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On May 14, 2013
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Licorne AIO offers a complete suite of link building tools at a very wallet friendly price point. It does everything that the more expensive software can do and a bit more!

Licorne AIO has gained huge popularity over the last few months and is one of the most requested tutorials from my readers.

I have spent some time with the software and the latest updates have added some killer new features.

What makes it even better, is it is much cheaper than Ultimate Demon and SENuke XCR even though it offers similar features.

To be honest I’m quite surprised with just how much bang for buck Licorne AIO offers. Before this review I hadn’t used the software before but had seen it pickup traction and popularity in various forums.

It seems the earlier versions had a lot of problems but they have made huge progress with the software which now feels robust and is easy to use.

My Licorne AIO Review & Tutorial

Check out my much more detailed video review-

What You Will Learn

  1. How to use Licorne AIO properly
  2. How to use it as part of the tiered link building process
  3. How to import your own custom target sites to build links from
  4. How to use the advanced features that are tucked away
  5. There’s a bunch of exclusive resources to download at the end of this post

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Resources In The Video

Licorne AIO -Budget friendly link building software! – My preferred proxy provider!

ALERT: Get Instant Access To My Personal Tools of The Trade!

Don’t like videos? Follow this instead!

Today’s tutorial is about the Licorne AIO link building software which is one of the most requested tutorials in the forum.

I’m going to teach you how to:

  1. Incorporate Licorne into your tiered link building strategy
  2. Take advantage of the secret features
  3. Import lists of custom target websites

Most of you asked how to use Licorne AIO as part of your tiered link building so watch Part 1 first and have the content ready from Part 2.

Jump on over to this tutorial and after you’ve finished watching this one, move onto part 4 to finish out tiers 2 and 3.

Setting up Licorne AIO Correctly

First I’m going to give you a quick look at the main interface, options and the set up process.

The tabs you see on the main interface are logs of the progress so once we have started the campaign you’ll see more information here.


Click on Settings to look at our options. Most of these can be left at default but I change the email activation time to 45 minutes.

Now click on Captcha to set up Captcha services. I like to set DeathByCaptcha as my first one and GSA Captcha breaker as my second since both GSA Captcha Breaker and Captcha Sniper don’t support Recaptcha.

For a lower failure rate, I set DeathbyCaptcha as my first priority since many websites do use Recaptcha.


After you decide which captcha services you want, head over to Spinning. There are several options but I choose to use The Best Spinner.


The rest of the options can be left at default or take a look around and change it how you like.

As soon as you’ve set it up how you like, click Save Settings.

Next we need to add our proxies. I highly recommend getting them from BuyProxies which have been working great for me.


To add proxies, click on Add, paste your list in the box, click Add Proxies and your proxies will be saved.

Another nice feature is the email account management for email activations. Once you start a campaign it’ll manage all your emails and auto activate accounts for you.

The last tab is the Pinger which you can turn off or on so you can easily integrate it with a service to index your backlinks.


Sample Social Bookmarking Project

Now we know what the basic interface looks like, let’s get started on a new social bookmark project!

Click on New Project and enter in the desired name.


The next step is to click on New Task at the top and Account Creation Task. There are several options for tasks like an article task, directories, profiles and more.

Once you click on Account Creation, a new window will pop up and you need to enter a task name.


After you name it and click Next, another window will open up where you need to fill out a new profile.

Most of the boxes are already filled out including your user information but you do need to choose which email address to associate with your new profile.


Your email address can be from Hotmail or AOL which can be disposable but those can be blocked during the process. Instead, you can buy pre-made email accounts from Fiverr and use those.

Make sure your email address works or else you can’t confirm it!

Lastly, enter the name of your profile and hit Create Account Profile.

account profile

Next, chose which category of sites you want to register to. This one will be for Bookmark and click on Select All Category.

Click Finish and it will tell you that the task was added successfully.

Towards the bottom of the interface, click on Start Submitter and it’ll begin processing and creating the accounts.

There’s the option to change the number of threads which depends on your computer and how many proxies you have.


If you don’t want to wait for it to confirm the emails, click on the Email Tab, check all of the ones you want and hit Start Email Activation.

Bookmark Task

Now let’s start a new bookmark task. Go up to New Tasks and choose Bookmark submission task and enter in the name in the new window.


After you enter in the name, you will have to fill out a few more boxes of information.

  1. URLs to bookmark
  2. Bookmark Title
  3. Description
  4. Tags
  5. Word Count

Remember if you don’t know how to spin properly, you should watch my advanced spinning tutorial to learn how. Click Preview to see what the title or description looks like.

Once that’s all done, hit next. Now choose which account profile to use which will be the one we created earlier.


You’ll see the list highlighted in blue are all the websites the profile has registered to. Choose Select All and click Next.

The program is going to ask us make a list so that the live links will be saved to that particular list. Let’s name it BM1 and enter in our URL list for output.


The next thing to decide is the submission rate, if you want it to be instant or gradual with a drip feed. You also have the option to schedule tasks to start at a later time or after another task has finished.

After you complete that, hit Finish and OK and click Start Submitting. Immediately it’ll start going through and creating all the bookmarks.

Once that’s all done, you can check the report to see how many bookmarks were completed and how many failed.


You can look through the report to see all the logins, the live links and you can even retry the failed submissions if you like.

To see the live links report in a text file, right click and select Retrieve Live Links in TXT.

Now you know how to set up a task! To set up a different project, just select which task you would like to begin and fill in the following information. Same basic steps, nice and simple.

Diagram Wizard

Now we will go over the diagram wizard using Licorne AIO to build our tier one links.

In the tiered link building videos, I used Ultimate Demon to build the first tier but you can use Licorne AIO.

Let’s get started!


To start the Diagram Wizard:

  1. Select New Project
  2. Enter project name and click Add Project
  3. Select Account Creation Task
  4. Create a new profile

Remember to add in all information including username, password and the email account you want to use.

Next we need to select all the websites we want to register to so let’s pick the social bookmarks, article directories, social networks, web 2.0’s and wikis.

In total we chose nearly two thousand sites!

Click Finish and the program will start processing all of them. Once it’s finished, click Diagram Wizard and a new window will pop up.


If you’ve used the SENuke XCR wizard, this might look familiar but in my opinion, Licorne works better.

Let’s create some modules to see how it works.

Drag the modules from the left hand column into the window and connect them to our money site.


To add the details for each module, double click it and you can enter the keywords and links.

If you already watched the advanced spinning tutorial, you should have your money site links and embedded contextual links in the article.

If you haven’t, Licorne AIO can actually do that for you.


If you have watched the tutorial, just enter in one keyword and one URL. Hit confirm and that part is all set up.

Now double click social bookmarks, enter the task name and paste the description, tags and title of the article.

It’ll then ask you to select websites for submission so choose the tier 1 account, select all bookmarks and it’ll go and fetch those for us.

The last step is to decide the submission, scheduling and link list options. The important thing to change is the drip feed so it goes on for about two weeks.

Fill all that out and our social bookmark task is now complete.

For articles, you can add articles from Kontent Machine or your own.


Fill in all the details like article summary, title, tags and the body. You can add multiple articles if you want to use randomly but if not, click next.

The next step is the same as before, select the profile, select all articles and fill out the submission and method window.

Now onto wikis!


Again, add a custom article with tags, title, content and the such. Summaries and the resource aren’t required for wikis. To check how the article looks like, click Check Article with Copyscape.

One more time, select the profile, select the category wiki and set up the submission and scheduling. Don’t forget the output URL list!

And last one finally, web 2.0.


Since web 2.0s actually allow media such as videos and pictures, you can spin them into the articles too which I talk about the spinning tutorial.

Add your articles, select your account profile, select all in category web 2.0 and then the submission.

Click Finish and it’ll start creating the tasks.

To strengthen your link profile, add more tasks such as directory submissions, social network or RSS.

All of these can only help build your profile up so don’t hesitate to add more!

Scraping a Target List

One thing you really should do before adding more tasks is to scrape a list of target websites.

I emphasize this in the tiered link building tutorials because if you scrape your own, you can find links your competitors haven’t and run a more successful campaign.

If you need some ideas, click on the Manage tab and Licorne has sites listed that you can scrape from.


Take advantage of the Manage tab, they have a whole list of different platforms to scrape from.

I have a whole pack of resources including a list of sites at the end of this page for you to download and import straight away!

To learn how to scrape, watch part 2 of my tiered link building tutorial.

I really recommend everyone to do this and in Licorne AIO, they even provide the footprint to search for.

The best method I found to add websites is to click on Tools, Link Related and then Link Analyzer. Paste your link in the box and click Start Analyzing which the program will begin to identify every single site for you.


So this is what I recommend you to do.

First watch part 2 of the tiered linking tutorials.

Second, learn to scrape and then download my pack of resources at the end of this post. There’s a list of footprints for Scrapebox which are different for Ultimate Demon and Licorne.

Once it’s finished analyzing, you can just check which ones you want to use and either export or use them directly. To add them, select the sites and click Add selected links to database which will open a new import site window.


As you can see, the program was able to add 294 new websites to the existing 2456 database. Not bad!

Managing Platforms

One thing I find really useful that Licorne AIO offers is managing the platforms yourself. It can be a bit tricky but I will show you how it’s done.

As we scrape for our new list of websites, we can find certain footprints common amongst them all.

Many Pligg websites will have “Powered by Pligg” in the footer that you can search for and come back with a nice list of Pligg sites to post to.


Webmasters started realizing this and began removing the footprints from the footer so that you won’t be able to find Pligg sites that way.

However, Licorne actually gives you a way around this where we add different recognition footprints to search for.


Let’s check out some Pligg sites that don’t have powered by Pligg to find the similarities.

If you right click on the header of one of the Pligg sites and select Inspect Element (this is easier to follow in the video tutorial), we can start looking for similarities.

Right away you can see <bodydir=ltr> in the code so that’s a sign they all use Pligg. Copy and paste it as a footprint for recognition.

Now each time the program goes through and finds that footprint, it will identify the website as a Pligg site.

The webmasters won’t be able to hide that!

This function is really useful since other submission programs don’t have this ability so go through all the platforms and do what we just did to find more sites.

A Few Extra Tools

Licorne has a good amount of useful tools on hand such as several different types of scrapers for search engines, keywords, and platforms.


The search engine scraper is really nice because it lets you scrape for tweets and video and image URLs which is great for the advanced spinning tutorial.


The built in scraper isn’t as powerful as Scrapebox itself but will work if you don’t have one. There are a few Link Management tools such as the Link Analyzer, Page Rank Checker, EMD checker and live link checker.

Other tools:

  1. Built in spinner
  2. Rank Tracker
  3. Keyword analyzer
  4. Misc tools such as Email Extractor, Duplicate Remover, Pligg upvoter and Shortener

The Pligg upvoter actually comes in handy when you need some more votes on your links as you’re building the social bookmarks.

ALERT: Get Instant Access To My Personal Tools of The Trade!

Wrapping It Up

So that is my Licorne All in One tutorial. I’ve taken you over how to set up bookmark campaigns, build tiered links and how to use the various tools.

One of the best things about Licorne is that it’s actually cheaper than SENuke XCR and Ultimate Demon and it even has a few extra functions thrown in!

If you want to try it out for yourself, download the free trial now!

Resources In The Tutorial

Licorne AIO -Budget friendly link building software! – My preferred proxy provider!

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  1. Jason

    Surprised to see you have no comments on this video, maybe it was never posted threw the homepage, and that’s the reason. I am trying out a couple different software titles right but after learning those im going to give Licorne a go, although I have heard a few horrible reviews, It definitely looks nice. If it doesn’t work out might go with UD.

    I do have a question about transcription. I never did this with my own videos, but it seems like it would help, and nice that you hide the text on the page, how long is it taking you to do that for each video, or do you outsource this?

    BTW, nice to see your success in the last year or 2 online, and looks like a wise choice to leave your seo job. You seem to be one the ball about almost everything you write about, and have far surpassed my seo skill level and i have been working online sense 1998. This doesn’t get me down though, in fact seeing your success and bloggers similar to you is currently helping drive me to improve because I remained stagnate and complacent for years without trying to improve in any aspect of my business.

    • Jason
      August 14th, 2013 at 9:51 am

      hmm, who is that girl? Not sure why this girl is in my avatar, nor do i remember placing it their. Was probably s******* around years back and had no picture of myself.. Gota get that removed.

    • August 14th, 2013 at 1:15 pm

      Theres like ~200 comments ^^

      Earlier version of Licorne weren’t that great so bear that in mind when you read feedback, check when it was posted. The newer versions are very solid!

      The transcript takes me around 1.5x-2x the total length of the video but I can type pretty quick although I do need to start outsourcing this.

      Thanks for your kind words!

  2. 8.21.2013

    “194 Responses” but only 1 comment showed? w**? 😉
    I was thinking of purchasing UD but finally I think I will choose this one. It will be interesting to show other comments to see what others are saying about this product.

    ps: Matt, I sent you a message 2 weeks ago, I would appreciate your reply 😉

    • September 4th, 2013 at 12:48 am

      Which browser are you using? I see them all.

      Emails are in a queue at the moment while im away, will get round to all gazzillion of them on my return though :)

  3. 9.4.2013

    Hi Matt,

    great tutorial about the basics of Licorne AIO. Thanks!
    Can you tell us which application you use at time 30:50 of the video to inspect the source code of the PLIGG sites you investigated.


    • September 8th, 2013 at 2:53 pm


      That will either be firebug or the standard Google Chrome inspector. I have sucky wifi right now so can’t get the video to play =\ But those are the 2 things I use

  4. 9.5.2013

    I am using Firefox on Linux. I can only see a few also. The first one is the other guy that was surprised there were no comments. Maybe your content locker?

    So Matt. Now that you’ve tried both which one would you recommend for a newbie? Can LicorneAIO fill the shoes of Ultimate Demon?

    Thanks for the review.


    • September 8th, 2013 at 2:46 pm


      Well I’m a man of if its not broke, don’t fix it and UD came before Licorne for me.

      However Licorne is very solid, constantly developing and pretty much does everything that UD does.

      So really its personal preference :)

      • September 12th, 2013 at 2:48 pm

        Hi Matt,

        I purchased it (LAIO) a few weeks ago and now after my first steps inside of this software I have to say that I cannot confirm that Licorne AIO is very stable, quite the contrary.

        Im not very far in setting up everything but the trouble already begins during the link analyzing step no matter if I drive Licorne on my VPS (1 GB RAM) or my Laptop (4 GB RAM) or even if I drive the older Version 2.53 or younger one 3.03. The problems are the same. And I not even have started setting up any tasks not to mention what happens when I try to start submitting. I´m pessimistic about it.

        After reading more about problems like this in the Licorne Forum and on other Websites I get more and more angry about my purchase. And I have only slight hope that they will get it running much better in the nearer future.

        I´m a little bit disappointed and by now I think I would better have purchased UD.


        • September 14th, 2013 at 4:01 pm

          Hi Holger,

          Have you been in touch with support at all?

  5. 9.27.2013

    Hi, Matt!
    Have you tried using Licorne lately?
    I preetty much can’t find a positive review about the program, exept for your post. It looks like everybody is having awful success rate with it. There’s even this thread in the Licorne forum where the admin gives a new, fresh and tested list of sites to a user, and even with it his success rate is 164/500 = 44%

    What is your comment on this? Can you still back the program?

    • September 27th, 2013 at 7:06 am


      When people complain about success rate they generally dont understand how computers/internet works.

      There are a huge range of factors that affect success rate such as-

      Is their target list up to date? (most people dont scrape their own target list)
      Are the proxies working/failing
      Is the captcha service working/failing (a lot of people try to use Captcha Sniper or GSA CB which doesnt support recaptcha, used by most sites)
      Are they using a free email address (hotmail/gmail etc)
      Is the target site online
      Is the target site open for new registrations
      Is the target site open for new submissions

      I could go on but you get the idea 😛 The success rate is entirely down to the user maintaining a clean list of sites to submit to.

      Granted Licrone does come with some sites, but every single licorne user has those so you shouldn’t be relying on those anyway.

      You must always scrape and maintain your own list of target sites. Whether thats licorne, senuke or ultimate demon is irrelevant.

      But most people skip that part – even when I stress how critical it is for a campaign to succeed in my tiered link building tutorial, no one bothers.

      Granted I haven’t used Licorne for a while but success rate is 99% down to the user.

  6. KHer0

    Well, I haven’t watched the video as I do know LIAO. It was a surprise to see that you are complementing on it. Before doing a review I would suggest checking Software Selling thread Feedbacks.

    LIAO is making a huge problem to their makers. Check their BST in the forum. I would advice thinking about your review as this software having real problems with stability and all it does is making problems to their creators

    • October 9th, 2013 at 10:17 am


      Why would I rely on other peoples feedback/posts in forums when I can rely on my own hands on experience which was actually flawless.

      Most of the people complaing seem to be complaing about success rate. Which is largely down to the user!

      • KHer0
        October 9th, 2013 at 12:13 pm

        Most of people complaining is about lagging.. Anyway, I like your reply. I will try it. I have h*** of a huge set of SEO programs ( Nuke, MS, SS, Zenno, Ubot, SliQSubmitter, AMR……etc ) although I like creating minimal backlinking profile and rarely use any of them

        I always prefer working on my site than working on my backlinks. With good strategy you can make full income with content and on-page optimization alone.

        However this last Penguin 2.1 made are pretty weird as looks like even content can’t survive updates !

  7. 10.30.2013


    Does Licorne have a commenter for blogs? I just merged a list I scraped and it’s got a ton of wordpress blogs.

    I know I can comment with scrapebox, but is there an option on licorne that I just can’t find for some reason?

  8. 11.3.2013

    Hey, Matt!
    I have a question for you!
    I plan on buying a new PC to run my SEO programs.

    Will it be sufficient to have a desktop with Intel® Core™ i3-4130 Processor (3M Cache, 3.40 GHz) and 8 gb of RAM (1600mhz) ?

    I will be using Licorne AIO, GSA SER, GSA CB, Scrapebox?

    • November 4th, 2013 at 12:37 pm

      Push up to the i5 4670K CPU and your golden

      • November 4th, 2013 at 1:12 pm

        Man, you are just awesome! I didn’t expect you to spend your precious time answering such a question. I really appreciate it!

        Share, share share your blog!

  9. mark

    Great tutorials Matt!

    if I don’t have scrapbox just yet but want to get into this with a test site is it OK if I use the built in scraper? I won’t use their list but I could use yours and start to find new ones.

    I’m not going to really be a power user until I know best practices and don’t want to leave the kiddie pool until I know how to swim.

    Great software, and I can see they care about making it better.

    I am finding the admins in the forum really helpful for newbies like me who don’t know a thread from a bed or some other spun metaphor.

    Great software, not hard to use.

    • January 8th, 2014 at 11:47 am


      Yes the built in scraper does what it says on the tin it just isn’t as advanced/quick as scrapebox

    • January 8th, 2014 at 11:52 am

      Hey Mark if you into any kind of Internet marketing even if it is just your own site, having scrape box is not only an essential tool, but it is also a life savour. It is like a Swiss Army knife. You can search for discount on Just my 2cents

  10. 2.11.2014

    Great Videos. Thanks for doing one on Licorne. I like that they are so detailed and step by step. I did have a question about proxies though. I realize they are important, but which tasks are they necessary, and which aren’t? For example, are proxies as necessary when analyzing links as they are during the submission process? The reason I ask is that when I tried to test links that Licorne had already loaded, my proxies were being used. I stopped it just in case, but after doing a quick search couldn’t find much other that most say they are important. However, when I tried to do a custom list, it didn’t use the proxies. Any advice is certainly appreciated. Thanks Again. Jeff

  11. 3.23.2014

    Hi there Matt!

    I’m a big fan of yours. :)
    Keep up the good work please.

  12. 4.17.2014

    Hi, Matt!

    Motivated from everything that has been posted on your blog, together with a friend of mine, decided to create a tutorial site for Licorne AIO.

    In it we cover pretty much all of the features of Licorne AIO, plus the new features that have been added & the changes that have been made in the just released version of the software – 3.06. Here is the site:

    Keep up with the good work!

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  14. 10.20.2015

    Hey Matt Please Suggest Me Some Free Tool For Link Building (Y) Waiting For Your Reply

    • October 20th, 2015 at 10:12 am

      Just do guest posts, you just need an email client and some time.

  15. 5.14.2013

    Wow Matt, Congrats, I love that you do so much contests. People love this kind of things.

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    Can Licorn AIO repost to accounts like Web2’s?

  51. Harish

    One very important feature that you could incorporte in your training is the ability to train the application to post to unknown platform. Just like the Script Recorder of SenukeXCr. This feature alone is a massive killer function which I was told in another training video from Licorne’s You tube channel.

  52. 5.19.2013

    way to go matt

  53. 5.19.2013

    I’m participating, but my Google+ account is not the same I use for Google+, because my personal account is no problem? or I have to join the circle with the same email?

  54. Tipjar

    Hey Matt,

    I’m about 5 seconds away from purchasing either Licorne AIO or Ultimate Demon. If I had to choose one, which one should I choose? (BTW: I’ll purchase from your link).

    Second, was this Licorne AIO v3 or v2 that you reviewed?


  55. Your Name

    great tutorial as usual, Matt.
    I have one question, err, maybe two.

    Is licorne good enough for my tier 1, compares to another software that you promote, which is more expensive? I wont name as I felt its lil bit unethical :)

    And if licorne is quiet good for tier 1, do I still need gsa ser for my 2nd tier or I can just use licorne for my tier 2 also?

    Thanks Matt. And thanks again for the tutorial.

  56. Emeka Madusha

    Nice Post Matt. Any tips on when the competition results will be out?

  57. 5.21.2013

    Matthew, you’ve done UD, SENUKE and Licorne tutorials. I’ve read your responses above to people asking you to compare the them but you don’t give a lot of info. Am I right to say that you don’t use SENUKE as it’s too expensive. So it’s really between UD and Licorne. As in, which one do/would YOU use. So do you use UD or Licorne? Thanks!

  58. Emeka Madusha

    Nice post.

  59. 5.21.2013

    Great Reviews Matt..
    Entered in the contest, hope will win one.. :)

    Btw.. checking Your youtube channel, lots of great videos there..
    Surely You got a regular reader matt.

  60. vietnamrum

    Excellent tutorial and great competition.

  61. Sam

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks a lot for all your videos and your success ! You’re doing a great work there and helping ton of people.
    I know several people asked the same, but why do you say you can’t compare GSA and LicorneAIO ?
    Honestly I’m a bit confused about which one I should go with.

    Today I have 0 link building tool, I create my Tiers 1 manualy with 2.0 blog, but I need to create more T1 backlinks, and then T2, and I can’t do that by hand.

    I had a look at both tool with their trial offers, and LicorneAIO looked like way more user friendly for a noob in SEO tools like me. Anyway, could it do the work for T1+T2+T3 with some proxies and captcha services ?

    I’m working with websites with less than 10k Exact Search without big big competition.

    Hope you can help !

    Regards. :)

  62. Equinox

    Hello Matt,

    Once More, You just put yourself on top of the SEOs Out there with the kind of amazing tutorials and profound content you provide to our SEO Community.

    With that said, I would like for you to Clarify a few Q’s regarding a very confusing subject that I see into our SEO community regarding SEO Tools. SenukeXcr, UD, Licorne, GSA.
    This are Recognize SEO Tools that when used right, could create profound link juice to our link building campaigns. With that said, Would you mind clarifying what is the criteria or the whole concept when choosing a SEO linkbuilding tool?

    You see, I already have UD, which i believe is an amazing software, it gives my the ability to do most of the stuff i could do senukexcr, at a lower cost and providing top notch quality plus having the great advantage to add custom addition, is also backup with a get soft company like edwinsoft.

    Now, i havent tried Licorne AOI, which for what u just showed it has promising potential, plus it looks that it has major competitive features that other soft wares out there dont have, and it still looks it delivers great quality.

    Now, not to take credit from any software, that why there is diversity. But, what would be or how could we make a judgement call on adding software tools to our “tools of the trade”…

    I know is not about one being better than the other, but as u mention if money was not a issue you chose UD, but if money is an issue Licorne its an amazing alternative…. with all that said… i know its just a statement, but would you clarify a bit more on it!

    Thank you.

  63. john

    Good Post

  64. 5.25.2013

    Great tutorial Matthew, Jonathan Leger has a pretty neat service called EmailClicker. I heard that the rates are awesome. Are you familiar with this service?

  65. 5.26.2013

    Nice contest and who are the winners? i wish i can see my name in winners list 😛

  66. 5.28.2013

    Hey Matt,

    You’re creating a lot of values with your video tutorials…Thanks a lot!

    Right now, I’ve got my last $100…Thinking to buy either Licorne AIO or UD monthly…

    If Licorne is similar to UD in capability then I’d go for licorne…

    Of course, I do wish to win this contest…And use my $100 on outsourcing content…..

    Anyway, Keep doing what you’re doing..You’ll many fans like me..


  67. 5.29.2013

    I was shopping for a great seo tool and was contemplating on Magic Submitter and Licorne. After your thorough review, I really wanted to try Licorne and I submitted my name for the contest! Thanks for the opportunity and hopefully I will be able to try the service out and spread the word!

  68. M E H E D I

    I wish i could win a LicorneAIO License.

  69. Xovian

    I am waiting… lol. although i doubt i won.

  70. Anna cho

    Oh gosh, the curiosity is killing me! Kekeke I’m refreshing this page for updates on the winner like no tomorrow! :)

  71. doddy

    so who is won matt?

    i wish will win this beast :)

  72. Emeka Madusha

    Oh well.. Congrats to the winners. I hope to win next time

  73. 6.4.2013

    =( didn’t win, but thank you for the great discount! I got it!

  74. 6.4.2013

    $90 for Licorne AIO? No brainer, don’t even have to think twice about that, getting it later today.

  75. 6.4.2013

    Cheers Matt, very much appreciated!

    You are inspiring me to make all of this effort work…

    This time next year Rodney! :-)



  76. vietnamrum

    Good luck to the winners. Cheers to Matthew for a great competition.

  77. 6.4.2013

    dumb question matt, but i downloaded the rar Licorne file and extrated them but i don’t see the software.. just a bunch of files. where do i install or find the main software?

  78. annayjo

    I just installed Licorne and studying it.. It was tough trying to make everything work, but at the end I found out it was a dumb mistake on my part during download.

    I emailed Licorne every time I encountered a problem.. and it wasn’t just one or two emails. but Licorne literally replied back within minutes of my sent mail!! They took me step by step on what to do and if it worked.

    I don’t know about the software yet, but the service? — worth a million bucks! If I had more than two thumbs, they will all be going up! =)

    Question to Matt:
    I have a few photo websites up and need some advice on how to upload and post the photos quicker. I want to be able to post one photo per post and also use the homepage link as the link to url.
    A few here and there is not a big deal but when I’m working with hundreds of photos, doing them each one by one consumes soooo much time for me..
    Do you know of any plugins or softwares that allows me to post a lot of photos all at once?

  79. 6.7.2013


    Excellent tutorial and even better discount for the “non-winners”! 😉

    I wanted to know if you can have two projects running at the same time in Licorne AIO. You set up your tier 1 campaign to run over 14 days and I presume that will mean quite a bit of down time when the software reaches its daily limits. In that time, can Licorne start another campaign for a different project?

    As a matter of interest can UD or SEO Nuke do this as well?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,


  80. Jay

    Just bought AIO at the discount – Cheers Matthew :)

  81. nho

    Hi there, i was planning to purchase the software until i saw this Is it true that they don’t do a refund???

  82. alexleigh

    Hi Matt,

    I see you’ve answered similar questions to this already on the comparison between UD and Licorne.

    But I was wondering why your personal preference is UD (if indeed it still is)? Is it purely because of the UI and if so, do you think that’s down to you using UD more or is the interface to Licorne simply not as well done?

    Great video, as always


  83. 7.10.2013

    Hi Matthew.
    Would you recommend Licorn over UD to start with tiered link building?

    Many thanks

  84. Rich

    Question. Used to be a SENuke user and when doing links via the wizard you would add your keywords and urls to link back to. Then within your artile you would use #links# and this tag would put in an anchor text.

    I saw in the video that if you put in the keyword say “seo” then it will go and put in an anchor text link any place the word “seo” is found. is this correct?

    If so then how can or what tag do we use within the article to make that tag the anchor text like in senuke x with the #links# tag?

  85. 7.12.2013

    Hi Matt,

    For importing a target list into Licorne after harvesting from scrapebox, do you trim the URL’s to root or leave them as they are? Also do you filter sites for tier 1 with PR>0 for example?

  86. JJ

    I want to say thanks for doing the review, I purchased the software, there’s a few hiccups but overall its quite good for its price.

    I was using the footprints file that you used for Licorne in Scraebox and I noticed as I was scraping a lot of the lines were contains a row of asterisks, so a lot of the footprint results contained something like “***************”merge text” +”my keyword””.

    Is this intentional?

  87. 7.24.2013

    Just bought it! Thank you Matthew for wonderful review. A detailed Scrapebox tutorial would be awesome.

  88. Daniela Flores

    Hi again Matthew:

    After seeing this Lincorne AIO video, I feel a little confuse :( and have some questions:

    3.Can´t we export the target list we scraped with Scape Box to Licorne? I notice that you didn’t use the merged list, so does that list just works with Ultimate Demon?

    2.If it is possible to use the Scrape Box merge list where do I place it in Licorne?

    3. As part of the Tier1 process, do you think I can use old blogs and 2.0 webs I own like Squidoo, Bligoo, etc and Business profiles like Hotfrog, as well as any other old webpage that fits the Tier 1 requirements? Or should all Tier 1 links must be brand new created ones?

    Cause I was thinking in scrapping all my website profile and add the best links to the Tier 1 that will start receiving links from the Tier2 campaign. Any advice?

    I bought Licorne through your affiliate link, 2 days before you offer the 90 dls promo :( , as soon as I finish the Tier 1 I will buy the GSA from you I promise, any website recommendations for buying advanced spinned articles as the ones you show in your videos? I couldn´t find anybody doing it in Fivver or SEO Clerks, and is taking me so long :(

    Thx for all this cool stuff

  89. Squall Albarn

    Hi Matthew:

    I been following your blog and I have all the content for starting my first tier campaign.

    But, the thing is that I can´t finish my personal target lists becuase my Scrapebox is too slow.

    I hired a Windows 2008 VPS 3.2 Ghz 2048MB 60 GB, still, my Scrapebox is very, very slow… I have IGb internet connection, and my avg url/s is 1.

    I hired some 30 semidedicated proxies for harvesting a 695040 merged list, with only 11 threads and 11 seconds time out settings.

    And my average Url/s Status is 1 or even 0 with a 13 mb bandwidth.

    What am I doing wrong? Mate, please, I need your advice. this is driving me crazy.

  90. Serge

    Hi Matt great video tutorials, I have watched them a few times already and they are helping enormously.

    Just a quick question, I shared your site via the twitter link but was still not able to get access to your footprint list and url list for Licorne that you talked about in the video.

    How can I download these?
    Thanks in advance.


  91. sergiel

    Hi Matt love your blog and have watched the Licorne, and Tiered Link building tutorials multiple times. Thank you so much!

    I have been trying to download your personal targets and footprints for Licorne but cant seem to access. I have shared the tutorial via my twitter account.

    If you could provide directions on how I can download that would be great.

    Thanks in advance.

  92. 5.14.2013


    They take an awful lot of work behind the scenes to put together but worth it! Got some more lined up soon :)

  93. 5.15.2013

    They aren’t comparable tools, a bit like comparing apples and oranges.

  94. 5.15.2013


    If your strategy aligns with what the tool can offer, then yes its worthwhile.

  95. 5.15.2013

    Good luck Mike =D

  96. 5.15.2013

    I get all the entrys into excel, inset =rand() in column B, then sort from highest to lowest. Whoever is at the top, is a winner. Rinse and repeat for the other draws :)

  97. 5.15.2013

    Hahaha thanks very much, love earning new subscribers =D

  98. 5.15.2013

    Plenty of other stuff on here you might like (I hope lol)

  99. 5.15.2013

    Got any examples of the paid ones?

    Good luck!

  100. 5.15.2013

    Cheers Andy, Good luck!

  101. 5.15.2013

    You have no debt to me – the best way to thank me is just by sharing my tutorials on forums and things :)

  102. 5.15.2013

    I would say Ultimate Demon but Licorne has serious potential – for the most part I think its a matter of preference/comfort though

  103. 5.15.2013

    Good luck Hugo!

  104. 5.15.2013

    They are all very similar in what they do – I like how with Licorne you could improve success rates with footprints etc though, the other built in tools will be handy for a lot of people as well.

  105. 5.15.2013

    Good luck sir!

  106. 5.15.2013

    Check your email :)

  107. 5.15.2013

    Don’t worry about that, I set up the backend to avoid any of those problems :)

  108. 5.15.2013


    Them the rules sorry and if your doing anything to do with SEO and not using Google+ well your ignoring a powerful weapon.

  109. 5.15.2013

    Because I want the highest success rate as possible on the first tier and the volume of captchas that needs solving is relatively low compared to tier 2 and 3.

    It wouldn’t make good business sense to use DBC anywhere else due to the cost/volume required

  110. 5.15.2013

    No worrys =D

  111. 5.15.2013

    Hahaha good luck umair!

  112. 5.15.2013

    No worrys Kris =D

  113. 5.15.2013

    Hope it helps you out a wee bit!

  114. 5.15.2013

    You can compare success rates at that level because there are so many contributing factors to a failure, such as a site just being down at that moment, captcha service failing, proxies failing and so forth

  115. 5.15.2013

    Fingers crossed!

  116. 5.15.2013

    Feel free to check out the trial

  117. thom1

    stilll doesn’t answer his question , the software WILL move onto DBC if CB doesn’t solve the capatcha so it shouldn’t influence the succes right in any way.

  118. 5.16.2013


    I dont think the 2 tools are comparable to be honest – good luck!

  119. 5.16.2013

    Introduces a new point of failure – when it comes to tier 1 I use a captcha solving service everytime as the 1st priority.

  120. 5.16.2013

    Yeah its fantastic value for everything it does!

  121. 5.16.2013

    I think Licorne has all of the features of UD off the top of my head, don’t think there is anything it lacks tbh

  122. 5.16.2013

    No worrys – thanks for spending the time to check them out!

  123. PrinceKoku

    Hey Matthew :) being the impatient and excited b***** I am, I just decided to buy it now since it was a steal at $120, I purchased it via the link on this page of yours through e-junkie. Once again Thank you for such a great video tutorial! Cheers

  124. 5.17.2013

    Need a bit more to go on than that. Are you using proxies, private ones or public ones, captcha service or captcha software? Have you filled out the campaign details correctly and so forth

  125. 5.17.2013

    Gooooood luck!!

  126. 5.17.2013

    Thanks very much :)

  127. 5.17.2013

    Thanks for entering & good luck Helge!

  128. Gamier

    Why not? Gsa supports all the platforms licorne supports and more. You just need to choose the correct setting and platform to post and you can use them for your tier1. You can even import you own list with gsa if you don’t like it to scrape for targets.

  129. 5.17.2013

    For me it still does not make sense to use captcha breaker as second priority since it will be of no use. DBC will solve most of them and the few that it cannot, they won’t be solved with captcha breaker neither. If it fails with the first priority it will retry the submission using the second priority. It make sense only if you do a lot of submission and time is important. But if this is the case, you do not need to use captcha breaker as second priority as it will just waste memory.

  130. 5.17.2013

    Thats just in case DBC is down or unavailable

  131. 5.17.2013


    No worrys.

    Yes you can use it for tier 1 links. Licorne is cheaper and does everything that UD can do.

  132. 5.17.2013

    Haha no worrys I’ve got you :)

  133. 5.17.2013

    Gooooood luckkk!

  134. 5.17.2013

    It doesn’t offer the same level of granular control and I like to get my higher quality sites separate from the other tiers.

  135. 5.19.2013

    Cheers Winston

  136. 5.19.2013


    I didn’t include it because they are making a bunch of improvements and changes to it in the near future so would have become out of date very quickly.

  137. 5.19.2013


    Yes it supports a bunch of web 2 platforms and sites.

  138. 5.20.2013


    1) Yes

    2) Yes still use GSA

    Cheers :)

  139. 5.20.2013


    Either will do the job, its a matter of personal preference.

    I reviewed V3

  140. 5.20.2013


    No that wont be a problem

  141. 5.20.2013

    Matt, couldn’t you use the Captcha Breaker first, and then save a bunch of money in the long run? Put DBC as your backup, so if Captcha Breaker can’t solve it, then DBC will solve it.

    Doing it this way would save money, right?

  142. Pedro Fumero

    Ok Matthew! :)

  143. 5.21.2013

    Yeah the theory makes sense, but as I’ve already said it introduces another point of failure for the sake of a couple of dollars so I do not and will not do it like that.

  144. 6.25.2013

    CB does not guarantee captcha solving….. so he choose to use DBC for a higher success rate in the account creation process ….. Countless times CB reports “captchas regognized as” but in reality the recognition was wrong.

  145. 5.24.2013

    Cheers John!

  146. 5.24.2013


    Thanks for your kind words.

    Dont buy a piece of software and build your campaign around that. Map out & plan your campaign and the various aspects it will touch on, THEN look for tools that compliment that. Many people buy tools and change there plan based on what the tool can do – thats backwards ^^

    So if Licorne currently offers something that will help you with your plan – its good to go. If it doesn’t, leave it on the shelf :)

    I can’t really clarify the statement any more, they are both very similar and both have money back guarantees so try them both and see which fits best for you individually.

  147. 5.24.2013


    While they both build links they both do it in very different ways. GSA is much more hands off and offers less granular control than Licrone/get/UD.

    The reason I use GSA for tier 2 and 3 though is because of the huge amount of platforms it can touch (over 150) and it goes out and finds a custom target list everytime. If you were to do it in UD/Licorne you would quickly run out of sites due to the ~15 platforms they both support.

    You may also end up using a site on your 3rd tier and you did the 1st tier which is no good.

    So I keep it seperate. UD for control and quality on tier 1, GSA for everything else behind that.

  148. 5.24.2013

    Cheers mate!

  149. 5.24.2013

    Thank you very much =D Good luck!

  150. 5.24.2013

    Thanks :)

  151. 5.24.2013


    Personally I use UD – they pretty much all do the same thing except for price. Licorne has a few extra tools but they aren’t things I would use personally as I have other means to perform those tasks.

  152. 5.24.2013

    Early-mid next week

  153. 5.26.2013

    Contest is still open at the moment, winners will be drawn this week sometime.

  154. 5.26.2013

    Don’t see the point in it myself. Can buy 500 emails for $5 and all the software has the ‘clicking’ functionality built in already =\

  155. 5.29.2013

    Yeah they are similar – but if your on a budget then is a much better tutorial for you

  156. mohan

    Thank you….

    Waiting for the contest winners…

  157. 5.30.2013

    Soon ^^

  158. 5.30.2013

    Good luck – winners announce soon :)

  159. 5.31.2013

    Winners announced soon!

  160. Soon :)

  161. Announcement in the next 4 hours :)

  162. exactly =D deal of the century right there!

  163. 6.25.2013


    how to get Licorne for 90$? Did not find on the page

    Thanks and best


  164. Cheers Anna!

  165. I’ll have another competition soon!

  166. Scroll up ^^

  167. 6.5.2013

    Readers beware!! I just purchased it and it’s Version 2.53 NOT version 3.0!!!

  168. V3 is a beta (although stable) you have to download separately

  169. Just extract and run :)

  170. Thanks =D

  171. Hahaha congratulations Andy =D

  172. 6.5.2013

    You have to run the updater.exe but beforehand you may need to install Microsoft .NET 4.5

    Hope that helps!


  173. Tipjar

    Just noticed that. For those thinking of purchasing – after you purchase it, you’ll get V2.53 in the download link. After you activate that copy – go back and download V3 from the site and reactivate!

  174. Thanks for the note!

  175. Cheers Andy!

  176. 6.10.2013

    Can’t say I agree with his points on my own personal experience of using it – I was highly impressed with what it could do for the money but had read that earlier version were troublesome at times.

    Typical example of someone blaming the tool – you know, the tool that only does what the person using it tells it to do…. ^^

    They don’t need to offer refunds because they offer a fully functional 5 day trial so you don’t have to part with your money to make your purchase decision at all.

  177. 6.10.2013

    No worrys =D

  178. 6.10.2013


    Yes you can run multiple campaigns concurrently without issue – there is no ‘daily limit’ other than the number of threads your machine/bandiwdth/proxies can handle.

  179. 6.10.2013


    Thanks for the great feedback!

    What platform are the sites?

  180. 6.10.2013


    I guess you work on the premise that imitation is the sincerest from of flattery! 😉


  181. 6.11.2013

    Cloners will always clone (and fail) – notice the lack of awards? ^^

  182. 6.24.2013


    I’ve been using UD for a long time – if its not broke, dont fix it :)

  183. 6.27.2013


    That was only available for a few days sorry, I believe the price is set to increase soon.

  184. 7.12.2013


    I dont use those tags to insert links as my source content already includes them

  185. 7.12.2013


    I like UD because well, thats just what I’ve used for a while. Both UD and Licorne essentially do the same thing just as well each other so its personal preference really.

  186. 7.12.2013

    Ok, so in your content you already have the <a href="htttp tag? Is this what you are saying.

  187. 7.12.2013

    It’s funny, every time I do a search for something I want the answer on, your site is pretty much #1 :)

    Anyway, I’ve noticed similar to Sam. Using semi-dedicated proxies, DeathByCaptcha, Campaign details are all setup as required. I’ve even turfed out the spam box on the email accounts in case anything was getting trapped there.

    Completion rates for web2’s is pretty low (about 25%) and for article accounts it’s horrific (4%)

    I’m sure this isn’t due to Licorne, but I’m having trouble thinking what else it could be, other than a low quality of scraped sites.

  188. 7.15.2013

    Hahaha got any examples? Google takes most of that data away from me!

    What happens if you take a few of the failed sites and step through them manually?

  189. 7.15.2013


    I usually just leave them as they are but trimming to root and importing as well will find some other sites :)

  190. 7.15.2013

    Yup :)

  191. 7.22.2013

    Thanks :)

    Can you give me more detail of your issue please

  192. 7.24.2013

    Thank you for the commission :) Scrapebox is on the list don’t worry!

  193. Henry

    Hi Matthew :-), I have 2 questions. Should I use Licorne AIO to build 1000s of backlinks to my money site directly by drip feeding? Or, Should I build 4 or 5 quality Web 2.0 properties, quality Youtube videos, submit press release to premium PR directories, and use them as Tier 1. Then use Licorne AIO to build backlinks to these? Which one do you prefer?

  194. 7.25.2013


    Its hard to say, both approaches are fine – I would set up 2 sites and do both, measure the results then refine and grow the process from there.

  195. Henry

    Thanks Matthew for the reply:-). Okay, already have two sites ready ,lets see which method works better. I’ll post the progress after 1 month. :-)

  196. 7.29.2013


    Sounds like something is going wrong somewhere – I would speak with the scrapebox support team directly that are very good at remedying these kinds of issues. They might send you an .exe file which will update the VPS is to make it better with Scrapebox.

  197. 7.29.2013


    Lets see if I can help then!

    1) Yes you can but its not as easy as with UD

    2) No, that is for Scrapebox

    3) Hmm you could do but I would be very careful about leaving any footprints – VERY careful.

    Or do you mean you have a bunch of existing links to your site you want to strengthen with tiered links? Rather than adding new content to old web 2.0 sites that link to other sites you own?

    No one is producing good quality prespun articles that I’m aware of – BUT I did just get an email from someone that is in the early stages of putting that kind of service together so stand by!

  198. 7.29.2013

    Good luck =D

  199. 8.7.2013

    Exceptionally helpful response, putting platform #s into perspective! Many thanks Matt :)

  200. No worrys :)

  201. 8.13.2013


    Please drop me an email

  202. 8.13.2013


    It is working now :)

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