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7 Day Ecommerce SEO

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Learn how to increase organic search traffic to your ecommerce store in the next 7 days with my free email course.  I will send you a daily task that will transform your stores traffic step by step.

  • Revealed: How to create traffic sucking category pages step by step.
  • How to optimise your product pages the right way to destroy your search competitors.
  • The best link building strategies for ecommerce SEO that anyone can execute!

In The Next 7 Days You Will Learn-

Perfect Ecommerce SEO

In 7 days from now you will have the perfectly optimised ecommerce store that will demand traffic from Google.

Correct Keyword Research

I will show you the right way to do keyword research for your ecommerce store and show you how to pick out the"quick wins".

Build Traffic Sucking Pages

You will learn the strategies I use to build category pages that suck traffic from search engines & increase conversions!

Ecommerce Link Building

Along with the best link building strategies for ecommerce & I'll show you a specific strategy that is easy for anyone to do.

What others are saying:

Matthew Helped Me Make 5x More Money With My Ecommerce Site!

I asked Matthew for some advice about my ecommerce site and it really changed the way I look at my site.  Turned out I was able to take my conversion rate from 1% to 5% in a matter of 3-4 weeks. That means my profit was multiplied by 5 before any additional link building!

Pierre Antoine Levesque  //  Fashion Niche

Johnny Galo

From Zero To 50,000 Visitors Per Month!

Matthew's tutorials are easy to follow and replicate,  I was able to get my traffic from zero to 50,000 uniques per month within 7 months of launching after following his advice and it is continuing to grow!

One of those special people is Matthew Woodward.

Anant Mendiratta  //  Health Niche

Anant Mendiratta

Learn how to explode your ecommerce stores SEO traffic now! It won't cost you anything and all you have to do is complete a daily task for 7 days.   IF you are serious about increasing traffic to your store from Googe - honestly, it doesn't get any easier than this...

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