I know my tutorials usually tell you what you should do, but this tutorial is going to tell you what not to do with a real live example.

Your website represents the face of your business and is often the first impression people will have. It is critical that you deliver an exceptional user experience or you may risk doing lasting damage to your brand.

This morning I was browsing the web looking for a new mobile and broadband supplier. I remembered a recent advertising campaign by Everything Everywhere that offer both mobile & broadband under one roof, perfect! Or so I thought.

This tutorial will show you exactly how not to launch a website and allow you to learn from other peoples 7 figure mistakes.

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Update: Additional Information

One of my readers John Nre brought up the site was now fixed and suggested I had recorded the video a couple of weeks ago before the site was done.

So I wanted to clarify the exact timeline of events-

5th November – I first noticed the issues with the Everything Everywhere website
6th November – I placed my order with PlusNet instead
8th November – I formatted my computer so now running a clean install of Windows & Firefox
10th November – Find out PlusNet have lied to me
10th November – Everything Everywhere website still in the same state it was 6 days earlier.

The clips that you see of the site in the video were recorded between the hours of 14:03 and 14:26 on Saturday the 10th of November.

Here is a screenshot of my project folder-

I’m fairly sure the nationwide advertising campaign started on the 30th of October.

The issues highlighted in the video were quick fixed to an extent on the morning of the 12th November.

All of the issues I found but didn’t highlight in the video are still present. I’m going to let those ones play out though, I’ve done my bit and saved them millions already!

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Today we are going to learn how not to launch a website.

Why is it important to do it correctly? Well your website is face of your brand or business and you want to be represented in the best way possible.

Each time someone visits your site, you can either hook them in or lose them forever so you have just one chance to make a good impression.

Some common reasons for poor website delivery:

  1. Website is launched before it is ready
  2. Failing to reach target audience
  3. Failing to satisfy the users needs

Successful websites are up 24/7 and they make relationships with their visitors through social shares, email subscribers, sales or just sharing it with their friends.

Everything Everywhere Website Analysis

Let’s use Everything Everywhere, a new mobile phone carrier in the UK that just launched. They advertise 4g and a fibre broadband service which is perfect for me. I just finished my contract and am looking for a new one so I’m the perfect customer for them.

Like everyone else, I search for them in Google and there’s their website in both adwords and organic results. Let’s look at their organic one.

everything everywhere websiteorganic

Say hello to the most advanced digital communications company in Britain… well this certainly sounds like the company for me!

Let’s take a peek at their video.


As the most digitally advanced company in Britain, I’d think they should be using their own hosting for videos. Am I being too picky? Maybe but they should be able to serve their own content than using Youtube.

Let’s look around and see what else they got on here… I clicked on Fiber Broadband under EE Broadband and this shows up.

ee bad request

Will you believe that? I clicked on Fibre Broadband and it led me to this page.  Let’s get out of here and go back to where we were.


Wait orange? Why am I on Orange? I’m supposed to be on the EE website.

Now it seems I’m on the completely wrong company website. Looks like even the most advanced digital communications company in Britain can’t make a website or even keep the user on their own site!

Okay let’s just start from the beginning. Click on Store since I do want to buy fibre broadband.


This looks strangely familiar…

Fine let’s try explore. That’s always a good start to see if I can find what I’m looking for.


I feel like I’m going around in circles!

So I think it’s safe to say that Everything Everywhere might not be the most advanced digital communications company in Britain and I’m definitely not going to buy fibre broadband from them.

Now remember we clicked the organic result. Let’s try again and click on the adwords results and see what we get.


Well this looks more promising. Since this is from the Adword result, they’ll be paying for each click and controlling the landing page.

It takes about 6 seconds for this site to fully load and I’m a bit lost on where to go. As you scroll down the home page, things pop up but there’s no menu or scroll bar.

I’m not new to the Internet or websites but even for me I’m a bit confused, so I’m sure people who aren’t comfortable with navigation on websites will be even more lost!

So once again let’s click on Fibre Broadband and see what comes up.

fiber broadband

After I clicked Fibre Broadband 3 times, this is what I get. Finally! There’s actual information on this page, no broken URLs, I’m not on some other company’s website, there’s real information here.

So let’s click on Broadband checker to see if I can get fibre broadband from them.

broadband checker

I’m expecting to put in my post code or address somewhere but I don’t see anything yet. I just see a bunch of options for choosing a package. Well that wasn’t helpful so let’s go to Explore.

Well clicking on Fibre in the Explore options actually did nothing, it didn’t take me anywhere. Okay let’s check Coverage Checker, that’s actually what I want. Nope, that doesn’t do anything either.

Maybe I need a new mouse?

Let’s click Fibre Broadband under Store. Nope, again does nothing. Maybe clicking on Enter Shop will be the golden ticket? Nope, that was a complete and utter fail.

Well that’s just strange and what a bad experience.  I’m just going to go back a page and see if I can get any leads from there.

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As I scroll down it says you can combine fibre broadband with your mobile phone which is perfect, my contract is up and I want fiber. Excellent!

Hmm so where to get it… let’s click on About Broadband and see what I get.

about broadband

Great so I have all this information about broadband but I need to know if I’m eligible first. Let’s click on the price and speed checker.

speed and price checker

Here we go again. It takes me back to the page I was just on.

See what I’m getting at here? I spent half an hour on this website trying to figure out how much it’ll cost me to have fibre broadband with my phone but it was next to impossible.

Anything I click on on the top doesn’t work, you can’t order fibre broadband online you can only call them and some of their pages don’t even take you to their own company website.


The Competitor Analysis

Let’s check out the competitor’s website to the most digitally advanced communications company in Britan. Google Plusnet and click on their page.


Straight away you can see fibre broadband & phone option and if you click on that, it brings you to a page with all of the options nicely displayed.

plusnet options

All the packages and details are there and you can see if they have availability right in the middle there. All you need to do is enter a phone number and postal code.

check availability

It makes you wonder. Why can’t the most advanced digital company do that if their competitor can?

Another Annoyance

As you browse around the Everything Everywhere website, you get this pop up asking for your feedback. It’s a survey and they want you to take part in it which I find highly meddlesome and just annoying.


If you try to say No Thanks, you can click as many times as you want but it won’t disappear! However, if you click Take Part, another pop up appears and you get taken to the survey so you essentially get roped into agreeing to the survey just to make the box go away.

The Importance of a Good Website

There were so many things wrong with the EE website that left permanent damage on their reputation for me personally.

  • Failed to meet the customers’ needs
  • The website isn’t clear and doesn’t provide answers
  • User experience is terrible
  • There was no previous testing before the site was launched

Any sort of advertisement or notice of Everything Everywhere will be ignored by me forever. You would think a company as big as them would at least have a good website!

Trust me, I’ll be telling my friends about them in the pub later!

The best part?

This company has spent 4 million pounds on national advertising which is being played all throughout the UK, online and on the television.

Can you believe that? They’re spending that amount of money only to have potential customers come to their site and find out it doesn’t even work!

So what’s the lesson learned here? Budget isn’t the most important thing, making sure you create a phenomenal user experience is. Your website is the face of your company and that’s your one chance to build a relationship with the visitor so don’t blow it!

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