What I Have Read This Month – February 2013

What I Have Read This Month – February 2013

This is the third post in the What I have Read This Month series which shares all of my favourite articles over the past month.

There is an awful lot of junk to sort through every month so here are the best bits according to me!

What I Have Read This Month

The past month was actually pretty good for internet marketing related content! I hope you’ve got a spare couple of hours because each and every single post here is pure gold!

Let’s get started with-

SEO & Link Building

The Russian based SAPE link building network has become a dominant force in recent months and is starting to gain popularity in some forums.

Check out this great post by Leith that explains exactly what SAPE is and how to use it.

The only problem is this-

Now I’m not telling you to not use SAPE, but I am telling you to start pointing the links somewhere else ^^

A lot of people have turned to guest blogging as a way to build out high quality links which has proven to be effective.

Andy Crestodina (OrbitMedia.com) wrote this superb piece on ProBlogger about using AuthorStats to leverage your guest blogging further.

The only problem is that Jeff Foster (WebBizIdeas.com) believes that blogs that allow guest posts will be penalised in 2013.

To be honest I agree with most of what he is saying – guest posts do leave a pretty obvious footprint to detect. Luckily he advises on best practices to accept guest posts and keep things above board in the eyes of Google.

Instead of using guest blogging just to build links – why not use it to build authorship and social profiles simultaneously?

Or if you can’t be bothered to do it properly you could just hack author rank and buy yourself to the #1 spot!

I also read a couple of interesting data driven case studies this month.

The first looked at how the hrefLang tag impacted rankings. If you don’t know what the hrefLang tag is then be sure to check out this post – international SEO’s will love it!

The other case study that caught my eye was how to manipulate payday loan rankings with Joomla hacks and Drupal leaks.

Really interesting read that might open your eyes to how Google really works.

Social Media

I’ve spent quite a lot of time on my YouTube channel this week as it delivers the highest quality traffic so this YouTube keyword optimisation post by Richa Dikshit (ToyTasting.tv) caught my eye.

Based on a reader recommendation I’ve started to get involved with the Reddit community. The MakeUseOf team published a handy guide and I started off by asking people what their #1 SEO problem is.

Next I’m going to be looking at how I can leverage what I’m doing on Google+ so I was thinking about creating a couple of community’s to engage people directly. MakeUseOf came up trumps again with this complete guide to Google+ community’s.

Once I’ve got Google+ nailed down I’m going to branch out to Linked In. The blog has next to no presence on LinkedIn at the moment and that’s going to change with the help of these great tips from Social Media Examiner.

I’m looking to leverage the power of social media to its full potential and these social media list building tips from Amy Porterfield (AmyPorterfield.com) are hard to ignore!

Email Marketing

Last month I spent some time creating an engagement sequence for my email list and this guest post on John Chow offers some great tips for those that want to do the same. Use my Aweber link though yeah? :P

I also came across some great outreach email template examples that you can use in your own campaigns. This will work perfectly with the outreach process I teach in this tutorial.

Traffic Generation

Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know that I have built my traffic by reaching out and engaging with people directly.

So I was happy to find this list of Q&A sites posted on TrafficPlanet which I will begin to leverage over the coming weeks!

Heidi Cohen (HeidiCohen.com) put out these 23 great tips for promoting your blog and building traffic, who needs SEO :P

Remember my tutorial showing you how I use Google Analytics to increase traffic to the blog?

Well Kaiser (KaiserTheSage.com) posted an amazing guide showing you how to use Google Analytics to increase search traffic!

Great tutorial that I’ll be putting into practice myself.


That brings us to my favourite topic – conversion!

Tyler Sox (PunchComms.com) delivers 5 quick tips to improve conversion on your website! Pay attention to key areas of conversion like Thank You pages.

It really does amaze me just how much design can affect conversion. Are you putting the principles of directional cues, white space, colour and the golden spiral to use? Well perhaps you should be!

A very insightful piece for us non-designer types!

If that’s got you thinking then you’ll also want to consider how colour theory affects behaviour online backed up with some great examples.

There was also a great case study about how split testing prices increased revenue by 60%!

Interesting to see the plateau in the results that allowed them to charge an extra 50% without lowering conversion!

This then lead onto split testing discounts which delivered some huge increases across the board including revenue, average order value and conversion.

And last but not least is this amazing 91 point e-commerce optimisation checklist. It is that good, I’m considering getting it printed onto a canvas for the office!

Talking about conversion, why haven’t you subscribed to my blog yet?

Random Bits

I found this cool post about useful phone applications for internet marketers. I wish we could have an all in one live earnings/traffic/conversion dashboard :(

I also stumbled across the new Discourse forum platform which is putting a fresh twist on the old forum model – if they integrate with WordPress I’ll be dropping BBPress for this!

I’m sure you guys are already coding bots to automate the platform right?

And one last random tip – learn how to optimise your DNS for faster browsing speeds!

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