Scrapebox is like the Swiss army knife of SEO tools. It should be in everybody’s arsenal and can be used for a huge range of functions.

A lot of people have asked me for a dedicated tutorial series on Scrapebox & well, here it is :)

What You Will Learn

  • What Scrapebox is/does
  • How to build footprints
  • How to scrape in bulk
  • How to use it for keyword research
  • How to buy expired domains
  • How to analyse links
  • How to get guest posts
  • How to blast comments
  • How to build niche specific comments
  • Page rank sculpting
  • How to automate everything
  • How to analyse competitor backlinks
  • How to use the free addons

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You will also get a bunch of exclusive resources and links to additional tutorials teaching you how to use Scrapebox like a pro!

Click here to read the ultimate guide to Scrapebox now!

Download The Ultimate Guide To Scrapebox In PDF Format

This was the culmination of months of hard work from Jacob King along with contributions from Charles Floate & Chris Dyson.

So props to them – it was so good I wanted to share it here with you all!

You should check out some of their other posts-

113 Responses

  1. 11.10.2013

    Hello Matt,

    Right now ‘m getting information about scrapbox and suggest from some marketers. How to use scrapbox and what can i get from this tool.

    I saw this post from google. Really help out your tutorial.

    • November 10th, 2013 at 12:34 pm

      Glad it helped you out, theres lots of things you can do with Scrapebox!

      • November 19th, 2013 at 8:36 am

        Hi Matt,

        Uber Blog for me, I visit here almost daily now….can I get some sort of discount on ScrapeBox or do u have a link/ If I wanted to buy that.
        One more thing, what is better for backlink profiling, Spyglass or Ahrefs.

        Best regards,

  2. 11.13.2013

    I cant find a link on your site to buy scrapebox, dont you have an affiliate with them? your listed 2nd below for scrapebox, so I’d be pleased to earn you some affiliate dollars from my purchase

    • November 14th, 2013 at 12:45 pm


      They dont have an affiliate program but thanks for your kind thought!

  3. 11.30.2013

    Hi Matt, you may delete this comment after reading. I just wanted to say you “Thanks from heart”. Learning from you.


  4. 12.5.2013

    Hi Mat. What is the content locker tool you use for this page?

  5. 12.8.2013

    Hi Matt! I never heard about this Scrapebox. I couldn’t get clear about your writing much.

  6. 12.24.2013

    Hi matt, i want to buy the best spinner and scrape box, but right now i can only buy one of them, as a beginner which one do you think would be more useful for me?
    Thanks for your support

    • December 26th, 2013 at 1:11 pm

      They are two very different tools, it depends what you want to do at the moment

  7. adeolu

    hi,i would like to know how long it will take scrapebox to harvest 100 pr5 sites and comment on them

    • January 9th, 2014 at 11:24 pm

      There is no accurate answer to that question. But once you have the URL’s, like 5 seconds to drop the comments.

  8. 1.10.2014

    Hi Matt,

    I heard that scrapebox does not act effect for SEO nowaday, I dont know it’s real or not, because I intend to buy it, how do you think?

  9. 1.25.2014

    matt – you mention resource pack, where is that

  10. I shared on facebook, but don’t see the link to download your manual- so please show me, thanks

  11. 6.9.2014

    It’s amazing how many white hat uses that ScrapeBox has. I have been investigating it a lot and trying to learn more and the guide linked here was amazing. It helped a lot! Thanks for this post. I found that ScrapeBox is a GREAT keyword research tool and even serves a purpose in the white hat arena.

  12. 10.26.2014

    Am I right in thinking I do not specifically need ScrapeBox to build my target site list if I have GSA Search Engine Ranker ?

    I know though that ScrapeBox has many many many other great features (that I use a lot – mainly from your tutorials here) but speficially for target site lists can I just use GSA instead – rather than target in SB – export – import to GSA etc

    • October 29th, 2014 at 3:48 pm

      That is correct – although you can use Scrapebox separately to scrape sites and feed them into GSA

  13. 11.3.2014

    Hi Matt, first off – thanks for this write-up. I’m familiarising myself with this and wondering if you can suggest one or two awesome ways the scrapebox can be used in conjunction with Majestic SEO? Just diggin’ for great ideas. Thanks.

  14. Mike

    Hi Matt, thanks fot this tutorial, it is very helpful!

  15. nicefor

    Thanks a lot for this tutorial! I have just starting using scrapebox, or better… trying to use it. Time for me to study!!

  16. 2.10.2015

    Great tutorials Matt, thanks for taking the time to share. I just learned about scrapebox and am going to purchase it right away.

  17. 2.21.2015

    Hi Matt,

    Just checking out your guide, though I click on the link and it takes me to Jacob King’s website and guide? I was under the impression that you had one as well :/



  18. Udo

    I own scrapebox but it is very annoying to use because of its bad coding in a few ways. For example, it freeze may times in havester in some condition, especially long time harvest, however, I could recovery but need a bit addition works. It freeze at random points, sometime I forget to save progress. It a piece of awesome software but I could be better.

    • March 1st, 2015 at 11:34 am

      Sounds like you are running it on a budget VPS or a computer with not much ram/cpu power with too many threads than it can handle.

  19. 3.15.2015

    Hey Matthew,
    Do you know any place where to get good auto approve lists for scrapebox? i’m buying now from fiverr but most of them are bad!

  20. 3.25.2015

    hello matthew
    i’m fan of your blog

    so i’m going to purchase GSA SER and GSA CB and i want to have discover and scrape the list for link building via GSA SER.. so can scrapebox scrape high quality list of websites to use for link building? and also can i scrape list for tier 1 and tier 2 ?

  21. 7.12.2015

    Do you know how can we use Scrapebox as trial? Thanks.

  22. 8.12.2015

    Thanks Matt! Just started my own niche site and this pdf covers everything I need to know about Scrapebox. An excellent resource and free! Cannot thank you enough :) is my site, nowhere near finished yet but when it is this resource will be invaluable


  23. 8.25.2015

    Hey Matt,

    This is awesome, I have owned scrapebox for years and have used a wide variety of its features. I help run a Web Design and SEO service and had essentially put my black-hat days behind me. These new wonderful white hat uses for Scrape-box is awesome. Thanks for pointing us in the right direction. Would it be alright for me to add a link to here from my blog section: Let me know. Thanks Again!

    • August 26th, 2015 at 10:56 am

      Scrapebox is a true swiss army knife :) Feel free to do what you wish :)

  24. 8.26.2015

    Thanks for the tips I hope they still work.I hope that my comment makes it on to blog too

  25. Harris

    Hello there, thank you so much for these amazing tutorials. I am generally the field of SEO.
    I have created a new website and now need to make it popular(I mean watched by lots of people) as it is a marketplace. It is a WordPress website. (not that it matters).
    Do you suggest ScrapeBox or GSA SER for backlinks and traffic generation?

    Thank you very much in advance.

    • September 2nd, 2015 at 2:25 pm

      What makes you think SEO is the answer to making it popular? What other promotion are you doing?

  26. 9.23.2015

    After following instructions still have not been able to find link to download ebook

  27. 11.4.2015

    Hi Matthew, your social locker is great and i wanted to implement it in my site :( without succes, can you point me to a tutorial or guide ??
    +1 given to the post

  28. 9.16.2013

    great.. been looking forward to scrapebox tutorial since long

  29. MixerDJ

    Matthew I have problem with your widget.I’m using Firefox latest version.when widget open i can only see Facebook shares.Can’t share with twitter or G+

  30. 9.16.2013

    Great! :) waiting for something like this :)

  31. 9.16.2013

    Thank you!
    Very, very usefull!

  32. 9.16.2013

    wonderful Matt ,I’ve looking for that tutorial a long time ago , thanks Matt

  33. 9.16.2013

    Great bonus find thanks Mathew, perfect timing scapebox has been giving me a real pain in the proverbial lately, lol trying hard to follow your advice and copy a few of your ideas. love your site mate!

  34. 9.16.2013

    Thanks for the link. I haven’t used my Scrapebox in a while, so this should be good. I actually went to use it a few weeks ago and I had to spend a bunch of time figuring everything out again. I guess when you stop using a powerful software like SB, you can forget all the good features it has.

  35. 9.16.2013

    Sweet. Scrapebox is one of the most powerful tools out there but I cringe every time I see a noob do a campaign for his/her website and totally mess it up -_-

  36. Daniela Flores

    I knew you wouldn’t forget us! Thx you Matty! :)

  37. 9.16.2013

    It is a great tutorial and Jacob tells it well. It inspired me to make the NOT so ultimate scrapebox tutorial.

  38. 9.16.2013

    I bought Scrapebox a couple of weeks ago and have looked at a ton of the tube vids out there but i kept getting stuck..
    This couldn’t have come at a better time for me – Thanks Matthew

  39. 9.17.2013

    I was really excited when I saw this because I have no idea what scrapebox even is. I went right to the introduction of the tutorial and there as nothing that actually states what scrapebox DOES or why I would want to use it. The intro goes right to proxies. Something to think about for next time.

  40. 9.17.2013

    Thanks Matthew. any free version available like this?

  41. 9.17.2013

    hey Matthew

    I never used scrapebox (I don;’t even know how to spell it right…) in my life, yet, my sites rank well on Google, and earnings are growing…

    Do you think I can benefit from your method with this scrapebox thing?

  42. 9.17.2013

    Great! I’ve been waiting for this! List of things about what are will learn on Scapebox. Thanks for providing PDF File. I appreciate that. Thanks for this, Matthew! :) contributor

  43. Oliver Sherrington

    I only really have one problem with this. I want the pdf and I want the lists, but this content is so ridiculously fantastic that i don’t want to share it, for risk of competitors finding it!

    The White-hat in me will force a share in the end i fear.

    10/10 – can’t believe how much more I can get out of Scrapebox that I have been getting so far.

  44. Cubensis

    Great stuff!

    Thanks for sharing mate! πŸ˜€

  45. 9.18.2013

    h*** yes – now I can finally wipe the dust off my copy and put it to use!

  46. 9.18.2013

    This has totally convinced me to get Scrapebox.

    I’m ordering a VPS at the start of next month. My first port of call will be grabbing Scrapebox and some other software that you’ve mentioned Matt.

    Just started a new site (about 40 days old so far) and I’m building up some content.

    Once I’ve got the major static pages in place i’ll start doing some guest posting, using the advice in here to find the perfect places!

    Thanks again for all the hard work people have put into the post.

  47. 9.18.2013

    Hahaha your not the first person to provide feedback like that πŸ˜›

  48. 9.19.2013

    I spent yesterday with your Dad at the R&D old blokes reunion.

    He said that you would be able to tell me why ouir web site has a very low level of visits, and no bookings.

    Be very grateful for some pointers if possible. I am however a bit of a computer Luddite.

    Thanks Martin

  49. 9.20.2013

    Hey MATT !

    THANKS ! Purchased SCRAPEBOX some days ago and this is a perfect thing to start with πŸ˜€

  50. YiannaGR

    This is a bookmark paradise, thanks for all the great content, time to make a coffee and read all this ^_^

  51. 9.21.2013

    Looking at the functions of scrapebox, it seems as if its a good tool. I think I might get this one.

  52. 9.22.2013

    “A lot of people have asked me for a dedicated tutorial series on Scrapebox & well, here it is”

    Stop trying to make it look like people came to you to ask for a Scrapebox tutorial. Your not an expert at Scrapebox so stop pretending you are.

    Trying to make it sound like you wrote the article is shameful. This is the worst kind of self promotion possible. Someone else did all the hard work – NOT YOU.

    Really pathetic!

  53. 9.24.2013

    Hello Matt

    Not sure if you received my email or other comment here, do you offer an SEO service?

    I see from your income reports you do consulting – I read a lot of your tutorials but don’t always have the time (or will) to implement them!


  54. 9.27.2013

    Hi Matt,

    Great post, really it helps me a lot.


  55. 9.28.2013

    This is what I really want, Scrape is very useful tool, I bought it last month and started using it. This guide will surely help me to use it’s all function, thanks a lot Jacob for creating such useful guide. Thanks Matthew for sharing this guide with us.

  56. 9.16.2013

    Enjoy :)

  57. 9.16.2013

    Clear caches :)

  58. 9.16.2013
  59. 9.17.2013

    No worrys :)

  60. 9.18.2013

    Glad you like it πŸ˜›

  61. 9.18.2013

    No worrys :)

  62. 9.18.2013

    Well theres lot of applications for it so thats like asking if your body can benefit from this oxygen stuff that keeps floating around πŸ˜›

  63. 9.18.2013

    Free version of what?

  64. 9.18.2013

    Will let Jacob know thank you

  65. 9.18.2013

    All kudos to Jacob!

  66. 9.18.2013

    Hahaha very good ^^ You should call it the ultimateish scrapebox guide

  67. 9.18.2013

    No worrys – thanks to Jacob though!

  68. 9.18.2013

    Yeah it is a little too powerful at times ^^

  69. 9.21.2013

    I guess that’s why there are great tutorials out there that you can use to improve your skills using different tools like Scrapbox.

  70. 9.18.2013

    You have sinned!

  71. 9.18.2013

    There not my ideas ^^

  72. 9.18.2013

    No worrys!

  73. 9.18.2013

    No problemo!

  74. 9.20.2013

    Enjoy πŸ˜›

  75. 9.20.2013

    Good luck :) Be careful what you do with your powerful new weapon :)

  76. 9.20.2013

    Hi Sam,

    Nice to see your taking the time to build out the site properly and engage users before jumping into link building.

    That is rare to hear!

  77. 9.21.2013

    Cheap and cheerful as well!

  78. 9.22.2013

    I’m guessing you missed the tutorials request forum

    Have a look through and you’ll see it is in fact, THE MOST requested.

    This post was also signed off by Jacob King before it was published with his expression permission.

    Shameful fact checking ^^

  79. 9.22.2013

    The best way to learn is by breaking stuff not tutorials πŸ˜‰

  80. 9.25.2013


    All emails are replied to as far as im aware except for yesterdays (24th)

    I don’t offer SEO services for others though sorry

  81. 9.28.2013

    All thanks go to Jacob King for this one :)

  82. 9.30.2013

    No worrys :)

  83. 11.11.2013

    Hi Martin,

    Drop me an email with some more details :)

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