Episode Guide

This is the second video in my Ultimate Guide To Tiered Link Building video tutorial series. If you missed part 1 then be sure to check out the episode guide on the right.

Thanks for all the great feedback so far! Please share this video series with others if you find it useful. It takes hours to make each video so taking a few seconds to share it is a great way of saying thank you.

Important Update: Please read this.

What You Will Learn

  1. How to create a perfect tier 1 link profile
  2. How to prepare for the campaign
  3. How to spin content the right way
  4. How to setup a campaign over my shoulder
  5. How to schedule your tier 1 link campaigns

EXCLUSIVE: Take The Hard Work Out Of Tiered Link Building With My Planner

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Resources In The Video

Essential Tools

TheBestSpinner (download the trial) – It really is The Best Spinner.

Ultimate Demon ($50 Discount) – perfect for creating a solid tier 1 link profile.

EXCLUSIVE: Take The Hard Work Out Of Tiered Link Building With My Planner

Sourcing Content – Good quality articles for the money – perfect for link building!

Exclusive reader discount – Save 10% with coupon code MATTHEWWOODWARD – Fantastic backend for managing your orders and projects.
Update: Since publication the SEO Generals service is not what it once was and the coupon has now expired. Please use 99CentArticles who offer a great service and pricing.

Fiverr videos – Can’t get them any cheaper than that!.

Other Resources

Google Adwords Keyword tool – Find related keywords and tags.

Scrapebox – The swiss army knife of the SEO world. – The semi dedicated ones from BuyProxies are superior in comparison to SquidProxies which I used to use.

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