How To Use The Best Spinner For Advanced Article Spinning

How To Use The Best Spinner For Advanced Article Spinning

Article spinning when done correctly is highly effective. I covered the topic briefly with my tiered link building tutorials but wanted to get into more detail using The Best Spinner.

A lot of people don’t fully understand content spinning or don’t put the required time and effort in to create a high quality spin that will pass human moderation.

If you think that spinning doesn’t work anymore then you’re doing something wrong – watch The Best Spinner tutorial below and you will see what I mean.

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What You Will Learn

If you’re familiar with spinning the first part of the tutorial won’t teach you anything new but a good 55 minutes focuses on advanced techniques & my personal process step by step.

  1. What article spinning is
  2. The benefits of article spinning
  3. How article spinning works
  4. How to spin articles the right way
  5. Advanced spinning techniques including my personal process
  6. How to use The Best Spinner like a pro

Underneath the video you can download a pack of sample articles that show you the step by step evolution from the seed article all the way through to the final sentence spun article complete with images, videos and contextual links.

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Resources In The Video

TheBestSpinner (download the trial) – It really is The Best Spinner
URL Lister – Firefox addon to export tab URL’s
Copy URLS Expert – Firefox addon to export the YouTube URL’s

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