site is slow to load, readers are going to bounce. And if they’re not reading your content or enjoying your site, they aren’t talking about you.

And if they’re not talking about you…you lose.

This is one of the simplest ways to boost your traffic with zero marketing. If you have your SEO in place, and some solid content behind you, you can’t lose now.

So how do you speed your site up?

That’s down to your site, I’m afraid. I can’t be specific. But if you’re running Wordpress checkout my WP Rocket review which did wonders for my sites speed and is what is powering the blog.

Otherwise you can look at Google Page Speed Insights.

Search your site:

pagespeed insights

It’ll tell you exactly where you’re going wrong on desktop and mobile. And, what you can do to fix it:

desktop performance

As a rule of thumb, you want to be anywhere above 85/100, because there are some factors you can’t control. At least not in 30 minutes.

Even if you just fix one of these in 30 minutes a week, in a month your site will be flying – and ranking higher.

#10: Write A New Headline For An Old Post

Canva’s design school has a solid content strategy.

They know their users inside out, and they create great content for them. And, they get a lot of social shares.

But what I want to talk about is their first viral hit. Or, more to the point, how it happened.

The first time they ran this post on walking it flopped. The headline read, “Why Steve Jobs Took Long Walks, And Why You Should Too”. Nobody shared it.

Fast forward a few weeks and they launched it again with a new headline.

“Why Everyone From Beethoven, Goethe, Dickens, Darwin To Steve Jobs Took Long Walks and Why You Should Too”.

The post took off.

In fact, at the time of writing, it’s got over 85,000 shares.

Not a bad result for changing a few words of copy, eh?

They’re not the only people to do this either. Take a scroll through some of your favourite Facebook Pages or Twitter Timelines. You’ll see for yourself.

People update and share the same posts, under new headlines, to attract different people.

Now I know you have a few posts on your blog that you think, “Man, these should have done so much better” about.

Take them and retitle them. Give them a new, sexy, wonderful headline that’s going to grab lots of attention.

Even give it two or three and share it on different platforms.

This little test wont just get you more traffic now, either. It’ll carry on well into the future. Because you’ll get a better idea of the types of headline your audience likes to click as well.

Matthew uses this free plugin to split test titles on every single post on the blog-

title experiments

As you can see this makes quite a difference, especially when you consider he is split testing every single post title across the blog – it all adds up.

Wrapping It Up

Cool, so you’ve got your 10 strategies to increase website traffic in 30 minutes or less.

Let’s do a quick recap, you can:

  • Contact 10 people about Guest Blogging for you
  • Create a social media schedule to post your articles up to six times
  • Edit and Update your SEO with long tail keywords
  • Spend 5 minutes boosting your Reddit Karma
  • Add images to your old (and upcoming) blog posts
  • Repurpose an old piece of content
  • Add large twitter card code to your next post
  • Tweet 20 influencers about your latest article
  • Speed up your page
  • Write (and share) a new headline for an old post

The only question that remains is…

 Which one are you going to choose to increase website traffic first?
Let me know your results in the comments…

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    That said, once you establish yourself, it becomes a great way to get instant traffic. Although traffic from Reddit doesn’t seem to stick around for long. But the good thing is that they tend to share stuff they like on other social media sites.

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    For #4 having karma is great, but it’s also important to not break Reddit’s 10% spamming rule. Basically if more than 10% of your posts are of your own content then you can be considered a spammer and banned. Just something to be aware of.


    • Matthew Woodward
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    Like I said all the strategies are good. One step at a time

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      Just don’t forget to take action :)

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      No reason you can’t apply any traffic strategy you find to that niche

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    Thanks a ton bud. Love your site, you’re a true leader in the IM world :)

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    Harsh J. Das

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      Thanks for the extra tips :)

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      Yeah it can be a tricky community at times!

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