This is the 9th post in the What I have Read This Month series which shares all of my favourite articles over the past month.

There is an awful lot of junk to sort through every month so here are the best bits according to me!

What I Have Read This Month

I’ve got a whole bunch of SEO related content from case studies to actionable tips as well as some interesting social media titbits.

Let’s get it on!

SEO & Link Building

Google have made a bunch of changes this month including the launch of the manual webspam action viewer. Matt Cutt’s weighs in on how to fix pure spam issues.

Google also introduced the in depth articles results type which uses the article schema mark-up. There’s a plugin for that.

While your improving your on page SEO you might as well check if your host leaves you vulnerable to negative SEO and Matt Cutt’s lets us know expandable text sections are ok.

Moz published some greats posts around log file analysis for SEO and a great case study about search volume vs site type.

You might also want to consider when to use CCTLDS along with the top local search rankings factors of 2013.

The SEO industry has a terrible reputation thanks to scammers promising top 10 rankings which leads to law suits like this. I imagine this is just the start of things to come!

If you rely on guest posting or press releases to build links, you’re going to be pretty fucked soon. Word on the street is you should be nofollowing those links!

Google Authorship is affecting rankings right now but no way near as much as Google +1’s.

Content / Blogging

With social signals becoming more important than backlinks Rand Fishkin opens up the discussion although I already know the answer.

If you need help writing great content then Darren Rowse has 20 great tips for you!

Social Media

Build on your social signals with these dofollow links from social sites.

You might also want to seriously upgrade your Google+ profile and apply these 26 tips across all of the others.

If you use Instagram you can implement this 5 minute per day marketing strategy with ease!

General Stuff

As computer users we have serious health risks so these 9 tips will help to protect your health. Implement them immediately.

And if you have any spare time why not Photoshop some hybrid animals or checkout this awesome Google inspired resume (CV to normal people).

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