UPDATED: LinkAloha Review – Ranking A Brand New EMD With LinkAloha


Important Update: This service is no longer active. This review stands in place for historical/reference purposes only.

LinkAloha is a completely hands off automated SEO system that builds a wide range of links created by Koen Berkenbosch. These links includes social media mentions, web 2 sites, social bookmarks, article directories, forum profiles and posts on the LinkAloha private blog network.

The whole point of LinkAloha is to set and forget, once you have setup your campaign everything else is done for you. I have seen mixed feedback about the service in forums so decided to put it to the test and conduct a LinkAloha review and case study of my own.

Please Note: The LinkAloha service only accepts 250 members at any one time. They currently have some free spots available for a limited time, they tend to open up new spots every other month or so.

How Does LinkAloha Work?

When you first sign up for LinkAloha there are a number of different packages available. Each one offers a different amount of links and I decided to go with the cheapest option priced at $48 USD per month.

For that $48 USD per month I get-

I don’t think the price is too bad for what you get, although I have seen some forum users that disagree with me. The true value in the LinkAloha service though is how easy it is to setup campaigns that keep on running for as long as your subscription does.

Setting Up A LinkAloha Campaign

Setting up any type of campaign whether it be forum profiles or private blog network posts is stupidly simple. Here is a screenshot of the backend with some mock information to give you an idea of what it looks like-


To create a campaign all you need to provide is the following information-

  • Campaign Name – Self explanatory
  • Category – The category of your site – health, games etc
  • Campaign Type – Choose between forum links, article directory links, social bookmarks, private blog network posts, web 2.0 links or social media links
  • Links Per Day – How many links per day you want to build
  • Parent – Please see Multiple Tiered Linking section below for a full explanation
  • URL – The URL you want to build links to
  • Keywords – A list of keywords you want to target

It only takes a couple of minutes to fill out the entire form, and once you hit the start campaign button your links will start to be built within 48 hours.

Multiple Tiered Linking

The Parent drop down allows you to build links to the URLS created in other projects. For example you could build 20 social bookmarks a day to your web 2.0 campaign to create a second tier. You could then build forum profiles to your bookmarks to create a third tier and so on.

I spent some time thinking about how to make the best use of my link package and I will outline exactly what I did and the results in my case study further down.

Campaign Management / Reporting

The campaign management page is also very easy to work with. I have found the best way to manage multiple campaigns is to create a group for each page your targeting. You can then create link campaigns within that so everything is organised neatly and easy to navigate around.

If you have created a tiered linking campaign then it automatically creates collapsible groups on the campaign management page. This is a tweak to the interface Linkaloha made recently which has made things much easier to follow.

Link Aloha Campaign Management

Link reporting is also fantastic. They give you the exact URL for every link they build which you can export in a number of formats. You can just go for a flat txt file of the backlinks or a more detailed CSV that provides information such as when the link was created and which keyword was used.

You also get an RSS feed of your links which you can import into a number of places for indexing/boosting.

LinkAloha Case Study

I decided to see how the service performed, I had seen mixed reviews on the forums but I saw value in the ease of setup and hands off approach LinkAloha offers.

For this test I registered a new EMD domain on the 24th of January targeting a keyword with an exact match search volume of 14,800 per month. This is what the top 10 looks like at the moment-

MarketSamurai Competition

How I Setup The Link Aloha Campaign

The domain was registered on the 24th of January and I setup the site and started the LinkAloha campaign below the next day on the 25th of January. I know people have different opinions about building links in the first few weeks but I think as long as you maintain a natural velocity and don’t go all out it’s fine.

LinkAloha gives you complete control over how many links are built per day which is perfect for a brand new EMD in my opinion.

Here is how I set mine up-

  • 1 x Private Blog Post Per Day (20 Total)
    • 2nd Tier
      • 4x Forum Profile Links Per Day
      • 2x Article Directory Links Per Day
      • 2x Social Bookmarks Per Day
      • 2x Web 2.0 Links Per Day
  • 3x Web 2.0 Links Per Day
    • 2nd Tier
      • 4x Forum Profile Links Per Day
      • 2x Article Directory Links Per Day
      • 2x Social Bookmarks Per Day
      • 2x Web 2.0 Links Per Day
  • 4x Social Bookmarks Per Day
    • 2nd Tier
      • 4x Forum Profile Links Per Day
  • 4x Social Media Links Per Day
    • 2nd Tier
      • 5x Forum Profile Links Per Day

That means my target URL gets a total of 20 blog posts on the private network, 90 web 2.0 links, 120 social bookmarks and 120 social media links spread across the first month. All of that is supported by a second tier of links to help with indexing and light boosting.

I also randomised the anchor text keeping my target keyword at about 60% density and diversifying the anchor text as much as possible with the social bookmarks while still including the target keyword.

It took me about an hour to plan the campaign and get it all setup in LinkAloha. It takes between 24-48 hours for the campaign to start but after that the links will just flow in naturally every day.

Link Quality

After a few days I started to checkout some of the links that have been created by the system. To be honest everything looks great and is well executed but there are a few things I want to point out.

I started out by looking at the private blog posts which were more than impressive. They read well and make good use of images, bold and underlined text throughout. You can tell they put effort into maintaining the quality of the network which is a good thing to see.

The social media links are essentially just retweets with your url. I believe there is real value in having your landing page splashed around Twitter and the LinkAloha Twitter accounts are aged in various locations. It will be interesting to see how the quality of these accounts is maintained as LinkAloha expands.

The web 2.0 links are all from Wiki’s which I was a bit disappointed with. Maybe I am being picky but I don’t class Wiki’s as Web 2.0 sites but it’s just a label really. The content isn’t at the same standard as the private blog network posts but it is still readable and provides a worthwhile backlink.

Automated Indexing

Link Aloha say that they get your links crawled fast for rapid results via automatic pinging and RSS submission. I have found that indexing is fantastic throughout the entire campaign on both tiers with the links that have been built so far.

One of the early blog posts on the high PR network took a couple of days to be indexed and had me edgey but Google caught up in the end. Indexing is also helped with the second tier of links that is going in which is of course automated as well.

7th Feb 2012 – Experiment Results So Far

Please bear in mind that this domain was only registered on the 24th of January and the campaign above has been running since the 25th.

7th Feb 2012 – Links Posted

Below you can see how many links have been posted in the campaign so far.

Number Of Links Posted

7th Feb 2012 – Rankings

I will let the ranking chart speak for itself.

Search Rankings

As you can see it jumped into the top 500 on the 5 days into the campaign on the 30th of January at position 232. It then jumped around in the 150’s for a while and is now sat at position 29 on day 13 of the campaign.

21st Feb 2012 – Updated Results

The campaign has been running for nearly a full month now and most of the links have been posted for the month. Check the updated details below-

2st Feb 2012 – Links Posted

Nearly all the links have been published for the month-

LinkAloha Links Posted

21st Feb 2012 – Rankings

The keyword has now moved into the number 2 position!

Search Rankings Update

Impressive Stuff!

So LinkAloha has managed to take a 14 day old exact match domain to rank 29 in just 13 days of link building. That’s pretty impressive by anyone’s measure! Half of the campaign hasn’t even been built yet so it will be interesting to see what happens across the next couple of weeks.

If all goes well perhaps I will double up the amount of total links for month 2 to start a natural link growth of the site. If anyone from LinkAloha read’s this and wants to hook me up then that would be real cool :)

21st Feb 2012 Update

Well the domain is less than a month old and after a bit of a dance is now sitting at the number 2 position. I had considered doubling up the amount of links but I think for the next month I’m going to keep it at the same velocity and double it up in month 3.

Considering it only took me a few hours to build the site and an hour to setup the link building campaign the results are very impressive! This is a big money keyword with 14,800 exact searches a month and is already sitting in a decent profit.

WARNING: Steal Your Competitors Search Rankings, Traffic & Income

14th March 2012 Update

This month I decided to double my package with LinkAloha to run a second experiment on a different keyword and EMD domain that I registered on the 7th of March. I wanted to see if the results above were just plain luck or not.

So far the new domain has moved into the number 4 position for its target keyword in just a week. I will be writing a secondary case study with all the juicy details of the second LinkAloha experiment this weekend when I have some down time. It’s been one of those weeks so far!

Anyway thought I would quickly mention the second experiment here.

Remember: Link Aloha only takes on 250 members at any one time. It is currently open for new members if you act quickly.

What I Would Like To See

Although the LinkAloha service is impressive I would like to see them add a bit more diversity into the bag. Perhaps offering Facebook Likes or Google +1’s as well as some real web 2.0 links. Indexing hasn’t been a problem but I think they could automate the boosting of the links with a big blast of comments thrown into the package for example.

It’s a new service at the moment though and I’m sure Koen will be building and developing new features over time.

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  1. 2.12.2012

    Honestly this is the greatest link building product review I've ever seen. Just a suggestion: start a new site with an easy to remember (& brandable) domain, then it'll more popular.

    • February 17th, 2012 at 5:39 pm


      Thanks for your kind words, I dont know about the greatest but I like to know what I'm talking about before I talk about it :) I have lots of SEO based tests running at the moment and will publish full case studies like the above for each of them.

      I'm not to worried about people forgetting the name of the site, as long as I publish great content they wont forget :) (hopefully)

    • February 20th, 2012 at 5:44 pm

      MatthewWoodward.co.uk Good Luck Matthew:)

    • February 22nd, 2012 at 9:24 am

      Hasitha Prabath Thank you very much :) Let me know if you have any suggestions for the type of posts you want to see here. Also I have updated the case study above :)

  2. Anonymous

    Great article more like this please.

  3. Anonymous

    great article. After reading the review , I went ahead and tried to join it but seems like it is sold out.

  4. 5.27.2012

    Seems like a h*** of a linkbuilding service :) I've put myself on the waitlist :)

  5. 7.29.2012

    Are you still using this after google's latest updates? And is it still effective? I still hear good reports about UAW that I'm going to use myself just waiting on some content being written also using a EMD, but some other are not working anymore I believe. I'm sure I read somewhere that build my rank is no good now?

    • August 16th, 2012 at 7:50 am

      No I'm no longer using this as I have spent the last 6 months or so bringing everything in house and stepping away from using services. BMR got totally deindexed and shut down :(

  6. 9.6.2012

    Very interesting posts, since I had problems running SB, I'm looking for other services. Thank you.

  7. 10.10.2012

    Fantastic Review Matt and I have to admit Link Aloha is epic as it means I can spend more time scaling up websites.

  8. I believe they are opening up again right about now… Just wondering – how do you think LinkAloha compares to MagicSubmitter or GSA?

  9. Davie Lam

    Hi Mat,
    I have PMed you once in BHW but you didn't response so can you check if my keyword would go well with this method?

    Waiting for answer. Thanks in advance!

    • October 18th, 2012 at 4:37 pm


      Sorry I only do PM's every week.

      This method can rank any keyword if applied correctly.

    • Davie Lam
      October 18th, 2012 at 7:39 pm

      I have just $100 to invest to linkbuilding. I'm not sure to do this since linkaloha got more expensive – the price has doubled.

  10. 10.19.2012

    Hey Matt, I was wondering how to best use keywords in link aloha. How I normally set up my key words is like this.
    33% exact match (Dog Training),
    33% relative (Train your dog with these tips)(puppy training).
    33% General (Click Here).

    Although with my General Keywords I have a huge list of General terms, 100+. Is this necessary?

    How did you set up your keywords for the different link categories?
    (social bookmarking, private network etc…)

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