Practical YouTube Marketing Part 2 – Get YouTube Subscribers

Welcome to part 2 of my YouTube marketing series.

We are going to look at  how to get youtube subscribers & how to get youtube views.

In the first part of the we learnt how to setup our channel properly and optimise our videos for maximum impact with calls to action.

If you haven’t done that yet be sure to check it out first before moving on.

Today though I’m going to show you how to get youtube views & how to get youtube subscribers easily.

Getting Started

Having an awesome channel with awesome videos is no good if…

No one is actually watching your videos.

There are a number of ways you can get your channel off the ground, getting the first views & subscribers is always the hardest.

But if you put the time in to things will snowball quickly.

How Does YouTube Rank Videos?

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in existence. It drives over 3 billion searches a month.

That is a huge amount of traffic and understanding the YouTube ranking algorithm is key to grabbing as much traffic from YouTube as possible.

There are 5 main factors that contribute to how well a video ranks on YouTube

  1. On page: Video title, description, tags etc
  2. Retention: Total time watched / average view duration
  3. Engagement: Likes, comments, ratings, social shares etc
  4. Channel authority: Is it an established channel, lots of videos/videos etc
  5. Number of views: How many views a video has

I have listed those in order of priority based on my own experience with ranking YouTube videos.

We have already taken care of the on page issues in the of this series.

The retention metrics carry a huge weight in the overall algorithm. It is important people stick around to watch the video and YouTube can measure that.

Check out the statistics of my most watched videos the past month to get a feeling of what an ‘average % watched’ should be-

youtube retention

Next we need to ensure our videos are getting likes, comments, ratings, social shares etc which will happen naturally as we drive people to view our videos.

Channel authority comes in time and the number of views is no way near as important as it used to be.

It’s better to have 100 views that watched 75% of the video than 1,000 views that watched 5% of the video.

A note on views, it seems that it is very easy to fake your way to 301 views just by refreshing your page.

This seems to be an anti-spam method YouTube builds in, so if you get stuck at 301 views you need to change tact. We’ll look at how in detail shortly :)

So now you understand how the YouTube algorithm works, let’s take a look at how we can easily optimise for it.

How To Get YouTube Views & How To Get YouTube Subscribers

There are lots of ways for you to get views & subscribers to your videos.

I’m going to start with some of the more basic organic free methods and then we’ll gradually step things up as we move into how I automate it safely.

The Basics – Entry Level

Let’s start off with the very basics. The things that anyone can do and don’t cost a penny!

If this is too basic for you please skip ahead for some more advanced methods!

YouTube Video/Channel Comments

One of the easiest way to get some attention to get Youtube subscribers is just by finding related videos/channels and commenting on them.

Get YouTube subscribers with comments

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book but it is effective. What it will also do is create an internal dofollow link right back to your channel.

This actually helps to increase the overall authority of your channel and will pass page rank to it as well.

Not the most glamorous way to do things, but it offers a couple of benefits!

Sending Messages On YouTube

You can also send direct messages to other users on YouTube easily.

This is the quickest way to do it-

  1. Create a template message inviting people to check out your channel
  2. Find a related video with lots of comments on it
  3. Open each commenters user profile in a new tab
  4. Navigate to the about section of each user profile
  5. Click on Send Message
  6. Paste in your template & optionally attach a video

You’ll be surprised just how effective that can be and you can easily get the attention of enough people to deliver those initial views & subscribes.

Publish Videos On Your Site

If you have an active blog or website you can simply embed the video on a page on your site. This is exactly what I do with the blog.

Any views via the embed will also count towards your overall view and retention metrics.

The only drawback with embedding videos on your site is it’s very hard to convert viewers into YouTube likes/comments.

But instead you can place social share buttons underneath that drive Facebook, Google+ and Twitter social signals directly to your video URL.

As a bonus tip you can transcribe your video. This extra text will help search engines understand your video and rank for a range of longtail terms. I use these guys for all my transcriptions.

Add A Subscribe Button

You can also add a button to your website that allows people to subscribe to your channel in one click.

It looks like this-

You can create your own here.

Alternatively you can just link to your channel like I do with the YouTube icon at the top of the sidebar.

Share On Your Social Networks

Sharing your videos on your social network accounts will help give the video it’s first set of social signals.

Personally I use the free Buffer service that makes sharing to all of your networks easy.

how to get youtube views on Facebook

As you can see a lot of social networks allow users to watch the videos without even leaving the site making for some easy views!

Don’t be scared to share your video more than once either – Buffer takes care of the scheduling for you.

YouTube View Exchanges

There are a number of services that you can use to trade YouTube views with other people.

Typically how these work is you earn credits watching other peoples videos, then you spend those credits in exchange for views/likes/comments from other users looking to earn credits.

It does take some time to do but it is 100% free – and you can opt to buy some credits to get a head start.

Here are a view services to get you started-

Do not buy any YouTube views until you have read the dedicated section about it below.

Intermediate – Stepping Your Game Up

So now we have the basics covered let’s look at some of the other ways we can drive new YouTube views & subscribers.

You can actually build these out into part of a wider promotion strategy for any piece of content on your site.

Forums / Social Networks / Q&A Sites

One of my favourite tactics to promote ANYTHING on the web is to reach out to people and engage with them directly.

This blogs entire promotion strategy is built on that concept and you can learn how to do it here.

That is one of the least popular tutorials on the blog but that is the exact strategy I used to grow this site to a 6 figure blog.

You can use the same methods to promote your YouTube video!

Along with views and YouTube engagement metrics, this will also build relevant backlinks to your video to help it rank in both YouTube & Google’s search engines.

Setup Engagement Opportunity Alerts

Once you have engaged people with your content you can setup a range of alerts to automatically notify you of new engagement opportunities.

Learn how to do this with my personal Google Alerts set up (this actually won an award) and then how you can leverage that tutorial with TalkWalker Alerts.

Once you have setup related alerts for each video you will instantly get notified of new engagement opportunities.

This is another great way to drive views, engagement metrics and backlinks at no cost!

Free Advertising Credits

If you have ever bought a shared hosting account from someone like A2Hosting its likely you have free advertising credit to spend (see my A2 Hosting review).

The offers change but you can usually bag yourself upto $100 of free advertising credits across a range of services like Adwords, Bing & Facebook.

You can use these credits to drive people to your videos easily.

Using the Adwords credits for example you can take advantage of the many opportunities to advertise and promote your video on YouTube directly.

Who doesn’t like free advertising right?

Advanced – YouTube Marketing Pro

If all of that sounds like to much hard work, then your going to love these advanced tactics.

This is how I grow views and subscribers to my own YouTube channels and videos.

Tube Toolbox

Tube Toolbox (free trial) is a desktop based piece of software that you can use to automate a lot of your YouTube marketing.

Don’t be scared by the automation element though as the tool use’s YouTube’s API and respects the defined limits to keep your account safe.

I have created a quick overview showing you how I set it up & use it-

Download a free trial of Tube Toolbox and try it out for yourself!

The full version costs a one-time $19.95 activation fee and then just $9.95 a month.

Tube Assist

tube assistTube Assist is a web based tool that is made by the same guys that make Tube Toolbox. It pretty much does the same thing, just in the cloud.

Again Tube Assist takes a safe approach to automation by respecting YouTube’s API limits if you are wondering if it works.

Take a look at how quick & easy it is to setup Tube Assist campaigns-

You can create a free account to take a look around but you can’t actually run any campaigns.

The full version of Tube Assist only costs $19 a month though which is great value for money!

Buying YouTube Views/Engagement Signals

Another option you have is to use one of the many providers that will sell you YouTube views/likes/comments.

However this introduces quite a lot of risk and you may end up getting your videos and account deleted.

As with anything blackhat there is a stupid way to go about it and a smart way. If you are going to buy YouTube metrics then please make sure you know exactly what you are getting.

Here is what you need to look out for-

  1. You only want high retention views that actually watch the video
  2. You want the views to be drip fed over a period of time
  3. Try to get traffic from country’s like the USA/UK
  4. Ask if they can set a referrer – ideally from a social media site
  5. Do not buy YouTube views that are generated from mobile traffic
  6. Never buy YouTube views if your video uses the YouTube monetisation system

As long as you stick to those rules you can minimise a lot of the risk when buying YouTube views etc.

There are a few places you can buy Youtube views & other metrics-

I haven’t tried any of those services personally so use your own due diligence and stick to my guidelines.

The BHW social media marketplace also has a huge range of people selling YouTube packages. You can ask the sellers questions directly in the thread and read precisely how other users have fared.

Let’s not forget Fiverr – just do a search for YouTube retention and see whats currently on offer.

Whatever avenue you choose – please take extra special care if you buy YouTube views or other metrics!

Sneaky Quick Ranking Trick

You can actually get your video ranked on the first page for any low-medium competition terms very easily.

The effect is only temporary but it is usually enough for you to grab some organic engagement & traffic.

How It Works

  • Upload your video and set it to unlisted
  • Boost videos views to at least 301
  • Make sure you get a few comments & likes
  • After 24 hours set the video to public
  • Check back and your video will be on the first page for your target term

The reason this works is because the YouTube algorithm gives weight to ‘fresh content’ and we are essentially feeding it fresh content alongside all of the quality signals it expects to see at the same time when you flick the video public.

It will lose its position over time if it doesn’t continue to get views & new engagement metrics but you can help hold the position with light sprinkles of social signals.

Don’t go overboard with them, just find a Fiverr gig that drops 30-60 social signals from Facebook, Twitter & Google+ over a few days.

It isn’t an exact science but it does work most of the time.

Want to learn more about the negative effects of social media? Check out our social media addiction statistics.

Wrapping It Up

So there you have it – now you know exactly how to get YouTube views and how to get YouTube subscribers for your channel.

As you work on increasing YouTube metrics they will gain more respect in the ranking algorithm.

In no time at all your videos will get YouTube subscribers organically from appearing in search results, related videos and so on.

In part 1 of the we looked at how to optimize your channel & videos.

The final part of the series will look at YouTube SEO, YouTube ranking and search engine rankings in Google.

And if you want to include other social media in your marketing strategy, please, check out our Facebook, Snapchat, Kik and Zoom‘s posts.

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    fyi – You really do a fantastic job. One of the few places that has massive great content with details on usage. You earn the affiliate $ you get. I will be getting BuzzBundle sometime soon and will be sure to clear my cookies and log in to Buzz from a link in your site when I do.
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      1) I don’t monetise via YouTube sorry

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    • Matthew Woodward
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      1) I don’t monetise via YouTube sorry

      2) Just be smart about it, build them slowly and drip feed them

      3) That will just come from building your authority over time, most of mine come via this blog

      4) Focus on promotion in relevant communitys


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      While logic dictates that to be true, what adding monetisation to your videos does is flag you up for a closer look.

      As a lot of people are abusing the system, this is the first step to account termination. Much better to push people through a link in description/annotation and keep below radar.

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      Create videos that solve problems in your niche

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    The trick that you showed for ranking YouTube videos works well when you push your video up to 10,000 views and build high quality backlinks to it even before flipping it from unlisted to public. At our SEO agency, we call this technique: “Releasing the Monster from the Jar!” – Extremely effective especially when you have a high quality video that gets real subscribers and viewers.

    We’ll be tuned for your future updates!

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      Certainly helps take the hard work out of things!

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      Let me know if you have any questions!

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        I would be delighted if you could have a look at my landing page and explainer video at http://galilea3.com and let me know what you think I could do to optimise things. Thanks for asking.

        • Matthew Woodward
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          Watched the first 30 seconds, had no idea what it was about.

          I needed to know in the first 10.

          • Churchill Madyavanhu
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            Thanks a lot for the feedback. Will keep tweaking.

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          If I understand your site correctly and it is a cheap version of Fiverr and fourer what’s unique about you other than the price ? how do you plan to attract vendors when they will only make $2 per gig if you intent to take the standard $1 auctioneer fee ?

          A major thing I picked up on is the video flat out lies to viewers, it says something about being the only site to let you buy and sell from your arm chair……in this day and age who doesn’t know about eBay and Amazon. It looks like the clients you are trying to attrack will already be aware of sites like Fiverr and fourer too so know its a lie and perhaps a dodgy site to avoid.

          Also it seems when the video says your site is truly international it displays the Union Jack in South America instead of the UK and the French flag in North Africa ? I may have it wrong as it’s late and I watched it on an iPad but if I’m right that makes no sence to me unless I’m missing the point ?

          Lastly I fell pre-registration for this type of site is a waste of time, especially when people don’t know what the site is about or the services vendors will sell on it. If I wasn’t on it to offer methods of improvement I would have hit the back button and clicked the next result in google the second I saw the coming soon message.

          On the plus side the site does seem responsive, even today after fully responsive sites are becoming the norm I notice a lot of new sites that arnt.

          If I understand the point of the site and you really want to move forward with it I would focus on a way to attract vendors and keep them. A vendor should be able to list his service and leave it alone while only having to return when he gets an email saying he has made a sale. Focusing on attracting buyers right now is a waste in my oppinion as unlike a vendor who can set and forget, a buyer goes to the site, sees nothing’s there and goes to your Competators and stays with them.

          In my oppinion that video needs redoing completely, the name isn’t very catchy either.

          • Matthew Woodward
            January 30th, 2014 at 11:29 am

            Detailed feedback and I agree. To be honest if this is just a $3 version of Fiverr its not likely to see success financially.

          • Churchill Madyavanhu
            January 30th, 2014 at 5:24 pm

            I have been to many places seeking feedback. I don’t recall getting anything as detailed as this. Thanks for the feedback. We are actually making some changes to the whole project, but it’s a little too late to change the video, though I agree with most of the points you mentioned. We definitely won’t be launching with an empty platform. The main purpose of the landing page is to get feedback and find out what exactly is missing on the micro-jobs market. We have our own assumptions, but we need more information from real buyers and sellers of services.

            Where we are based, Galilea3 is quite a catchy name. I am sure it will sound different in all seven languages that we will be working with though. We will probably find out soon. As for the flags, the idea was not to show where the languages are spoken, but just to display the multilingual nature of the platform.

            We are quite happy with the pre-launch registrations that we are getting, but we are still working on validating if those who are registering are part of our target user or they are just curious people who are not very sure of what we are trying to do. Thanks again for the feedback.

          • Matthew Woodward
            January 30th, 2014 at 7:50 pm

            I always liked how microworkers.com worked as a foundation – but the actual site/execution sucks :)

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      No worrys hope it helps you out!

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    That tip about the unlisted was interested. Wondering how you found out about this? I will have to give it a try to see if traffic sticks.


    • Matthew Woodward
      January 23rd, 2014 at 9:38 pm

      Its a fairly well known secret trick ^^

  34. boylamn

    Awesome guide Matt, I want to ask if i can rank a video just by doing backlinks to the video url Without the need to Views

    • Matthew Woodward
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      On Google or YouTube?

      • boylamn
        January 24th, 2014 at 11:20 am

        On youtube
        In other words, do you think that backlinks influence the ranking of the video in youtube

        • Matthew Woodward
          January 30th, 2014 at 11:31 am

          I haven’t found it to be a major factor

  35. Bill

    Hey Matt, I was wondering what your thoughts were about all the crap going on with YouTube lately. First they started making it so that if you use anyone’s music or clips, or even software in your video, even if you are doing a training guide, you get 0 ad revenue and the person or company that owns whatever was in your video, even if its only a few seconds of air time, and 95% of your video is talking about that.

    The next thing is, it appears that YouTube has started going after black hat based videos. I cannot say exactly how wide of a net they’ve cast, but I had 4 of my GSA videos flagged and removed, and I’ve heard of other channels losing their GSA videos and some even having their channel closed.

    I realize that your information was on youtube in general, and as usual it looks fantastic, and I have to go and read the first part. I am interested to hear your thoughts on the changes and how you think it might effect SEO videos in the future. PS when I appealed my 4 videos, they were all rejected.


    • Matthew Woodward
      January 23rd, 2014 at 10:29 pm


      I assume your talking about when your using YouTube monetisation directly?

      That sounds more like a competitor is flagging your videos than anything else.

      • Bill
        January 23rd, 2014 at 11:12 pm

        Matt, thank you for your reply. Yes the monetisation of ad revenue. I would like to think that the issue with my videos being flagged, that they would have been put back up after I appealed. However hours after my appeal I received 4 emails back letting me know my appeals were rejected, and right after all videos were deleted, I cannot even download them myself anymore.

        The worst is they have not told me why the videos were flagged, if it was a person or because of some change in policy, and with 1 flag on my account, I really don’t need another, or a deleted account. YT’s appeals process is horrible.

        • Matthew Woodward
          January 24th, 2014 at 8:51 am

          If you are using YouTube monetisation the risk of getting your account banned/delete increases greatly.

          I dont see why you would use YouTube monetisation though, you are just cheating yourself. Use your own annotations to link out to your site rather than making next to nothing for a click on an ad.

          Also what stops me plastering my GSA banner ads all over your GSA video? You do all the hard work, I make the sales – you make the pennys for ad clicks.

  36. heymalc

    Nice sneaky trick at the end, Matt! I’ll have to try that.

    Now I am posting a decent post every week to my blog, my next “upgrade” is to make it a video post – together with transcripts, of course.

    So be trying this trick out with one of my YouTube videos.



    • Matthew Woodward
      January 23rd, 2014 at 10:30 pm

      You know where to find me if you get stuck!

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