My Monthly Blog Income Report List Reveals My 7 Figure Secrets

Join me on my journey with my blog income report collection.

monthly blog income reportI publish a blog income report which breaks down key blog statistics, how much I earnt and spent throughout the month.

I also tell you exactly what I did in that month and the precise steps I took to generate the income.

These blog traffic and income reports provide full transparency on all aspects of the blog including a range of statistics from unique visitors, email subscribers to YouTube subscribers.

I publish these blog income reports to help me track my own progress while teaching you what to do and more importantly what not to do to run a successful online business.

Don’t forget that I also show you how to start a blog the right way.

My Monthly Blog Income Report List

The full archive of every income report I have ever published can be found below along with income & expenses broken down month by month.

Just click on the Month name to view the blog traffic and income report for that month!

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MonthUnique VisitorsAffiliateConsultationExpensesTotalLifetime Total
August 20122,125$694.17$00.00-$88.89$605.28$605.28
September 20124,518$2,976.77$1,129.00-$98.89$4,006.88$4,612.16
October 20126,240$2,804.17$4,189.32-$85.89$6,907.60$11,519.76
November 20125,008$2,798.89$7,114.65-$597.95$9,315.59$20,835.35
December 20125,477$3,975.25$1,908.62-$87.84$5,796.03$26,631.38


MonthUnique VisitorsAffiliateConsultationExpensesTotalLifetime Total
January 20139,485$6,102.84$3,543.14-$134.05$9,511.93$36,143.31
February 20139,938$3,610.85$151.69-$66.95$3,695.59$39,838.90
March 201313,487$4,901.49$1,100.69-$48.95$5,953.23$45,792.13
April 201316,017$4,995.32$1,114.04-$48.95$6,060.41$51,852.54
May 201319,248$4,251.45$1,229.74-$48.95$5,432.24$57,284.78
June 201316,444$6,645.11$2,932.00-$210.92$9,366.19$66,650.97
July 201318,654$3,260.93$3,497.14-$69.95$6,688.12$73,339.09
August 201327,288$6,774.57$0.00-$341.69$6,432.88$79,771.97
September 201324,778$6,715.37$0.00-$212.36$6,503.01$86,274.98
October 201327,468$8,990.59$964.20-$99.00$9,855.79$96,130.77
November 201331,509$11,174.83$331.53-$99.00$11,407.36$107,538.13
December 201334,036$16,499.92$00.00-$99.00$16,400.92$123,939.05


MonthUnique VisitorsAffiliateConsultationExpensesTotalLifetime Total
January 201438,639$9,833.50$180.75-$146.00$9,868.25$133,807.30
February 201442,227$15,295.04$00.00-$466.00$14,829.04$148,636.34
March 201449,421$11,995.13$00.00-$1,166.00$10,789.13$159,425.47
April 201440,835$12,407.32$00.00-$49.99$12,357.33$171,782.80
May 201448,936$14,395.47$00.00-$49.99$14,345.48$186,128.28
June 201443,347$15,850.81$926.23-$49.99$16,727.05$202,855.33
July 201446,656$17,717.12$757.77-$49.99$18,424.90$221,280.23
August 201444,565$19,286.08$00.00-$49.99$19,236.09$240,516.32
September 201445,999$16,854.28$00.00-$49.99$16,804.29$257,320.61
October 201451,116$17,545.83$00.00-$49.99$17,495.84$274,816.45
November 201449,075$35,663.05$00.00-$881.99$34,781.06$309,597.51
December 201460,634$22,421.90$00.00-$2,049.99$20,371.91$329,969.42



MonthUnique VisitorsAffiliateConsultationExpensesTotalLifetime Total
January 201554,827$21,013.72$00.00-$49.99$20,963.73$350,933.15
February 201558,946$18,839$00.00-$2,063$16,775$367,798.15
March 201565,019$12,264$00.00-$49.99$12,215$380,013.37
April 201555,347$26,333$00.00-$49.99$26,283$406,296.78
May 201552,912$17,693$00.00-$49.99$17,643$423,940.45
June 201558,387$15,485$00.00-$499.99$14,985$438,926.38
July 201561,943$31,734$4,000-$524.99$35,209$474,135.73
August 201551,140$23,597$00.00-$127.39$23,470$497,605.89
September 201553,478$24,840$00.00-$630.99$24,209$521,815.51
October 201555,414$25,355$00.00-$330.16$25,024$546,840.36
November 201547,319$35,198$00.00-$7,645$27,552$574,392.36
December 201546,223$31,856$00.00-$570.95$31,286$605,678.37


MonthUnique VisitorsAffiliateConsultationExpensesTotalLifetime Total
January 201649,696$21,851.26$2,497-$49.99$24,298.27$629,976.64
February 201648,316$23,766.24$00.00-$217.89$23,548.35$653,524.99
March 201652,439$22,764.84$00.00-$556.58$22,208.26$675,733.25
April 201654,826$21,785.05$00.00-$929.15$20,855.90$696,589.15
May 201649,921$21,588.76$00.00-$926.86$20,661.90$717,251.05
June 201645,440$19,460.69$00.00-$103.31$19,357.38$736,608.43
July 201654,642$16,359.75$00.00-$2,808.47$13,551.28$750,159.71
August 201658,775$22,594.45$00.00-$908.36$21,686.09$771,845.80
September 201662,587$20,965.71$00.00-$576.88$20,388.83$792,234.63
October 201662,481$21,558.41$00.00-$631.23$20,927.18$813,161.81
November 201663,075$33,898.78$00.00-$4,703.47$29,095.31$842,257.12
December 201661,209$23,298.25$00.00-$538.36$22,759.89$865,017.01


MonthUnique VisitorsAffiliateConsultationExpensesTotalLifetime Total
January 201766,213$24,995.75$00.00-$367.81$24,627.94$889,644.95
February 201758,943$21,542.64$00.00-$351.12$21,191.52$910,836.47
March 201760,453$24,262.27$00.00-$2,269.44$21,992.83$932,829.30
April 201756,603$29,706.81$00.00-$2,335.13$27,371.68$960,200.98
May 201771,364$24,334.01$00.00-$814.75$23,519.26$983,720.24
June 201759,504$23,412.76$00.00-$762.26$22,650.50$1,006,370.74
July 201765,474$25,907.64$00.00-$3,498.63$22,409.01$1,028,779.75
August 201756,457$25,044.68$00.00-$1,635.62$23,409.06$1,052,188.81
September 201772,072$26,791.94$00.00-$2,251.56$24,039.88$1,076,228.69
October 201765,852$24,873.71$00.00-$3,595.13$21,278.58$1,097,507.27
November 201755,657$31,950.58$00.00-$3,595.13$28,340.31$1,125,847.58
December 201760,558$28,429.85$00.00-$2,711,57$25,718.28$1,151,565.86

Wrapping It Up

Income reports are an invaluable learning tool for those looking to start a blog and have no idea where to get started.

By looking at the net profit breakdown per month, you should have a better understanding of how successful bloggers like Pat Flynn make money trough display ads, through affiliate marketing & affiliate links, through sell products…

But, I would love you to remember that before thinking about monetizing your blog you should focus on creating great blog content – relevant blog posts will bring you traffic and increase your page views as well as a good user experience.

Indeed, traffic is the key to get income (affiliate income & ad income, among others).

Thank you so much for reading my income proof reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a beginner blogger make?
A beginner can usually make between $1,000 & $4,000 per month after the first year of starting their blog. Some blogs go on to make in excess of $100,000 per month.

But it really depends on how hard you work. As they say, you get out what you put in and committed full time bloggers can make decent money online.

Can you really make money from a blog?
Yes, most bloggers are able to make a decent income from blogging if they are willing to put in the effort. As the online world grows, so does the opportunity to make money and build a profitable online business.

How long does it take to start making money blogging?
It will take at least a couple of months for any new blog to start making money online and this takes a lot of time and hard work.

Realistically it will be at least a year before you see a consistent full-time income. There are a lot of varying factors and you need to invest both time and money smartly, as you can see in my blog income reports.

Why income reports are essential when you start an online business?
Monthly income reports are important for new bloggers because they can help you track your progress and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your blog – every month – so you can take action to fix or improve it.

How bloggers make money?
There are a bunch of ways for bloggers to make money blogging including affiliate marketing (thanks to affiliate programs), Google AdSense, and creating and selling products and social media.

It takes time to get a decent blogging income per month for a beginner.