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If you are a blogger, marketer or affiliate that wants to learn some new link building strategies & tips to get more traffic – you are in the right place.

44 experts reveal their #1 link building strategies & tips in the post below so you can learn from the best in the industry about how to generate back links and higher rankings in the search engines.

SEO can be very tricky and is always changing so no matter what your experience with SEO is – there is always more to learn. So I got my partner (Codrut Turcanu) to interview some of the best minds on link building and SEO.

We wanted to hear the answer to a simple but powerful question:

Share your #1 technique about SEO/Link building in the form of a quick tip.

The experts had the chance to leave a link back to their web site of choice where readers can learn more about the topic or link building strategy mentioned within their response.

Expert Link Building Strategies & Tips Revealed

Robbie Richards link building strategiesRobbie RichardsRobbieRichards.comTwitter

Regardless of the industry, I always begin with an in-depth competitor backlink analysis.

This allows me to achieve 3 things:

  • Identify where my competitors are getting their backlinks
  • Identify what strategies they are using to build their backlinks
  • Identify which backlinks I can replicate in my own link building campaign

I’ll scale this process by pulling the backlink data for my top 10 competitors and make a master spreadsheet.

Sometimes I’ll get a list of thousands of link prospects. So, I’ll remove all the duplicates and then filter the data so that I only have referring domains/ pages with a page rank of two or higher.

In order to quickly identify my top competitors in the SERPs I’ll use SEMrush. In fact, I recently published a 6,300 word tutorial that will walk you step-by-step through 22 killer competitor research tactics.

When it comes to extracting and analyzing the backlink data, I like to use Ahrefs, Majestic SEO or SEO Spyglass. I’ll show you how I use 12 different tools to pull backlink data and extract actionable insights in this comprehensive tutorial.

Venchito Tampon link building tipsVenchito TamponDigitalPhilippines.netTwitter

Select 5 authority blogs with highly targeted and engaged community, and then regularly contribute content to those blogs.

Guest blogging is still alive but should now be approached in a new way.

Google already understands the relationships of links and if every link built has significant value to the users and to the linking to brand.

So when you’re doing guest blogging, the focus should not be on the number of referring domains linking to your brand/site (from the contexts of guest posts or from your author bios) but rather if the site can drive value to your brand (consistent referral traffic and assisted conversions).

Here’s a simple process of how regular contribution (guest blogging) works:

Prospect for 50 authority blogs (use Ahrefs DA, # of referring domains, SEMRush traffic price, # of active subscribers and # of active social followers as your basis of determining the quality/potential of blogs).

Identify the interests of the sole author/editorial manager of the blog and look for their contact information (name, email address/personal blog/contact form, social profile, etc..)

Think of two/three blog topics that you can suggest to the blog manager for topic approval (you can use FAQFox, SEMRush, OSE’s Top Pages feature, Wikipedia, and other keyword/topic research tools for content ideation phase).

Perform an outreach campaign to those 50 blogs using your CRM tool (e.g. Buzzstream) or simple email providers (e.g. Gmail). You can use an email copy to scale the process or write emails from scratch.

Build authentic relationships with blog managers (by talking about their personal/brand interests). When you receive a positive response, approving one topic, then you can now send it to your brand’s blog manager/writer for the content creation phase.

Submit content to blog managers and wait for their editorial reviews.

Do some follow ups for non-responsive recipients.

Consistently produce high quality content and submit them to blog managers regularly (at least 1 every month). So if you are approved to be a regular contributor to 5 authority blogs, then you can send each of them 1 regular post every month.

If you want to learn more about this link building process, you can check out this post on Digital Philippines on how to guest blog properly in 2014 and beyond.

jamie-spencerJamie Spencer – SetupABlogToday.comTwitter

One of my biggest link building tips would be for people who carry out email outreach on a regular basis.

When conducting outreach with an infographic or piece of data it can be a good idea to ask the person you are contacting for permission to see your content. I picked this tip up from Brian Dean’s post on promoting guestographics.

It may require sending a few more emails but it means that your content is no longer unsolicited and I have seen a big increase in my outreach to link conversion rates.

Devesh SharmaDevesh –  Twitter

Focus on creating content that will earn links, it doesn’t have to be an infographic.

It can be a regular post. The idea here is to create something that has not already been done by other sites in your niche.

A great example is a post that I wrote a few months ago, where I listed essential WordPress-related resources.

It wasn’t something new; in fact Neil Patel has already done it a few times but when it comes to WordPress, there weren’t any such posts.

That post ended up earning links from some great authority sites, and getting featured in StudioPress monthly newsletter.


Super easy link reclamation, and always one of the first things we check with a new client – especially on a big sites.

404’s happen and they’re certainly OK. But when they happen, existing backlinks may inadvertently get severed.

It’s usually the last thing a webmaster is thinking about. You can follow this guide if you need help!

Ken LyonsKen Lyons – Measuredsem.comTwitter

Target the low hanging fruit first by leveraging internal linking. So when working with new clients, start by:

Running their site through Ahrefs or Open Site Explorer and pull a top pages report. These are the top pages that have garnered the most inbound links and contain the most link equity.

Drop links to your client’s “money pages” (ie the pages you want to rank, often product or services pages) on these top pages. You can add a list of links at the end of the piece of content and label them “X solutions from [company name]”.

This allows you to control the flow of link equity to designated pages (ie link rich pages helping link poor pages), which moves those pages higher up in the site structure, sends more authority and trust signals to those pages and reinforces the topical relevance of those pages with keyword anchor text.

Sue Anne DunlevieSue Anne Dunlevie SuccessfulBlogging.comTwitter

Here’s how to boost your visitor-to-lead conversion by 200% from your SEO efforts, without getting more traffic.

My blog gets most of its traffic through organic search. On my top 10 searched-for blog posts, I have gone back and added a “content upgrade” on each of the posts. I learned about this through the case studies on Brian Dean’s Backlinko, and Bryan Harris’s VideoFruit or how Matt did it on this blog.

A content upgrade is a free gift that you offer within the post that is specifically designed for that post. It can be a checklist, a report, an infographic – anything that will entice your readers to give their email address in order to get the upgrade.

By doing this, I have doubled my daily subscriber rate from my SEO efforts.

Charlotte-WallerCharlotte Waller –  – Twitter

The best way to do offsite SEO nowadays is to NOT do SEO!

As a term it’s now mixed in with lots of other helpful marketing practices and although onsite SEO is fantastic, traditional offsite (going hunting for guest posts for example) is more dangerous than ever.

Change the word “link” with regards to offsite SEO to “relationship”, and favourable results should follow.

Look at slides 52 – 65 to learn more!

Chris-DysonChris Dyson TripleSeo.comTwitter

One of my best link building tips is get out there and help others.

Think of opportunities where you can help someone to improve a blog post or a resource asset and more than likely you’ll have some data or in depth resource on your own website that they can cite.

Even if you don’t have the ability to add content to your client’s site you’ll often find they have data, press releases or white papers which could be useful.

Joseph HoJoseph HoJoseph-Ho.comTwitter

I will setup at least 3 to 5 old domains as a switchbox for 301 redirect before I start any link building.

This is to protect my money site in case any links is penalize by Google update and I could turn off the switchbox easily.

After I had setup the switchbox I will then use a press release and point directly to the money site first before I start any link building on the switchbox. This is to gain some link velocity infront of Google.


Sean-SiSean – Twitter

Definitely build a solid content base. You could say ‘content marketing’ (Ugh! Don’t worry, I know how overused the term is in our niche but it really does mean business.)

Here’s a case study: SEO Hacker was built 4 years ago – I had nothing but the will and guts to write – about anything I’m learning in SEO. That’s it – no email marketing, no social media stuff, no PPC, no nothing.

It’s simple keyword targeting and building content around that. Because my visitors found the content I wrote useful, links and social media shares followed suit.

You scratch my back, I scratch yours.

Stuart WalkerStuart WalkerNicheHacks.comTwitter

Stop trying to game Google especially if you run a website which you care about and want to be long term.

If you don’t care about it and expect it to be a churn and burn site then fine throw links at it.

Otherwise just don’t risk it and work on getting natural links from others in your niche, you can do that through content marketing, manual outreach and networking.

Featuring others in your posts is a great way to gain natural links as people love the ego-trip. They will especially link to high quality content they are featured in, like the following…

Logan ChierottiLogan ChierottiLoganChierotti.comTwitter

When building links, think of quality over quantity. A lot has changed in the SEO world in the past few years, less is MUCH better now.

I’ve seen sites with less then 5 backlinks ranking better then sites with over 100,000 backlinks. When getting a link to your site, ask yourself “Is this a relevant link that I would view as naturally linking to my site?”

If the answer is no, then don’t do it. With recent Google penalties you’ll regret getting spam links sooner or later. In reality link building should really be a natural process now.


Linking out to others generously. This works every time. Helps me get in the radar of other people and connect with them. Helps keep the link machine well oiled (by maintaining the natural flow of links). Helps my readers when I link to a useful piece of content.

And I usually get linked back, which is sweet – but please note that I DON’T link out to others hoping that they will link back to me. It just happens.

Felix-TarcomnicuFelix TarcomnicuProOptimization.comTwitter

When doing SEO, always pay close attention to what your competitors are doing to promote their website.

Have a look at their SEO strategy, their link building campaigns…whether they are building or earning backlinks, you should know and learn as much as you can from their success/failure.

However, do consider that sometimes their strategy can be sloppy and you don’t have to jump into replicating everything they do.

You can use link building tools like or to spy on your competitors.

Jason-ChestersJason –  Twitter

The best link building tips I can give is to make sure your on-page SEO is spot on before anything else, see this epic guide here:

You can then focus on replicating some of the back links that your competitors have.

Using tools such as Ahrefs is a great help.

A quick way to build links is to tell other people that you have linked to them in your latest post. Chances are they will link back to you at some point.

Bill-GassettBill Gassett – MaxRealEstateExposure.comTwitter

Times have certainly changed in the last few years when it comes to SEO.

What works today is far different than in years past. My best advice is to create the absolute best content you can. Make your article a masterpiece! Something that people will want to share socially and link to.

When I am writing a real estate article on my real estate blog, I try to think about the subject from the readers perspective.

Have I done the best possible job examining the topic in detail? Are there any stones left unturned?

I want people to say WOW when they are done reading. Google will reward those who write in-depth articles that do just that.

Adam-ConnellAdam ConnellBloggingWizard.comTwitter

To me, SEO and link building really comes down to branding, visibility and authority (think future proofing rankings).

Try using HARO (Help A Reporter Out) to source opportunities to contribute to stories as an expert source. Journalists all over the world need your help.

Using these link building tactics I was able to get featured as an expert on and HuffPost. Total time invested for both was around 15 minutes. This post will help you do the same.

Josh-CoffyJosh CoffyBlog.FlightMedia.coTwitter

Ah, SEO. The three-letter word that every blogger drools over.

I like to call it WES. Write Epic S***.

Why? Because even if you do all the ‘SEO link building tricks’ to your website, if you aren’t writing consistent, consumable content that doesn’t stand out from the crowd, then your website will experience zero shares, zero page rank and zero subscribers.

Just take a look at Matt’s Post on ‘How To Start A Successful Blog And Make Money Online Step By Step’.

That 15,000-word, monster-of-a-post is the definition of Epic S***. Not ‘Keyword Density’ focused. Not sticking to the ‘perfect word count.’ Purely epic.

Of course, adding meta titles, meta descriptions, alt tags to your images, and URL extensions are a must.

But the #1 goal is to create valuable content that builds rapport with your visitors—ultimately adding subscribers to your list and putting sales in your pocket.

Andrea LoubierAndrea LoubierGetMailBird.comTwitter

Find out evergreen articles through selected keywords via Google search or a tool like BuzzSumo and analyze them for dead links.

Once you find a dead link, search for that page through and go through the content of the page.

Write a better article on your blog covering all the major points from the deal link article and then contact the author letting them know about the dead link and offer your article as a replacement.

Dennis SeymourDennis

I’m an old school SEO guy so that means link building without using content is a favourite. Nowadays, people tend to lean on content marketing a lot but oftentimes, good on-page work plus building links without giving up content in exchange, is just as valuable.

I rely on great on-page SEO work, like looking at Google Webmaster Tools, adding all sub folders there to get the most keyword impression data then looking at all the terms that can be improved and start with internal linking for my content.

Off-page work, my favourites are finding suppliers, charities or crowd funding projects to support. Easy, relevant links.

Leigh Louey-GungLeigh

The simplest way to link build in 2015 is to look at what other people are linking to in your niche, improve it by 200%, post it on your site.

Then reach out to everyone who’s linked to the other piece of content letting them know that you’ve created something that blows the other piece out of the water and that they’d get value from it.

You’re reaching out to people with massive value to offer on a topic that they’re obviously interested in and as you know they’re more than happy to link out to quality content, it’s an easy win.

If you don’t know what people are linking to, check out Topsy.

If you can’t find anything related to your niche, either focus broader (‘pets’ instead of ‘dogs’) or check out a similar niche and see if you can transfer any ideas from that niche into yours.

Dave-EvangelistiDave Evangelisti –  StartGrowProfit.comTwitter

Instead of trying to decipher how Google’s latest algorithm works, learn (and copy) what works for your competitors who have achieved high rankings. 

Analyzing the backlink profiles of your competition can uncover great opportunities.

Learn how at

David_LeonhardtDavid Leonhardt –  Seo-Writer.comTwitter

Contact your clients after work has been completed or after the product has been delivered.  Ask them about their experience. 

If they are not totally satisfied, this is your chance to get more details and possibly improve your service/product.

If they are satisfied, ask if they might post a notice on their website or blog about your product or service – with a link back to your website, of course.

This kind of link could net you new customers, as well as please the search engine Gods.

Benjamin-BeckBenjamin BeckBenjaminBeck.comTwitter

Often times we become so focused on outranking our competitors we do not try to steal their clicks by standing out in the SERP’s.

You can grab the searchers attention and clicks by improving your meta descriptions, including schema markup, or optimizing for the knowledge graph.

Here is a free guide of 6 ways you can help your website stand out in search results.

Mike WallagherMike Wallagher – StartBloggingOnline.comTwitter

Internal linking is probably the most overlooked aspects of many SEO guys.

There’s a huge value. Just go to – type in your URL, see your top pages (the pages that have the most referring domains) and simply place your links from there to your “money” pages (pages where the affiliate links exist).

Andrew FortuneAndrew Fortune – Twitter

This last year I gained a large spike in organic traffic by strategically adding internal links to every property listing on my real estate website.

My site is a local website and there are roughly 6,000 property listings on my site from within our local MLS.

I made sure that any local data, such as areas, zip codes, and neighborhoods were all linked to my relevant internal pages from the MLS data provided.

This instantly created around 24,000 internal links within all of my property pages, which immediately boosted my organic ranking for these pages. Strategic internal linking can go a long way in your SEO efforts.

Tim BourquinTim BourquinAfterOffers.comTwitter

It doesn’t get mentioned very often but we’ve been able to correlate that if you increase website loading speed your search rankings improve consistently.

Google even provides a tool to gauge the speed of your pages:

Everyone talks about content, content, content, and of course it is important.

But don’t forget that Google wants the user experience to be fast and that includes their own search results and the speed of your page once the user clicks the result.

Cody McLainCody McLainMindHack.comTwitter

Age old SEO techniques don’t work anymore.

One method I found to be highly successful for my own sites were finding my top ranked competitors and then linking to them.

My sites shot up in rankings within just a few weeks. So if you’re starting new site and have little-to-no traffic there isn’t much to lose, other than Google seeing you linking to authoritative sites.

James NorquayJames Norquay –

With any Link Building campaign my advice is to drip feed your link building, especially if you use link building software.

I see many SEO’s go at link building like a bull at a gate and they will just go out and build a huge amount of links in a short period of time.

My advice is to build links over a monthly basis on a natural looking pattern. If you have a sharp spike in links from one month Google can notice the pattern on an industry vertical review.

As an example below for the link profile of a site which we built over 7 months to generate $64,000 in affiliate income.


Refer to the case study here for more info:

Rajesh-NamaseRajesh NamaseTechLila.comTwitter

First let me share the of my favorite SEO tips which is working very well for me. Apart from backlinks, since last year, Google has been giving more importance to social media votes.

Also, it’s not possible to drive genuine social shares to your affiliate products sites (Matthew Note: That is 100% wrong, this blog is an example). So I don’t mind buying social signals to my niche sites’ posts. There are many sites which offer these kind of services.

One of my favorite link building technique is “Broken Link Building”. Checkout any famous website related to your niche, scan its pages and find out the broken links.

Then write a detailed article related to the topic of broken link, contact the site owner and ask him/her to replace the broken link with yours.

Go ahead and checkout the backlinks of that broken link and try to contact those site owners as well.

Daniel CuttridgeDaniel Cuttridge –

Build better links by focusing on relevancy.

What many people do not know is that links are judged by a number of factors, including relevancy to determine a quality score between nodes.

A threshold does exist, whereby if the quality score passes a certain threshold or falls under a certain threshold then the link will pass more or less value.

Link weight factors in general are important, focus on getting relevant links or optimizing a page for better relevancy to your target keyword in order to get more out of each link.

Sophie LizardSophie Lizard – LizardCreativeChaos.comTwitter

Worry more about what your website’s visitors think than what Google thinks.

That doesn’t mean you should *ignore* SEO – it’s worth knowing how search engines rank content, and taking some time to consider how they’ll rank yours.

But ultimately, there’s no point having fantastic SEO for mediocre content. Better to get the content bang on target first and think about SEO later.

Anyway, Google *wants* to rank you higher when you create good stuff, so irresistible content is the first step in any sane SEO strategy.

How do you create irresistible content? Like this.

Henneke DuistermaatHenneke DuistermaatEnchantingMarketing.comTwitter

Content landing pages are a great way to increase targeted traffic.

A content landing page includes an introduction about a topic, a list of your best posts about this topic, and an opt-in form for your email list.

My page about sales copy, for instance, is one of the most popular (and highest converting!) pages on my site.

Matthew CapalaMatthew –  Twitter

Google is paying a lot of attention to page speed these days.

You can build links all day and optimize technical tags of your website, but if you site isn’t loading quickly, you will be doomed on Google.

Use PageSpeed Insights tool to get an evaluation of the speed of your website from Google, broken down by device type, and including recommendations to improve your site speed.

Great place to start your SEO audit.

Gurwinder-Singh-BhinderGurwinder SinghJustBlogTips.comTwitter
Aim for building contextual links i.e. links from within the main content.

These are the links that the big G actually loves. Here are two ways to do so –

  1. Infographics – Try to publish infographics. And then contact relevant blog owners and ask them to share your infographic on their blog including a mention to your blog.
  2. Guest Posting – Before we move ahead, let me tell you guest posting still works, but it has evolved a lot than what it used to be. You need to be a bit smarter and intelligent to harness the actual power of guest blogging.

And if you’re new to link building or are tired of things not working for you, then make sure to follow Brain Dean at Backlinko to discover the best actionable link-building techniques.

david-arringtonDavid ArringtonProfitPursuits.comTwitter

It’s possible to gain a significant percentage of search traffic from the keywords found within your comments section. 

Focus on requesting comments and then engaging with your audience to increase the amount of relevant keyword variations.

Neil PatelNeil PatelNeilPatel.comTwitter

A simple way to generate more search traffic is to create ultimate list related posts.

It’s a simple strategy… all you have to do is compile a list of sites within your industry or showcase experts by doing roundups.

What you’ll find is that people will not only share these posts on their social profiles, but they will link to them from their site if you mention them.

The key is to pick sites, people and blogs that are small to medium sized. Influential sites and people tend not to link back to these list type of posts.

Kevin-DuncanKevin DuncanBeABetterBlogger.comTwitter

Link-building fads may come and go, but when you write awesome, in-depth posts and include relevant links to other bloggers within them, you have one of the few link building strategies that can stand the test of time.

Write great content, link to relevant posts and articles, and then let people know you linked to them.

Rinse, wash, and repeat.

Zac JohnsonZac JohnsonZacJohnson.comTwitter

SEO and link building go hand in hand… no matter what Google or other experts say, how well your site ranks in the search results is completely relevant to the amount and quality of links you have coming back to your site.

To make the most out of both worlds, creating compelling content that people find value in and actually want to share with their social networks and link back to from their own sites is key.

It’s not just about creating content, it’s also about how well you do it.

This can be done through lists, resources, reviews, link roundups and interview based posts like this one! You can see a full list of these types of evergreen topics and blog post formats here.

Jock PurtleJock PurtleDigitalExits.comTwitter

The best link building tips that we have been using greatly lately is guestographics.

Props to Brian Dean for his link building strategies. Why it works so well is you have a highly perceived piece of content that is shareable and adds value to the website that you are pitching it too.

Here are a few examples in action:

Wrapping It Up

So there you have it: 44 awesome SEO & link building tips that you can apply to your own site right now!

The Best Link Building Tips

Here are the best link building tips from the experts above if you are short on time-

  1. Perform in depth competitor analysis and replicate their best backlinks
  2. Get guest posts on the top 5 blogs in your niche
  3. Create and promote infographics on other peoples sites
  4. Focus on creating content that will earn links naturally
  5. Reclaim broken links from other sites
  6. Take advantage of internal linking
  7. Link out to other people generously
  8. Sign up to HARO (help a reporter out)
  9. Make sure the backlinks you build are relevant

If you have enjoyed the post please help spread the word and feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or any other link building strategies that weren’t covered by the experts.

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    Neil Patel – create ultimate list related posts

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    • January 16th, 2015 at 5:04 pm

      Drop them, measure the results – you never know :)

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      Yes some of the answers are pretty poor at times, but there is no need to include them – I take them out!

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      No problem :) Guest posting still works nicely – it’s when you move into the spammy realm of things it becomes a problem

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    To my sites with furniture (I guess one would say this is irrelevant) or to my SEO personal page (which is in Slovenian language – so again irrelevant).
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