How To Automate & Manage Guest Posting [VIDEO TUTORIAL]

How To Automate & Manage Guest Posting [VIDEO TUTORIAL]

Guest posting has become a hot topic recently so I wanted to show you how to automate and manage your campaigns with my personal process.

The actual process of guest posting is quite lengthy and it can be very difficult to keep track of even if your only dealing with a few targets nevermind when your trying to deal with thousands.

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This tutorial takes all of the hard work out of guest posting and makes it as quick and efficient as possible.

What You Will Learn

  1. How to find thousands of guest post targets
  2. How to filter your guest post target database effectively
  3. How to contact all of them in a couple of clicks
  4. How to sweeten the deal
  5. How to track & manage your guest posting

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Resources In The Video

Link Assistant FREE TRIAL – It’s main purpose is to find recipricoal link partners which sucks. I use it to automate and manage my guest post campaigns with a few tweaks.

SEO Powersuite FREE TRIAL – This has a huge range of uses and includes a few pieces of software. You get RankTracker (the best rank tracking software imo), Website Auditor (great for checking onsite issues), SEO Spyglass (download competitor backlinks) and LinkAssistant It is an essential suite of SEO tools that everyone should have in their arsenal.

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