Welcome to the fourth instalment of the Ultimate Guide To Tiered Link Building. By now you should have a solid tier 1 link profile and it’s time to turbo charge them with some additional tiers.

It seems I beat my last record of 28 minutes by quite a distance; this video is a massive 38 minutes in length! You can be sure it’s jam packed with actionable advice!

Important Update: Please read this.

What You Will Learn

  1. Export a live list of your links and check they are valid
  2. How to automatically generate the content we need for Tier 2 & 3
  3. Precisely how and where to use that content for the best results
  4. How to setup & fully automate Tier 2 & 3 link building forever in 10 minutes flat

EXCLUSIVE: Take The Hard Work Out Of Tiered Link Building With My Planner

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EXCLUSIVE: Take The Hard Work Out Of Tiered Link Building With My Planner

Resources In The Video

GSA Search Engine Ranker FREE TRIAL – Fantastic piece of software to automate tier 2 and 3.

Kontent Machine FREE TRIAL – Worth its weight in GOLD a MUST HAVE tool.

Captcha Sniper – This single piece of software will save you stacks of cash.

The Best Spinner FREE TRIAL – It really is The Best Spinner! Kontent Machine uses the API.

Link Wheel Bandit FREE TRIAL – Stupidly simple but powerful Web 2.0 automation tool.

GSA SEO Indexer FREE TRIAL – Integrates nicely with GSA Search Engine Ranker to help get your links indexed automatically.

218 Responses

  1. ambrose1095

    Hey matt is there any wisdom in creating good tier 1 links then hiring someone on to do the 2nd and 3 rd tiers?

  2. 8.8.2014

    What kind of specs are your machines that you use for running your software? Is it necessary that you run two or is this by choice?

    • August 9th, 2014 at 3:21 am

      Nothing special needed, any old computers will do the job!

  3. Robert Lam


  4. Robert Lam

    why can't I use ultimate demon to do GSA search engine ranker stuff?

  5. 8.19.2012

    I see u only have 3 properties on tier 1, I assume this is only for demo purposes? sure it depends on the competition, but as a general rule how many properties do u use on tier 1 in relation to how much competition there is?

    thx for the vids.

  6. 8.19.2012

    Awsome videos, ordered UD through your link, I bought the monthly for now to see what its like then will probs upgrade, I have been gona buy it for a while.

  7. Jacob Hagberg

    Nice job Matt – Initial Effort.

  8. A gr8 video matthew. I just need to ask u that u repeat the same targets for tier one for each run? And do u use only high pr for tier 1?

  9. Anonymous

    I really enjoyed these video, you're method is fairly complex but interesting.
    Quick question: This way of ranking website still work well in the penguin era?

  10. 8.23.2012

    Another amazing post.. so easy to implement but so effective aswell.. I assume you use this method along with high pr networks? or is this all you do? thanks for sharing such fantastic info – Paul.

  11. Anonymous

    Matthew, could you explain why we should just be using GSA to create the tier 1 links as well, instead of the UltimateDemon?

  12. how many shared proxies do u buy from 10/20 etc…I m Planning to buy that's y asking u :)

  13. 8.29.2012

    How long does it usually take to get the article posts verified? I have loads posted but very few live links, if allot of them are not verified before you start Tier2 with GSA do you just add them to future Tier 3 batches as they get accepted?

  14. 8.30.2012

    Do you use private proxies in GSA Matt? I loaded up a new project and clicked start and the scraper doesn't seem to be working very well..

  15. 8.31.2012

    Hi Matthew, half way through first linking campaign now (thanks to your detailed over the shoulder videos!) and started to watch video 4. However, after doing a quick check on ahrefs for links already indexed it seems over 90% are nofollow :(

    Although I understand the need to have a mixture of dofollow and nofollow links in a link profile I'd prefer more dofollow links. Have you ever had this problem? Also, is it worth creating tiers to nofollow links? I know the link juice won't be passed but will these nofollow links still pass more 'authority'?

    Thanks again,


  16. 8.31.2012

    Matt is LWB working for you today? I just tried to start the trial but the app wont load just get a error"Unable to launch the application" its a bit worrying on a software that's $60 a month. I have reinstalled Java, done a couple of restarts but it just wont work. Do you have it on Windows 7? Maybe that's my problem..

  17. BeatsBy You

    To make it even easier EdwinSoft just updated UD last week and it now has a Link Tree built into it. It allows you to create 3 tires very easily. I have yet to use it because I am still in the content creating stage.

  18. Nathan Williams

    Hey Matt, awesome videos!

    What would you recommend:
    1) Go with a VPS service like BHSVPS that has several programs already installed (Scrapebox, TBS, Xrumer, etc).
    2) Buy the products individually and run them on my computer (I only have one computer…and from what I can tell, it looks like all these programs will bog it down).
    3) Go through another VPS (looking at scrapebox servers) – load my programs on there, and run it that way.

    Or, if there are other options, what do you most recommend?

  19. 9.18.2012

    Great Thanks a MILLION. This is going to make a great Birthday Present for my Boyfriend.

  20. Ho Ming Winson Yeung

    Hey Matt, does the latest ultimate demon "link wheel" able to replace linkwheel bandit to create the 3-3-6 linkwheel?

  21. Jenny Adara

    Great tuts – I have a question for Mathew.
    1. at the end of the vid you used scrapebox to find contextual links in your niche, I'm confused as to what these links are for since they were not your own T1 links. Why would you scrape other links and not use your T1 – maybe I missed something but I don't get that bit :)

    2. I have a few adsense sites that probably wouldn't need such a big wheel – would you suggest some safe ways of building links with some of the tools you used in the vids, I was thinking GSA but not sure.

  22. Malcolm Simmonds

    Hey Matt – you the man! Your tutorials join a lot of dots together for me. Yeah, SENuke is confusing: much better to learn the different steps which you you teach and then do each one separately. You get to know it much better that way.

    You not only know your stuff (we can guess what type of forums you have spent many hours of your time on in the past *ahem*) but your videos are really professional looking – plus but also the summary at the beginning and end make them very well taught too!

    Well done mate: I will be sending people here. In fact, I just mailed out about these tutrorials an hour ago to my list.

    One question: which forum is the best one to get good support for these backlinking methods from? In other words, if a piece of software goes down, where would you ask for replacement suggestions? If you don't want to say too publically, then initials would be fine or message me at malc at A share would be appreciated.

    Thanks again for great training. :-)

  23. 10.23.2012

    Great tutorial!

  24. Hardvard Andrew

    is link wheel still work matt? something like this

    and which strategy you prefer to use? this one or… thank you

  25. 11.3.2012

    I noticed that your post title links to your post. You do it intentionally right? Is there any SEO benefit in doing this? Thanks!

  26. Hi,

    For the most part I fire them at the home page but it wont hurt to chuck a few links at the internal pages as well. Mix things up with some social shares from Fiverr and such, but don’t go all out with like 1k shares, just find someone who can deliver 10-20 across a couple of networks.

  27. 2.1.2013

    Hey Matt,

    Thanks for the great video tutorials, mate.

    I have a question about video 4: At about 37:30 you say “…sit back as tier 2 and beyond continues to grow forever”. I must be missing something – how exactly does this happen?

  28. 2.11.2013

    Hey Matt,

    How often do you swap out Kontent machine articles in GSA for your tier 2 – 3 links. Say every week? Every 500 submissions, every 1000 subs?



  29. Joel

    Great video’s, I just wish the picture quality was a little clearer so I could see exactly what you are doing. But thank you for this excellent series!!

  30. Kris

    Hey! Finally finished out my first tier 1 campaign, not seeing links on the press releases UD built, any ideas? Also UD doesn’t give live directory links, have you figured out a way to scrape these together?

    More importantly, I’m getting ready to buy GSA (through your link of course) and would like to get link wheel bandit as well but HATE monthly subscriptions. Do you know if they have any plans to offer a 1 time payment option? Perhaps with the 2.0 release.

    Thanks again for all the great videos, been sharing them (all your content really) with friends and touting their excellence!

  31. CHRIS

    Hey Matt, are you still recommending link wheel bandit and if so, what kind of learning curve is there on there? I looked at the documentation and on first glance, looks dang confusing to set this all up.

    And if i have GSA, do i need this?


  32. 3.14.2013


    A fantastic tutorial, thank you for the time and effort you have put into this series.

    You mentions the value of GSA Search Engine Ranker as a good tier 2 & 3 creator and also touched on GSA SEO Indexer as a good add on. What about one of the other GSA products GSA Auto Website Submitter. It appears to submit your money site to numerous directories. As far as I can tell though, UD and GSA Search Engine Ranker also do this. Am I misunderstanding this product or is there something extra in it and if so is it worth exploring?

    Many thanks,


  33. vashti

    do yo have a done for you option for one campaign? from start to finish?

    thanks for your tutorials, so detailed and generous with the information and tips..

  34. xpressor

    nice tutorial!!!
    I have a question, why don’t use GSA for tier one? I manage to rank keywords for page one, is ultimate demon better? and it’s seem after using GSA indexer my ranking seems to drop?
    PS: Keywords competitiveness is medium.

  35. Iain

    Hi Matt,

    Just wondering what LpM you get running GSA? I find that with web 2.0 etc runnin git is a lot lower than without, I try to get it at 20-30

  36. 4.25.2013

    Do you add your master list together after doing more than one tier 1 run? ie, tier 1 run 1 mixed together with tier 1 run 2, 3, 4, and so on.

    Do you create another tier 2-3 campaign or just add the new tier 1 links in the same initial tier 2-3 campaign?

  37. 4.25.2013

    and yet another question:
    Do you create tiers for inner pages separately? Also when adding content to tier 1 web2 0 pages do you use the same link to your money site or would it be a good idea to use a different link and subject for each page pointing to different pages of your money site. Or using the pages to point at different money sites all together, your thought’s?

  38. andy

    for the tier 2 and tier 3 links, is it necessary to insert contextual links using kontent machine? I noticed you skipped this step but referred to it, so I wasn’t sure.

  39. Darren

    Hi Matt

    I am unable to create a catch all email for link wheel bandit, my hosting company (Hostgator) have it disabled, do have any suggestions or what hosting company would be best to go with.


  40. Kelly

    Hi Matt,

    Finally got everything in UD up and running a few days ago thanks to your incredible tutorials! Have some confusion on the article directory submissions. I have some completed tasks, but no live links. I read above that I can continue to check back in UD for them periodically, but how long does it typically take to get any approvals? Is it common to get a very low number of approvals? I’ve spun everything like you suggested, but I’m afraid I may have seriously screwed something up during the task set up.


  41. Craig Riley


    Love all you videos and I am using them on my websites.

    I have a question about your system with the new Penguin 2.0 coming out. Will this effect the progress and will this system still work?


  42. choikh

    Are you just set up tier 2 and tier 3 campaign in GSA and let it run forever??
    When should I stop it, say tier 2 link for each tier 1? And if I have build more tier 1 links, should I create a new campaign or edit the original one?
    Also, the thread in GSA, I see you are using 100 threads, that a huge number! I am concerning the proxies or my computer may get problem as running so many threads at the same time.

    One more question, are you creating different campaign to each page of the site you want to rank for or just create 1 campaign for each site? Cuz my site focus on just only 1 long tail keyword each page and I am creating link tree in UD to one particular page of my site to see if it do good. (low competition keyword)

  43. JJ

    Matt, I followed your instructions on your video regarding tier 3 links on GSA search engine ranker. I am not able to proceed because it is requesting a pdf document, containing the article itself.

    How do I go about making the pdf document?

  44. mikocairo

    high mattew I have 4 question
    1-u scrap url not belong to your site and contextual them in content machine what the benefit?
    2- how u organized article from content machine to linkwheel bundle?
    3_ is sniper capcha for GSA?
    4_ if I need live support from u when I do my first campaign how much does it cost? very important

  45. Tom

    Hi Matt

    Your info is invaluable, but need to clarify the links achieved for Tier1.

    I noticed there were at least 200 live links generated from Ultimate Demon for Tier 1 with varying live links from each task:

    1) Does that mean we need 200 live links as a minimum for Tier 1?

    2) Does it matter if there are more links in one Ultimate Demon task than another, as It was noticed wikis&bookmarks had much more than the others and video only had 1?

    Kind Regards

  46. 7.3.2013

    I am using GSA for tiers 2 and 3. When do you stop creating links? It seems to be creating links forever… At least the submitted ones…

    Thank you!

  47. 7.6.2013

    So I’m guessing as you build new tier one links you keep adding them to the campaign?

  48. 7.9.2013

    Thanks Mat for amazing tutorial. I have some questions:

    1. Why you don’t put links into the articles generated from Kontent machine for tier 2 and 3, will GSA automatically insert links into the articles?

    2. I’m thinking about add more tier 1 links set every week and throw it to GSA until it got number 1. What you think about this, I have some high PR domain, could I use UD and GSA to build more link juice for it? And when I do that, should I build with anchor text related to money site which I point link from high PR site to…

    Thanks a lot Mat. :)

  49. 8.4.2013

    Hi Matt,

    Great site, I just found it a couple of days ago.

    You may have already answered this question. Why do you use UD for Tier 1 site creation (web2.0s?) instead of GSA. Also, I don’t recall seeing what other types of sites you use to point to your money site. Maybe I just missed it somewhere and need to go back through the vids.

    Thanks again!

  50. 8.22.2013

    Hi, first of all amazing tut thanks for that, I am thinking What if i only use senuxe for all tiers for a medium competitive keyword cause I cant afford right now anything. What you think would that be good enough?

  51. 8.28.2013

    Great video. Very valuable information. Based on this, I bought Captcha Sniper with your link, and it’s been working great!

    But a question: the newest version of GSA has a blank “document” section for sharing PDFs, I guess. I don’t remember you addressing this in your video. But do I just upload one standard PDF file for all the Tier 3 links? Thanks!

  52. 9.3.2013

    Hey there Matt, can you tell me how do you blast tier 3 links do you have any auto aprove list to blast them and is it effective using this kinds of blasts list?


  53. 9.7.2013

    Hi Matthew,

    I have been following your videos with great interest and dedication. However, may I ask how many verifies I am to receive per GSA project per week? I’ve been running GSA for about 1 1/2 weeks now, and I have around 500 verifies on Tier 2 (I’ve also been using Scrapebox to get URLs) and almost 2000 on Tier 3. However, GSA seems to be stalling lately–i.e., go for something like 12 hours with no verifies at all! Is this normal? Thanks!

  54. 9.7.2013

    I am interested in how many tier 2 backlinks are a ok number. I have about 40 tier 1 links from manually created content and I just want to boost that tier 1 with the tier 2 as the tutorial suggests, but so far GSA Search Engine ranker that I bought from you has only submitted links and verified them from about 53 websites (some of which are even no-follow as comments)

    And after that how about the tier 3 ?

    Anyway great content on your site, I’ve bought GSA SER, ScrapeBox and a few other software pieces from your links so I hope these help you and will help me rank as well.

  55. 9.8.2013

    Hey I just wonder how it is when you want to build links for a german page that should get ranked on

    Is this tool creating german content? Or doesn’t it matter if all the spam is in english?

    I mean I guess best would be to submit everything to german sites in german language or?


  56. 10.2.2013

    I don’t seem to be able to get captcha sniper working with gsa ser. Did all the stuff cs help suggested but still nope. I guess that’s 70 bucks wasted on cs…

  57. 10.2.2013

    Hi Matt,
    where do you recommend to install Catcha Sniper? I wonder if it is better to install it on a VPS or PC …

  58. 10.4.2013

    Great article mate. Quick question:
    You recommended building out a few web2.0’s with 5-15 pages to keep search engines happy. I think that’s a great idea.. but once these are all manually built – should they just be put into the mix on the same level as the 100 or so tier one links created using UD? Or do you reckon it would be worth having those 5-15 big 2.0 on a level of their own (above UD created sites)?

  59. 10.7.2013

    Hi Matt,
    thanks for all these videos, you really do a great job at teaching this stuff. I’m in the process of preparing some content for UD, and will be getting UD through your link soon. Just a couple of questions for you:
    1) When you rinse and repeat the process do you use different targets? I see in the video that you only choose 400 targets for each type of submission. If you had say 1200 targets from Scrapebox, would you use those targets for three submissions and then get a new set from Scrapebox?
    2) I’ve also followed your spinning tutorial which is superb! How long does it take you to do the spinning on 3 articles and the directories and bookmarks? Is this something you outsource?



  60. VooDoo

    I have gone through the videos once (and now on my second run through)

    There is going to be alot of time effort and expense re software purchases etc -so my question to everyone would be – is it worth it?

    1. If you are selling actual goods rather than being an affiliate – maybe it would be more economical to get your onsite content sorted and then use your budget on Adwords for the product you think could sell more – if they dont sell – stop the Adwords and pick another product to sell.

    2. If building my own sites for my own link structure – how many different IP’s do you think is necessary to avoid Google detection ?

    3. I heard that Link Bandit had fallen behind some what – so I looked into article kevo , since that I see LinkBandit has had a new release – any thoughts on which one ?

    ps – the Mrs is not happy at the amount of time I’m spending – but I do find it all very compelling reading – keep up the great work

  61. Peter

    Hi Matt,

    Cheers for that – I concur.
    Just ordered UD , scrapebox and buyproxies so you should get a commissh.

    Just in the process now getting some different cheap reseller hosting. This is a bit of a side project for me – as my ecommerce sites already convert well – so will leave then alone. But I will looking to do some new stuff – some affiliate and some drop shipping sites.

    Previously I have only used Powersuite – which is great for most things – obviously not building tiered links, although the link-assistant tool can do directory submissions half automated – it’s not in the UD league

    Buzzbundle is also another tool I use daily – but that is for mainly to engage directly with people.

  62. 10.30.2013

    Hey Matthew, I just can’t help but repeat myself. This is som phenomenal content and has really opened up my eyes about SEO in general.
    My question relates to how you would go about pricing such a service for a client? Any suggestions about structure, setup, monthly, what’s included (like content & how much). Seems like pricing would be more complex than the actual implementation. That said, any additional suggestions on a simple price structure?
    Thanks so much.

  63. 11.1.2013

    Hey Matt,

    are your tier 2 sites linking to the tier 1 sites or directly to the pages your tier 1 link is on?


  64. Lue Hang

    Hey Matthew, thanks for the impressive tiered link building series. I’ve actually watched all of your videos and came back to video 4 so I can purchase the GSA Search Engine Ranker through your affiliate link. I found a discount on it from another website for 10% off but since you gave SOOO much value in your incredible teaching videos, which I am totally impressed by, I’ll buy through you. To me, your videos are priceless. Most people would probably sell this kind of information for thousands of dollars as a product. Well anyways, I’ve got 2 quick questions for you.

    If tier 1 links are not do follow won’t this affect rankings? I’ve heard that if you have more no do follow links than do follow that can be bad.

    And how many tier 1 links would you recommend building for a new website, let’s say after a month or two?

    Thanks again for the great work, I’ll definitely be back for more!

  65. Zevi

    Hi Matt, Im just in awe of your knowledge of these things, i like the way you explain things. Its clear you have thought things out before you speak.

    Ive searched this site but havent discovered how this link building acutally helped you rank sites.

    Do you have any statistics you could share with me or perhaps an example site that you used this tactic on that really gained PR and google traffic?

    Trying to find out the success rate.

    Thanks so much

  66. 11.17.2013

    Hi Matthew.
    I got your email about people looking for that 1 fast magic method, and I wanted to put a different spin on that. e.g. as for myself, apart from the on-page optimization that should be done, your tiered link-building method has finally given me something that I can understand clearly, and a step-by-step way of doing things. There have been lots of courses I’ve bought on SEO but not one of them gave me the clarity, the step-by-step methodology. And I found myself thinking that apart from on-site, I would use your method to do all of my link-building. And the reason is not because I’m looking for that push-button system, it’s because I’m looking for clarity, direction, instructions, tools, all of which I finally understand.
    This is an enormous tribute to you. I think many of the commenters share my feelings. So the question I have, is if your methodology is not the only thing I should be doing for SEO/link-building then perhaps you could give us a step-by-step run through of the other things that we should be doing.
    Because all of the “rest” that I should be doing is a swirling dervish in my mind and I have no clarity on those things.

  67. 11.18.2013

    Hi Matthew,

    I’m an absolute novice, so I’ve been following your tutorials very closely step by step and taking your recommendations on software.

    One thing I didn’t see in your video and not sure if I am doing it right

    As you mentioned to set GSA and let it run, I have done that but noticed that it’s posting huge amount 4000+ a day?! I left it running for 2 days and currently sitting on over 10,000+ and the the project is not ending, it’s still posting out.

    Is this correct? That huge volume in such a short period of time? Also is the project in GSA suppose to ever end? I can’t see any completion rate like UD.

    Your advice please as I’m not sure I’m doing it right.

  68. 12.27.2013

    Hello Matthew, I am a little stuck with catchall emails. Do I redirect to a hotmail account or another website email address?

  69. 1.15.2014

    Your Comment

  70. 1.15.2014

    Hey mate,

    Two questions:

    #1- Is your LWB link no longer working? I tried to go to it and got a 401 error.

    #2 – Where do your hand built web 2.0s fit into the process? Do you include them in your list of URLs to which you’re building your tier 2 and 3 links?

    All the best,

  71. Markus Lowien

    Hi Matthew,

    the link to LinkWheelBandit is broken.



  72. 6.5.2014

    Hi Matthew, If we wanted to add a scraped footprint file to GSA instead of UD… Would we just go to options / tools / import site list/ verified?
    Many thanks,

  73. 6.14.2014

    hi why do you delete my question….??

    does your action mean something

  74. 8.17.2012

    Ultimate Demon supports a much narrower range of platforms, I think like 10-15 in total where as GSA is sat around 120 platforms.

    This means we quite literally have millions more targets to post to than you do in Ultimate Demon.

    Its not good creating a tiered linking structure if its all the same IP's/domains linking to the same IP's/domains. So we save the high quality stuff from Ultimate Demon for tier 1 and everything else for the remaining tiers.

    Ultimate Demon and GSA are 2 very different tools in their own right and the functionality just can't be compared on any level.

  75. John D'oh

    Because each tool is suited to do a particular job better than the other. UD is suited for creating T1 (and also T2) links. GSA is the best when it comes to T2 links because of its diversity (100s of platforms supported not to mention worldwide IPs/domains etc.).

    These days, you'd be stupid not to use UD/SENukeX/Magic Submitter for T1 *and* GSA for T2.

  76. Robert Lam

    BTW thanks for your tutorial. Steepening my learning curve quite a lot.

  77. 8.17.2012

    No worrys hopefully it is presented in a way thats easy to follow but more importantly easy to understand. I'm new to all this teaching malarkey!

  78. 8.19.2012

    No I have a lot more than that, in part 1 of the series I show a diagram that explains it roughly but in this instance there are actually 200 links on the 1st tier.

    I just keep repeating this process until I'm number building out a new set of tier 1 links every couple of weeks and then sending them through the tiered process as I build a new set out and so on.

  79. 8.19.2012

    coo. gonna watch vid 1 again. thx

  80. 8.19.2012

    I have watched them all 3 times haha, i pretty much know most the stuff but the videos are great, not very fotern you get a full over the shoulder tutorial like this for free.

  81. 8.21.2012

    Thanks for the kind words guys

  82. 8.21.2012

    No for each run I use a different set of targets on the first tier. I prefer to use domains with PR as my targets on tier 1

  83. 8.21.2012

    hmm doesnt seem to have tracked, could you email me order details? I've had problems with the UD affiliate stuff

  84. 8.21.2012

    What happened was the link you had just want to the buy it outright page so i just clicked through then went to the pay monthly page, i assumed the cookie would still be tracking :( your contact page doesnt seem to be working, send your emal or msnger addy to my FaceBook inbox and ill get you the order details..

  85. 8.22.2012

    That would be great if you dont mind, the email address is just matt@ this websites domain ^^

  86. 8.23.2012

    sent the email!!!

  87. 8.21.2012

    Thanks jacob, nice to see you found your way over here 😛

  88. 8.23.2012

    Penguin is nothing to do with types or methods of link building and purely targets over optimised sites and backlink profiles. As long as you use a huge variation of anchor text your good to go as far as penguin is concerned.

  89. 8.28.2012

    Hi, I'm using 50 semi dedicated ones

  90. 8.28.2012

    Ultimate Demon supports a much narrower range of platforms, I think like 10-15 in total where as GSA is sat around 120 platforms.

    This means we quite literally have millions more targets to post to than you do in Ultimate Demon.

    Its not good creating a tiered linking structure if its all the same IP's/domains linking to the same IP's/domains. So we save the high quality stuff from Ultimate Demon for tier 1 and everything else for the remaining tiers.

    Ultimate Demon and GSA are 2 very different tools in their own right and the functionality just can't be compared on any level.

  91. 8.29.2012

    I dont worry about it to much, you dont need to build tiers to every link. By the time you have worried about that kind of thing you could setup a whole new batch of tier 1's 😛

  92. 8.30.2012

    Yea fair enough, my first tier 1 link blast is complete now going onto the Kontent Machine part now, just bought through your link 😉

  93. 8.31.2012

    Thank you kindly :)

  94. 8.31.2012

    When I first used GSA I loaded them in to get the ball rolling so to speak but since then have let it auto harvest them. Do you have the options set right in the proxies screen to auto harvest every x minutes when there are less than x alvie proxies?

  95. 8.31.2012

    Yea all seems to be fine in settings, its defo a proxy issue i put my 20 private ones in last nite but today they are banned for scraping, i think the proxies it is harvesting are all c***. I clicked all the harvesting sites maby the proxies on there are all old and c***. How many of the sites do you have ticked? There was some default ones selected but dont know what they are now… ;(

  96. 9.2.2012

    Sorted it just needed tweaked a little!!!!!!

  97. Glad you got it sorted, FYI you can add your own sites for it to scrape proxy sources from as well 😉

  98. 8.31.2012

    Hi Luke,

    I pay no attention to dofolow / nofollow its not something I worry about.

  99. A few people have mentioned that and I wont be using it personally.

    The reason is because UltimateDemon only supports 10-15 platforms which means we have a fairly limited target list of sites that we can post to.

    GSA on the other hand has about 120 platforms which gives us an endless amount of link targets to use in the lower tiers which require an awful lot more volume.

    Also you dont want to end up with the same site been used as a tier 3 link as a tier 2 link and so forth.

    That's why I just use Ultimate Demon for tier 1 links and nothing else, and GSA which has a much wider scope for everything else.

  100. Hi Michael,

    I have just started it up without a problem. Make sure your running Java and not Java 7. I'm running it on Windows 7 without a problem. Drop an email to if you get stuck, the owner is very very helpful

  101. *java 6

  102. 9.3.2012

    Yeah contacted them, the guy came on team viewer and sorted it for me Avg was still running in the background i thought it was stopped so got it working, just deleted the install now hhaa, now gona make sure i get it through your link, btw its working fine with Java 7 well the install anyway..

  103. Nathan Williams

    Or buy another computer and use it strictly for SEO?

  104. 9.10.2012

    Hi Nathan,

    I just have a couple of machines locally that I have the various software running on but there's nothing wrong with going the VPS route!

  105. 9.19.2012

    A birthday present? I'm not sure I understand :S

  106. Ho Ming Winson Yeung

    sry you have mention below. btw aint ultimate demon able to add in your own list of web2.0 which you taught in video1 ?

  107. 9.21.2012

    I was going to say I've answered that question a zillion times 😛

    Yes you can add your own sites, its something you should do and not skip over but my answer still applys.

  108. 10.2.2012


    Because when Google looks at a page it gets a better on page score if it links out to relevant related sites that allow the user to continue their journey and learn more.

    If every link in your profile only ever points to 1 url it is a huge footprint.

    The idea is to look and appear natural and contextual links to other sites help us do that.

    If you have a few adsense sites to play with then play with them. Setup a different approach for each site based on what you have learnt in these videos and then measure the results.

  109. 10.19.2012

    Hi Matt –
    Really Awesome Stuff!

    Just to tag on to Jenny's first point – Does that mean you dont want to use Link Wheel Bandit for your own money site, or you just want to have your money domain mixed in with many other related sites?

  110. 10.2.2012

    HI Malcolm,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    SENuke is a pretty diverse tool as long as you dont use that stupid wizard campaign creator. Before UD hit the market I used Nuke X exclusively for my tier 1 linking.

    This video series is the first time I have actually put myself in the position of teaching others so I expect there is still a lot to learn on my end and they will continue to improve over time. I often struggle with translating what makes sense in my head, into something that makes sense to others.

    Thanks very much for sharing the tutorials with your list – I rely on word of mouth for my traffic so that is the biggest thank you you could give me :)

    In terms of forum support I dont really know – TrafficPlanet has some good brains on board and there are some of the more specialised/paid forums like BHSeos which I dont personally use.

    Personally I wouldn't ask for replacement suggestions I would find and test them myself. I map out my strategy and then find tools that support that strategy, a lot of people buy a tool and then formulate a strategy around what the tool offers which isn't. If you have any queries about software though I have pretty much tried everything going with a few exceptions.

  111. Malcolm Simmonds

    That all makes sense. Thanks for such a complete answer. Talk again! All the best, Malc

  112. 10.26.2012

    Thanks :)

  113. 11.6.2012

    Thats just how the theme came ^^

  114. GSA Search Engine Ranker takes care of everything once its setup!

  115. 2.6.2013

    I guess so. Although my experience with GSA is that after its initial run completes it doesn’t pick up many more sites. Even so, a few extra links is better than a kick in the pants. :)

  116. Perhaps you need to widen the scope of the keywords it uses to find targets?

  117. 2.6.2013

    Ah… Of course! Thanks Matt! :)

  118. No worrys ^^

  119. 2.11.2013


    I tend to do it monthly – but it wont hurt to do it more often, say weekly.

  120. 2.18.2013


    Here you go

    I’m working on bringing them full HD on the blog but the plugin guy sucks at support

  121. 2.23.2013

    Hi Kris,

    The press releases need to be manually approved but also run the recheck live links function.

    The directory links I leave out of the tiered structure so a portion of the profile doesn’t have a tier behind it if that makes sense.

    Hold off on LWB for now and just get GSA that’ll do you for the most part, if you need extra oomph then get LWB – thanks for buying through my link and sharing my stuff!

  122. Kris

    Some of my PR’s have been approved but there is no link to be found, at least I can’t find it. My spun in link is not live and I can’t find a link under any kind of author/additional resource section. I only had 3ish approved so maybe those PR sites just don’t allow live links? Kind of noticing the same thing with the videos.

    Makes sense.

    That was kind of what I was thinking with LWB, just seems a shame to leave it out simple as it is.

    Its good content and worth sharing…just a little extra plug, IT WORKS! Saw my first real bump last night and I haven’t even started tier 2/3 yet.


  123. 2.25.2013


    Have you re-run the task to collect live links?

    I’ve had lots of people email me with their successes of this method so its good to hear your seeing early traction as well! The most successful guy is ranking #1 for a $750 commission product, crazy stuff!

  124. Kris

    Yeah, it lists several pages and when I go to them I just cant find the link’s. My content is there just no links. Wondering if I missed something in the campaign set up. For the PR’s I just spun my link into the article, same content I used for the wikis and the links are in those…not sure whats going on really.

    And this product is?;-)

  125. 2.26.2013


    I’m not going to break a readers confidentiality with the specific product/niche

    What happens if you open up the PR task in Ultimate Demon and then preview the content you load – do you see your link there?

  126. kschmandt

    Sorry, was meant to be tongue in cheek, hence the ;-). I would not expect you to divulge that highly valuable and confidential info.

    Looked at the pr, link is properly spun into content along with “contextual links” just not live links in the pr’s that have gone live. Only a handful have been successful so it may just be that the sites don’t allow links in the content?

    The bigger problem I am having now is that after running for 48hr GSA has submitted 1100 times and only has 20 successfully verified links. Only 10 links a day seems pretty sparse to me considering I have around 100 tier links to cover. Could I have set something up wrong or is that normal…may will just take more time to verify?

    Thanks again for all of your help.

  127. 2.28.2013


    Ahhh I see 😛

    I would suggest you do a test submission, then login manually and see whats happening. It might be getting submitted with the links, then mods/admin are removing them or it could be something like you identified. Have a manual peek at whats going on.

    What settings have you get in place for GSA in terms of threads, proxies & captcha solver?

  128. kschmandt

    I’ll log in and have a look at some of the pr’s.

    As for GSA Im using captcha sniper with 3 retries and no backups (ie DBC). 5300 captchas sent 2900 solved.

    Was running 25 threads and just bumped it up to 50. I’m running it on a low end VPS with UD at the same time, didn’t want to overload it. Doesn’t seem to be running more than 10 at a time most of the time. Monitor cpu usage is ticked.

    Ive been letting GSA scrape proxies, 760ish active now. Proxies used everywhere.

    Seems strange to me lots of successful submissions just no verified links total of 1500/23 now, on and tier 3 has not even started submissions yet.

  129. Hi,

    Are you getting those stats from GSA or CS? The CS ‘solved’ stat is highly inaccurate

    If you pull up task manager are you maxing out the cpu/ram? If so you’ll see a much higher failure rate

    The verification is done in batches so just sit tight :)

  130. 3.12.2013

    Hi Chris,

    Just bring LWB into the mix if you need to

  131. 3.14.2013

    Hi Ian,

    No worrys :)

    I haven’t used any of the other GSA products so I can’t comment but I don’t see a need for it really :) I think that was developed way before SER is what it is today.

  132. 3.15.2013

    No sorry =/

  133. 3.18.2013


    Because GSA doesn’t offer the granular control that is required on the first tier for quality nor does it give you the ability to remove links as you need to. Please see video 1 as to why thats important.

    What have you done to ioslate GSA indexer as the problem?

  134. xpressor

    do you mean this?
    Edit -> Tools -> Export -> Account Data
    log in and remove the links?

    I did almost the same set up as yours except i didnt index all my tier, after 1 month my main kw is page 1 no.2, 5 other keywords within top 5, after i started to index with gsa indexer over the night, my main keyword drop to no.7. not sure what is the reason but i stop the indexer and after a day it went back to no.2.

    Another question is do u use to create email verification?

  135. 3.19.2013


    Yes :)

    Just out of interest – how old is the domain/site your doing this on?

    You can attribute things that happened over night to something you did the day before, in fact daily rank checking will only causes self confusion/fear :)

  136. xpressor

    not sure if my last comment get through

  137. xpressor

    It is about 6 months, due to work issue I have to use new domain / name given to me.

    I’m quite new to seo so m curious about my ranking :)

    I’m seriously considering UD, but I heard alot of feedback it give no follow link. Understand from your post that no follow or do follow does not matter.
    However from my understanding do follow give u more backlink juice n no follow is to diversify so we dont get penalize. Correct me if I’m worng:)

  138. 3.20.2013

    Dont think it did =\ Nothing in the spam either

  139. 3.20.2013


    Your correct with what you say about nofollow.

    When you get a ranking fluctuation you should carry on doing what you are doing as if it never happened. Sometimes the site will drop for 2-3 weeks at which point many SEO’s stop what they are doing which is a clear sign to Google.

    Try and get out of the habit of checking daily. You still need ‘daily data’ for future analysis if things go wrong, but you yourself should only look at this weekly.

  140. xpressor

    Seems like I can’t submit my comment for some unknown reason. Hopefully this get through, Anyway Matt thanks for the tips, I have 1 more question, I manage to rank one of my keyword to be page 1 no 1, but the rest of my keywords are jumping from page 3-7. Do you know the reasons?

  141. 3.27.2013

    Your comments coming through ok :)

    Are the rankings all for the same page, or different pages targeting different keywords?

  142. 3.27.2013


    It really is an irrelevant number. If it has just spent the last hour scraping targets you’ll have a low LPM but the next hour you’ll have a high LPM as it posts

  143. 4.26.2013


    No I tend to keep them separate but theres no specific reason for that.

    Each run is treated as if I haven’t done it before

  144. 4.26.2013


    Yes each run of the campaign targets 1 page which can target a range of keywords.

  145. Hi Darren,

    You can give these guys a try that used to host the blog

  146. Hi,

    Yes you should do :)

  147. 5.10.2013


    Yes the article directories are not auto approve, they work just like a standard article directory and need human review to be published. I can’t tell you how long that takes for each individual site.

    Just run the live links check again in 2 weeks or something like that – unfortunately your relying on a 3rd party for these to go live =\

  148. prashantc

    Hi Matthew, We need to use contextual links using kontent machine pointing to only money sites & targeted keywords for tier 2 and tier 3 links (GSA Ranker) OR We need to scrape the relevant links and keywords using scrapebox for contextual link, which is the best way do you suggest and why ?

    If you are using relevant links & keywords scraped using scrapebox for contextual links then how come back linking happens when tier 3 connects to tier 2 as we have used scraped relevant links and not money site.

  149. 5.15.2013


    GSA takes care of inserting the links between tiers for us automatically.

    I use scrapebox for the contextual links because well, its the best scraping tool :)

  150. prashantc

    Contextual links are those which are pointing to money site but if we use the scraped relevant links in kontent machine instead of money site URL then link juice may not come to money site, it might go to scraped relevant links.

  151. 5.16.2013

    Huh Im confused? Each article will have a link to your money site and 1 or 2 relevant sites?

  152. 5.16.2013


    I have no idea – your asking me to predict the future :) Whatever update they make is irrelevant if you have followed the best practices in video 1

  153. prashantc

    Ok i got it ….. thanks :)

  154. 5.17.2013

    No worrys :)

  155. 5.27.2013


    Yeah pretty much – stop it once you get to number 1 or keeping it running – your call.

    Everytime you create more tier 1 links, follow the tutorials like you’ve never done it before.

    Yes 1 campaign per page which targets multiple keywords

  156. choikh

    That mean if I have a site of 20 pages, targeting 20 different keywords. I would be creating 20 different campaign right?
    That lots of work to do, but I think it worth 😀

  157. 5.28.2013

    You could chop n change it to target more than 1 URL, nothing to say that wouldn’t work its just not how I choose to do it

  158. 6.13.2013


    1) So you dont leave a blatant footprint of self promotion that is not natural

    2) Exported as .txt files with the title as the first line and the article body as the rest

    3) yes

    4) Send me an email

  159. 6.24.2013


    1) Just whatever it outputs at the end of that specific run. There is no magic number.

    2) Nope

  160. Well just let it run forever 😛 Continuously strengthening those 1st tiers

  161. 7.5.2013

    This is like a shotgun Matt… :)

  162. I actually put them into seperate campaigns. Treat each run like its the first time your doing it

  163. 7.10.2013


    1) I did :)

    2) Sounds perfect to me :) Nice job on mixing things up a bit!

  164. 7.12.2013


  165. 7.16.2013

    Can you show me a screenshot please?

  166. Answered a million times in comments. But basically UD has more granular control

  167. Hi,

    Thanks very much – yes you can do it like that ^^ Although I probably wouldn’t use those on the 3rd tier and perhaps bring them to the 1st tier

  168. If you can get enough sites into it then perhaps, but you risk the crossover of having the same site on multiple tiers.

    I would possibly use nuke for the 1st tier and then just grab GSA SER and captcha breaker to take care of the others

  169. Hi,

    There is no set number as a rule but anywhere between 100-300 for each tier 1 link will be fine.

    Then around 300-500 for tier 3 but again, no set rules other than a load more than the tier below.

    I wouldn’t worry about nofollow, well I havent for years so ^^

    Get in touch with sven (gsa dev) he will be able to help you speed things up/help with the bottleneck

  170. Theres no set answer to that, how many threads, how powerful is the CPU, how are you solving captchas etc etc etc a million and one things that affect things like that.

    I would speak with Sven the developer who is awesomely helpful!

  171. Hi Febro,

    I don’t have much experience with this but from what I can gather it doesn’t matter if the links are english based.

    However thats not to say that wont change in the future so I would try to mix it up if I were you.

  172. Ray

    Thanks a bunch for your reply! One follow-up question, though: Since PDF docs can’t be spun easily (at least, I don’t know how), wouldn’t using the same PDF document on 100 Tier 1 doc shares make Google suspicious?

  173. 9.14.2013


    I wouldn’t go all out but certainly creating 3-4 documents then syndicating each one to 3-5 sites isn’t going to hurt and will add some nice natural diversity!

  174. 10.4.2013

    Its pretty CPU intensive so which ever has the best CPU ^^

  175. 10.4.2013

    Try speaking with the very very helpful developer of GSA. CS support (I guess you dealt with mike) is awful

  176. 10.8.2013


    1) yes :) new targets each time but I only import my main list monthly.

    2) Could do that myself in about 8-10 hours end to end but yes I outsource it

  177. 10.8.2013


    Either/or will work fine :) Mix it up be random ^^

  178. 10.9.2013

    I guess you mean to let it run on a PC.

    But doesn´t Captcha Sniper have to run all the time during the submission process like GSA or Licorne too? So it would be better to run it on the VPS in my opinion, wouldn´t it. However, it would be great to preserve VPS ressources?

    And: When everyting (Licorne and GSA) is running on VPS isn´t there a need to let CS run on it too for technical reasons? I´m not very good in technics, that´s why I pose this question.

  179. 10.9.2013


    I mean to let it run on whichever has the most powerful processor.

    Yes it does need to be running all the time and you dont neccessarily need a VPS. I have a dedicated link building box that runs 24/7 that I remote into on my home network.

    ALthough I outgrew that and still had to get 2x VPS to support that ^^

    Basically if you want to solve captchas with CS, it has to be running.

  180. 10.9.2013

    Thanks for the info Matt. Would you mind sharing how much it costs you to outsource that work? I assume you use a VA for this.
    It’s a job I really do not like doing; don’t mind the article writing, but spinning does melt my brain a bit. If I know how much to expect to pay for a VA to do it, then I know at what monthly revenue I’ll be able to look at hiring one.



  181. 10.10.2013


    Full time staff cost around $325-$400 a month and they can produce 2-3 per day, 5 days a week.

  182. 10.15.2013

    Okie the thing works now. Yeah GSA people are great! Question about LWB: I can’t build anywhere near the structure you are doing on the video (I think you did like 10-10-10 or something). It won’t let me add more accounts to one campaign. Is there some secret Ultimate Pro BadAss Monstah Monstah version that will allow more accounts per project?

  183. 10.18.2013

    Excellent :) I knew Sven would come through ^^

    Can you explain your question about LWB a little more please

  184. 10.18.2013


    1) its always more economical to get your onsite conent sorted and if your running an ecommerce store its highly likely the on site sucks. Testing the keyword waters with adwords first to see which convert and are profitable is wise. Then you know which ones are worth chasing organically.

    2) Every site has its own IP from a different hosting provider

    3) They are very different tools that do very different things so you can’t really compare =\

    I think the mrs will be happy when you make phat stax 😛

  185. 10.31.2013

    Hi Larry,

    I don’t do SEO for others so not really worried about that. Having a regular flow of high quality manual spun content will be the main issue/cost.

  186. 11.11.2013

    Hi Lue,

    Thats very kind of you thanks.

    I dont care about nofollow/dofollow – never look at it which helps it become more natural.

    How many you start with doesn’t matter, you just need to be able to maintain it.

  187. 11.11.2013
  188. 11.11.2013

    Hi Peter,

    Thats very kind of you thanks. Take a look here for some great hosting offers –

  189. 11.14.2013


    I don’t share my sites publicly unfortunately

  190. 11.14.2013

    @zevi How about you go rob a bank and tell everyone how you did it and how much money you got? might as well include the route you took too and the location of the money! :)

  191. Zevi

    Obviously! However, can you share your success rate from this? ie What kind of traffic have you received because of these tactics and how much PR for your money sites?

    Or is this only one of many factors and by itself is not effective?

    Thanks for your time.

  192. 11.16.2013

    Now that would be an AWESOME case study (I’m not condoning it though 😛 )

  193. Zevi

    @Al Johnon

    Location of the money is… MY MONEY SITE!!!


  194. 11.16.2013


    It is hard to judge as I dont rely on 1 form/method/approach to link building. It is important to mix it up and also take other promotional strategies on board outside of SEO.

    National newspapers are a good start ^^

  195. Zevi

    Thanks for that, it makes me wonder how people judge what methods are useful and what not when you need lots of differnet factors.

    Cheers again!

  196. 11.17.2013

    I keep mine in my bank account :)

  197. 11.17.2013

    I find a lot of people are looking for that 1 magic method, if you can step back from that mindset thigns are much easier :)

  198. Zevi

    Easier is what I am looking for Sirree!

    Gonna try!

    Keep up the good work.

    By the way I would love a good tutorial from you how to use Google Analyitcs to get the maximum from SEO, its your type to have a host of tips!!

  199. 11.18.2013


    Is that on your 2nd tier or 3rd tier project?

    Also is that submitted or verified?

  200. 11.18.2013

    HI Larry,

    Kind words thank you.

    What I would like to see is you take that step by step clarity and combine that with your own knowledge/experience to evolve the process.

  201. 11.18.2013
  202. 11.18.2013

    Tier 2 – 450 verified / Tier 3 – 2500 verified approx. Also does GSA not have pause button, because I accidentally pressed stop thinking like UD it will continue where it left off but instead started submitting all the links again. Does GSA project ever end? How long does it take till you see search engine rankings if all done properly?

  203. 11.18.2013

    Sounds ok to me!

    You can control the GSA projects individually by right clicking on them. It’s really hard to put a time scale on things theres hundereds of variables at play!

  204. Zevi

    Hey, didnt notice that. Gonna watch that first and get back to you.

  205. 11.19.2013

    Let me know :)

  206. 11.20.2013

    Hi Matthew.

    Ah, now that’s where I fall on my face! You’ve made tiered link-building so d*** clear that everything else I’ve learned has become unclear and murky. Seriously, I’ve been thinking about your suggestion for several hours and I can’t seem to come up with that list of even 3 to 4 off-page strategies that I would rank next to your strategy. So much is wishy-washy. I’m just asking if you could list the 3 to 4 strategies that you think are highly or most effective in ranking a site in your experience. In that way I can hone in on the tactics, the implementation, etc. Having become a follower has had its downside. When I review a strategy it pales in comparison to the one you’ve presented so clearly and artfully.
    I hope you see this as a good problem that has resulted from your strategy, and I’m asking for a bit of direction, because in comparison to yours most other strategies are fluff and have very little meat.
    Also, one other question. The subject of my site is quite broad. I was thinking of creating four or five blogs on specific topics. If I ran this tiered link-building into each of these blogs separately, and then had these linking to my money site would I gain any more power and link juice coming into my money site (i.e. a four tier setup), or could i under this same scenario have Tier 1 linking both to my topical blogs and to my money site (different links of course)? Your thoughts?
    Thanks for everything you’ve put into this training.


  207. 11.20.2013

    Hi Larry,

    There isn’t one size fits all tactic. If you take a step back and think about how the web is linked togegher, combined with your knowledge of SEO/link building – see what you can come up with.

    A good start would be to list all the different types of link building you could do – then grab a pen/paper and draw out what you think based on your knowledge would be a good strategy.

    Then you can start looking at the best way to implement that, do you need software, which software, what resources does each task need etc etc

    Eventually you work backwards to a step by step plan!

    In answer to your other question, watch video 6 😉

  208. 1.23.2014

    Thanks for the advice!

    There are many more. I always mark them as spam but Google Blogger doesn’t seem to be doing any filtering based on this as far as I can tell.

    At least these people haven’t stolen my text and videos and re-published with their own ads – I’ve seen that too.

  209. 12.29.2013

    Redirect to anywhere, preferrably a cpanel hosted email address with spam assassin etc disabled

  210. 1.17.2014


    1) They released a new version but I haven’t had time to update things yet

    2) Yes

    3) Please see the update linked at the top of this post


  211. 1.17.2014

    Your Reply

  212. 4.15.2014

    Yeah its no longer available sorry

  213. You would import the actual site urls rather than the footprints but yes

  214. 6.23.2014

    Which comment?

  215. 6.23.2014

    Thank you!

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