Today I am going to show you how to promote your website for free online by hacking the brains of key influencers in your niche.

Top bloggers have always fascinated me. They are people just like you and me.

Their #1 goal though is to build rapport and strengthen their brand. They know trust equals sales, so they work hard to create large and responsive followings and audiences.

When you have the trust of others, you can then legally and ethically influence them to buy from YOU, co-create content, launch projects together, guest post reciprocate, link bait exchange, cross-promote each other and so on.

That’s how businesses are made successful.

What You Will Learn

  • How to promote your website online
  • What happens when A-list players promote your articles
  • It all starts with one key connection
  • Why ____ is better than traffic
  • How to identify top influent bloggers
  • The strategy that gets them to promote your awesome content every time

Here’s what influencers stand for:











What happens when A-list players promote your articles is amazing. Traffic numbers spike like never before.

It’s not uncommon to receive hundreds and thousands of unique visitors from a single link mention by a pro blogger.

Here’s what Neil Patel has to say about this (read the full post here)

Neil Patel“Each time I published a post, I didn’t share it on any social networks or blast it out to the Quick Sprout list. This caused the blog to go nowhere & receive zero comments. Eventually I shared the posts on my social profiles & I had friends do the same. This is what helped the blog grow & get up to 100 comments per post.”

Now getting traffic is not enough to make you jump up and down like a kid in a candy store. Visitors without conversion means nothing. Leads are the key metrics in this game.

Take the example of Mark Trueman @ He shares how an influent Facebook share brought him over 150 readers in the first day.

If your blog focuses on getting readers, you’ll have an audience you can tap into for many weeks and months to come.

I would rather get 100 quality visitors to my site and turn 20% of these into long-time subscribers than 3k random folks who would never be interested to join my newsletter or buy from me.

For this reason alone leads are more important than traffic. Thus most if not all visitors you aim for, have to be relevant to your blog and target audience.

How To Promote Your Website Using The Domino Effect

It all starts with one influencer. He or she can open the door to other influent bloggers who notice your content and spread the word about it.

Remember, these guys have large followings. People trust them. A single mistake on your part and you can kiss goodbye the leverage these relationships will bring you and your business.

Mistakes To Avoid Before Connecting With Influencers

1. Having poor content on the site

Content is king online. So yours have to be superior and different than your competitors.

Poor content means “me too” articles and blog posts.

Why regurgitate the same stuff over and over again? If you talk about the same topic, at least, write it from a different standpoint. Inject your personality and share your results.

Challenge the status quo.

Bring a pro blogger to feature his insights, or even better – line up a dozen of experts to talk on the same subject & create an expert roundup post.

2. Getting them to promote YOU before…

You promote THEM. Yes, you have to help first before you ask for help. That’s how you get on their radar.

What I do before I connect with key influencers in my industry is simple and profitable. Call it the winning formula to success:

I follow them on Twitter. Your audience and influent bloggers might be on Pinterest, Facebook, Quora or Linkedin. It doesn’t really matter. The approach is always the same and works.

I share their stuff with my following. I favorite and/or Re-Tweet their most interesting and practical articles and mentions. I show them I care about whatever it is they’re doing at the moment on their channels.

Some people jump on their blog and leave insightful comments. I do the same. Others buy their products. I sometimes do that as well. Whatever YOU do ensure is not getting their attention for the sake of it. Your approach have to be authenthic, from the heart.

3. Jumping To Conclusions

Before you connect with influencers ensure their audience is right for you and their latest blog posts and Twitter mentions are commented on and shared. Quality is as important as quantity.

Don’t think that someone with a 20k following is enough to make friends with. Spend some time on their blog. Get to know their audience. Ask yourself these key questions:

Does your audience reasonate with yours?

Does their audience comment on their content?

Does their comments reasonate with your blog and brand?

Would you like the same people comment on your blog and share your content?

You get the idea.

Often, influencers are followed by and follow other influent bloggers and social media gurus. Your objective is to identify the ones whom you reasonate the most with and at the same time, serve your demographics.

Free Services To Identify Top Influencers

1. Twitter

Twitter makes cold calling and email obsolete. You can strike up conversations with strangers and make friends as easy as 1-2-3.

You can then turn these new connections into key influencers that promote your website and do business with you, long term.

how to promote your website on twitter

With this keyword research method finding people that talk about your topic or have your keyword in their username or bio is simple.

2. Buzzsumo

Matthew has written about Buzzsumo before, showing you how to discover top shared content based on specific keywords. You can also use it to find influencers.


3. Google

Use this keyword example:

top ___ bloggers (where ____ is your niche or industry)

google seo

Other examples:

  • top marketing blogs
  • top blogging blogs
  • top advertising blogs
  • top food blogs
  • top health blogs
  • top fitness blogs
  • top design blogs
  • top Twitter blogs

You get the idea.

You can also replace “blogs” with “bloggers” or “experts”

You cannot neglect the big search engine when it comes to finding top influencers in your niche. It’s so easy to find these guys that can not only promote your website but also transform your business into revenue.

Remember, relationships equal positive ROI. My experience taught me that who you know is 10x times more important than what you know.

How To Get Influencers To Promote Your Content

Here’s the shortcut. Instead of creating new content through the Skyscraper approach, edit your current blog posts and do this:

Mention influent bloggers – where you see it fit – either by quoting them or linking to them.

Getting them to promote your website afterward is a breeze. It’s just a matter of e-mailing them personally, sharing the link and asking for their feedback or a vote.

As simple as it sounds, most people complicate things.

Once you’re done with the method above, continue with the second phase:

Grab your influencers’ Twitter @user and get their attention in 140 characters or less.

Rinse and repeat. Do this often and regularly and you’ll increase your following and at the same time build trust and relationships that matter.

It really is that simple there is no need to make things complicated. Just add relevant expert quotes to your existing content and contact them.

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Wrapping It Up

There you have it. The formula to connecting with key influencers in your niche and getting them to promote your content.

Help them first. “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” is the motto in the blogosphere.

So now you know how to promote your website, get started today.

Never look back.

If you have any questions, leave them in your comments below.

If you have something to add to the discussion, I cannot wait to hear your insights.

45 Responses

  1. Just at the time I needed this, thanks Mat!

  2. 2.10.2015

    Matt you hit the nail on the head with this post working with influencers to promote your content is such a powerful and renewable way to grow your reach thanks for sharing

  3. 2.10.2015

    Hi Matt!

    Great ‘How To’ today – you’ve hit the metaphorical nail on the head with this simple list of what it takes to 1. find 2. connect and 3. ultimately get key influencers to promote your stuff!

    I’ve recently done the same for my blog launch – reaching out to some very successful bloggers in the internet marketing and SEO spaces. I have to say – I was pleasantly surprised by the level of uptake to contribute – including YOU so thanks a ton for that! :-)

    Not only for promoting your content but I found building connections with key influencers has a great longer-term effect – I’ve had some pretty good back and forthing with a few now and feel positive about working with some of these guys in the near future – including product testing and affiliate deals etc that I wouldn’t have had access to without simply reaching out!

    Great acronym too!

    Speak soon :-)

  4. 2.10.2015

    Hi, Matthew,

    Your method definitely works! I love blogger outreach as a way of growing my blog and I do all of the steps you talk about.

    I met you because you tweeted a piece of my content. And I have participated recently in a round up post on your blog.

    Thanks for the great info!

  5. 2.10.2015

    Matt, thanks for this informative post, but it would be better if you will give a proper sample of tweet which you have used earlier.

  6. 2.10.2015

    Matthew, I publish a 3x per week podcast through my blog. I get the guest to send a tweet. Your post made me realize how many opportunities I am leaving on the table to mention other authors and influencers. Thanks, I appreciate your leadership in SEO, and especially your consistency and quality.

  7. 2.10.2015

    Hi Matthew, thank you for a nice article. This outreach method is definitely good for bloggers like yourself to gain visibility and recognition. But its not for everyone, especially not for corporate commercial blogs, which do not bring anything new to the table.

    And I liked the idea of dismissing the “me too” articles.

    • February 10th, 2015 at 11:57 am

      That’s because they are usually missing a solid content strategy and are too busy whacking themselves off with red tape

  8. switchkid

    im not complaining, but 3 emails in two days, pushen something you gave away at xmas…

    im not haten .. i just kinda feel like a mug


    • February 10th, 2015 at 11:56 am

      Can you reply to those emails please so I can see what has happened

  9. 2.10.2015

    Powerful tips here Matthew!!

    I’m going to implement some of the tips here. I think it is time I take my blog to the next level as soon as possible!! lol

    Thanks for sharing valuable tips man. You are definitely a badass blogger I look up to.

    If you are open to it – I would like to publish an interview from you at my blog. If you have some spare time, please let me know. I would really appreciate that. I have mentioned you in past posts before, I just never thought of letting you know like you advice in here! lol ..

    I learn something new every time I come to your blog, no doubt!! haha …

    But yeah, keep up the great work Matthew! ..

    Cheers! :D

    • February 10th, 2015 at 11:56 am

      Why don’t you just quote me? :P

      • February 10th, 2015 at 12:52 pm

        That could work too!! lol

        Okay .. I will do this; I’m going to dig through your blog here and make a blog post about you.

        I’ll contact you when I’m done with it.

        thank you for everything Matthew!! :)

  10. 2.10.2015

    Good idea about connecting to the influencers for getting promoted for free. Help they first before you get helped by them. Make sure to have great content (blog post) before contact to the influencers. Content is the king.

    • February 11th, 2015 at 9:52 am

      It is indeed :) No one is going to link to a blog that looks terrible with poor content

  11. Kevin Phoenix

    Matthew, bonjour from France…

    Sometime the blindingly obvious seems to sneak around a corner and hide behind the shed… only to jump out when you’re least expecting it and go “Boo!”

    I’ve always been a people person and yet couldn’t seem to generate the interest in my blog that I thought it deserved. So setting aside all the other “tricks”, this one post alone is now top of my list.

    Thank you


    • February 11th, 2015 at 9:51 am

      Hey :)

      Well I hope it helps you out. Usually blogs that suffer from traction problems have a content issue. I would also invite you to find the 5 most popular problems in your niche then write 5 articles that are the very best articles on the web solving each problem. Next find where your audience live on social media/forums and engage them.

  12. 2.11.2015

    Ok Matt.

    Before I start this, I respect you and your blog.

    But in this specific post, I think you are seriously giving false hope with such a strategy. I recently wrote a post about too many links in a blog post, and in that post I described the ‘Brown Nosed Blogger’.

    Basically what you describe here, is how to become a brown noser. And I have a number of points and concerns to add to your article, if I may.

    1) Linking to an influencers blog/posts. I have followed other bloggers who have adopted such a policy. And it becomes quite evident that the links are there not to serve their reader, but to serve their own agenda. I’ve seen it, you have seen it. Link after link to blogger/influencer X. It’s unsightly. It becomes sickly. And quite frankly, it’s embarrassing.

    2) Choosing an influencer. You touch, very briefly, on the fact that it needs to be authentic and from the heart. Too right it does. I see people all the time choosing these ‘influencers’ based on their status rather than on any genuine merit. I will link to an article by anyone (doesn’t have to be an authority or influencer) based on 2 facts – 1, the content is valuable, and 2, that content relates directly to the content of my post. Yet I see so many bloggers just blind linking, all based on status rather than merit or relevance.

    3) The biggest problem I have with your post Matthew? That this WON’T work for 99% of bloggers out there. In fact, make that 99.9%.

    You have a big readership, and you are successful Matthew. What if what you have just shared here, results in 1,000 bloggers trying to gain your attention? What if 1,000 emails land in your inbox tomorrow – “Hi Matthew, i just featured your post in this article here”. Is this going to gain your attention? Are you really going to go and read every email and read every post you are featured in? Are all those bloggers going to be on your radar? Are you going to reciprocate in a way which will result in that linker getting 1000’s of visits? No.

    I don’t know what your email policy is, but I know this. You won’t be reciprocating anything to the majority of those bloggers, maybe you’ll say thanks, but inevitably, that email will end up in the deleted folder.

    I have read about this strategy before. By other influencers/authorities. I consider you as an influencer/authority. No doubt the ‘Me too’ crowd will follow this to a T. And they’ll see absolutely nothing in return.

    All I see is the same old names cropping up in posts, everywhere. Patel. Flynn. Ferris. Starak. You. There’s no surprise that all of these encourage their readers to adopt the very same strategy you outline here.

    Sorry mate, this is a false narrative, which only serves to make the gap between smaller bloggers and authorities like yourself bigger and bigger, and all it does is give you and other influencers free backlinks over and over again in the vain and deluded hope that those who link will one day, see some sort of reciprocation.

    Which 99.9% won’t.

    Challenging the status quo? Yep.

    • February 11th, 2015 at 9:45 am


      Interesting response let me look at each point individually-

      1) That all depends how you go about doing that. If I have an article about ecommerce SEO and another influencer has written about ecommerce SEO that is solid from a user, search and influencer stand point. Granted this is a tactic that people use in a spammy manner at times.

      2) I agree 100% again its finding that balance of point 1. My monthly what I have read posts for example are nothing but a series of links to content I personally found helpful over the month. That helps me, the readers and the people I link to.

      3) This already happens I get tons of those emails, circling back to point 1 some people do a really terrible job (templated outreach, its just a page with a list of links etc) while others do an awesome job

      As with any strategy there is no one size fits all solution for everyone, its down to the individual to take that strategy and blend with their own thinking. You also need to look at the bigger picture, some of this pitches have resulted in long last business relationships that have been profitable for both parties – it’s not just about that initial link, its the open relationship that is also formed.

      You seem to have a very short term view on this when it comes to widening the gap.

      This strategy can be applied to any niche and used to influence backlinks from any website with authority. Not only is that the nature of search ranking, that is the nature of the world & humans. If there are 2 resraunts to choose from, 1 is busy/lively and 1 is empty dead – we will also go to the busy one because of the inherrent social proof.

      The same applies on the web. If you want to be heard whether an individual or business you need to reach the widest audience possible and it is the influencers whether TV, newspapers or blogs that have that audience.

      And while you might look at me as an authority that is getting bigger and bigger, this blog is only just 2 years old and I built it using the oldest tactics in the book – great content, combined with commenting on authority blogs and forums, listening to conversation on twitter – in what was a highly competitive saturated niche.

      So given me experience of building one of the most popular blogs in a competitive niche using basic tactics like outlined in this post – I 100% disagree with your view and find it very short sighted.

      • February 11th, 2015 at 10:25 am

        Thanks for the reply.

        I’ll take this sentence:

        Mention influential bloggers – where you see it fit – either by quoting them or linking to them. Getting them to promote the content afterward is a breeze. It’s just a matter of e-mailing them personally, sharing the link and asking for their feedback or a vote.

        A breeze? Really? You make it sound as easy as going out to the shops to buy a pint of milk. It’s not. And I stand by the fact that for a large majority of your readership, this strategy will NOT work.

        And I say this again – you, or any other influencer receive 1,000 emails tomorrow – are you going to go through them all, and promote them all? No, you’re not Matthew, and nor is anybody else.

        That’s not short sighted, that’s being realistic.

        Perhaps some of the caveats you have included in your response to me should be in the main body of your article.

        • February 11th, 2015 at 12:40 pm


          Yes that is correct I do not promote all of them. But that is because 99% of people do not put the effort in to build a small relationship before pitching, they try to f**k on the first date so to speak.

          However stroking the human ego by featuring someone/quoting them first and opening the conversation with that is very different – the pitch comes much later down the line and those are the people I continue to have long term relationships with. Whether if that is them asking for specific advice or working together on an affiliate project and so forth.

          That is where you are short sighted.

          It doesn’t matter if you are a new blogger or an established blogger – relationships are critical and must be nurtured. This is just one way you can start them. When I link to anyone in any post I always tweet them about it and email them to let them know.

          Nothing pushy just I wrote about you here check it out feel free to add a comment.

    • February 12th, 2015 at 2:51 am

      Neil Patel is bigger than all 3 of us x 100, he’s about as influential as it gets. Yet i got on his radar simply by leaving an insightful and detailed comment on his blog which he thanked me for and asked what he could do for me in return.

      I asked him to check out my site and give me his opinion. He did. And gave me a glowing testimonial i use on my site to increase optins And some valuab l e feedback.

      Dont think because someone is a big name influencer they won’t find time to respond. Do it properly and they will.

      So sure simply linking to them once randomly for the sake of doing so might not cut it but build up your efforts over time and eventually they will

      Or make sure whatever you do makes you stand out or leaves an impact

      like the detailed email i sent Matt about how to improve his opt ins or the free list of niches i sent Alex Jeffreys to use with his members. Stuff like that doesn’t go unnoticed.

      • February 12th, 2015 at 10:05 am

        Thanks for taking time to add your input Stuart.

      • May 10th, 2015 at 11:44 am

        Thanks Matthew and thanks Stuart.

        Being part of I really don’t think so this group is monitored for posts. Anybody is posting anything here. Atleast make approval of post admin before people adding here any stupid posts. Make it healthy post else delete groupyour Facebook group I surely feel there’s lot of Things to learn and implement.

        And m sure once anyone adopts these small basic points then we can add really great value to our blOgs.

        Matthew I always was worried for backlinks and Google penalization for overdo of anything I was thought In seo. But ur post and some few more post has really changed my way to look at seo ranking and getting leads.

        Thanks a ton.. Keep sharing such inputs.. Thansk again!

  13. 2.11.2015

    And just to cement my points, I just seen Freedom Bloggers comment.

    Looking forward to you mentioning him here on the blog. But if you don’t, never mind, it’s a free backlink :-)

  14. Pooja Singh


    This is an awesome article creative by you. You really inserted some very interesting points which force us to think in details. I really enjoyed this article.

    Thank you,

  15. Neha Singh


    That was nicely written. I really enjoyed your post. It is very useful and helpful article at hacking influencers brains to promote your content today and look forward to reading many more.

    Thanks for sharing it;

    Have a great dat!

    Neha Singh

  16. kokoli


    Thanks for the great info

  17. 2.16.2015

    This is a great concept Matthew, something I’ll be testing out for sure. The back and forth between you and Richard is also interesting and reinforces that this is far from a magic solution.

    The one thing I think that could have used some emphasizing is choosing the right targets.

    At the start of the post you rightly state that a smaller amount of quality visitors is more valuable than a flood of non-targeted visitors.

    This extends, in my opinion, to choosing influencers. Simply choosing influencers to try and connect with based on follower counts seems short-sighted and will result in those inauthentic and forced links that you’ve mentioned.

    I think that spending some time subscribing to each influencer’s site, reading their site (THOROUGHLY!), and only deciding to reach out to those that have a similar view on your niche is most effective and authentic. If they send you visitors somehow, it’s more likely that your content will resonate with them.

    For example, if I run a nutrition site that focuses on a high protein diet, it wouldn’t make much sense to try and get visitors from a vegan blog.

    • February 21st, 2015 at 7:59 am

      Yes I agree the influencers you target needs to align with your goals – however everyones goals are different =/

  18. 2.20.2015


    Been a regular reader of your blog… thanks for the things it helps me lot.

    Now on one of our blog… i found that others sites are linking to my plain image and not url (one i found is reddit), how to get benefit in this situation.


    • February 21st, 2015 at 7:45 am

      Add a watermark to the image perhaps or 301 the image URL it a HTML page with the image?

  19. 12.23.2015

    Ha, loved the spin of the skyscraper technique. Golden! Too bad I dont have tons of content to add on for my personal blog but for my clients this is a goldmine.

    Time to go experiment :)

    Hope you have a good festive season Mattt

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