How Not To Launch A Website – A Live Example

How Not To Launch A Website – A Live Example

I know my tutorials usually tell you what you should do, but this tutorial is going to tell you what not to do with a real live example.

Your website represents the face of your business and is often the first impression people will have. It is critical that you deliver an exceptional user experience or you may risk doing lasting damage to your brand.

This morning I was browsing the web looking for a new mobile and broadband supplier. I remembered a recent advertising campaign by Everything Everywhere that offer both mobile & broadband under one roof, perfect! Or so I thought.

This tutorial will show you exactly how not to launch a website and allow you to learn from other peoples 7 figure mistakes.

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Update: Additional Information

One of my readers John Nre brought up the site was now fixed and suggested I had recorded the video a couple of weeks ago before the site was done.

So I wanted to clarify the exact timeline of events-

5th November – I first noticed the issues with the Everything Everywhere website
6th November – I placed my order with PlusNet instead
8th November – I formatted my computer so now running a clean install of Windows & Firefox
10th November – Find out PlusNet have lied to me
10th November – Everything Everywhere website still in the same state it was 6 days earlier.

The clips that you see of the site in the video were recorded between the hours of 14:03 and 14:26 on Saturday the 10th of November.

Here is a screenshot of my project folder-

I’m fairly sure the nationwide advertising campaign started on the 30th of October.

The issues highlighted in the video were quick fixed to an extent on the morning of the 12th November.

All of the issues I found but didn’t highlight in the video are still present. I’m going to let those ones play out though, I’ve done my bit and saved them millions already!

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