ARCHIVED: Build My Rank Review – Can You Rank A Page With Just BMR Posts?


Build My Rank closed on March 24th when Google deindexed them and also took out others like Authority Link Network. I have decided to leave my BuildMyRank review in place for archival purposes but please note that it is no longer in operation. You can read the full details here.

BuildMyRank is a huge network of blogs with PR1 to PR6 which you can post original 150 word articles to with a single backlink. They do not accept spun content and all posts go through a human review before been posted to the network to protect the quality and integrity of the blogs.

You can get 10 free posts on the network which gives you some high quality links completely free of charge. Everyone likes free right?

Build My Rank Review & Live Experiment

Let’s take a closer look at the service and what they have on offer. I decided to beef up my Build My Rank review with a live experiment to find out if it is possible to rank a page with just BuildMyRank posts. The results are more than interesting!

How Does BuildMyRank Work?

When you first login to BMR you will be presented with the dashboard. The dashboard is laid out really nicely and provides all of the key information you need about the performance of all of your posts.

You can see things like-

  • Keyword breakdown for posts published this month/last 12 months
  • Page rank breakdown of your published posts
  • The indexing rate of all of your posts
  • How many posts you currently have queued

build my rank

Publishing A Post

Adding a post to their network is very easy to do. Just select your target domain (your money site), the category it belongs to, paste in your title/article body and hit submit.

The post then gets put into a pending status for human review and then gets queued to be published on one of the blogs in the network. It really is that simple!


If you’re a power user like me that adds hundreds of posts at a time you can use the bulk import feature. Just load all of your articles into a CSV and upload it! This is a huge time saver and a great way to manage lots of posts.

Other Features

There are a couple of other great features that BMR offer as part of their standard package-

Scheduling – You have complete control over the scheduling of your posts. You can either specify the dates they get posted (great for bulk importers like myself) or set it to drip the posts out at a daily limit of 1, 1-3, 4-6 or 7-10.

Social Bookmarking/RSS Submission – Each post that gets placed on the BMR network gets submitted to various RSS aggregators such as FeedAge. The post then gets submitted to a random selection of social bookmarking sites.

Index Monitoring – After your post has been live for 3 days, the BMR system checks to see if it has been indexed by Google. If it hasn’t then additional links get built to the post until it is indexed.

Can You Rank A Page With Just BMR Posts?

To conduct a proper BuildMyRank review I decided to give the service a run for its money in January to determine how well it performs on its own.

I have a relatively new domain that was registered on 31st October 2011. The site has 8 pages of at least 1000 words each and are optimized for their respective keywords. I took one of those inner pages which had no external links at all (2 internal links) which was perfect for my BuildMyRank review campaign targeting a total of 2 keywords.

Keyword #1 Competition

BuildMyRank Keyword 1 Competition Levels

Keyword #2 Competition

BuildMyRank Keyword 2 Competition Levels

Build My Rank Review Experiment Details

Here is exactly what I did-

  1. Selected the inner page mentioned above for the experiment (no previous backlinks)
  2. Selected 2 keywords to target -3K exact match combined (were not ranking in the top 100)
  3. Got 150x BMR posts written split between the 2 keywords
  4. Imported these into BMR on 14th January
  5. Set them up to post between 3-5 per day until all 150 have been posted

3rd Feb 2012 – Experiment Results So Far

Please bear in mind only about 60% of the posts have been published so far.

I’m just going to let the graphs speak for themselves. At the start of the experiment both keywords did not sit in the top 100 results and it only took 4 days of posting to get them in the top 100 and 10 days to hit the first page.

3rd Feb 2012 – Keyword #1 Rankings

Keyword 1 Ranking Results

3rd Feb 2012 – Keyword #2 Rankings

Keyword 2 Ranking Results

3rd Feb 2012 – Overall Traffic To The Page

Traffic Results

21st Feb 2012 – Ranking Update

I just wanted to post a quick update about the progress of the experiment. So far 90% of the posts have been published and rankings have continued to improve-

21st Feb 2012 – Keyword #1 Rankings

Moved up to position 2 from 6.

Keyword 1 Ranking Update

21st Feb 2012 – Keyword #2 Rankings

Maintained it’s rank at 5.

Keyword 2 Ranking Update

21st Feb 2012 – Overall Traffic To The Page

Traffic Update

BuildMyRank Review Conclusion

I think the experiment speaks for itself, after only posting 60% of the posts both keywords are not only on the first page but in the top 5! I will be posting another update to this page in 2 weeks time to see how things pan out. I’m quite excited to see if I can take the number 1 position with just Build My Rank posts.

21st Feb 2012 Update: As you can see above the rankings have improved greatly with the main keyword dropping into the number 2 position today. Only 90% of the posts have been posted so far so I will make another update in a couple of weeks time to see how things improve. Overall though what can I say, what a superb service!

If you are looking for high quality contextual links then BuildMyRank is a great way to go. In the 4 months I have been a member I have submitted over 800 posts to the network, BuildMyRank has quickly become part of my core SEO process.

I have found the links to be effective on new domains (above experiment) as well as providing great boosts to established sites. All of the publish posts get links built to them which helps with indexing and passing on further link juice to your site.

I suggest you have a look at the free trial which will let you submit 10 posts to the network free of charge! Who doesn’t want quality links for free?

WARNING: Steal Your Competitors Search Rankings, Traffic & Income

My Only Gripe

buildmyrank reviewThe only gripe I have with the network is the page rage distribution of the posts. Although in general it is pretty good, I have had 111 posts published on PR0 domains. I assume the BuildMyRank team are working hard to built the authority of the new sites in the network but I would like to see less weight on the PR0 domains.

However the ranking results do speak for themselves and I’m probably been picky. Have a look at my PR distribution chart below to see how my 800 posts have been distributed in the last 4 months-

Either way make sure you get in on the free BMR trial and snag yourself 10 free quality links. That pretty much concludes my Build My Rank review and I will be posting updates to the results in the next couple of weeks.

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  1. 2.14.2012

    Great review Matthew. Where did you get 150 posts written and at what cost?

  2. 3.23.2012

    I am enjoying reading your SEO experiments!
    I was wondering if you could share the spreadsheet template you have there.
    How did you get it?
    Was it from a tool?

    • August 16th, 2012 at 7:48 am

      I haven't used a spreadsheet in this post but I'm assuming you mean the competition analysis which is taken from Market Samurai

  3. 9.13.2012

    Reckon its about time you updated this mate seeing as this network got trashed by Google!

    • September 13th, 2012 at 2:56 pm

      Yeah I can't argue with that. I've been thinking about what to do with the post for a while, I did delete it entirely but then restored it for archive purposes. Will give it a good update when I get a proper moment :) At least no one can sign up to BMR anymore and they were upfront about it all!

  4. Daryl Green "Staffordshire SEO"

    There are footprint free networks if you know where to look.

    • October 2nd, 2012 at 11:29 am

      Every network has footprints mostly from the outbound link profile above anything else

  5. 10.2.2012

    Keep up with the good job Matt!

  6. 4.4.2014

    nice review but as BMR is now been removed from google index but users like you and pat flynn snabbed the juice out of it great you guys are lucky and alternative to BMR ?

    • April 4th, 2014 at 6:33 am

      Well BMR was basically just a poorly built blog network.

      Build your own network :)

  7. Karan

    nice information seo backlnk..

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