Practical YouTube Marketing Part 3 – YouTube SEO & Search Ranking

Welcome to part 3 of my YouTube marketing tutorial series.

This time we are going to take a look at…

 YouTube SEO and how to improve your YouTube ranking in search engine results with link building & social signals.
In the first part of the YouTube marketing guide you learnt how to setup your channel properly and optimise your videos for maximum impact with calls to action.

In the second part of the series you learned along with how to rank a video on YouTube itself.

Now we are going to look at how to leverage all of that to get our videos ranked in Google!

What You Will Learn

  • All of my YouTube SEO best practices
  • How to rank YouTube videos in Google
  • How to build links to them
  • The different types of links you need
  • How to drip feed social signals to your videos
  • How to monitor the rankings of your YouTube videos

The combination of an optimised video, with views, YouTube engagement metrics, backlinks and social signals is irresistible to Google.

An Introduction To YouTube SEO

One of the biggest benefits to Youtube search engine ranking is the fact you don’t have to be as careful as you would when ranking a normal site.

With YouTube ranking in Google, in essence all we are doing is ranking an internal page from one of the most authoritative domains (YouTube) on the web.

This gives us a huge head start and makes ranking YouTube videos a lot easier than ranking any other type of web property.

We can also be a lot more aggressive with our link building and take bigger risks as it is much harder to get a YouTube video penalised in Google’s results.

This is why I love YouTube SEO because it’s easy to leverage into a long term Youtube ranking.

YouTube Ranking In Google

So on the basis you have video views – you can begin try YouTube ranking in Google.

The YouTube video(s) you are trying to rank should meet the following criteria-

  1. Title, description & tags optimised for target term(s)
  2. Uploaded a transcript
  3. The video has long retention views
  4. The video has YouTube engagement metrics such as comments/likes

If you are not at that stage yet go back and other metrics.

If you are at that stage – you are ready to start your YouTube SEO journey & trying to rank your video in Googles search results.

The combination of an optimised video, with views, YouTube engagement metrics, backlinks and social signals is irresistible to Google and has a huge influence on your YouTube ranking as well.

The last 2 pieces of the puzzle lie in link building & social signals.

YouTube SEO Link Building

There are a few different ways you can go about building links to your videos to improve your YouTube search engine ranking.

One of the YouTube SEO best practices I stick to is the fact that you want to try and create contextual links surrounded by relevant content from a range of sources.

You want authoritative links coming from high page rank domains as well as a mix of lower quality links to create a diverse link profile.

Private blog networks combined with good quality social bookmarks, wiki’s and blog comments are great.

You can also embed your videos in articles and get links that way. For example if you created a blogspot site and embedded the video in a relevant article, that would count as a video embed link.

Don’t just blast your video with lots of links at once – if you drip feed them over time at a steady rate you will see your YouTube ranking explode.

Link Emperor

Link Emperor is a great service to use to build links to your videos for a number of reasons.

First of all it is a very hands off system. Just pick what types of links you want, load it up with content and let it do its thing.

You can get a nice mix of links here and you should mostly be looking for private network blog posts & public blog/article posts to get the most out of YouTube SEO.

However you should also add a bit of diversification with social bookmarks, wikis and blog comments.

If you haven’t used Link Emperor before you can get $50 worth of links for just $7.

Check out my full Link Emperor tutorial.

Ultimate Demon

If you own a tool like Ultimate Demon you can easily use this to build links to increase your YouTube ranking. You can build traditional anchor text links as well as embedded video links.

My advanced The Best Spinner review will teach you how to prepare content that includes the embedding of your video at random.

You can then use Ultimate Demon to build a range of other links like social bookmarks, wikis and so on.

Although I would recommend supplementing that with some private blog network links (more on that below).

Watch my detailed Ultimate Demon tutorial for more information.

GSA Search Engine Ranker

You can also use GSA Search Engine Ranker to build links to your YouTube videos. Just like Ultimate Demon you can also use it to build video embed links if you spin your content properly with The Best Spinner.

Again you should be aiming to get as many links as possible surround by relevant content/articles that is supplemented with links like blog comments & social bookmarks etc.

Like Ultimate Demon though, you still lack the power of private blog network links.

Take a look at my GSA Search Engine Ranker tutorial to learn how to use it properly.

Private Blog Networks

A link from a private blog network is by definition the most powerful type of link you can get. A link from an authoritative domain surrounded by relevant content.

Google are always cracking down on blog networks and people are often scared to use them but don’t underestimate the power of them. We have much less risk when trying to rank YouTube videos anyway.

There are a few places you can get private blog network links from-

  • Link Emperor – I mentioned them above but they allow you to order private blog network links from a range of providers easily.
  • SE Slingshot – Jacob has been around for longer than I can remember and knows his stuff serving nearly 8,000 customers.
  • BlackHatWorld – There are a number of service providers to choose from. Use your head and check the latest feedback from others before buying.
  • TrafficPlanet – They also have their own marketing place of providers. Just be sure to check out the latest feedback.

YouTube Social Signals

Just like when trying to rank a website, social signals are starting to play a much bigger role in the ranking of your video in Google and also factors into the YouTube ranking algorithm.

As you drip feed links steadily to your video you will also want to drip feed social signals at the same time to leverage your YouTube search engine ranking further.

Luckily this is really easy to do and you can just order these from a number of providers. Make sure the signals get drip fed at a steady rate over time from a reputable seller.

Social signal providers tend to come and go so you might have to shop around, but here are a few places to get you started-

  • Drip Revolution– They have a 7 day trial available and I’ve seen nothing but glowing feedback for them. Not the cheapest but certainly reliable.
  • BlackHatWorld – The social media marketplace has a number of providers. Check feedback from other users before buying!
  • Fiverr – There a range of gigs for social signals on Fiverr. Just be warned, you get what you pay for so be careful.

You should be looking to get a steady stream of Google +1s, Tweets & Facebook likes for your videos.

Double check that when you’re buying, it is easy to get confused and end up buying Twitter followers or Facebook fans.

Be sure you are buying social signals for your video as if someone click on the +1, Tweet or Like button on the YouTube video page itself.

Want to learn about the negative effects of social media? Check out our social media addiction statistics.

Tracking Your YouTube Search Engine Ranking

Once you have taken care of links and social signals all that is left to do is track the rankings of your YouTube video in the SERPS.

Rank Tracker

In general I tend to avoid cloud based rank tracking solutions because I had a problem with a company a couple of years ago where I lost all of my historical ranking data.

Since then I have used RankTracker to track all of my rankings. It is a desktop piece of software and the data is stored locally on your machine.

Rank Tracker monitors YouTube SEO rankings

However that is overkill for most people. It isn’t exactly cheap, you need your own private proxies and a computer that is on 24/7 unless you want to manually check rankings every day.


Although SERPBook is cloud based it is much cheaper and far easier to use. Just make sure you set it up to email you reports automatically just in case they ever suffer a data loss problem.

When you add a keyword to track in SERPBook make sure you tick the ‘Exact’ box-

serpbook youtube ranking software

Once you have done that SERPBook will automatically track your rankings for you across Google, Yahoo & Bing every day.

serpbook youtube search engine ranking

It has a bunch of other features like pretty graphs, customisable reports and so on.

Wrapping It Up

Remember – the combination of an optimised video, with views, YouTube engagement metrics, backlinks and social signals is irresistible to Google.

If you get that right, you will see your YouTube search engine ranking in Google go through the roof which will bring you lots of new video views and channel subscribers.

Honestly, with this YouTube SEO tutorial you have everything you need to get started with YouTube marketing.

Now you know how to get subscribers, build links & get social signals.

You are armed with everything you need to know to create and rank YouTube videos step by step – so what are you waiting for? Increase your YouTube ranking now.

And if you want to include other social media in your marketing strategy, please, check out our Facebook, Snapchat and Kik‘s posts.