If you want to stand any chance of competing in the fierce world of marketing, you need to arm yourself with the right digital marketing tools to succeed.

Because let's face it, the life of a digital marketer is hard, isn’t it?

There’s just so much for you to do.

You’ve got to come up with content ideas. Then you have to create the content. That’s before you’ve even thought about the SEO side of it.

marketing tools

Oh, and social media? Don’t even get me started!

All the while you have to build a network, sell your products and still make time to have a life outside of it.

Man, it’s exhausting just writing about it, never mind living it.

Well in this article I’m about to give you 116 different digital marketing tools that have helped to make my life a heck of a lot easier and hopefully they will do the same for you too.

More free time. Better content. Increased productivity. Higher rankings. And, you’ll get an insight into the marketing tools I use to get awesome results.

So if you’re ready to level up your marketing game, while freeing up more time, then boy, you’re in for a treat…

SEO Tools

Increase organic search traffic today with my essential list of 23 SEO tools.

Blogging Tools

Accelerate the growth of your blog with my personal list of 21 blogging tools.

Social Media Tools

Send viral waves of traffic to your site with my list of 19 social media tools.

Content Creation Tools

Take the hard work out of content with these 15 content creation tools.

Email Marketing Tools

Automate traffic, engagement & sales with these 17 email marketing tools.

Virtual Assistant Tools

Take your business to the next level with these 9 virtual assistant tools.

Productivity Tools

Spend more time having fun & less time working with these 12 productivity tools.

But All Marketing Tools Suck Without This One Thing...

Do you know what is better than any of the digital marketing tools that you see in these lists combined?

No, it's not coffee or even any of the hottest digital marketing trends that you are reading about right now...

But it's to develop your mindset for success.

Because no matter how many marketing tools you have, every marketer is only as strong as their mindset.

And the quickest way to develop a mindset for success, is to read the infamous book by Napoleon Hill called 'Think & Grow Rich' which has sold over 70 million copies worldwide since it's release in 1937.

Without that book - this blog wouldn't exist & I would probably be slaving away in a soul sucking 9-5 job each & every day of my life.

I first read it in my early teens (and countless times since) which gave me the most powerful marketing tool on the planet - the mindset for success.

So if you don't already possess that tool, the best thing you can do is to go and read it right now.

marketing tools for life