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​FREE COURSE: ​The 7 Day Ecommerce SEO Strategy To Increase Your Search Traffic!

7 Day Ecommerce SEO

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​Learn how to increase organic search traffic to your ecommerce store in the next 7 days with my free email course.  I will send you a daily task that will transform your stores traffic step by step.

  • Revealed: ​How to create traffic sucking category pages ​step by step.
  • ​How to optimise your product pages the right way to destroy your search competitors.
  • ​The best link building strategies for ecommerce SEO that anyone can execute!

​In The Next 7 Days You Will Learn-

​Perfect Ecommerce SEO

​In 7 days from now you will have the perfectly ​optimised ecommerce store that will demand traffic from Google.​

​​Correct Keyword Research

​I will show you the right way to do keyword research for your ecommerce store and show you how to pick out ​the​"quick wins".

Build ​Traffic Sucking ​Pages

​You will learn the strategies I use to build category pages that suck traffic from search engines & increase conversions!

​Ecommerce Link Building

​Along with the best link building strategies for ecommerce ​& I'll show you a specific strategy that is easy for anyone to do.

What others are saying:

​Matthew Helped Me Make 5x More Money With My Ecommerce Site!

​I asked Matthew for some advice about my ecommerce site and it really changed the way I look at my site.  Turned out I was able to take my conversion rate from 1% to 5% in a matter of 3-4 weeks. That means my profit was multiplied by 5 before any additional link building!

Pierre Antoine Levesque​​  //  ​​Fashion​ Niche

Johnny Galo

​From Zero To 50,000 Visitors Per Month!

​Matthew's tutorials are easy to follow and replicate,  I was able to get my ​traffic from zero to 50,000 uniques per month within 7 months of launching after following his advice and it is continuing to grow!

One of those special people is Matthew Woodward.

​Anant Mendiratta​  //  Health ​Niche

Anant Mendiratta

Learn how to ​explode your ecommerce stores SEO traffic now! ​It won't cost you anything ​and all you have to do is complete a daily task for 7 days.  ​​ ​​IF you are serious about increasing traffic to your store from Googe - honestly, it doesn't get any easier than this...

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