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The suite of tools pulls data from a huge range of sources like Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz, SEMRush & many more! It allows me to replace lots of expensive monthly subscriptions with 1 low cost. This makes it an essential SEO tool for anyone serious about increasing their search traffic.

I get pitched endless amounts of new tools & services all the time, everyone think they have built the best SEO tools and it’s very rare that one catches my eye.

When the owner of got in touch with me 6 months ago, he had me hooked on his suite on ninja SEO tools!

Not only did it combine data from Majestic, Ahrefs, Moz, SEMRush & so on at no extra cost, it also features some absolutely jaw dropping custom SEO tools to put that data to use.

In fact you can easily replace all of these services with SERPed-

  • Ahrefs – $79.00 per month
  • Majestic – $99.00 per month
  • Moz – $99.00 per month
  • SEMRush – $69.95 per month
  • WhiteSpark – $20.00 per month
  • RegisterCompass – $37.00 per month
  • BacklinksIndexer – $14.97 per month
  • Pingdom – $14.95 per month
  • BackupBuddy – $12.50 per month

That would normally cost $417.37 per month but a single account at SERPed gives you all of that and more for a lot lot less.

You can complete niche research, competition analysis, download your competitors backlinks, find location citations, search for expired domains, see what keywords your site currently ranks for, monitor uptime, automate backups, build custom reports & MUCH MUCH MORE!

Heck it even has some seriously powerful SEO client acquisition tools that I’m using with my own agency.

There really are too many features to list and I’ve been using the tool for around 6 months now, it’s easier to just show you how powerful it truly is-

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Resources In The Video – Ninja suite of SEO tools.

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SERPed is a powerful tool that combines various programs into one. Imagine something that not only performs specific functions like Moz, Pingdom and Majestic SEO do but it saves you a bunch of money on monthly subscriptions at the same time.

In my opinion, this makes SERPed the most value packed SEO tool out there.

Some of the things SERPed does are:

  • Provide detailed niche analysis
  • Find niche relevant age domains with the metrics you want
  • See all backlinks for any website
  • Index all your backlinks
  • Track Google, Bing and Yahoo rankings around the world

And these are just a few of them. So let’s take a look at each of the tools in more detail so you can see exactly why SERPed is so powerful.

SERPed Ninja SEO Tools Dashboard

First let’s jump into the dashboard of SERPed.


This is the dashboard that displays all your activities, notifications and things like that but the greatest thing is that it pulls data from Ahrefs, SEMrush and Majestics all under one interface.

The Best SEO Tools Of SERPed

I’m going to take you through all of the best SEO tools that SERPed has to offer in the sidebar.

Honestly there are so many different tools that are actually useful, it’s hard to cover everything in a single review so let’s get into it!

Keyword Research

The keyword research module is extremely handy when you’re starting a new niche or expanding one. First click on Ultimate Research.

ultimate research

All you have to do is enter the keyword you want, select your country and click Search for Keyword. It’ll bring back a report with the relevant keywords, the average monthly searches and other metrics.

Click on a keyword to see who is currently ranking in the top 10 along with some live Google data and other information.

You can also select which ones you want to send to the Rank Tracker, mark them as important, do a long tail keyword check, check for related keyword domains and so on.

how to start a blog stats

As you can see, the competition for start a blog is pretty fierce so click on the long tail keyword generation to help you find something that’s similar but less competitive.

What Ranks Where

Now let’s jump into the “What Ranks Where” tool which will tell you which keywords one specific website is currently ranking for. I used as an example and you can see what it brings up here.

what ranks where

The data gives you the keywords, CPC, traffic percentage, position and much more. A good way to use this tool is to see what your competitors are ranking for or to see where you rank for a certain keyword and improve that ranking.

SEO Competition Analyzer

Moving on to the Competition Analyzer that lets you see what are the top ten sites ranking for a search term in a specific country and you can also compare URL’s.

For example, let’s search for “advertising on Facebook” on Google. It brings up the top ten listings and you can see my site is in there.


This is incredibly useful because you can see what you can improve to rank higher and who your competition is. I can automatically see if I can improve my page a couple different ways like adding the keyword to the meta description and header tags.

So you can use the keyword research tools to bring up your rankings and increase overall search traffic. Very handy!

Now let’s move onto finding and analyzing domains.

Domain Research

If you’re looking to buy a new domain to add to your private blog network or to add to your niche, these are the perfect tools to find one.

They have a Domain Analysis function which allows you to see the profile of any domain including Majestic SEO, Moz and Ahrefs data. I put my website in for example which you can see here.

domain analyzer

It gives you metrics with the www. and without which is helpful for protecting against negative SEO attacks.

You can view the backlinks of a certain domain so click on Backlink Explorer to get more information such as Alexa breakdown, PR breakdown, Moz Page Authority breakdown and other data.

A lot of other dedicated backlink checker software could cost as much as SERPed does so that alone already makes it a worthwhile tool.

The last function under Domain Analysis is the Bulk URL Analyzer where you can input up to 20 different URLs and analyze data such as Page Rank and Social Metric.

Now for those of you looking to find expired or expiring domains, click on Aged Domain Finder to look for them.

aged domain finder

I input a template I already set up for my search filters which you can also do or input them manually. First you want to choose whether you’re looking for expired or expiring domains.

Then enter your keyword and fill in the rest of the information such as page rank, moz rank, moz DA and the rest. Click Search and it’ll bring the expired domains that fit your requirements.

expired domains

This is one of the domain finding tools in SERPed and another one is the Expired Scraper. Click on it and you’ll see that what this tool does it a bit different than the other ones.

expired scraper

Select the niche you’re looking for and a link that you want your domain to have and it’ll bring back all of the domains. Click “View Domains” to see them all including their metrics and the link you wanted.

You can also scroll through the general pool of domains which haven’t been registered within 72 hours. You can register websites straight from SERPed.

Another tool is the Auction Master which brings in domains from After Market, Digital Point, Free Market and Flippa that you can look through. It gives you various metrics, the prices and other information.

auction master

There are a couple of more domain finder tools I’ll briefly go over.

Top Expiring Domain are domains expiring in the next 24 hours which you can sort through.

Exact Match Domain Finder lets you filter by target country and keyword and it brings back domains that are an exact match.

All these tools are really useful in finding new domains to add to your private blog network or build out a niche.

Website Management

The site manager module does exactly what the name says, it manages all of your websites. You can create new projects to add your site and keep track of all of the important metrics.

site manager

I already created a project for so if we click on Manage, it’ll bring us to this.

site manager matthewoodward

Click on Site Statistics and it’ll come up with some different data categories such as social media data, Moz data, keyword data and Majestic data.

The backlinks profile gives the breakdown of PR, Domain age and Alexa in a nice circle chart and percentages.

Under Your Competitors, you can add the URLs of your competitors to compare statistics.

The SEO Review gives you an overview of the SEO of your website including suggestions of things you can do to improve.

Another feature under the Site Management module is Web Analytics. This works well with private blog networks because normally, analytics leaves a footprint but this one lets you generate different domains when copying the code into your site without leaving a footprint.

no footprint

The Web Analytics tool gives you a complete overview of your website analytics including country, real time, pages per visit, SEO rankings and more just like Google Analytics.

The next tool under Site Management is the Backlinks Manager. This manager lets you to monitor up to 4,000 backlinks on your website so you can keep an eye on your top backlinks.

backlink checker 1

This tool is one of the best features of SERPed because a similar tool that does the same thing is Monitor Backlinks which lets you monitor up to 2,500 for $60 a month. SERPed lets you monitor up to 4,000 with a bunch of other tools included.

Even though it’s not as thorough as Monitor Backlinks, the SERPed backlink monitor does exactly what it says.

You can see the status of the links, anchor clouds and all the necessary information to make sure the links are good.

Site Backups lets you add your cpanel account to automatically back up your site.

WordPress Manager keeps your WordPress core, plugins and themes in check.

The PDF Reports lets you customize a report of a website with features like description, type of information, uptime, rank tracking and much more.

This feature is the most powerful one in the Site Management module since you can easily create real in-depth and professional looking reports for clients.

page report

Cashflow Manager tracks your expenses and income for a dedicated domain for any given date.

All the functions under Site Management are really useful for keeping track of your sites whether you have a blog network or multiple sites.

Rank Tracking

This module lets you track your rankings by cities which is useful if you’re doing local SEO marketing or you can look at it globally.

Here’s my website by global rankings.

global rankings

You can sort it by Google, Bing or Yahoo and filter by country. Click Add New Keywords to input more keywords and you can choose the engines, the site period and countries.

You can also check mobile rankings for Google only.

They also have a Youtube URL Tracker in the drop down menu to see how well you do for your Youtube videos.

youtube rankings

They actually have a specific Youtube Tracker under the Rank Tracker module so if you click on that, it shows you the rankings of the internal Youtube search engine.

youtube tracker

You can see data such as views, likes, dislikes, comments, current ranking position, the ranking for certain keywords and so on.

If you click on View More, you get even more information like keywords tracked, ranking up/down, competitors and search volume.

youtube stats

The nice thing about this feature is that you can analyze your competition since it gives you their video stats like social signals and number of views.

The next tool is the Amazon Tracker which tracks the search results on Amazon which is helpful if you sell a product on Amazon.

You can see where your product lies in the search results of the internal Amazon search engine.

All the Rank Tracker features are a powerful addition as you can track locally, globally, on Youtube and Amazon which are two unique aspects in itself.

SEO Client Acquisition Tools

Now this module is really interesting. It actually helps you find clients and even make easy money so let’s jump right in.

In Site Auditor Pro, you can generate a report for your client leads with your company branding on it.

I actually use this with my SEO agency, that’s how powerful it is.

Basically it lets potential clients to request a free SEO analysis and then adds them to your email subscriber list like Aweber or Mailchimp.

site auditor pro

You can customize this report to add or take out certain sections and then make your own opt-in form to get people to request a free SEO analysis.


You can change the email subject and body content, when to send the report and things like that and when that’s done, just grab the embed code and paste it into your lead page or website.

embed code

Once people request a free report, they get added into my email marketing campaign where the goal is to get them to submit an inquiry.

So this is one really effective way to get clients.

Let’s take a look at Citation Scanner.

citation scanner

This tool searches for all of the local citation opportunities which normally would take days but the scanner does it in just a couple of clicks.

Under Perform New Search, type in your keyword, the search engine you want to use and choose a category. You can also search by business instead of keyword.

citation scanner report

This search essentially brings back all of the businesses and their citations using your keyword and other requirements. Click on View Results to see all of the citations which will help improve our ranking in this 7 pack.

So with just a couple of minutes using this tool, you can generate a report and pass it on to create all those citations for your local client and keep them happy.

The next tool is the Mobile Prospector and pay attention because I’ve never seen anything else like it.

mobile prospector

Enter your keyword and search engine and it’ll bring back the top 100 websites and which ones are mobile compatible. This is important because of Google’s recent mobilegeddon so websites really need to be mobile friendly.

For example, these are the results I got with the keyword “plumbers in New York.”

mobile friendly

Scrolling down the list you can see a bunch of red X’s and only five websites passed in the entire 100.

It also gives you their mobile score and name, phone number and email of the domain so you can use those to offer them your mobile ready services.

Mobile Prospector also generates reports specific to a domain with your company branding so you can send them something with their current statistics, details and a preview of what their site would look like if it was mobile friendly.

mobile report

This can be used to pitch the client so they’ll employ your services and you can turn around and use a mobile responsive service such as Duda Mobile or WPTouch.

You can use this tool to search for local websites, find clients and create a professional report to pitch them all from SERPed directly.

Tick the domain you’re interested in, click Email/Download Prospects and you can write your whole pitch right there.

email prospects

All three of these Client Acquisition tools pack a punch when it comes to opportunities for potential clients. You can use all of the tools together to find a ton of clients for your agency or company easily.

Other Awesome Tools

The Content Restorer lets you download an entire file of a Wayback URL so you can upload it to a new domain to instantly rebuild a website. This saves you a bunch of time and money, I can only think of one other tool that does this for $15 a website.

We briefly went over the Internal Linking Profile which lets you check your site and your competitors inner linking profiles.

The Link Indexer Pro is a tool that quickly gets your links indexed by using other services like LinkPipeline and Backlinks Indexer.

Under your account settings, you can add other team members to your account and you can control what they have access to which is useful if you have other employees or have an agency.

Wrapping It Up

There’s really so many tools in this suite that you can use to manage your websites, your blog network, find new clients, increase your keyword rankings, generate reports and so much more!

SERPed saves me so much money since it can perform the functions of various different services which can cost anywhere from $15 a month to $100 a month each.

For a monthly subscription of $79, it’s a huge money saver making it an essential tool for anyone who is serious about improving organic search traffic to have!

Resources In The Tutorial – Ninja suite of SEO tools.

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      There are credit limits because we buy API data, so it needs to fit, but we give quite high limits so in most cases you wont hit them. In the event you do, we have cheap upgrades on each tool, so if you favor one of our tools a lot, you could do an upgrade on that one :)

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      There is data from many providers in the Keyword Research section, and more are coming :)

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          SERPED has a very powerful reporting feature that you should play with but the SEO powersuite reports are also very good so just play with the tool in SERPED and see how it fits for you.

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    • February 17th, 2016 at 10:07 am

      Hey Paulo,

      That is because the data that comes out of the majestic API doesn’t always match their main site, I believe that is because they only do periodically refreshes of the API data but I could be wrong.

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    I’ve been hearing this company name tossed around by affiliates and promoters but I don’t seem to find much about them from unpaid sources.

    As an agency we use Moz, Yext, and a website auditor tool. Can this really replace them?

    I’m a bit concerned that the “closed to public” is just a selling gimmick so they have affiliates use dedicated sign up links. In addition, I can’t find any screenshots of a white labelled reporting or site auditor. Nor can I scan my own website using their tool in order to see how it is.

    I’ve also contacted their support to see if they can send me screenshots and have yet to get a reply, so it just seems a bit fishy to me. Can you post more information about the site auditor and screenshots of what the reporting looks like?

    I’d really like to use this service as those three tools alone would save us about $400 a month.

    • December 13th, 2016 at 9:54 am

      You should just take it for a test drive and if you don’t like it cancel and request a refund

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