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On March 8, 2013
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SENuke XCR can be used to build a huge range of high quality link types when it is used correctly! You can also import your own custom site list to post to. It loses a point for the price!

Well you guys asked for it – so here it is! This is by far one of the most frequently requested tutorials as you guys want to be able to use SENuke XCR as part of the tiered link building process.

Although SENuke XCR is quite expensive it does have some pretty powerful features and allows you to post to a range of platforms. The only problem is not many people know how to use it effectively so my SENuke XCR review & tutorial will help you out!

What You Will Learn

  1. How to use SENuke XCR like a pro
  2. How to import custom target sites
  3. How to build high quality tier 1 links
  4. Access to exclusive resources at the end of this post

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My SENuke XCR Tutorial Review


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Resources In The Video

SENukeXCR 14 Day Free Trial – Download the fully functional trial now! – The semi dedicated ones from BuyProxies are superior in comparison to SquidProxies which I used to use.

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Hey everyone! My name is Matthew Woodward and today’s post is about SENuke XCR, the most requested tutorial from my readers!

You will learn how to:

  • Use SENuke XcR effectively
  • Import target sites
  • Create quality tier 1 links

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I have also created a tiered link building series using Ultimate Daemon for the 1st tier.

This tutorial will teach you how to use SENuke XCR to do exactly that.

If you want to do tiered link building you will need to watch video 1 and video 2 for preparation.

You can skip over video 3 in the series and replace it with the video below :)

A Quick Tour

senuke xcr interface

At the top left of the main interface is where you will create your campaigns and projects.

Under New are all the different options they have: article directories, RSS project, social bookmarks and others. Next to it are the two tools which we will be covering later.

In options, I am going to change the email verification wait time to 15 minutes but the rest can be left as default.

First of all you need to import any private proxies that you have on the proxy tab.

captcha service setup

Next, we need to set up the captcha service. One thing to note is it does have captcha sniper integration, however many websites use recaptcha which captcha sniper will not support.

You end up getting a high failure rate so I suggest using a dedicated service like DeathByCaptcha which is the cheapest.

Remember to tick the auto-captcha solving box and the other options can be left at default. Hit save and then exit.

SeNuke XCR portal

The portal is a selection of scripts that other SENuke XCR users have created. You’re given 10 points which means you can add 10 scripts from the collection to your own to get even more links!

Choose the 10 you like, check the boxes accordingly and click Download Selected.

Change Notes is the timeline of SENuke XCR software updates. They added about 1400 new sites a couple days ago and about a month ago they added around 70.

change notes

Since they are consistently releasing new updates, you can see that the software is highly maintained.

Now onto the wizard!

Turbo Wizard

This tool makes setting up campaigns fairly simple. All you have to do is input your website, the keyword, and tags and it will scrape, build and spin content for you.

Based on your settings it will then go and build your campaign.

turbo wizard

Although this makes it easy to start, I don’t recommend using the turbo wizard directly because you lose a lot of control over certain elements and the quality drops greatly.

But if you need a campaign set up quickly, this tool is there for you to use.

Creating Your First Campaign

Let’s take a look at creating campaigns and projects.

Click on New and then Campaign. Enter the name, I’ll call this one Tes and hit OK. Now you’ll see that the other options are clickable.

create a campaign

Select Account Creation and double click the name on the right hand column under projects. Type in the profile name which I’ll call 1, and then select Generate Random Profile on the right side.

It will create a profile with a first name, last name and other usernames. Click on Create Email Address, select download pre-created account and it will give you a Hotmail email address.

After that is finished, choose which sites you want to register with.

There’s quite a bit of websites on here so just select the ones you want. Click Start and it will begin registering the sites for you.

Social Bookmarking

Here are the steps to create a sample social bookmark campaign-

  • Click on New, double click the social bookmarking, and enter required information
  • In the box below enter the URLs to bookmark, the spinnable titles, tags, and descriptions
  • Select which sites you want your content to be submitted
  • Click Start and it will start creating bookmarks for you

social bookmarks

You can create different link types using this same process.

Whether your setting up a social bookmark project or a press release project the steps are identical.

Chaining & Scheduling Projects

Something really neat they have is to schedule campaigns to start right when the previous one finishes.

So let’s start a new account creation, a new social bookmarking and enter the details like we did before.

When you finish that, right click on the Social Bookmark Project, select Schedule Project and check the box to start after the new account creation project is done.

chaining projects

You have the option to submit to all sites, submit to some sites or to spread it out over a period of days.

This is a really cool feature that will automatically run multiple projects in a row so you don’t have to!

Importing New Target Sites

Now you understand how to setup projects and schedule them – we need to import a list of target sites so we can get even more links.

SENukeXCR comes with a default list of sites but every SENuke XCR user has access to those so download my personal target list at the end of this post.

You’ll get 400 new sites you can import to build links from!

Importing the list is easy-

  • Create a campaign and account creation project
  • Open the New Account Creation Project and click on Add New Sites
  • Choose which site types to add
  • Open up each site type and put your links in the box

For my list, I have each site type sorted out by platform. I have selected Article Beach and pasted my links below.

Tick Check Duplicate and click Save New Sites. Select yes to the pop up and the new sites will be added.

Do this for every platform and you will end with around 500 sites.

I highly recommend watching video 2 of the tiered link building tutorials to learn about scraping websites.

After you learn how, you can download the resource pack that has a list of footprints for scraping websites.

It’s important to generate a large list of targets so that you are getting links on websites that other users aren’t!

Creating High Quality Tier 1 Links

We will be using the wizard (not the turbo wizard) to set up our high quality tier 1 link campaign. Select the wizard and fill in the information such as name, number of profiles, your website URL and keywords.

tier 1 link campaign

Click Next and add some tags and a default article title. I selected for 2 links per bookmark and hit auto generate.

Input your company name and upload a profile picture if you want. Type in a list of categories separated by commas for the software to auto select categories for you.

Click Next.

Finish filling out the author biography and “About me” and click next again.

Now you will see the visual designer with the template for the tiered link building.

Create A New Template

The visual designer already has some predefined templates and makes linking our structures very easy but let’s make our own quickly!

create new template

Drag in some different modules to link to our money site such as wikis, article directories, press release, social bookmarks, and social networks. I will be making this specific template available to download at the end of this post if you don’t want to make it yourself.

After you finish making your template, click Next. A settings page will pop up and just tell it to auto generate and download a pre-created account.

One thing to note is if you are using your personal email address with your domain name, the failure rate is much lower. Hotmail, AOL and Gmail and other accounts are banned from some websites.

Remember to test the email settings first to make sure everything is working!

Adding Content To The Campaign

If you’ve watched video 2 of the tiered link building series you should have already prepared all of the content you need.

Your content needs to be spun correctly and you can watch the advanced spinning tutorial to learn how.

So I have my content all prepared and I’m going to paste it in including the article, author bio and name.

content preperation

Click next and we get a warning about links in the author bio because SENuke XCR likes to insert it automatically.

Since we’ve already done that let’s just go ahead and say yes I am sure I want to keep my manually inserted links.

Press Release

Once more we input the title, paste your press release and the author bio.

press releases

Uncheck the box that says Shorten press release to how many words and click next. The same warning pop up will show again so let’s just say yes again to continue.

Social Bookmarks & Web 2/Social Networks

So now we need to enter our social bookmark data so let’s type in a title, description and select to bookmark our site one time for each site and hit next.

social bookmarks campaign setup

Next we have to fill out our social network content. Paste our article title and article again and if you want to include images or videos, check out the advanced spinning video to learn how because many web 2.0 sites will let you do this.

Untick the box to shorten article to how many words and click next.

The warning message will pop up again and this time they ask us if we want to take out our links so we will say no, we don’t want that.


Again, follow the same process.

  • Enter title
  • Input article
  • Uncheck the box below
  • Click Next


Captcha Service

Choose your captcha solving service, make sure to check the balance and configure your system settings.

Limit Submissions

You should set up a schedule like I did to run the campaign for 14 days.

The next step is to limit submission sites per module and for each one we want to choose about 300 different sites.

limit submissions

You will see under each module how many sites we have. They all look good except we have about 1000 in social bookmarks so I will put it down to about 300.

On the bottom you can select sites randomly or select high PR sites first. I want a profile that looks more natural so I’m going to select random.

Click finish, then next and our campaign will be all ready to export. Click finish again and our projects will be created.

Removing the Junk

remove the junk

The wizard will automatically insert stuff we don’t want so we have to edit each of the projects manually.

Double click on one of the projects like Press Release and at the bottom of “Author bio” you will see the wizard put something like, “#keep##|Money Site Url LIST 1]#.”

Just delete that part and repeat for all of them.

The wizard does this to make it easier for people but since we insert the links ourselves, we can just delete that. There isn’t an option to disable it so you have to remove each one yourself.

After you remove the links, that is all of the campaign set up!

If you go back to your projects, you will see the software is automatically creating the accounts and then moving on to all the modules we have created. If it isn’t just hit the run button!

Second & Third Tier Link Building

After your campaign has finished building, you can click on Article Directory to see what worked and what failed by the green check marks and red crosses.

If you want to build the second and third tier, watch video 4 to the ultimate guide on tiered link building and then you have to export your live URLs.

export urls

Go to the URL tab and select sort by type. Open each one, select all, right click to copy and paste them into Notepad. Do this for every one on your URL list to get a complete tier 1 links list for the next step.

An Example Link

Let’s look at one example of a link we built.

I selected a link from the Social Network list and loaded it up in a web browser.

Here you see our article on the PHPMotion platform.

php motion platform

It contains unique readable text, along with a video, contextual links and a backlink to my site of course :)

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Final Thoughts

So there you have it, the complete SENUke XCR tutorial! Now you have learnt how to build high quality tier 1 links like an expert.

You can then build it up with second and third tier.

If you want to give it a go, there is a full 14 day trial for SENuke XCR that you can try and actually build out tier 1 links!

Resources In The Tutorial

SENukeXCR 14 Day Free Trial – Download the fully functional trial now! – The semi dedicated ones from BuyProxies are superior in comparison to SquidProxies which I used to use.

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