Monthly Income, Growth & Traffic Report – August 2013

This is the 13th income report as part of the zero backlink experiment.

Every month I will be publish a post like this one that shows you how this blog is progressing and everything I have done across the month to get it there.

These reports will help me track my own progress while teaching you what to do and more importantly what not to do.

How to start a successful blog in 7 days

What I Have Done In August

One year ago I started this blog with a bang and I ended it with a bang!

This is the first report of the 2nd year of the blog – let’s go!

Content Creation

I wrote the biggest, longest, most detailed tutorial I have ever created – How To Start A Successful Blog And Make Money Online Step By Step!

I also launched the Author Hreview competition & the launch of the digital marketing glossary which is actually an experiment.

We also met an elite blackhat spammer that may have seriously helped you or seriously pissed you off in the past.

Let’s not forget the regular income report roundup & what I have read this month features.

A Pat On The Matt

I send an email to Matt Cutt’s thanking him for inspiring the zero link building experiment – I was pretty amazed he replied!

Matt Cutts

I asked for 1 thing he liked about the blog and 1 thing he didn’t like-

Matt Cutts Like

A Pat From Pat

I also got in touch with Pat Flynn!

Pat Flynn Email

He also shared 1 thing he liked about the blog and 1 thing he didn’t like-

Pat Flynn Likes

Backlinks Inner Circle

A few months ago Winson Yeung invited me to be part of the new Backlinks Inner Circle.

10 SEO experts including big names like Terry Kyle & Brian Dean were invited to contribute which resulted in an epic free eBook.

Thanks to Winson for the opportunity – grab your copy here!

Blog Features

The blog had a bunch of features this month as well including the Jedi marketer roundup.

Are you missing your sriracha sauce? Check out what these top 25 inbound marketing articles for some help!

Brand Protection

My name is my brand and as that brand grows I need to protect it!

So I decided to use NameCheap to register around 50 domains based around my name with various extensions.

It cost $292.74 in total but is a worthwhile investment for the future!

NameCheap give you the added bonus of free whois privacy as well!

Met Dave & Vicky From

Last month I was meant to meet Dave & Vicky from in Poland and had to cancel.

Luckily though they were passing through the Czech Republic while I was in Prague so we managed to hook up!

A Couple Travelers Dave Vicky

They are coming to the UK in the next couple of months so we’ll be crossing paths again.

Kittens Were Born!

While I was in Prague the kittens were born!

This left me with a difficult decision.

Go to the brutal assault heavy metal festival in an abandoned soviet fort or get a flight home 4 days early for the kittens.

New Kittens

Guess what I chose to do!

Back In Costa Rica

Right now I’m back in Costa Rica until mid September!

I’ve seen wild scorpions, monkeys, turtles, dolphins & whales – caught some fish and turned them into poo!

I’ve also been helping Yeison & Samantha from and Andrea from





I also spent a day looking at property & found a sweet apartment that I want to buy =D

Crunching The Numbers

So let’s get our hands dirty and take a look at what my hard work has done for me this month.

Visitor Statistics

Traffic has increased from last month’s 18,654 (601/day) to 27,288 (880/day) – This is by far the biggest traffic month of the blog so far and is largely down to this post.

Visitor Statistics Analytics

Most Popular Content

The top 100 blog post smashed it this month along with the tier link building series & GODOVERYOU interview.

The secrets & mistakes of 10 leading SEO experts also hit the nail on the head!

Most Popular Content

Top Traffic Sources

Direct traffic took a big jump this month – not entirely sure why but I’m guessing it is because people shared with their lists.

Thanks to those that did =D Mucho appreciato – let me know if there is anything I can do for you!

Or if you want me to owe you a favour you could share my top 100 post with your list – they’ll love you for it ^^

Top Traffic Sources

Search Engine Traffic

Search traffic didn’t really increase last month but this month is a different story.

Last month Google sent 13,360 (431 per day) which has grown to 16,147 (521 per day) this month.

Search Traffic Analytics

YouTube Views

I lost all of my historical YouTube views because of changes I made to the branding – so I keep track of them separately.

I had 18,343 views last month which has remained steady at 18,899.

Total minutes watched has also remained steady at 108,936 compared to last month’s 101,929.

Getting closer to my 131,487 target meaning 3 people would be watching a tutorial every minute of every day.

Youtube Analytics

Social Shares

The blog has seen a total of 19,139 shares across Facebook, Twitter and Google+ this month compared to 16,559 last month.

  • Google+ – 2,822 (2,139 last month)
  • Twitter – 9,664 (8,482 last month)
  • Facebook – 6,653 (5,938 last month)

My Forum Statistics

This month added 264 new users, 60 new topics and 137 replies this month which was similar to last month’s performance.

If you haven’t joined the forum yet, get involved!

I’ll personally answer any internet marketing questions you have!

  • Users: 1,660 (1,396 last month)
  • Topics: 664 (604 last month)
  • Posts: 2,435 (2,298 last month)


The most important metric on the entire blog – earning a subscription from someone is the ultimate form of commitment and conversion.

Last month I managed to add a total of 962 new subscribers to the blog across the various channels.

This month that has grown nicely to 1,711 which is a good crack at 55 per day!

There are now a total of 10,660 subscribers across all of the different channels.

  • E-mail – 800 (304 last month) / Total: 4,831
  • Twitter – 236 (102 last month) / Total: 1,543
  • YouTube – 250 (292 last month) / Total: 1,646
  • Facebook – 107 (75 last month) / Total: 701
  • Google+ – 265 (138 last month) / Total: 1,421
  • RSS – 53 (-51 last month) / Total: 518

Forum Promotion Posts

I’ve taken most of this month off which means I’ve been a lazy little shit when it comes to posting on forums.

I did manage to scrape together 36 posts though!

  • TrafficPlanet – 15 posts (528 visits)
  • WarriorForum – 0 posts (554 visits)
  • BlackHatWorld – 21 posts (1,652 visits)

Income Report

Here are the numbers you really want to see-

Affiliate Earnings


Consultation Earnings

I separate out my SEO consultant earnings from the affiliate earnings. The blog drives affiliate sales directly and whilst it does generate SEO consultation leads these are separate projects in their own right.

I took most of this month off so refused all consultation requests meaning I earnt a grand total of $0 compared to last months $3,497.14 / £2,305.00.

Earnings Total

  • Affiliate Income – $6,774.57
  • Consultation Income – $0.00
  • Expenses – $341.69

Grand Total: $6,432.88 / £4,151.58 ($6,688.12 / £4,457.24 last month)

How to start a successful blog in 7 days

Nice to see affiliate income more than double this month!

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Signing Off

Well I’ve taken most of the month off and not done anything on the blog other than write posts.

It’s great to see that even though I didn’t do any consultation work this month earnings remained at a similar level.

Not bad for a month off right?

When I get home from Costa Rica and have caught up on all the emails you guys have sent I’ll be back in the driving seat, pedal to the metal!

I would like to personally thank each and every one of you for joining me on this journey.