Do you offer consulting services or create info products? Or do you want a new job? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, why would anyone to hire me or learn about marketing from me? Some customers need to see more than results – they want to see that you have had a formal education […]

There are marketing tools that are talked about in just about every single blog post you read nowadays. The HootSuites, the Buffers, the Mozs, and alike. While those are great tools, they are not the only ones out there. There are lots of amazing tools that are getting people results in their business, but are […]

You’ve seen the posts. The ones that get the top expert’s opinion on a variety of topics. 29 Experts Reveal the 3 Link Building & SEO Tools They Use Every Day 49 Expert Tricks to Generate Huge Traffic to Your Site 43 Experts Reveal Their #1 Social Media Marketing Hack You’ve probably thought about writing […]

This is Brian Lang from and I have a confession to make… I use to blow off social media. SEO sends targeted traffic on an ongoing basis but with social media, you might get a little burst of traffic, and then it dies out. So I always focused on SEO and put social media […]

You’re scared aren’t you? You’re worried that if you monetise your blog, you’re going to lose readers. That your subscribers will suddenly think you’re a sell out, and that you’ve become part of the corporate machine. And, in a way, monetising your blog is scary. It’s a big step. But here’s the thing – your […]

A lot of niche bloggers and web site builders, simply don’t have the time to do thorough research before creating killer content and money pages. Quite often we end up targeting keywords that are either too competitive or not searched for enough. To me, a profitable keyword is one with a significant amount of searches […]